The Chinawkya officer known as Colonel Chi Chodecra was a foremost officer in service of Rambo Nation and Rambo Command, one of the leading figures behind the forming of the Rambo Nation Clone Army (RNCA), the military hand of empress Ramashe he gave her advice during the conflicts like Great Cyrannus War.

After Rambo Nation was placed under the protection of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, he rebelled against his own government and went into hiding after a failed attempt to build up his own force. He wound up in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus after being found and experimented on by Ekrillium, turning him into a hideous and loyal servent perfect for service in the Inquisition. The once proud and honorable colonel became a cruel and dangerous Inquisitor in service of His Majesty, Emperor Tyrómairon.


In Service of Rambo NationEdit

Chi Chodecra was born on Ivalaë at an unknown time in history. After his youth, mostly clouded in mystery Chi Chodecra joined the Chinawkya military and soon rose to the rank of Colonel. When the Treaty of Fornaeria was signed by his government joined Rambo Nation, he became an officer in service of Rambo Command. He soon oversaw the classified and top secret project that resulted in the creation of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, and soon became a right of Empress Ramashe. In his initial years he proved to be a vital asset to the Cyrandia Alliance, though was more militaristic than captain Mjärt. He was the one that tested the weapon of the Suiliagothrond battlestation, destroying a moon completely.


"Interrogating" Claire

During the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF, he led his troops to victory during one of the battles of Yudumarth though was later forced to retreat due to reinforcements of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. He remained at the sight of the empress during the remaining of the war.

After the war, during the 6th month of 05 AQF he was shocked when the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, resulting in the short Imperial-Rambo war that the Rambo lost. After their loss, Chodecra fled into unknown territories, teaming up with captain Rambas II, though the two were often at odds. Later on in 02 NE a Hutter ship chrashed at Kreeta. Among the crew was Claire Rambo- who Chodecra recognised as an Imperial servant. He tortured her for weeks with electric shocks without learning what she was searching for. Somewhere in the fifth month the alarm suddenly rang and within the next moments Chodecra secretly left Kreeta and went into hiding after Mortikran besieged the planet.

In Service of the InquisitionEdit


Chodecra on a mission for the Inquisition

Wounded by falling debris from orbit, Chodecra managed to crawl to safety while he witnessed his operations being destroyed at Kreeta. Near death, he was approached by the Mornûnendur entity known as Ekrillium who took him to his facility at Orbispira. There Ekrillium saved his life but began experimenting upon him as well, making him more stronger and able to use magic abilities, Chodecra's eyes were "opened" and became a loyal servant of Ekrillium. Clad in dark armor, Ekrillium assigned him to the Inquisition, where he became an Inquisitor in service of Emperor Tyrómairon, soon to be dispatched to the Rambo Protectrate to keep them under direct control of the Empire and his majesty.

During the fifth month of 07 AQF, Inquisitor Chi Chodecra attended the Rambo State Visit when Emperor Tyrómairon visited Empress Ramashe again in person. During the meeting he was appointed the new Hand of the Monarch for Ramashe, to replace her uncle Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. Knowing that his position would be a hard one, he promised the Emperor that the Empress would not find him easy to handle and would do anything to ensure Imperial interessts. During his tunure as Hand of the Monarch, he often went on missions for the Inquisition as well, including being a vital part in the Fall of Lanat Prime where he teamed up with captain Tector Decimius.


Chi Chodecra in discussion with Rambarth and Ramashe

During the 8th month of 07 AQF, Chi was summoned in the middle of the night by Marscalcus Kya and the rest of the High Council of Rambo Nation, including Empress Ramashe herself. There he was informed about the test trail of the Typhon-Class and the subsequent return of Ramirith and the former Tigris Colonial Sector in the Outer Colonial Sector. Amazed and in wonder, he decided to inform the Emperor right away, as he feared the Rambo's new time weapon could be used to broker a change in the Nim-Glaré Concordat. He also grew annoyed with Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, as former Hand of the Monarch and current Head of House Le Rambo he still had to much influence over political matters and Ramashe, something Chi loathed and wished to change.


The Hutter Warlords face the Inquisitor

During the first month of 08 AQF, Chodecra led Rambo reinforcements during the Battle of Ramalivua from onboard the USS Intrepid, greatly upsetting captain Aur'Luthiaen. During the remaining of the battle, Chodecra faced warlord Anjulius Gaitonius and Bolgrash Bloodhammer after their ship was disabled. He defeated the orc warlord with one swift stroke, impaling his right lung disabled the massive orc. However, before he could finish the job the two were beamed out by another hutter ship, Chodecra was furious. He would now have to inform the Emperor himself that he lost the Atlantican artifact of Ramalivua. Complicatios arose even further when at 29-03-08AQF the events of the Fury of Galvarus unfolded. The destruction of the three moons of the Rambo Capital meant the end of his term as Hand of the Monarch and he was replaced by Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. Afterwards he returned to Orbispira to inform the Emperor about recent events.


