In the event you get past Kerberos and Choronzon, Charon will be the last obstacle in your way. He is the ferryman of the ethereal river which passes through the entrance and then the entirely of the Underworld, guiding the souls taken by the Grim Reaper to their respective places. He may be soft-spoken and even amiable, but believe me, Charon is well aware of his realm's laws and will never allow a mortal in the dead men's lands, unless sufficiently paid. And spirits have no need for material goods.

- Unknown

Charon, also known as Kharon is one of the five Revenant Gravekeepers of the Underworld and the ferryman of River Styx, an ethereal river made of souls which traverses the realm of the Grim Reaper Mortium. One of the highest authorities of the realm, Charon is responsible to guiding the souls reaped by his master to their respective destinations, be them the barren wastelands of the central Underworld or the golden heaven where the most exceptional souls are kept.


Mythology of worshippers of the Simulacrum of Death claim Charon was the third of the original Revenant Gravekeepers to be created by Mortium, being put under the control of Sepulchrus and tasked with the maintenance of the area which would later become River Styx. Charon spent the first eras of his existence stealing the souls of immortals to create the River itself until the creation of mortality in Koldenwelt filled the river completely, much to the Revenant's delight as he initiated his role as ferryman. During the ancient wars of Koldenwelt when it was plagued by Void Denizens, Charon is said to have contributed by capturing Denizens and throwing them at the River so that the Revenants who inhabited it would devour them.



Of the Revenant Gravekeepers, Charon is the one who most resembles the typical Revenant. A tall, humanoid, skeletal figure, he wears a tattered robe and is often seen drifting through River Styx on an old wooden boat which carries a lamp with a blue flame lantern which brings light to the tunnels of the Underworld. Charon is also seen wielding a wooden paddle decorated with bone which he uses both to navigate the Styx and as a weapon.


Charon is the most passive of the Revenant Gravekeepers after D'arcy Blackharp, being content with his role of ferryman of River Styx and showing contentment with his role of guide of souls. He is willing to let mortals board his boat and venture into the realm of the dead as long as he is sufficiently paid and not fooled in any way, and even then, he does not claim responsibility for any hazardous effects the Underworld may have on them. Due to his role, he is rarely seen in combat and prefers to deal with potential intruders through trickery and eventually by pushing them into the river, where their souls are ripped off and their bodies are devoured by Revenants.


As a Revenant Gravekeeper, Charon is among the most powerful entities of the Underworld, and is not to be underestimated despite his passive mannerisms and old appearance. A master umbramancer, Charon can manipulate the waters of River Styx to cast powerful dark magic by using its souls as fuel. Attempts to drop the Revenant into the River also prove fruitless, as he is not harmed by it like mortals are. Charon's paddle can be changed into a halberd, which Charon wields with surprising amount of skill and can break through all but the strongest armor materials.



Green face.pngThe waters of the dead land drift in your favour.


Yellow face.pngWelcome to Styx. I will be your guide.

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Red face.pngBe drowned in souls for eternity!

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  • Charon was originally created by Xho in 2011, who gave him to OluapPlayer in 2015.
  • Charon's current incarnation is inspired by Charon of Greek mythology.