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Ceinox Empire

The Ceinox Empire, a large empire created by crimcrimsinthegarbagebin is present in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Description Edit

The Ceinox is very diplomatic and peaceful and has learned from the past, however, they can be extremely aggressive when provoked. The Ceinox Empire is a large Empire composed of Ceinoids, And Paratox. They are an extremely large empire mass producing their stations, But they do own planets. Mainly their way of becoming powerful is killing planets from the inside and stripping their resources away with their fleet. They are a merciless Empire once in war but they are lawful and strict to members of their Empire. Their plan is to take over the entire galaxy and completely cover it with their stations. In their owned territory, it is mostly gray as the sky is completely clouded with their stations and advanced planets nearby. They consist of a strict and powerful empire and are fearless as they are currently fighting three wars at once.

The Ceinox Empire has taken interest in scientific research and even though being a powerful and war driven society. Since it is mostly the parasites who fight in battles, and the scouting fleet who takes the resources, most of the population are actually researchers who are trying to advance the empire. Besides scientific study, there is also the station and planet builders of course. The Ceinox Empire is an old empire being founded 8790 Years ago, and currently going strong.

History Edit

The Ceinox Empires History is quite long and describes their path to power and strength as well as when they created their powerful Paratox that would lead to be the main component of the Ceinox Empire.

Creature Edit

In the beginning of the creature stage, the Ceinoids were weak but intelligent creatures driven to war and power, and would not rest without conclusions to battle. They spread largely across their continent and their near impenetrable body allowed them to hunt creatures in their area. They had easily made their place and started to develop their technology unchallenged. However, the creatures were not that social and it led to bloody fights between their species. Because of such fights, their bodies became stronger and stronger allowing them to develop spears as they were so strong, but not fast enough to find prey, leading to almost all of them dieing from starvation.

The ability to not get enough food progressed the idea of spears and throwing weapons as well as other tools in the Linboids. Many hundreds of years before the progression to tribal, they had developed sharp rocks and spears attached to ropes. They would throw the spears at the prey and use their incredible strength to drag it back to them. Keeping the Ceinoids from death and in the end progressing their brains into forming large groups and to starting their tribal life.

Tribal Edit

The First battle was between the Ceinoids and the Ouroun, powerful mammalian creatures with spears and leather armor like the Ceinoids. Because of their overwhelming strength and brains, the Ceinoids managed to defeat the creatures and take their village of their own. Their thirst for blood and conclusions to wars began and this would easily propel them through tribal and into the civilization stage. Making the Ceinoids a powerful force to be reckoned with in their land. However, because of this anger, the tribes would have to split sooner or later.

As Ceinoids became more accustomed to their religions and beliefs, they split off into 5 tribes. The Green, Blue, Red, Orange, and Purple Tribe. The tribe that turned into the Ceinox Empire was the red tribe, the ultimate victor, as they used extreme ways of fighting the other tribes thought to be immoral. Eventually overwhelmed by extreme fighting, all tribes were completely killed or taken as slaves by the Red tribe, officially becoming the Ceinox Tribal Legion. After the great wars in the tribal stage they developed their technology and focused all of their people on power and buildings, and in the coming years would make it into civilization.

Before the Ceinox Tribal Legion was about to come into civilization, they sadly split into two which started a 100 Year war. It was a gruesome battle and in the end it led to the death of 1.5 Billion Ceinoids. The war known as the Great War over Civilization was an 100 Year war that, because of their gruesome tactics. The winner of the war was the original Power that owned the Red tribe, later becoming the Ceinox Organization. They won because of their advanced technology and developing of guns and sharp blades as well as cavalry. After the war, the Ceinox went into a depression as much of their population had recently just been reluctantly destroyed. But the government didn't care, as they knew to survive and make it into space they would have to destroy any threat that came in their way and take over their planet. Of course, civilization led to more greed and power, and they unfortunately split into 10 groups, starting the race for space and conquering.

