Oh, it's a bit of a brainteaser, alright. Especially when it comes to describing it to you mortals. Your reality is like blot of ink in a pool of clear water - it has its own colour, its own viscosity. Yet, it falls and shapes its way around the water, and at the end of it all becomes as impertinent and helpless as anything else that falls into that pool. Chaos is the master of order, and as long as I am interested, it always will be.

- Santorakh

An artist's impression of Chaos

Chaos is an esoteric concept defining a metaphysical framework that contains all logical and illogical axioms of what is real and what is not. As there are several conflicting opinions upon Chaos, there is not a clear definition of what it is, although it is most commonly referred to as a dominion that the Xhodocto control and are perhaps the perceptible incarnations of.

Nature of Chaos[]

Chaos is sometimes described a metaphysical domain said to be all that is, is not and what exists within reality and outside of it. Chaos is not synonymous with reality; instead, whatever is defined as Chaos tends to collect reality and the surreal together in a wider frame. Such a definition entails that our own reality and several extradimensional planes that do not run in parallel with mathematics are all distinct yet incomplete definitions of Chaos. In existential lines of thought, Chaos is fundamentally dualistic; even the Xhodocto themselves define Chaos as a contrast between existence and non-existence. Whilst existence in this context defines all that is and what might be, the concept of non-existence remains a subject of debate - if there is such a possibility that non-existence is juxtaposed against existence as a component of Chaos' total entity, then such remains the probabilities of ontological mechanics that cannot nor can ever be explained. The Xhodocto often refer to themselves as parts of this non-existence, eternally engaging themselves in their parallel domain. What this is defined as is as impossible to explain as is the nature of non-existence itself.

It is clear however, that Chaos has a spectrum of reality - other extradimensional planes have varying strangeness, complexities and deviation from our own reality, and it is known through esoteric texts surrounding the nature of Chaos that there are realms that exist entirely inverted and 'opposite' of our own reality, that exist without description or fathomable reason and contain paradigms that exist beyond our own dimensions. It is not known however, yet it is entirely possible that extradimensional planes exist with more simple axioms than that of our own. Some of these indecipherable planes of existence are known by name to the First Gigaquadrant, such as Tangent, Equilibrium and Erebus. A theory exists, that if more paradigms and axioms exist in realities beyond our own - such rules that cannot be thought of within three dimensions, then the possibility of more complex deviations of the Xhodocto exist beyond a tetrad; hexads and ogdoads have been suggested to possibly be within realities with more anomalous patterns that exist beyond common mathematics, implying a possibility of potentially infinite Xhodocto manifestations.

A counteractive theory suggests that, as realities become more alien in understanding within the framework of Chaos, governance through the Xhodocto in fact becomes more 'simple'. A notion that as the spectrum of reality within Chaos drives further towards the dualistic minimum, then there are greater forms of Xhodocto but are lesser in number - some even suggest that only one Xhodocto exists at Chaos' most invariant state of being that represents the very nature of Chaos itself (something largely attributed to Draguros, who is most commonly defined as the most enigmatic Xhodocto). Such suggestions of these Xhodocto imply more absolute definitions, although their intricacies become far too inconceivable to imagine as do hexadic and ogdoadic pantheons of Xhodocto.

As life exists within the First Gigaquadrant and the omniverse that surrounds it, lifeforms that exist beyond the omniversal medium, known as Chaos Monsters inhabit the planes of Chaos as an analogue. As these planes vary in intelligible understanding, so do those that inhabit them; whilst some have been comparable in intelligence to wildlife of any given world in the First Gigaquadrant, some are known to exist in infinitely greater stature and understanding than that of the Ultraterrestrials and Essentials; their very interaction with this reality in itself would result in its cataclysmic destruction. Such entities (notably Anzilanarus) are only referred to by name, and often entail terrible consequences should they be communed with. Chaos Monsters, especially those that are of comparatively 'mortal' dispositions have their own societal structure and technology, which is a subject of interest in xenosciences.