Chodecra at the bridge of the Relentless

By december 20 AQF, Chodecra led a hunt to track down and destroy the Creeper Cabel during the Preserving the Peace storyline. Taking command of the modified Imperator-class star destroyer, Relentless he cornered the rebel cell at Yudumarth. Overpowering the Yurrus Home, the arrival of the Rambo Loyalist rebel faction prevented Chodecra and his crew from taking down the Creeper Cabel though he learned vital information, there were now two rebel factions active within the Quadrant Galaxies.


Sending the Creeper Cabel on the run

Giving up his prey for now Chodecra allowed the Cabel to travel to the Cyrannus Galaxy though he continued tracking Lady Syria and her rebel cell. Eventually facing them within Cyrannus near an asteroid field in the vicinity of Nosiso, he disabled the Yurrus Home and moved in to finish them once and for all. Yet again, Chodecra and the crew of the Relentless were taken by surprise as Nosiso Exiles emerged from the asteroid field and threatened to overwhelm his ship. Issuing a retreat, Chodecra later returned again. His crew managed to destroy one of the Nosiso Exile vessels and send the rest of the Creeper Cabel on the run. Instead of persuing, Chodecra was ordered to meet with Grand Madator Taev Vosaetiur and as such was present when the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation destroyed the New Cyrannian Republic capital, Mou'Cyran. With the government of the New Republic cripped, the Empire went to war to sweep away the last remnants of the Republic, crush its hope and extinguish the light of democracy. He admitted to Agent Caranye that both of them would have a busy schedule ahead of them. Later on in the war, together with Lord Maethoruin he tasked the bounty hunter Gauisa to execute the Republic Day Attacks. In february 21 AQF he made an unsuccesful attempt to destroy dissident forces from the Finduila Sector when the Loyalist One, under command of Ramannis Le Rambo and the Lusitania Squadron twarthed him from doing so. Furious Chodecra realised he was bested twice by the Loyalist One and its unknown commander.

Later on he dispatched Inquisitor Akagêlth to Noldágorel to wipe out the Aldárae Order presence there though he was informed that his collegue failed and was killed in battle.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A cunning and clever individual, colonel Chodecra is merciless against his foes and would rather obliterate them then to give them any kind of mercy, a curious trait for a Chinawkya who are rather known to be kind and loving. A brilliant tactician he knows how to use his forces to deal the most damage to his enemies, though often lacks the understanding to prevent high casualties on his own forces as well. He is well capable of using his blasters and enjoys using his cloaking device to surprise and silence his enemies before they can act against him.

He also seems to enjoy drinking Chuchilias Coffee a lot.

Upon his change into a Inquisitor, Chodecra kept his intelligence and recieved the ability to use magical powers. Sadly the experiments gave him a visible horribly disfigured and diseased mouth, gained skills in wielding his energy sabre and got the annoying nature of always saying "at his Majesty's Command". Apparantly he kept his love for Chuchilias Coffee, but began enjoying torture and tormenting people as well. Chodecra found a way to integrate his personal cloaking device into his Inquisitor armor, able to cloak when in battle or to spy upon people.

Ships CommandEdit

ISD Relentless

ISD Relentless

The Imperial star destroyer Relentless is a modified Imperator-class in service of the Imperial Navy and the Inquisition. At 2,600 metre long the Star Destroyer is an easily recognised and feared icon of the Galactic Empire.

Originally designed at the shipyards of Cyroenia as one of the first Imperator-classes, the design is notably different and is more bulkier than later more streamlined and thinner star destroyers. It also only has three engines instead of 9 making it less manouverable than the others of its class. However this "modified" design served Inquisitor Chodecra just fine as he implemented a lot of departments in it similair to what he was used to in his service in Rambo Command. As such the Relentless is equipped with more luxerous crew quarters, a science lab, an enlarged sick bay and heavy weaponry to defend itself. It includes private accomodations for the Inquisitors as well, including a training room, personal bacta tanks and quarters.

It is equipped with a sqaudron of fighters and houses various Inquisitor crafts as well.

The ship saw extensive action during its maiden voyage and the tracking down of the Cyrandia Resistance cells in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Personnel of the Relentless
Personnel Personnel Personnel Personnel
Chi Chodecra2 (Inquisition)Large
Chi Chodecra
Rank: Inquisitor and Commanding Officer
Race: Chinawkya
Akagêlth 2(Inquisition)Large
Rank: Inquisitor
Race: Carnthedain Elf
Zahra Ross
Rank: Lieutenant Commander & 5th in command
Race: Quadrantia HumanoidsAlive
Zule Grunzar (TIE Fighter Pilot)Large
Zule Grunzar
Rank: Lieutenant & fighter squadron commander



Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh!

  • Mjärt - bunny eared girl with a lot of peace and love
  • Mortikran - Curse you
  • Garlbozirritating and annoying and incapable



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