Civilization Edit

At the beginning of civilization it was bloodshed, as the Ceinox Organization split into 10 groups. The Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Black, Gray, Violet, and Indigo nations. The first nations to go were Indigo and Gray, as they neighbored the most powerful nations that existed, Red and Blue. Then there was the long war between Violet and Black as they fought against eachother for 20 Years before Black took over Violet after they were completely hopeless from being raided by Red. By this time there was only 7 Nations left and in a few years that would drop to 4. Orange Yellow and Green had a war all against eachother while being bombarded from both Blue and Red, leading the three civilizations to utter destruction. They were running out of money and decided on a treaty, that they would team up and kill Red and Blue, however, that was a foolish move as the Blue Nation overheard their conference and killed the remaining three nations, but red stole the property before Blue could use it. One of the final battles was between Purple and Black, two of the four surviving nations.

Later on, the nations developed creatures called Paratox, parasitic androids that followed under the rule of the Linboids, and could be used in major scale war to obliterate enemies from the inside.

After the 30 Year war between Purple and Black, they didn't really harm eachother as they were religious, and decided they would band together under a new religion, fighting Blue. However, at this time Red was also fighting Blue, putting Immense pressure on their nation. Blue was half weakened by the end of the war and as Red no longer considered them a threat, they eradicated the Purple and Black nations, leaving only Red and Blue to own the planet. This started the great war between Red and Blue, who at this point, had cars, planes, and advanced guns. The war lasted 60 Years and in the end Red was victorious, since the beginning of civilization, 5 BILLION Ceinoids had died, and the planet was a wasteland controlled by the giant red nation. As every species on the planet was dead besides them in their nation, they knew the next move was going into space.

In the next 100 Years the Ceinoids had banded and focused their technology on weapons and getting into space. They had built their first ships and were nearly ready. As the planet was a wasteland, the Linboids would not survive for long and if the planet were to be sustainable, they would need to retrieve food on the interstellar level, as the Paratox had decimated their planets ecosystem fighting in battles. Because of their need for hosts and food the first scouting ship was made and prototyped, later finished and known as the Or-1 Scouter vehicle, created for the sole purpose of finding weak planets and harvesting their materials. They would soon split into multiple interstellar groups searching the galaxy for their own means of survival. Eventually they would fall under a common cause and become the well known Ceinox Empire. A powerful and fearless one, which will begin fighting and making its place in its area.

Space Edit

The Linboids moved into space much after leaving civilization and had split across their area of the galaxy, encountering new and unseen races, and becoming more powerful. the "Final Ceinox Organization" split into 50 different groups that will be explained know and what happened to their civilizations. The "Final Ceinox Organization" was the name the Red civilization took after all wars that they had went through in civilization. And the group did not stand for long once they entered space. Because of how seperated every group became, they all had different ways of keeping their species alive and different technologies, as well as wars starting between groups that believed they were superior.

Before the formation of the Ceinox Empire, there was 50 Untracked groups that will be shown now. Uouralus Army. Gouref Consumers, Uyol Controllers, Brival Emperors, Uyret Empire, Livno Empire, Cxeree Hunters, Yutyner Killers, Qyeral Infectors, Grand Galactic Empire of the merciless, Ouytan Swarmers, Uraukl Killers, Voorpal,Creators, Uyazlo of the Gods, Uywhemsl,Brexit, Bvreal,Uklokus, Locust of euzol, Ziuerl,Deserters, Uyeert Empire, Lokureal Empire, Xhochoco, Bvynedn,Oklaru, Mjaeur,Kjelrun, Ielrious Undead, Ejasuern, Beiklan, Oueyert,Banrtis, Eruapol,Eisl, Uyeaol, Mnric, Poeuak, Bejaul, Ezarak, Uszlakakakaka, Drodoisdumb Empire, Uyrn Empire, Tilopo Empire, Ueorl, Tuekrn, Ibol, and Dris. All of these groups were what came from the disbanding once they reached the space stage.

