So it begins.

- Carandial

After a countless number of years conquering entire universes with the deadly Purity Virus, The Catharsis have finally arrived in the First Gigaquadrant, with the intention of subjugating it under the heinous control of Purity. Armed with physics defying weaponry and capabilities through their use of Dark Energy, and aid from their allies The Junction, the universe's day's may be numbered.

However, as a single Catharsis Saucer prepares to make it's move, the Gigaquadrant's nations, including the most unlikely of allies prepare to make their stand.

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Week One Edit

Unholy Alliance Edit

Unholy Alliance

The massive Catharsis Saucer makes contact with the Junction.

Soon after arriving in the Gigaquadrant, a massive Catharsis Saucer, measuring thousands of kilometres in diametre made it's way to the Borealis Galaxy, home of their "allies" of The Junction. As soon as the Saucer came within one hundred light years of Junction territory, the Saucer was scanned, identified and given permission to proceed. The Saucer soon disappeared in Junction space, where it remained for the nest three days.

When it left Junction space, it was accompanied by five huge Junction Assimilators, and proceeded to attack a nearby civilian convoy. The civilian ships had no defence from the extra-dimensional threat, and were destroyed within the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, the forces native to the Gigaquadrant began to become aWare of the new threat, and prepared to meet in order to prepare for the inevitable conflict.

Fateful Meeting Edit


The major leaders discuss the Catharsis.

From all across the Gigaquadrant, leaders of all shapes, sizes and political motivations began to converge on Carandial's massive flagship, the Empirical, flagship of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus's extragalactic interests. The leaders of the UNO, two representatives from The Divinarium, Commander Tylstatkyo of the Cult of the Deathmarch as well as Commodore Erius Verdonus of the Draconid Imperium all entered a massive conference room on board Carandial's vessel and began to talk about the approaching threat.

To Carandial's chagrin, the meeting soon erupted into chaos, with a fight between Tylstatkyo and the Kralgon Emperor soon ensuing. Despite this, Carandial managed to inform the other leaders of the location of the Catharsis Saucer which was slowly orbiting the Gigaquadrant, getting closer and closer to populated space, in fact less then twenty one hours away. Intelligence reports that the Saucer was nearing the Mirus Galaxy. Despite constant arguments, the various factions agreed to team up against the coming threat.


The major leaders discuss the Catharsis.

All the leaders and captains board Carandial's ship, the Empirical, they are brought to a large conference room where Carandial and Captain Loupál are waiting. A female Radeon in elaborate dresses unusual for a captain accompanied by a young male Imperion wearing cybernetic oculars entered. The Kralgon Emperor arrived by teleportation. Commander Tylstatkyo and two Mahanayan Imitahin enter the room with a less-than-graceful manner. Commodore Erius Verdonus arrives in the room under escort, he is somewhat irritated. The Imperion looked at the Cult commander and shouted in a mix of fear and fury.

  • Tylstatkyo - What's the matter? Can't handle standing in the same room as the angel of death?
  • Quinniath - DEATHMARCH! DEATHMARCH! Ma'am, allow me to shoot these cultists at sight! I WILL PROVE MYSELF WORTHY!
  • Erius - Please tell me this man is not a commander...
  • Venorial - No, commander. I am.
  • Tylstatkyo - With two Imitahin and myself in the room? Unless you wish death for all of us I suggest you keep your...mouth shut.
  • Venoriel - Calm down, ploiarch Quinniath. I am assured they aren't going to kill us.

Carandial narrows his eyes.

  • Tylstatkyo - Death by our hand is a conversation for another time...why did you bring us here, Basileus?
  • Kralgon Emperor - Well, get to the point. Carandial, please brief us.
  • Erius - It's commodore. Anyway, what is the situation?
  • Carandial - I've called this meeting to answer the threat of the Catharsis and the Junction.

Tylstatkyo surveys everyone.

  • Tylstatkyo - An unlikely alliance.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Ah, the Junction. We have a quite a bit of information about them.
  • Venoriel - The Catharsis? We have heard of Purity Virus outbreaks before and the fate of the Commonwealth interuniversal starship. Is this civilisation a cause behind these two events?
  • Carandial - Yes. We believe so.
  • Erius - That project was a mistake, if had I been on the security council at the time then I...

He pauses and sighs.

  • Erius - Forget it.
  • Tylstatkyo - The Deathmarch has fought the Junction before and we lived. What makes you concerned that the Catharsis will make an unwelcome addition?
  • Lou'Pol - Together. United. The Catharsis and the Junction create a threat not to be underestimated.

