The Centapedus Empire is an empire inhabiting the Chaordo Galaxy known for their habit of "policing" other empires and trying to maintain order by peaceful means.

Militarily, they are a powerful empire, but they rarely resort to using military tactics.

The Centapedus Empire is also known for being one of the few empires to hold somewhat of a relationship with the Hermicee clan, The IronClaw Clan.


The Falling Age[]

The Falling Age is a time when the Centapedus were still beginning the Tribal parts of their species and were just beginning to understand their existence. They were primitive, Adaptable and able to hunt with great ease. Then out of nowhere an outbreak of Controller Spiders appeared. The Centapedus had to kill tons of men, women, and children to control this out break. Many were forced to kill their own families, for controller spiders use the body and become very aggressive once they've found one. Many tribes were completely infested with controller spiders and their hosts, some tribes actually became secret nests. The Controller Spiders would infect several villagers and then hide before they are noticed and then begin to lay eggs to infect more and more Centapedus, thus creating a nest. oddly enough after over 12 years of fighting this menace, the infected Centapedus become less and less common. Soon just as fast as this happened, the infection vanished without a trace. To this day many are stilled puzzled by why this happened and how it disappeared just as quickly.

Exile of the Gigapedus[]

For many years, tension between all subspecies of Centapedus and the Gigapedus was extremely high. The Gigapedus have always thought that superior genetics should rule over all others, while all other subspecies especially the Crystalpedus, thought that all should be equal. The Gigapedus thought that any baby that had physical disabilities or was mentally challenged, was not worthy, so the they tossed them out of the hatcheries. The Centapedus did not know they were doing this for quite some time. They did not know why the babies were disappearing or how. On one day while a mother went into the local hatchery she caught them stealing her young. For a while the Centapedus thought that it was only this particular Gigapedus who was taking them. Soon more were caught. That's when the Crystalpedus accused all Gigapedus of being Octauragawd's (the Centapedus devil) minions. This angered the Gigapedus, and so they started to murder the Crystalpedus. Soon the entire planet was abuzz with rumors about the Gigapedus. Soon they found evidence of what the Gigapedus were planning. They were planning to take over the entire Centapedus government. That's when war started. All Centapedus along with their subspecies were at war with the Gigapedus. The war lasted over 130 years. Until all Gigapedus were driven out of the cities. Once space technology was invented, the Gigapedus were banished from Blrince and forced out of the empire. The Gigapedus became bandits in space. They started raiding other empires and laying waste to civilizations. They grew and began to attack the Centapedus once they're empire was big enough. Soon the Gigapedus became an ally to the evil Hermicee Legion. This angered the Centapedus even further. This led to more war. Both empires are still currently at war.

The feared Gigapedus wielding two swords.

Project S.F.L[]

Two years after the Gigapedus were banished, the Centapedus started to search for intelligent life. So far all colonies that were placed were on barren planets. The Centapedus were starting to become lonely and felt that there is no one else in the galaxy that was intelligent. After six years of construction and planning, the Centapedus launched a massive search, of over twenty thousand ships were sent out across their star cluster to search for any intelligence. Years of searching turned up nothing. They were not discouraged by this. They launched probes to search the star cluster. Soon one probe started catching strange radio signals, the Centapedus were excited about the whole thing. They started to launch even more probes to the area, and they picked up the signals too. The Centapedus knew they were on to something. Soon a ship was launched to search the area. The ship had one of every subspecies aboard it, and had a small radio on board to pick up the transmissions. As the ship neared it's destination the radio started to pick up signals. Unfortunately the ship could not find the exact planet or star where it was coming from. After many years of searching a strange object was spotted hovering over the colony Dvoiv. A signal came down. It was a message from a space faring empire. It said "Greetings we've seen your ships hovering above our colony. We didn't know who you were or why you didn't contact us. We are the Richer Empire and we welcome you into our territory under one condition. You buy at least one thing from our Bazaar!". This became known as Project S.F.L or Search For Life.

Fluor Fiend Wars[]

After about 200 years in the galaxy, the Centapedus encountered their first real threat. A five star empire known as the Fluor Fiend Empire. The war began when their allies, the Calerby, contacted the Centapedus for help and that the Fluor Fiend were attacking. The Centapedus responded by successfully defending colony. The Fluor Fiend counted that as an offense against them. They declared war upon the Centapedus. They soon attacked several Centapedus colonies at once. The Centapedus Military Rulers (CMR) was outraged by this and demanded to attack at once. During this war the Centapedus government was weak, so many decisions were not wise. The CMRs' decision was not approved by many of the Centapedus branches and citizens. The Fluor Fiend continued their relentless attacks. This angered the CMR even further. The WRO (Weapons Research Organization) soon found a new break through in proton weaponry, the Mega Proton Missile, and the new Justa Bomb. These new weapon breakthroughs allowed the Centapedus to fight back. Soon the Fluor Fiend attacked the Centapedus home world, Blrince, taking thousands of lives and two cities. This was the final straw. The CMRs' decision was now approved. With this new technology, the Centapedus viciously took back all captured colonies. The Centapedus also called upon the help of three allies, The Vectron, The Calerby, and The largest in the star cluster, the mighty Richers. All three empire fleets joined the Centapedus in the final assault upon their home world. The Fluor Fiend Empire pleaded for mercy and even offered to give them 1,000,000 spore bucks, but the Centapedus denied the offer and savagely attacked the every city. Without taking prisoners, the Centapedus wiped the Fluor Fiend off the face of the galaxy.