Eventually, one person known as Boloid the First started to collect some groups together and create stronger more powerful groups. At the current time, only about 13 of these groups still exists, because of wars over host bodies as well as starvation and being overwhelmed by neighboring empires. The Linboids are weak creatures, and because of them thinking they are much more powerful then they actually are. This led to death of most of their groups. As well as most groups being evil and Hostile on sight. Eventually the Ceinox Empire was founded and this is how it happened.

Founding Edit

The Ceinox Empire was founded when Boloid the First brought many rogue groups of Ceinoids together and banded them under a common cause. The Ceinox Empire grew to be the most powerful of all groups that were founded and had both a Diplomatic and War cause. The Ceinox Empire was supreme in technologies and soon spread themselves across their area controlling planets and making their cities utopias. The Ceinox became very intelligent and civilized creatures that could let all hell break loose when angered. Eventually along the lines of founding the Empire they made some enemies that were easily destroyed, but recently, they have started three wars at once.

The Ceinox Empire wanted an easy way to increase their population immensely and so started the creation of the Ceinox Stations. Ceinox Stations were designed to be a Major community filled with hotels, homes, buildings, diplomatic areas, trading areas, and it was mainly designed to be able to hold approximately 10 Million people. As the Ceinox spent much money on supplies and retrieved a lot of materials from wars, they were able to cloud the skies with their stations, eventually creating their capital, the Mega station. This made them well known as the clouded Nation.

Government Edit

The Ceinox Government is a Monarchy with equal to two other Powers, being the Judicial and Legislative Branch, which are both Democracy.

The Ceinox Empire is split into three parts. The Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, and the Legislative Branch. The Executive branch is a Monarchy, as the bloodline controls the Executive Branch, and the Judicial and Legislative Branches are Democracies, selected by the Populace. The Ceinox Crown, as it is called is the inherited royal crown of the Ceinox Empire starting from the first ruler, Boloid the First. The Executive Branch is restricted by checks and balances so it makes sure order is maintained in the Ceinox Empire. The Executive is not allowed to take order in any form that crosses with another branch, as each branch must maintain their own rules and jurisdiction.

Over time, the Empire has grown, but most branches have retained their abilities and powers except for the fact of more rights for people. The Ceinox Empires government currently uses one of the formats that Early Linboids used in the Tribal-City stage.

Military Edit

The Ceinox Empires Military force is mostly in their own Empire. The Military force consists of a large amount of Linboids that protect the inside of their civilization. On the contrary, they have the Paratox, Parasitic Androids that are extremely powerful and have been known to eradicate an Empire in a record time of 8 Hours. The Paratox are the main component of the Military and all neighboring Empires fear them.

Diplomacy Edit

The Ceinox Empire is very Diplomatic, and will spare Empires that admit to defeat and give up resources and territory. However, it is made known that the Ceinox Empire rarely given second chances, and Empires they have fought in the past will not be protected by the Ceinox Diplomatic Assembly. The Ceinox are very quick to make alliances with races that are trade focused, as the most wanted thing in the Ceinox Empire is resources for Utopias, and Stations.

