Chiäe Giusti is a Chinawkya female, born in 17 BQF at Ivalaë. After graduating from the Academy she entered service within Rambo Command. She graduated from the Academy with decent results and was assigned to the USS Dallas and became an inexperienced bridge officer under Ramcard. She soon made a name for herself and recieved a promotion to lieutenant junior grade and serves Ramcard's his main science officer. She soon became a trusted and well known sight onboard the famous USS Dallas, and Ramcard learned her a lot his voyages and journeys. Now she has the difficult task to commandeer the science duties of the USS Dallas and her crew. With Ramcard's approval, she often goes along on surface missions as she is an excellent scout.

After Ramcard's promotion to Vice-Admiral, Chiäe remained onboard the USS Dallas and soon also became his unofficial admiral's yeoman. With the promotion of Ramcard, Chiäe sometimes struggles to keep the vice-admiral well informed, as he became more demanding and austerely towards the entire crew.


Early History[]

Chiäe Giusti was born in 17 BQF at the capital planet of the Chinawkya race, Ivalaë. Upon birth Griusti was raised in a very protective manner though her parents were hard working, traits that they gave to their daughter as well. During teenhood, Giusti became aware of her looks and sometimes used this to her own advantage, and used up various boyfriends. After high school Giusti joined the Rambo Acadamy and entered service within the Rambo Nation Space Fleet (RNSF). Upon graduating with decent marks she was assigend to the USS Dallas, flagship of famous Rambo Nation captain, Ramcard.

Service under Ramcard[]

USS Dallas

While onboard the USS Dallas, Giusti soon felt inexperienced though had the full trust of the bridge crew and that of Ramcard. She joined the USS Dallas during the early months of the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF, during the Quadrantia Disorder. Eager to explore the Quadrants and Cyrannus, Giusti soon experienced the terrible events of war. During her following adventures Giusti and the crew had an encounter with Lizaconda onboard his ship the Liberty, discovered an AI in Q89 wich destroyed the Rambulans, tested a vortex torpedo at a Confederate frigate. Later on in the war Giusti participated during the Second Battle of Rametru Nui, the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui were the Cognatus came to aid the allied forces.

Ramcard orders to attack the Congregation cruiser!

After the noble and just United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in 05 AQF/01 NE the dreaded Dark Times began. During the early month Giusti was vital scanning remains and saving lives of a destroyed task force at the hands of the Quadrantia Grox. After Ramcard was promoted to vice-admiral, Giusti saw less action in space and provided Ramcard with information about the upcoming Cyrandia Conference in 03 NE/06 AQF and informed his of those present.

At Ramcard's office together with Claire

She later travelled with Ramcard and the USS Dallas to the planet Aecor, an ancient remnant of the Atlantica where they released a prisoner as a gesture of good will to the Cognatus Empire. After Rambo Command HQ was attacked, resulting in the Yudumarth Campaign Giusti found her duties to be more difficult then ever as Ramcard became more demanding and austerely towards the entire crew. When a lone Congregation appeared due to an anomaly she was present at the bridge when Ramcard, with aid of the Hutters to engage the lone cruiser. Overpowered and facing defeat, the timely arrival of Seven Starr Alliance forced saved the life of the USS Dallas and the cruiser was destroyed.

Ramkamura explains the theft to Ramcard

During the elevenths month of 06 AQF, Chiäe Giusti was present at Rambo Command HQ when Operative Claire Rambo arrived to report to vice-admiral Ramcard. Welcoming her, she escorted Claire to the admiral's office and entered as well. During the conversation she handed over a data pad, and after Ramcard read the file he send Claire upon another mission.

Later on, during the second month of 07 AQF she informed vice-admiral Ramcard that rear-admiral Ramkohma Ramkamura had arrived to explain himself for the theft of the Infernal from Space Dock. During the conversation the three were informed that the Hutter Kingdom had changed leadership, and probably not for the better.

Service onboard the Grissom[]

USS Grissom encounters a Jenassian cruiser near an astroid

Near the end of 07 AQF she was assigned to serve under captain S'aur onboard the newly launched USS Grissom, an Oberth-Class scientific cruiser. At the third of january in 08 AQF, while conducting an scientific exploration of an astroid just outside the Badlands Sector, the Grissom came under attack by Arritzia Dar'Aehl who claimed they trespassed sovereign Jenassian Regency territory. When diplomacy turned in vain, the Grissom was disabled and the crew taken captive, though Chiäe managed to send a general distress call to Rambo Command, wich earned her a backhand as punishment from a Jenassian trooper.

Personality and Traits[]

Chiäe Giusti is a kind and humble person at times, though can also be rude and arrogant. In her teenhood, she became aware of her beauty, a trait she sometimes used to her own advantages. Her assignment to the USS Dallas made her even more confident and arrogant, sometimes to the annoyance of others. However her skills in science and knowledge cannot be mistaken and is one of the reasons Ramcard is fond of her and trusts her to join him onto the most dangerous missions. After Ramcard became a vice-admiral, she remained at Ramcard's side, believing it would be good for her carreer and perhaps speeden a chance at promotion. Her additional yeoman tasks sometimes proves difficult for Giusti, as Ramcard became more demeaning as he himself now represented Rambo Command to both the Monarchy and the Goverment, who allowed no room for mistakes.

Giusti likes singing and drawing art in her free time.



Green face.pngI trust them!

  • Ramcard - My commanding admiral and somehow my mentor as well!
  • Ramiron - A commander onboard the Dallas


Blue face.png“'

  • Kya - The Marscalcus of Rambo Command
  • Ramtainus - I always get a bit nervous around this vice-admiral


Orange face.png!

  • none yet


A fine officer yet a bit seductive and she should change her arrogant attitude for the better!

- Ramcard


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