Introduction of the Hermicee[]

Several hundred years after the Flour Fiend wars, the Centapedus were starting to mysteriously lose contact with some of their ships, never to be seen again. They soon designated a nearby nebula as a cause due to the high levels of radiation detected from it. The Centapedus simply avoided that region of space, but it never seemed to solve the problem. It actually seemed to worsen it, as the "danger zone" was growing ever larger. Soon one of the Centapedus' allied races, the Vectron, complained about a planet being attacked by an unknown threat. The Centapedus assured the Vectron that it was going to be looked into. The Centapedus just saw the situation as a Grox raid. The "Grox raids" became worse, until the first Vectron planet that was attacked was destroyed. The planet itself wasn't destroyed, but it was heated to massive temperatures. The planet was known as "The Flaming Ball of Pink" due to it's pinkish color after the attack. This horrified the empires in the star cluster. The Centapedus set out an all out search for the culperate. Over 1,600 ships were sent out and only about 100 returned. None of the ships that survived knew what happened to the others. All they did know is that something was stalking them, and they were picking up blurry transmissions from creatures with very small and squeaky voices. Soon similar transmissions were picked up by other empires and the Centapedus' home planet, Blrince,. This worried the Centapedus. Then stories of a vicious empire known as the Hermicees were destroying other empires for pure entertainment. That startled the Centapedus and gave them a hunch that this was their mysterious destroyers. The Centapedus sent out a transmission asking "Why are you doing this?". Soon a mysterious ship with a peculiar shape arrived. That's when every screen on the planet Blrince appeared with a transmission from a short, stubby creature with several weapons surrounding it. The creature had a shell like structure upon his back. It said "We are the Hermicee Legion and we require that you pay us 40,000,000 moneez or you will suffer the same fate as your hideous allies. So PAY UP!". The Centapedus denied this request, but insisted to start a trade route saying that this will get them money and spice. The Hermicee Legion accepted their offer. The Centapedus soon saved their empire by creating an unstable relationship with the Hermicee Legion. They did this for the safety of their empire, but this did not garantee the safety of their allies, especially the Vectrons. Relations to this day are still going strong with the main Hermice Legion. Unfortunately do to the Hermicee's unstable empire, small groups of Hermicee constantly pillage Centapedus colonies. All the centapedus can do to counter this is just to defend. If they counter-attack, they will soon face the might of the entire legion.

The Stoneclaw Offense[]

After an invasion of the Xenotimh homeworld of Xenoterra, countless attacks on the Jeckle, the StoneClaw Clan Hermicees were deemed an extremely high threat to the empire's security. After any intense debates, the Centapedus Empire would perform the first siege on a Hermicee hive in history. Troops were outfitted with the highest tech military equipment that the empire could afford. Mean while, Lord Deatharot Stoneclaw receives word that the Centapedus empire is preparing for a massive siege on his stronghold. Outraged by this, Deatharot sent out a fleet of Hermicee ships to destroy the weapon facilities of any nearby empire, cutting off centapedus supplies. It worked and stalled development for some time, but thanks to the Centapedus' wide spread, they were able to retrieve supplies form other empires out of Stoneclaw reach. The Centapedus were also able to develope a bomb that's explosion would be powerful enough to destroy a hive in one shot. After months of preparation, the day had finally come for the siege. As the first ships approached the planet known as Kanmanrue, home of the Stoneclaw, they were instantly bombarded with heavy hermicee artillery. The few ships that made it were ambushed by infantry forces. The ships dropped off huge groups of infantry and tanks in a canyon near the hive. While other forces were dropped just above the canyon to extinguish ambushes. Leading the main caravan was Commander Herrogus Jargin and leading the main force above the caravan was lieutenant Irt. After a few hours of marching, the caravan below was ambushed by a group of Hermicee synths while Irt's crew was above stopping a giant Sand Carp from reaching the caravan below. The creatures were vicious and destroyed nearly half of both parties, though the Centapedus eventually prevailed. Quickly after, they arrived at the entrance to the Stoneclaw stronghold. There, Lord Deatharot escapes Jargin and hordes of Hermicees appeared out of nowhere. The group fought hard and the Centapedus succeeded, they detonated the bomb. The Stoneclaw were finished and the Centapedus left with a victory. This was a bittersweet victory, many lives were lost and only one out of several thousand Hermicee clans was destroyed. A massive search party was sent to find Lord Deatharot, but he was never found. It is possible that the Stoneclaw Clan still exists and that Deatharot is still plotting something against the Centapedus, something that might jeopardize everything the Centapedus have done to improve relations with the main Hermicee legion, the IronClaw Clan.