Planes of Chaos[]

First Gigaquadrant.png

Axiom, as it is called by those who follow the framework of Chaos, is our own reality; what exists within it, such as dimensional logic and mathematics, including that of space, time and all that thrives within the universe. The First Gigaquadrant is the central nexus of the so-called Chaos Plane of 'Axiom'. The First Gigaquadrant and in extension the known universe and beyond is rarely ever named Axiom nor is thought of as a plane of Chaos; in fact, a majority of the First Gigaquadrant wish not to be associated with the term 'Chaos' due to the negative connotation it brings, alongside that of the Xhodocto. Though it may appear 'simple' in relation to that of the rest of the planes of Chaos, the First Gigaquadrant beholds alien understandings to those that reside in the other planes of Chaos also.


Inferno, known also as Hell is a plane of Chaos governed by Angazhar, and is the home realm of the Samut'angar. Likened to the ancient Gigaquadrantic perceptions of the afterlife of eternal punishment, Inferno is a supernatural dimension that contains laws and nature alien to common understanding. Out of all supernatural dimensions known to the First Gigaquadrant, Inferno is one of the most threatening and among the most well understood, having been a source of near-universal threats during the War of Ages. Inferno is a frequented plane of existence by certain individuals of the Tuuros Galaxy, as several rifts towards Inferno still exist in realspace and hyperspace.


Myriad is a complex domain of Chaos governed by a unique caste of Chaos Monsters who worship the Xhodocto Draguros. A realm with several laws more refined and yet split than that of Axiom, Myriad's Chaos Monsters are seekers of knowledge - seldom seen traversing the Gigaquadrant in pursuit of acquiring more information. Some inhabitants of the First Gigaquadrant have their homes behind in favour for striving towards greater things within Myriad. Unlike many planes of Chaos, Myriad is a realm driven by more peaceful ideals, but it would be foolish to assume that the denizens of this realm are pacifists.

Realm of Forget.png

Insomnia is a perplexing dominion ruled by Santorakh. Oddly similar to that of thick and verdant forests, Insomnia has winding and interconnecting lands, and it is often thought that one easily loses their way without proper direction. As the realm of the God of Madness himself, the mad inhabit this plane and are adherents to its lawlessness and ever-changing customs. As a result, denizens of Insomnia are frequently haggard, decrepit and in most cases are harmless. There are those who thrive in madness and stand above the idiocy of the supernatural peasantry, although they themselves are under the control of the Mad God. Though there are no laws concerning the safety of Insomnia's denizens, there is only one, immovable and unchangeable rule; do not defy the will of Santorakh. Defiance of the Mad God brings terrible consequences upon those who are mad enough.


Marrow is an immense and chaotic realm ruled by Khi'voranix. Marrow is inhabited by an order of chaos monster known as the Ozax, of who hold a transinfinite population within the realm. Marrow is sentient and constantly expanding, absorbing various realities in Axiom into its ever-expanding fold. To walk into Marrow is to walk into a dead realm, with an immeasurable cold air and an aura that causes those to walk into Marrow to steadily lose their sanity and their body, warped by the ambient energies of Marrow into a ravenous, mutant, beast.


Arx is the immense and perfect realm of Krathazhrukhal. Lorded over by innumerable entities beyond mortal, Arx is sometimes defined as a perfect order ruled by the God of Order himself. However, as these beings live within the perfect realm they also believe that all other realms harbour imperfections that must be erased. Whilst Arx is lawful and orderly, denizens of Arx wish for little more than the destruction of imperfect realms, of which they believe is an insult to the eyes of Krathazhrukhal. Despite the zeal and dedication these denizens have to their god, Krathazhrukhal has no real concern for the destruction of other realms nor is he concerned for his denizens. Krathazhrukhal is only concerned for the harmony of the realm, and those that disturb his harmony are erased without hesitation.


Shard is the realm and the dominion of the Xi'Arazulha. Torn away from Erratsactum by Angazhar himself, Shard is a dystopian and fragmented shadow of Erratsactum's former glory. Converted into a broken realm of violent energies, the Xi'Arazulha were born from this chaotic energy. Shard is one of the more surreal and intangible realms of Chaos - the nature of it is unknown and uncertain, and whatever hierarchies of denizens that live there underneath the Xi'Arazulha have not made themselves known. As the realm of Death Energy, Shard cannot be traversed by those of this realm nor by any other.