War Tactics Edit

The Following War plan for all Battles on Weak and unsuspecting Empires

Stage Summary Time Needed to Enact
Stage 1: Infiltration Stage 1 of the Ceinox War Plan begins with a cloaked Paratox Carrier floating over the desired target planet, and releasing Billions to Trillions of Paratox Into the Atmosphere, Covering the entire planet in a blanket of Paratox and setting up Stage 2 of Eradicating a Planet. It is impossible to know when Stage 1 begins as the Paratox are microscopic androids and the Ship that is to drop them is completely invisible to the eye and to all scanners, making it a mystery if an Empire was even attacked by the Ceinox. The Time it takes to gather all the resources and materials to plan an Infiltration is 1 Hour to 1 Day. Because it takes about a day to prepare, the Ceinox must keep their attacks secret, as revealing it to the enemy may lead to an attack on a station or Ceinox Utopia.
Stage 2:Eradication Stage 2 of the Ceinox War Plan takes place About 2 hours after Stage 1. Stage 2 is the complete eradication of line of the planet as the Paratox Infest the bodies of all living creatures and shut off their Immune system as well as all of their neural networks in their body, and completely kill the host. Stage 2 is the most feared of the stages as it can kill an entire planet with ease. The Citizens will not know they are infected until it kills them, making it impossible to know there is paratox in foes unless people are going under constant scanning. It takes 8 Hours-10 Days to enact the Eradication, 8 Hours being the fastest it has been done and 10 Hours being the longest. Ceinox must still keep the operation secret, as if enemies know they have been infected, they will easily manage to remove the Paratox from their bodies and save their civilization.
Stage 3:Cleanup Stage 3 takes place after all life on the desired planet is destroyed. All paratox are vacuumed and taken away from the planet as ground troops kill every last survivor from the Eradication, after this is done the Ceinoids are escorted to their Mining ship and set Stage 4 up. Cleanup ensures no last survivors or technology is on to protect their world from the Linboids oncoming forces and miners. After the Eradication stage has ended, they must make sure that all other worlds owned by the Enemies are destroyed as well, because if they realize one of their planets has been infested they might realize the rest has. Cleanup Take from 1 Hour to 1 Day. As sometimes lone survivors can run far from detection of the Ceinoids, as well as worlds covered in technology could be hard to completely cleanup, and Ceinoids must take precautions for powerful beings still left on the planet.
Stage 4:Stripping of Resources Stage 4 takes place after all cleanup is finished. When stage 4 is enacted, many large Mining machines are sent to the planet and begin to completely mine the planet and turn it into raw resources for the Ceinox Empire. However, if the planet seems like it is in perfect condition, it will not be mined and instead, turned into a Ceinox Utopia. Mining is a long process but in the end they make a lot of money and each planet can be turned into a few stations depending on the size and the amount of rare materials. Mining can take anywhere from 1-10 Days depending on the size of the planet. Small planets can be easily destroyed and harvested, while Large planets need consistent mining to totally destroy and deconstruct. Empires nearby to the Ceinox are afraid of this stage as their planets could be turned into rubble in mere days, making it one of the most destructive battle stages in the Ceinox Empire.

If the Empire is much larger and cannot be killed all in one sweep, so some planets survive but others don't, The Ceinox Empire will instead send down millions of ground troops as well as the Paratox, making it impossible to cure their people and making it Impossible for them to escape the Ceinox.

Expansions Edit

Ships Edit

The Ceinox Empire consists of a few ships they use in scouting and war tactics. The ships are commonly used and sent around the galaxy, for trading and war.

Crew- 1-5 Men, 1 Million-1 Trillion Paratox.
Role- Releasing Paratox into the atmosphere, starting an interplanetary attack.
Armament- Cloaking Device, Basic laser weapons.
Defences- Basic Ceinox Defensive Plating.
Dimensions- Medium Sized Ship

Crew- 1 Driver, 50 Ceinoid Fighters
Role- Dropping a crew of Ceinoids to fight and apprehend a Empire under attack by the Ceinox.
Armament- Heavy Laser weapons, Cloaking Device.
Defences- Heavy Ceinox Defensive Plating.
Dimensions- Large Carrying Ship

Crew- 1-5 Miners
Role- Mining raw resources on the Planetary Scale.
Armament- Cloaking Device.
Defence- Heavy Ceinox Defensive Plating.
Dimensions- Massive, 1/8 Size of a station.

Crew- 1-5 Drivers
Role- Scouting for Raw materials floating in space and mining them. As well as contacting civilizations.
Armament- Cloaking Device, Mining drill, Interstellar contactor.
Defences- Basic Ceinox Defensive Plating.
Dimensions- Small thin and long ship.

