I never believed that an entire galaxy could be a real font of power. Its spirals, its black holes, its planets and many of its wildlife and sentient life flows in psionic power in ways I cannot explain myself. What a glorious power did the mighty Krassio left us to nourish from!

- Archpsionic Yurr'Vae.

The Chandras Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy located in Universe 66501 and was known as the great bastion of the latter's great gigaquadrants as the bastion of hope controlled by the powerful organization known as the Krassio Host. Chandras was the first beachhead of the powerful mystical Krassio in Universe 66501 during the War of Ages, and their subsequent colonization of the entire galaxy saturated the very essence of Chandras. Psionic Energy flows as the very innate essence of this galaxy, making its wildlife develop several individual and collective consciousness and thus boosting its sentient evolution to incredible speed levels ever since the Krassio left the galaxy in order to ascend.

After the great annihilation event on behalf of the Zhulultu, the galaxy's origin and location were completely changed. Chandras was spared as a part of one of the Quadrant Galaxies, and a supernatural wall created by the Xol'Etra rendered the galaxy undiscovered and off-limits to powers such as the late Rambo Nation or the great Empire of Cyrannus

The Galaxy was the seat of power of the psionic godforms known as Xol'Etra. Since their arrival, the galaxy's psionic currents have coalesced into beings known as the Phar'Michani, a glorious race that serves, alongside the Phar'Servia, as a servant race of the mighty Xol'Etra. The Xol'Etra were removed from their capital city: Vof Valar, after the great siege conducted by the forces of the Pact, as well as the unexpected incursion of the Yasuul Legion.


Chandras stands as a mysterious galactic body, normally a rumor among other gigaquadrantic communities due to most of its history being based on pre-modern history.

The galaxy's origins are enigmatic, as the first record of its existence dates back to the aftermath of the Tigris War, where the Krassio first discovered it. However, the late Krassio Host made astonishing discoveries once they started spreading their influence across the galaxy. The first and most obvious was that Chandras has a unique connection to psionic essence, enhancing the powers of a user ten-fold. The reason for this is unknown, as there are no records of any other galaxy in the universe with these traits, which despite superficial evidence of spontaneity, show incredible artificial essence manipulation as if the entire galaxy was just forced to merge its physical traits with the Iluvii Realm. Psionic spirits roam the galaxy, either alone or en masse, creating a unique galactic eco-system. Almost all of the space-faring civilizations have benefitted from the raw psionic essence at their disposal, developing reverse-engineered psionic jump drives for FTL travel, and even psionic shielding in some cases.

The second discovery the Krassio made was the evidence of two prominent species in ancient times colonizing the galaxy: the Krass and the Grox. However, both of them arrived at different periods of time and have long abandoned their settlements. The Krass were not an innate psionic species, unlike the Krassio, but their presence there indicated that the Krass might have researched Chandras' unique affinity to psionic essence to imbue it within the Krassio, which made the latter civilization realize that in some way, Chandras was their spiritual, ancestral home.

The question still stands, however, of whom submitted the galaxy to psionic exposure. Who could have possibly bear the power to bind a galaxy to a parallel universe without causing multiversal paradoxes? Such intrigue is investigated by the wisest of scholars in Chandras, even their now powerful psionic gods, such as Singul'Aren.

Since the Krassio's arrival, they have claimed the galaxy as their birthright inheritance and have populated it densely, discarding for centuries their ancestral biological home galaxy, Tigris. All psionic species are now influenced by the unnatural psionic power and wisdom of the Krassio, which make them the dominant species in the galaxy, albeit not the most numerous.

Political OverviewEdit

Chandras Nations

Main Political PowersEdit

New Chandras Powers

Singularim PactEdit

Infinite Alliance Logo

Singularim Pact Logo.

See Singularim Pact

The largest empire/organization in the galaxy, characterized by its psionic essence and technological achievement based on such energy. It is a loose cadre of species that either seek the protection of its main benefactors--the Civatrons--or directly intervene in its affairs. It is alleged that six major interstellar and interdimensional species are part of its main executive council while thousands more primitive races gather together in assemblies to address everyday issues. However, the ultimate decision making comes from the rule of the Court of Three, which is composed entirely of the most potent Civatrons in the Universe, including the legendary Master Kroc.