Erratsactum is the realm and home of the Vi'Navitum. Created by Krathazhrukhal, the realm was designed as the palatial home the Essentials as they governed the order of the mortal plane. However, since the destruction of the realm and the creation of Shard, Erratsactum has lived in a broken state, and so have their denizens. The realm is no longer as perfect as it once was, and now it resembles only slightly more benevolent version of Inferno.


Erebus is an abyssal realm of Chaos known only by name and of its ruler; Anzilanarus. A realm of darkness, bathed in a drowning malevolence, its inhabitants are as fluid as water and are invisible to the eyes of those lesser, and their minds and very power they possess make even the Essentials appear simple in comparison. Erebus is one of the highest and most inconceivable of the realms of Chaos, and opening it upon any lesser realm will tear it asunder.


Dichotomy is the realm of Krathazhrukhal. A series of perfect orders transcending perceptible dimensions, the realm of Dichotomy much like the higher realms of all of its rulers are the very reflections of their minds. Dichotomy is a convergence of infinite paradigms at once, exemplifying the very structure of all reality, physical or not. Ironically, those who would bear witness to the existence of Krathazhrukhal's realm would be driven insane, unable to comprehend the complete lack of incongruous elements.


Tangent is the realm of Angazhar. A hell below that of all hells, Tangent is known as the most abhorrent and accursed of all Chaos Planes; the very will and power of Angazhar is unhindered and absolute. Bathed in a crimson fire, Tangent is a realm of infinite-beyond-infinite conflict and violence of entities beyond mortal comprehension. The realm is without governance, except for the watchful eye of Angazhar that looks over his terrible creation with a sense of amusement. Much like Erebus, the known universe would be torn apart near enough instantaneously in a hellish firestorm should it ever open up on the Gigaquadrant.


Equilibrium is the realm of Draguros. Only understood as something and none to those of speak of it, Equilibrium is the very fringe of existence and non-existence. Inaccessible and impossible to understand to all, including the other denizens of Chaos, the realm of Equilibrium is the highest, purest and most absolute form of Chaos itself. It is said that nothing but Draguros observes this realm, gazing upon its vastness with an unwavering eye.


Neurosis is the realm of Santorakh. The very expression of madness and insanity, there is nothing but the abstract, impossible and concepts of reality that cannot be described even by the most intelligent of Chaos Lords. To describe Neurosis as abstract is a severe underestimation of the Mad God's complexity.



Imagine a machine, its original conditions known and fixed. Imagine it moving according to pre-determined rules mechanistically, without error and without variation. Imagine each cog spinning according to its pre-ordained cause in the infinity of eternity. Even if such a machine contained innumerable parts, its behaviour could be predicted. Perhaps this prediction would be but an approximation, its intractability ensured by the vastness of the problem, but we would take comfort in knowing some understanding would be possible.

Imagine the same machine, but with each of its infinite cogs picking from an incomprehensibly vast set of actions defined by a logical set of rules during each infinitesimal time-step in the vast march of eternity. A prediction would not be a state at a time, but instead the unbounded multiverse of possibilities resulting from the dynamics of such a system. Perhaps this prediction would not be comprehensible, only a sliver of a sliver being understandable and actionable, but we would find solace in knowing that we could at least understand it.

But imagine a machine, in which each cog was the machine described above, with its myriad of rules constantly in flux, both in conceptualisation, substantiation and enforcement - contradictions would be a mere fact of the day. Logical paradox would be as quotidian as logical solutions, consistency and completeness would be defined by the unending chaos of a system both destroying and creating itself. Raw mathematics itself, the language of logic would be continuously morphing, to resolve inconsistencies in the vast limitless expanse of its evolution, both existing and not existing, enforcing concepts that are simultaneously created, destroyed, and never born in the same past, present, and future. It would be an unending Ouroboros formed of nothing but thought, constantly killing itself and giving itself life, creating and destroying.

In the madness of such a construction, the tiniest fraction of a split instant would permit an omniscient being to visualise at once the movement across eternity of the entire multiverse as easily as you and I would be able to see the movement of a ball. And perhaps to such beings, such movement and such irreconcilable madness would be as mundane as the most basic equations of physics. And we know that such beings and such a machine exists - the machine is named Chaos, and those beings are the Xhodocto.

- Anonymous
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