Formation of the I.P.A.[]

Due to the knowledge of the Hermicee's destructive behavior, Commander Jargin formed the I.P.A. (Inter-planetary Protection Agency). The I.P.A. , as it's name states, protects planets with sentient life forms from the hermicees' violent actions. This agency formed when Jargin had found out that their ally, the Vectron Empire, had finally been completely abolished from the galaxy. Jargin was saddened by the event and felt he could have made a difference if he had taken action earlier. Out of guilt, he decided to form the I.P.A. for the sake of smaller civilizations. His main goal was to protect lesser sentients that were still in the Civilization stage of their species. Their plead for help came from a planet called Elke. Little did Jargin know that this would be Jargin's biggest mission ever. The native species, known as Jeckles, were in danger of having a planetary genocide. This reminded Jargin about what he read in books on The Exile of the Gigapedus. This seemed all too familiar to him and he asked the consent of the Jeckle government. They said to keep things low until they needed help. Jargin quietly waited for the government to give him the signal.

The Genocide of Elke[]

A major Cyde leader.

Jargin after a month of waiting, finally got the signal to take action. The racist hate group, known as the Cydes were becoming extremely violent towards other Jeckles. They cut off routes to cities and waited for citizens to leave or starve. Jargin recruited specially trained Jeckles into the I.P.A. and planned their course of action. The first phase was to find out who was the one who had started the Cydes, and why they hate the mainstream population of Jeckles. The second phase being the killing of the leader or leaders. The final phase would be the collapse of the Cyde. Unfortunately, no one had any clue to who the leader of the Cyde was. Jargin was lost but didn't give up, he continued to push for answers. Soon the Cyde launched a full scale attack on Arkinath, they had killed every inhabitants there and what appeared to be strange is that there were giant footprints on the site of the battle, footprints only made by Tricephs. This set up a red flag for Jargin. The only Empire to get a hold on those loathsome beasts, are Hermicees. In that moment, Jargin realized the entire makings of the Cyde. The Hermicee were just using them to attract the attention of the I.P.A. to destroy them. The Cydes thought of the Hermicees as gods and obeyed them. Jargin couldn't find out what Hermicee clan was behind all this. Soon something strange appeared in a small Jeckle town, a body of what appeared to be a Jeckle with growths along it's back and razor sharp teeth. Something horrifying was going in the twisted minds of the Cydes. The Hermicee performed cruel experiments on their members and mutated them into horrible creatures. Jargin found that the Hermicee were planning to create a racial war between the Cydes and Jeckles, and in the chaos they would ultimately destroy Elke. Luckily Jargin had found a massive Hermicee base on Elke and obliterated it with an Anti-Matter Bomb. After this the Cydes died down and Hermicee interference seeemed to halt. But many Jeckle still believe the Cyde still exist and will rise again. When this happens, they will be under the watchful eyes of Jargin's I.P.A.

The Siege of Shaunjun[]

This unfortunate day started with everything as it should be. The Jeckles were listening to a speech from Commander Jargin himself. Meanwhile on Elke's nearest moon the Demiclaw Hermicee were planning a full scale assault on Shaunjun. Lord Enthorium DemiClaw waited for the Jeckles to feel safe in Jargin's presence. As Jargin was speaking about protecting the city from anything, one of his guards yelled "Incoming!". A massive Hermice Crusher ship passed over town hall, dropping canisters of Hermicee into the crowd of citizens. They had no mercy and began to shoot wildly into the crowd of onlookers. Dozens of innocent lives were killed and the Demiclaw just laughed as if they were in a playground. Jargin called for air support, but the area was too hot to land. He soon retreated deeper into the city and setup a blockade for resupply. After a few hours into the battle, the I.P.A. delivered all available units into the vicinity. Captain Stone and his defenses, continued to battle for the main hall, this would last several days until Lord Enthorium DemiClaw was defeated. After the passing of 3 days, new recruits were entered into battle. One particular captain was assigned to speak with Jargin. Jargin, who was still defending from his blockade, had to deliver a message to Captain Stone for more air support, but he couldn't send him the transmission because the Demiclaw were jamming the signals. Jargin assigned the young captain to manually deliver the message to Stone. Stone ordered his squad to destroy all heavy artillery. Once evacuated Stone sent the Captain back to Jargin to evacuate some stragglers. Enthorium was truly angered by the destruction of the Demiclaw's few artillery. He ordered the last of his remaining troops to push for the town hall. Stone had to call for backup as thousands of idiotic crustaceans poured in. "There was so much, I could hardly even breathe" - Captain Stone. Soon, Hermicee synths began to appear in the battlefield, and thats when the Jargisson device came in handy. The Jargisson device is anti-artillery and all it really requires is a good arm. The new captain threw the Jargisson Device at Lord Enthorium himself, killing the giant. With Enthorium dead, the Demiclaw retreated and were left in shambles, due to his premature attack. The Demiclaw are still said to roam the galaxy, waiting for the right time to strike back. Shaunjun was left in ruins and is still being reconstructed. The Demiclaw left a huge mark on the Jeckle society and mentally scarred many citizens with the horror of those 3 days.