Equipment Edit

The Ceinox Empire has a lot of weaponry and Cybernetic equipment. It is extremely advanced and their use and purposes are explained here.

Weaponry Edit

The Ceinoids have developed a ton of weaponry since the beginning of their existence until now, and these were some of the most used weapons, as well as the known weapons Ceinoids have used and fought with.

Primitive Weaponry Edit

Tethered Spear- The Tethered Spear is a weapon that saved Linboids from starvation, it was an incredibly powerful sharp rock and thick wood spear, attached to an incredibly strong and thick vine rope made from flora that existed on their planet. Because of the Pure strength of the Ceinoids, they were able to throw this spear 50 Feet, as it stabbed into prey, then they would use their amazing strength to drag the animal back by the rope.

Advanced Weaponry Edit

Blaster Rifle- The Blaster Rifle is the main weapon used by Ceinoids on a ground assault. It is a powerful weapon that does not burn holes or pierce through the enemies body, instead it causes inside wounds. Multiple shots from this weapon will damage the inside of an enemy and cause them to have heavy internal damage. It is known as a painful and powerful weapon that most Empires in wars with the Ceinox Empire fear.

Cybernetics Edit

Ceinox Cybernetics- Ceinox Cybernetics enhance the resistance and speed of Ceinoids. As well as giving them average psychic abilities. Their cybernetics give them enhanced agility, jumping height, and much increased stamina. It also improves reaction times and can scan the area for nearby enemies. Most Ceinoids use the Ceinox Cybernetics when being dropped off by a dropship and sent into battle.

Groups Edit

The Ceinox Empire consists of Three groups. These are the three groups.

  • Diplomacy- Ceinox Diplomatic Assembly - CDA
  • CDA- The CDA manages all Diplomatic issues in the Ceinox Empire, making treaties, alliances, and concluding wars. They are very useful and known as calm and collective, but quick thinking people.
  • Threats, and Supernaturals Classification and Diagnostics - TSCD
  • TSCD- The TSCD manages the Classification of all Extra-natural and Supernatural beings/ and or Threats in the area. They also Diagnose their abilities, powers, and protocol if the Ceinox Empire were to engage in combat or have to contain them.
  • Defense- Ceinox Defense System - CDS
  • CDS- The CDS manages all Defenses of the Ceinox Empire and prepares the Military and the defenses. They are tied to the TSCD as they supply them with plans and responses to nearby threats and strange activity.

Wars Edit

The Ceinox Empire has been in many wars and still is in three, these are the main wars they are focusing on, as they are the biggest threats to the empire and the hardest to deal with. Some of the wars are extremely difficult and may lead to stalemates. These are the current, important wars.

Past Wars Edit

Ongoing Wars Edit

Vorxin War Edit

The Vorxin War has been taking place in the Ceinox Empire for the past 30 Years. The Vorxin War is the most important war that has been going on in the Ceinox Empire, as they are deadly beings with advanced technology. The Vorxin War is so important to end as the Vorxin Empire has 32,000 Planets. Of these, 12,370 of them have been destroyed by the Paratox over the last 5 Years. The Ceinox took long to destroy their planets as the Vorxin Empire is about 30 Years of traveling away from the Ceinox Empire. The Next Paratox Attack will reach in 5 Years, and destroy another 11,000 Planets. The Vorxin Empire is so dangerous because of their extremely fast traveling ships, the Ceinox Empire hope to reverse Engineer The Ships the Vorxin Empire possesses can reach the Ceinox Empire in under 10 Minutes. Currently the Ceinox Empire is in the lead and has done the most damage, hoping the war will end soon and the Vorxin will be destroyed.