The Kralgon Emperor relayed information about the Junction, that he had retrieved from UNO's examination of them, their technology and their behaviour, as well as from Vida'Rranlora databases.

  • Tylstatkyo - We have our own database on the Junction.

He looks menacingly around.

  • Tylstatkyo - I'm afraid you're not going to see any of it.

Erius retracts his hand, scratching the table

  • Erius - I don't like people keeping secrets...
  • Venoriel - So, do you mean that two civilisations we know next to nothing about and both with technology that could destroy entire galactic arms with ease... are attacking now? Shouldn't we just take our weapons and flee in such case?
  • Kralgon Emperor - You have to show us what you know so that we have a chance of defeating them!
  • Carandial - Of course not, Venoriel. I will fight to my last breath to keep my galaxy from falling into the hands of extrauniversals.

Tylstatkyo laughs then clears his throat.

  • Tylstatkyo - Why? The Cult's information runs deep, but how can I be certain you all can be trusted?
  • Erius - Listen here, information. Wins. Wars. You can look at the history of the Imperium's Delpha sector campaign if you like. You are holding us all abck from victory.
  • Tylstatkyo - Very well.

Tylstatkyo releases a small pod from his wrist piece and places it on the table, revealing a hologram of a chart with numerous statistics and information of the Junction in one of the Xhodocto languages.

  • Kralgon Emperor - Xhodocto language?! IDIOT!
  • Tylstatkyo - The language is for protection. Fortunately no one but myself can understand this...

The Kralgon Emperor teleported Tuolog in.

  • Tuolog - Hmm. I able to interpret this.

Tuolog began translating the texts, but it would be a long process.

  • Tylstatkyo - Perhaps you can...but then again this isn't THE language.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Prick.

Tylstatkyo grabs the Emperor's head over the table.

  • Tylstatkyo - All I have to do is crush your pathetic head.
  • Carandial - Enough. The Junction aren't even the primary concern. Imperial Intelligence reports that the Junction sent only a couple of small ships.

Tylstatkyo drops him. Zr'Ahgloth teleports in.

  • Tylstatkyo - Maybe some other time. I don't want to make a mess of Carandial's room.
  • Venoriel - Catharsis and Junction will have a REALLY easy time against these people if all they do is fight among themselves.

Erius slams his fist on the table

  • Erius - This bickering gets us nowhere! So all of us had better play nice before we are all slaves to both powers!
  • Carandial - If all you are going to do is fight, then get off my ship. Those who want to get something done can remain.
  • Tylstatkyo - I'm afraid there is not much of a choice in this current time, Basileus.
  • Carandial - My main concern is the Catharsis. They have only a single ship, but it is one of the largest I've ever seen.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Yes, I'm sure they are everyone's main concern. Hmm...
  • Tylstakyo - Done with the data yet?

Tuolog relayed the data of the Junction to everyone.

  • Tylstatkyo - Just in time. One minute longer and your Loron friend would become a part of the decoration.
  • Venoriel - Excellent, Carandial. As long as we have superiority in numbers, we can win. How large is the ship, admiral?
  • Tylstatkyo - The Catharsis Saucer? Immense. Bigger than most of our ships.
  • Carandial - Preliminary reports indicate that the Saucer is approximately 1.2 million kilometres.
  • Tuolog - If you want help predicting movements, Carandial, I able to see some Catharsis action that has occurred in this universe.
  • Venoriel - That size means our heavy singularity catapults will be most useful. What of the weaponry?
  • Tylstatkyo - Judging by their scope, reality-Warping.
  • Erius - I might have to call more than a few fleets, perhaps a few titans to take on this vessel. They nothing compared to what the Legion has but their main guns can, so far, amke short work of anything.
  • Tylstatkyo - You underestimate the Catharsis.
  • Erius - Why do you think I am calling for several of them?
  • Tylstatkyo - Because you believe you can defeat them. It isn't belief that that stays the Catharsis, it is knowledge. Your ships may lay waste to planets, but one flash of the Catharsis' power, and civilisations are gone in a blink of an eye.
  • Erius - Commander, with enough force and with enough strtegy and preparation, anything can be defeated.

Carandial lifts his head up.

