They straddle the realm between the familiar gods of this universe and the Xhodocto themselves. It is pointless to attempt to study them in any measure deeper than the effects of their existence, and even then, the mind of a mere mortal will encounter obstacles.

- Umbyrvraxa

The Chaos Monster Nenelthast, a Hierophant

Chaos Monsters, also known as the Outer Ones and Great Denizens is an umbrella term to define inhabitants of the metaphysical domain of Chaos and its smaller dominions. Chaos Monsters are typically defined as beings composed of uncommon matter undefinable by the sciences of the First Gigaquadrant. Chaos Monsters are the subject of scientific and sociopolitical concern within the First Gigaquadrant - whilst they are typically of paramount interest in xenosciences, Chaos Monsters are treated with extreme danger by most of the First Gigaquadrant, and unsanctioned studies of Chaos Monsters is typically illegal and punishable by most Gigaquadrantic legislation.

As an umbrella term, Chaos Monsters range from entities of sub-sentient intelligence to extraordinarily potent and incomprehensible entities of strata several dimensions beyond that of Essentials and Ultraterrestrials. As such, most studies concerning the laws of Chaos Monsters classify their qualities; denizens of Inferno are considered among the most simplistic and lowest of Chaos Monsters. There are several, unknown degrees of Monsters living in within unknown Chaos planes that are not perceptible by Gigquadrantic thought.


Due to vast degrees of size and complexity, Chaos Monsters vary between creatures lesser in stature and intelligence than common wildlife, to unfathomably immense entities of composed of metaphysical matter with enough potency to render the universe shattered should they traverse the third dimension. The most common definitions of Chaos Monsters are defined as Lesser Denizens, Greater Denizens, Lesser Gods and Greater Gods to the lowest dimensions of Chaos. The Samut'angar for instance encompass all four of these categories. To the higher dimensions of Chaos, such names to Chaos Monsters are given as Hierophants and Chaos Lords. Particular classifications such as the Gods and Lords are reserved to individual beings, usually those of much greater power and distinguishable appearance in comparison to their lesser beings - most Gods and Lords are of an extreme, virtually supernatural stature of similar sizes to planets or greater.

Chaos Monsters as a whole are entities of complex shape and form; typically, the more potent the entity is, the more complex they become to the degree where most minds experience severe difficulties in rationalising their appearance; those of higher dimensions are often completely imperceptible to the mind or at the very least causes a form of madness. Some Chaos Monsters are capable of manifesting themselves in simpler or more complex forms, although these are commonly within the capabilities of High Gods or Chaos Lords.

Chaos Monsters vary immensely depending on their intelligence; Lesser Denizens can be on some occasions more intelligent than that of Greater Gods, although it is impossible to compare that of those from higher dominions who have truthfully alien and unknowable minds. It is known however that Chaos Lords are typically omniscient or even above that of omniscient; their minds alone are known to cause the fabrics of reality to unravel. The main indicator of a Chaos Monster's power is thus its size.

Lesser Denizens

Sivir-Al, a lesser denizen

The so-called Lesser Denizens are the most simplistic forms of Chaos Monsters, typically called demons by the First Gigaquadrant. A significant number of the Samut'angar are Lesser Denizens. Lesser Denizens are typically no more formidable than that of the common foe in the Gigaquadrant, except their numbers are often likened to swarms in large scale invasions. Whilst they vary in intelligence, Lesser Denizens are normally sub-sentient at their most complex. Thus they typically resemble wildlife in Chaos' hierarchies and function only as the most expendable soldiers in the armies of the Chaos Planes. Lesser Denizens are typically unnamed and often lack a simple hierarchy to define superiors.

Greater Denizens

Virku-Tya, a greater denizen

Refined and vastly feared across the Gigaquadrant, Greater Denizens often serve a greater purpose than that of their lesser counterparts; they compose an ecclesiastical hierarchy and are often knowledgable in esoteric lore and sciences impossible to understand by Gigaquadrant means. Whilst not always ruling castes, Greater Denizens set themselves apart by their power projection and organisation, and often the most common attendants of their Gods. It has been known that particular individuals of their hierarchies are able to contact and summon Lesser and Greater Gods, and thus when in the material dimension can be considered extremely dangerous.

Lesser Gods

Kiaz-Hala, a Lesser God

Though considered lesser, Gods of the Chaos Planes are immense creatures that pose galactic scale threats when they cross over to the First Gigaquadrant. Whilst most Lesser Gods are considered unintelligent by most regards, it is thought that most of them have a silent link to their subordinates and thus have the power to directly control them. Most Lesser Gods are greater in bulk than that of a planet, and the knowledge and power required to summon them to another dimension is vast. Gods have rarely crossed over to the First Gigaquadrant in history, although during the War of Ages, the First Gigaquadrant saw many as seven simultaneously. In that time, weapons of immense destructive power were devised to drive them back to Inferno, giving rise to the hypothesis that the Chaos Gods could not be truly killed.

Greater Gods

Ayrai'Shi, a Greater God and Essential

An unusual and tenuous caste of Chaos Monster, Greater Gods are considered the true hierarchs of their respective domains (disregarding the higher dimensions). Usually bequeathed god-like dominion over their own realm, Greater Gods are well above that of their lessers, and the Lesser Gods are generally controlled by them to some degree. Greater Gods are not entirely subservient to the Xhodocto, and in times past several Greater Gods have been removed from existence due to their hubris. Those that remain are either the last of their kind, actively dissident to the Xhodocto, or those that have been frightened into serving Chaos. Some Greater Gods that still remain are the Vi'Navitum and Xi'Arazulha, although they are considered Essentials by most lines of thought.


Samundatemath, a Hierophant

Beings far beyond the comprehension of the lower domains of Chaos, Hierophants are often unique beings that take on perplexing forms that cannot be truly understood - composed of the very domains they inhabit. Unlike the potentially rebellious nature of the Greater Gods, the Hierophants have more refined understandings of their masters and know that they are impossibly beyond themselves. It has been known that some Hierophants have been sent by the Chaos Lords to wreak havoc in other realms as a projection of power.

Chaos Lords

Anzilanarus, a Chaos Lord

The greatest caste of all denizens of Chaos, the Chaos Lords are beings of such authority and power that the fabrics of any lesser domain would be rendered shattered and ripped to shreds by their very breath. Sometimes defined as the attendants of the Xhodocto themselves, the Chaos Lords are their greatest creations and most powerful servants. Their purpose is not clear to those who know of their existence. There are only two Chaos Lords known by name; Naldanhinimhat and Nava-Maktanasavansar, the latter of which is actively traversing this domain as an apparent opponent of the Xhodocto.

  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II