Chen Whitesnout is a Ragashota elder of Whisperwind Village, once a monk and teacher at the Temple of the Winds before withdrawing himself from the holy place.


Whisperwind Village

Chen Whitesnout was born a long time, unrecorded by the Ragashota and quite forgotten by himself. Born in the Valley of Tranquility, Chen soon became a guardian and for years patrolled the Great Wall. Eventually he became a scholar and monk, rising to one of the elders among the Ragashota. However, like others Chen Whitesnout saw the dangers the Atlantica artifact held and warned the other elders of the dangers that were one day to come. The others neglected him and refused to listen to him, in disbelief Chen Whitesnout left the Temple of the Winds and withdrew himself to the remote Whisperwind Village where he studied ancient scrolls in secret, learning more of the coming darkness, the dangers that it brought the inevitable return of the Tormentor.

Tertius Bellum[]

Making a deal with Dil'inne at Arcaniox

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His fears were realised in July of 08 AQF, when the Hutter Kingdom invaded Arcaniox and started the events known as the Torments. During a shadowly and illegal deal to gain Lizardian Brew from the Zevian smuggler, Dil'inne'Dry the Hutters arrived to steal the Atlantica Artifact from the Valley of Tranquility. His granddaughter Ya-Li thought visitors from space arrived though the smuggler informed them otherwise. He managed to convince the Zevian to take him onboard to smuggle him to the Rambo Nation planet, Ramaakota where he could seek aid from the Rambo Government.

At the Ramaakota Saloon

After arriving at the desert planet of Ramaakota, Chen was amazed by the architecture and the massive temple constructed by the Kzyterkz. To his surprise he encountered his granddaughter, Ya-Li who smuggled herself onboard as well and stopped a thief who stole his bag of gold. Knowing there was once place to gain the information he needed, Ya-Li and Chen sought out the local Saloon. Inside Chen got distracted by the barely dressed Amiaeria waitresses who were deployed into the saloon by the saloon holder, the Gaskhan own known as Gaskuark. The bartender asked if he could aid the two strangers who were obvious not from Rambo territories, though grew even more interessted by the bag of gold Chen offered. Serving Chen a beer and Ya-Li a glass of Fornaeria Bubbles he tried to offer his services though grew dissapointment with them when they simply wanted to talk to someone that could get them to speak to a representative of the Rambo Government. He pointed them in the direction of the Rambo officer, Garan Andarch and his crew who were at the saloon as well.

With aid of the Rambo captain, he travelled onboard the USS Royal Oak, his Excelsior-Class vessel and managed to get into contact with Rambert Ramveral, Chief of Staff for the Rambo Chancellor of the Royal Crown. At first hesistant and unwilling to aid the Ragashota, his granddaughter changed all by telling an Atlantica Artifact was involved. Realising the threat to the Quadrant Galaxies, Rambert rushed to convince the senate wich eventually resulted in the arrival of the Typhon-Class that aided to stop the evil entity known as the Tormentor from destroying the Quadrants. Afterwards, Chen returned to Arcaniox together with his granddaughter where he was assigned as Consul for the new protectorate of Rambo Nation. Chen and his granddaughter often travelled between the Rambo Capital and Arcaniox to represent the ideals of Arcaniox in the Rambo Government.

Personality and Traits[]

Chen Whitesnout is a kind and gentle soul, wise beyond measures and patient with even the impatient and the reckless. He has a soft yet ancient voice, where many are wishing to listen to. When agitated, he can raise his booming voice to quiet entire crowds. Though old, he is still agile and a capable warrior, not easily defeated and very endurable. He likes drinking thea, eating cookies and studying the starts and listen to the winds.

He also posseses powerful healing and shield technics. He wears dark robes and armor to signal his studies into the darkness, and wears it in open to show the other Ragashota that he is prepared to fight the coming darkness and doom.



Blue face.pngMay the Winds guide you!


Orange face.pngMay the Winds protect you in your misguidance!



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