How it Began Edit

The Vorxin War began over an argument over resources. The Ceinox Empire and Vorxin Empire were both mining from the material rich Zepier Belt. The Dispute led to a court argument over which Empire really owned the space, and the Ceinox Empire was proven to be the rightful owners of the area. Of course, the Vorxin did not agree with this statement and because it was a Ceinox court, they believed it was Bias, starting a war with the Ceinox to take all of the resources from the Ceinox and get many mining facilities back from them. This dispute did not start a fully fledged war, but it started arguments between the two Empires. Until the Ceinox Court decided the Ceinox Empire owned ALL mining areas in the region between the Ceinox and the Vorxin, starting the total Vorxin War. At first the Ceinox were not interested until they realized the Vorxin had 32,000 Planets in their collection, and had a hoard of resources they have never heard of, some materials that could go for trillions of spore bucks.

Battle That Begun the War Edit

Battle of Ourkusus-B

Spore 2017-10-24 18-27-16

Battle of Ourkusus-B Ships flying over Oyulon, a State.

The Battle of Ourkusus-B is what started the Vorxin War. The Picture is of the Ceinox Empire flying their ships over Oyulon, the first State the Ceinox Flew over on Ourkusus-B. The Battle of Ourkusus-B did not take appropriate battle strategy as it was a fully fledged ground attack. 63,000 Vorxin Empire members were killed, and 120 Linboids were killed in the battle. The Battle of Ourkusus-B was actually a mistake attack, again as they did not take correct battle strategy, and it was a waste of units because the Vorxin are so far away.

The Battle of Ourkusus-B really sparked interest between the Vorxin in Ceinox, giving the Vorxin a reason to really fight. The Battle lasted about 5 Hours. It started with the incorrect battle plan, but a second battle happened on that Planet. The Second battle of Ourkusus-B lasted 9 Hours, and by the end, the entire planet was destroyed. Ourkusus-B was the planet attacked because it was so valuable to the Vorxin, as it produced billions of Sporebucks a day, making them uber rich, and giving them tons of money for their civilization. Ourkusus-B was completely destroyed in the second battle, as all life and civilizations were removed from the planet. The Battle of Ourkusus-B was such a failure infact, that it warned the Vorxin Empire of the Ceinox before their formal attack. Of course, because of their skills, the Ceinox managed to pull off the second attack.

The Battle of Ourkusus-B was a loss and victory for the Ceinox, as they gave away their plans but easily captured the planet with their ground units. The Battle of Ourkusus-B was one of the first attacks the Ceinox did that was not actually a Paratox infestation. The Battle of Ourkusus-B is now known for and went down as a bloody battle where Ceinox ships rampaged the streets of Ourkusus-B, Rendering it completely captured by the Ceinox until it was destroyed by Paratox. Because of this battle, and how the Ceinox easily entered their area and their systems, it led the Vorxin to become more defensive and guard their systems properly, destroying any ships in sight during the war period.

Notable Battles Edit

Ourxid War Edit

The Ourxid War has been taking place for 10 Years in the Ceinox Empire. The Ourxid war is the second most important war they are fighting, The Ourxid Empire consists of quite advanced beings, but not quite as advanced as the Vorxin. The Ourxid war is Semi-important and known by the Ceinox as a war they could easily win and finish if they were not busy with the Vorxin. The Ourxid have a measly 13,000 Planets and they are 1 hour and 30 Minutes away from the Ceinox. They have not been attacked in a while, as the Ceinox have been focused on the Vorxin, but the Ourxid will fall after the Vorxin die. The Ourxid Empire is a low technology and weak Empire, but it stands a chance, as they have powerful weaponry and use all of their abilities to strengthen their physical strength and the strength of their army. Of course, the Ceinox is in the lead, and the war will end soon leaving only two wars left to fight.