Xolarum RepublicEdit

Xolarum republic

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See Xolarum Republic

Following the Psionic Cold War, the Xol Dominion's set of creeds were left wanting, inspiring many of its inhabitants and members to incite reforms within its governmental and military branches. Didact Ur'bos resigned from his position as an absolute ruler and divinely chosen one of the Xol'Etra, redirecting the whole Dominion's cult towards the Pharia entanglement instead of the Xol, who were interpreted and revealed to be the former's actual messengers. Without a single enlightened leader, a theocratic senate was formed in order to address the different threats that spiraled the Dominion into chaos and, ultimately, its destruction. To avert this, many xenophobic ethics were changed in favor of peaceful and even friendly relationships with their long-standing rivals, the Singularim Pact, and divided the Dominion into domains governed by governors appointed by the Pharia's divine revelation. The head of the Senate was named the First Speaker and, with the Xolarum throne world as the seat of this new government, the Xol Dominion was officially reformed into the Theocratic Republic of Xolarum--known as the Xolarum Republic--and with that, it switched its autocratic dictatorship to a theocratic democracy.

Lankrass AllianceEdit

Lankrass Alliance

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See Lankrass Alliance

At the end of the Psionic Cold War, which ushered the First Chandras Crisis, the Lankrass Alliance revealed itself to the galactic community, consisting of rebel Lantians who rejected the vicious violence of their people while retaining their warrior and honor-bound ancient ways. Hailing from the Lankrass world, where several species signed the Alliance's Dictamen, the Lankrass have become one of the regional powers in the galaxy. They have sought to maintain their way of life even from the other two rival powers in the galactic North, the Singularim and the Xolarum, and despite the Yasuul Legion's ongoing campaign of eradication across Chandras.



Chandras was equally divided into four quadrants by the late Krassio Host, a designation that is maintained by the current powers.

Chandras Quadrants


Chandras holds a variety of sectors within its two main spiraling arms. All of them were named either by the Xol'Etra during their domination of the galaxy or by the late Krassio Host.

Chandras Galaxy Sectors

Astrometric division.

  • Cianju Sector - It is the seat of power of the Singularim Pact in the galaxy. Ever since the foundation of the Pact, the sector has gained a lot of trade routes, as it became the safest sector after the Psionic War. It also enjoys proximity with the galaxy's unstable core, which serves as a nigh undying energy source.
  • Anju Sector - Prior to the destruction of the Vof Valar city, the Xol Dominion was forced into selecting a new capital for the remainder of their empire, eventually choosing Xol Autoritas as their new seat of power. Anju is under martial unrest due to holding a portion of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony's new and small hold in the galaxy thanks to the The Yasuul Legion, who constantly lead raids and incursions in the Xol Dominion.
  • Ynura Sector - A whole section of the galaxy that was devastated during the Great Psionic War. It is named Ynura because it was there where Ynur'Vae pushed the Xol Dominion and punished her enemies to the point of giving the Pact a chance for a final push on Vof Valar.
  • Kapogeum Sector - A sector known for its pre-Annihilation archeology, holding secrets from the late Krassio Host, long hidden by the Xol'Etra.
  • Liloss Sector - Composing the small base of one of the spiral arms of the galaxy, it is an area largely contested between the Pact and the Dominion, as both claim ownership of this sector's Food Worlds (which are capable of feeding an empire as big as the Pact or the Dominion).
  • Liboss Sector - Part of the same arm Liloss belongs to. Other than peaceful trader worlds, Liboss is known for holding the main trade route that connects with the Beacon Sector in the Endless Space.
  • Lirioss Sector - A sector containing scientific research installations that work new technologies and weapons for the Singularim Pact, as well as colonies that populate this section of the outer rim.
  • Unexplored Sector - It is dubbed "The Loron Sector" unofficially by the Civatrons because it holds several corsair fleets of Lorons that plunge the civilizations there in chaos.


Chandras, despite its recent devastation to constant fighting from the Pact and the Dominion, still thrives with species that had managed to prosper during the hegemony of the Dominion. Many of the dominant species in the Galaxy are intergalactic immigrants from ancient times, so many species are actually alien to the galaxy.


  • Chandras Galaxy is the seat of The Valader's retcon fiction (as of 2018).
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