Ranking System[]

Centapedus Ranks are very much like the ranks of modern English-speaking countries here on Earth, though with some differences.

Leader Ranks[]

These Ranks typically are given to very, very high-class Centapedus of all sub-species. They rule the entire military.

  • Marshal of the Armed Forces - These Centapedus are the absolute highest of all ranks. They require a very high education, as well as experience in the battlefield. Only one can exist per colony cluster, and are second command to the Chief executive when it comes to the military. They have no political power.
  • Centapedus Commander - Usually given to Centapedus of high combat experience and discipline, they are generally able to lead any branch of the military, being equal to the ranks of Field Marshal and Fleet Admiral.

Naval Officer Ranks[]

These deal with Centapedus Navy (space) ranks, given only to those are in this branch of the military and have an education along with officer experience.

  • Fleet Admiral - Absolute highest rank of the Navy. They command entire fleets of star ships.
  • Admiral - When no Fleet Admiral is present, this rank commands the sleet. They also lead smaller fleets or squadrons.
  • Ship Marshal - These Centapedus typically are in charge of very large star ships, such as Centapedus Super-carriers.
  • Captain - Are usually in medium-sized ships, such as cruisers.
  • Naval Lieutenant - Centapedus that are usually in small star-ships such as fighters and drop ships.

Naval Enlisted Ranks[]

These are the general class of the Navy, and make up the majority.

  • Warrant Officer - Typically, these have no power when it comes to commanding ships, or even fighters. But, in the event of enemies boarding the ship or in other emergencies, they act as an equivalent to Sergeant Majors.
  • Petty Officer - Same as the Warrant Officer, but lower in rank and equivalent to regular Sergeants.
  • Crewman - They are part of a ship's crew. They usually are working in the areas of cargo or repair. Sometimes, they man the weapons on larger ships.

Army Officer Ranks[]

A Centapedus General sports his advanced combat harness, shielding systems, and weapon.

Centapedus army officers command the armed forces on the ground.

  • Field Marshal - They lead ground operations on entire planets and have the most power of any Army Rank. They are also seen taking up direct combat roles.
  • General - Only directly below the Field Marshal, Generals are far more common, and are usually seen leading large-scale ground operations that involve large amounts of infantry and vehicles at once.
  • Brigadier - Brigadiers generally oversee ground operations, such as tactical strikes or defense.
  • Colonel - Colonels typically lead strikes teams on the ground. They coordinate where and when to attack.
  • Major - Majors are involved in smaller Centapedus forces. They seem to fill a similar role to Colonels, but are often on the ground with there troops much more often.
  • Lieutentant - Lowest officer rank, they hold the power to command drop ships and large lances of troops.

Army Enlisted Ranks[]

A small centapedus platoon lead by the Lance Corporal(Left)

These are the general ground infantry ranks of the Centapedus army, and are the greatest in number. They do not require education, but are promoted based on military casualties.

  • Sergeant Major - Centapedus who have become suited to lead forces of Centapedus.
  • Sergeant - Directly below the Sergeant Major, they lead squads of Centapedus troops and sometimes drive vehicles.
  • Corporal - Corporals lead individual squads of Centapedus in ground operations.
  • Private - Lowest and most plentiful rank of the Centapedus. They are the general infantry and backbone of the armed forces.

View on the Galactic Code[]

Though it may seem as if the Centapedus would uphold The Galactic Code, they are actually very rebellious towards this code. The code states "fairness for all interactions between empires", the Centapedus response "If we were to be fair to our enemies, that would lead us ever closer to certain destruction"-Centapedus Commander Jargin. l Though the Centapedus do not obey the Galactic Code many empires do nothing to stop them, for they fear that they would begin a war with an ally that has been protecting them for many years. Many empires that do not know about the Centapedus in person, but still have heard about them stay away also because they most likely heard that Centapedus are merciless in combat. Though many empires would fear to start a war, the Centapedus would actually try to resolve the problem diplomatically and if that doesn't work than war will start.

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