How it Began Edit

The Ourxid War began after the Ourxid Empire started to raid the Ceinox Empire. They stole resources and materials as the Ourxid thought they were a helpless Empire they could easily destroy. Little did they know, they were much more powerful than them, and nearly destroyed their empire in a single sweep, only surviving the attack because the Ceinox were busy fighting the Vorxin. Of course, this boiled down to the same as the Vorxin, the Ourxid were accused guilty by the Ceinox and payed a hefty fine for their life, of course, after disagreeing with the fine, they came to the conclusion they were superior to the Ceinox and believed it would not be hard to destroy them. The Ceinox knew the Ourxid had 12,000 Planets, and as they were a very picky Empire, the Ceinox knew to attack as their planets had perfect conditions for their people, thus starting the Ourxid War, or the War of Robbery.

Battle That Begun the War Edit

Battle of Uionolous

Spore 2017-10-24 18-32-36

Battle of Uionolous, Vehicles flying through a forest on Ouneyol, a State.

The Battle of Uionolous started the Ourxid War. The Picture is of the Land vehicles moving in to the Ourxid colonies to apprehend them while Paratox killed the entire race. Uionolous was an Extremely powerful planet, Holding off the Paratox and Ceinox for as long as 3 days to completely apprehend the Population, and 10 hours to kill them with Ceinox. The Battle of Uionolous was the longest lasting, and hardest battle for the Ceinox. Uionolous was the homeworld of the Ourxid. In the end 13 Million Ceinox were killed, and 11 Billion Ourxid were killed. The battle of Uionolous boiled the Ourxids blood, as it was their main source of money, because of this loss, the Ourxid were at a horrible status, having lost trillions of Sporebucks.

The Battle of Uionolous warned the Ourxid of the Ceinox Empire. Because of this, they shielded all of their planets from attacks and held their weakest systems with an Iron fist. The Battle of Uionolous was the most influential battle in the Ceinox Empire,

Notable Battles Edit

Broixo War Edit

The Broixo War is the least important war and has been taking place for 3 Months in the Ceinox Empire. They are fighting the Ourxid, extremely powerful creatures, but still not enough to take on the Ceinox. They only have 7,000 Planets and of those, 5,300 Have been destroyed. The Broixo are nearly dead but have not surrendered or made of peace treaty. They are easily reachable by the Ceinox and in mere days the war will end. They have average weaponry and ships, and are not much of a threat to the Ceinox. It is only considered an important war as they rapidly attack them along with the Ourxid and Vorxin. They are least focused on and known as a joke to the Ceinox, only being dangerous because of how hidden their last planets are to the Ceinox, and that they continue to barrage their planets

How it Began Edit

The Broixo War started in a simple way. The Broixo, being new to seeing other empires, as they were in a desolate location surrounded by thousands of stars, they believed it would be wise to kill off the Ceinox. The Broixo completely ignored all treaties that the Ceinox sent, being completely ignorant, went straight into battle with the Ceinox, losing 5/7 of their owned planets. The Broixo War is still going because little resources are sent to fight them, as the Ceinox are focusing on the Vorxin. However, even with the Ceinox fighting the Vorxin, the Broixo are being obliterated. The First battle that started the war was a warning made by the Ceinox, as they barraged ones of their planets with interplanetary ballistic Missiles, as the Broixo attacked back beginning a fully fledged Paratox on Broixo War. The Broixo were quite new to Paratox, and had no idea what was coming at them, but they took it as very offensive. Because of this, the Broixo did not consider much of their people and started constant attacks.

Battle That Begun the War Edit

Notable Battles Edit

Settlements Edit

The Ceinox Empire has set up many settlements across their controlled area. They are on a constant search for resources as they have a massive population, and need to maintain perfect condition for all members of their Empire. The Settlements the Ceinox Empire includes are:

Stations Edit

Stations are large space stations that are meant to host Diplomatic Relations, Trading, Agreements, and a large settlement area. They Include three parts. The Populous, where all the homes, buildings, towns, and residencies are. The Operations area, where diplomatic agreements as well as Relations with other Empires take place. And the Trading corporation, an extremely large area at the center of every station full of hundreds of different species from their sector who trade with the local Linboids. Stations are surrounded by forcefields to protect them from nearby asteroids and space rocks.

Utopias Edit

Utopias are perfect cities made by the Ceinox Empire that are located on planets the Ceinox Empire deems perfect, they are usually massive planets and carefully and well maintained so they can control their population as well as the happiness of them. Utopias are normal cities where a large amount of Ceinoids live. Because Utopias are surrounded by tens of Stations, they are nearly unreachable by enemy forces and attackers, making them one of the safest places. Of course, precautions are taken and Utopias are surrounded by a forcefield.

Controlled Areas Edit

The Ceinox Empires controlled areas and areas of operation. This is where they are located and control their groups and Military.

Linbolous Control System Edit

The Linbolous Control System is the area of operations of the Ceinox Empire. It is everywhere they currently exist and what expands as the Empire does. The Linbolous Control system makes up all units, ships, stations, and planets currently owned by the Ceinox Empire. It is located in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Basic Language and Phrases Edit

  • Greetings. Goodbyes.

  • Welcome- Oul
  • Good Morning- Vel Ous
  • Good Evening- Vel Eus
  • Good Night- Vel Neus
  • Hello- Uelo
  • Goodbye- Odiye

  • Common Responses.

  • Why- Iy
  • Good- Vel
  • Bad- Bei
  • Yes- Ues
  • No- Uo

  • Common Phrases.

  • Excuse me- Vosu Mes
  • Please- Lius
  • Thank You- Aik Uil
  • No Problem- Uo Priol

  • Relatives.

  • Father- Outher
  • Mother- Mouthal
  • Brother- Brouthal
  • Sister- Sousher
  • Son- Oun
  • Friend- Eund
  • Enemy- Failik

  • Questions.

  • How- Ouh
  • Which- Iuas
  • What- Vuat
  • Where- Iver
  • When- Len

  • Emotions.

  • Courage- Ouraik
  • Fear- Fueien
  • Hate- Faeii
  • Anger- Faiee
  • Happy- Haniy
  • Pride- Iorde
  • Shame- Shaln

  • Sentence Starters.

  • I am- Vokil Mas
  • You are- Uil Mak
  • He is- Vak Oln
  • She is- Sak Oln
  • They are- Iuren Iue
  • You are- Miul Iue
  • We are- Neul Iue

  • Trade.

  • Sell- Uelus
  • Buy- Seubul
  • Trade- Traikal
  • Steal- Soultal

  • Adjectives.

  • Love- Loi
  • Young- Yoin
  • Old- Oid
  • Large- Oplen
  • Small- Leopolen

  • Compliments.

  • Beauty- Beaillus
  • Clever- Clealin
  • Right- Coreal
  • Strong- Storgrel

  • Insults.

  • Ugly- Ugoo
  • Stupid- Stopoo
  • Wrong- Wroi
  • Weak- Weuall

  • Other Common Words.

  • Work- Woirn
  • Have- Haive
  • Give- Uive
  • Say- Sai
  • Get- Guelt
  • Make- Cureate
  • Help- Havfen
  • Know- Yulo
  • Take- Ilk
  • See- Uee
  • Hear- Hal

Relationships Edit

Green face Allies: Very useful to us. Diplomatic action has succeeded and we look forward to further partnership.

  • N/A

Blue face Friends: They are kind and have assisted us in many ways. Whether in war or in trade.

  • N/A

Blue face Trading: Your resources are very helpful with assisting us in the construction of our Empire.

  • N/A

Yellow face Neutral: We have not had enough experience to determine your purpose. But your species is noted.

  • N/A

Yellow face Previously At War: You have fallen to us, but shall be given a chance. But don't think we aren't watching you.

  • N/A

Orange face Disliked: You have been quite annoying. Be wary, as you may be our next target.

  • N/A

Red face Hated: Expect a full on attack sometime soon. But we wont reveal the details.

  • Vorxin Empire
  • Broixo Empire
  • Ourxid Empire

Quotes Edit

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