  • Carandial - According to the information provided by Tuolog, and Imperial Intelligence. The Catharsis Saucer appears to be circling the Gigaquadrant, moving closer every time.
  • Erius - Circling? Hmm, an interesting tactic.
  • Tylstatkyo - That we knew. long until it reaches something like Cyrannus?
  • Venoriel - Any chance to... intercept this ship while it is nearing the Gigaquadrant to any casualties could be avoided?
  • Zr'Ahgloth - we shuld probs moov in ta intercept it. den we can Warp da rest of da ships in.
  • Tylstatkyo - That sounds like a deathtrap...
  • Erius - If it is travelling in a spiral pattern then its trajectory is predictable with thr outer galaxies being more at risk.
  • Zr'Ahgloth - da soona ya take dem out da leest damag dey cause.
  • Carandial - According to this intelligence, the first galaxy in the Saucer's path is Mirus. Which means the Saucer is currently in the "north" of the Gigaquadrant.
  • Tylstatkyo - I agree that a quicker outcome is better...but unless you wish to have your fleets destroyed....I would study the ship first.
  • Venoriel - So we have to fight in Cyrannia cluster?
  • Carandial - Politically, Mirus is in the Cyrandia Cluster. However, astronomically it is quite remote.
  • Venoriel - Politics aren't of my concern. The main problem is disturbances around the cluster.
  • Carandial - The saucer appears to phase in and out of the universe at irregular intervals. Their use of Dark Energy makes their exact movements impossible to ascertain.

Lou'Pol hands Carandial a report.

  • Carandial - Intelligence reports that the Saucer is due to come into contact with populated space within the next 21 hours.
  • Tylstatkyo - Twenty one. Very funny, Basileus.

Carandial sniggers for a moment.

  • Carandial - I'm afraid I'm not joking.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Excellent. Plenty of time to get fleets ready. Our recently constructed Vyronicia Fleet will be sent, as well as other ships. No populated ships with organics shall be sent, however.
  • Carandial - Twenty one hours is the time it will take them to come into populated space. If we are to intercept them, I recommend we leave within the next two hours. Just to be safe.
  • Kralgon Emperor - That shouldn't be too difficult.
  • Venoriel - We need more allies though. What of inhabitants of Milky Way?

Venoriel contacts various Milky Way powers.

  • Tylstatkyo - Send all you want. At the end of this only one side will live.

Kilnok, Warlord of the Delpha Coalition of Planets enters the conference room.

  • Carandial - Ah, welcome Kilnok.
  • Kilnok - We need a plan. We need a way to monitor the Catharsis attacks and create a pattern of prediction where it will appear.
  • 'Carandial - The Catharsis are due to enter populated space near Mirus within the next twenty one hours. I recommend we leave soon to intercept them.
  • Kilnok - The DCP has conviened with one of the more beneficial AI's of the Netspace. An agreement was arranged to send ships with nodes of computronium with a live link to the AI Netspace. Some of the AI's themselves are from an ancient time and may sensor technology good enough to detect important features of the Catharsis ships.
  • Tylstatkyo - Ah. The one who allowed our rising. I thank you for your defeat.
  • Quinniath - Hah! The Grimbolsaurians are not as intimidating as I thought.

Tylstatkyo opens his arms.

  • Tylstatkyo - Very well. Strike me first.

Zr'Ahgloth punched Tylstatkyo hard in the chest. Carandial raises a ray shield around Zr'Ahgloth, preventing him from moving.

  • Tylstatkyo - ....And I thought you Loron were strong.
  • Carandial - When you calm down, you'll be released.
  • Zr'Ahgloth - YOO DIKHED
  • Tuolog - It better to drug him with nanomachines.
  • Carandial - Very well.

The ray shield is removed and Tuolog injects nanoprobes into Zr'Ahgloth.

  • Zr'Ahgloth -

He falls to the floor.

  • Tylstatkyo - If it weren't for necessity, I would crush his head.
  • Tuolog - If it not for necessity, I remove you from time.
  • Tylstatkyo - An omniscient being like yourself, threatening me with such a redundant threat? You know what courses through me. You know that it is unwise to act upon me...Twenty-one hours.

Tylstatkyo nods at Carandial and walks out slightly frustrated, with the two Imitahin behind.

  • Quinniath - Stupid deathmarch...

Tylstatkyo stops.

  • Tylstatkyo - I recommend you all know your place...before the Deathmarch finds itself burning all of you alive...

He walks out.

  • Carandial - As far as I'm concerned, this briefing is over. Clearly some of you are incapable of behaving civilly. Now, I'll send the coordinates to your ships. Be there and fight for your people.

The Emperor and Tuolog saluted, and then teleported out with Zr'Ahgloth.

  • Venoriel - I wish this conversation would be more intelligent. Without tactics to devise, we'll fall.

Erius, with a frown on his face nods to Carandial and leaves, followed by Venoriel and Kilnok.

  • Lou'Pol - Hmph. Extragalactics.

Introduction of Warriors Edit

Introduction of Warriors

The Saghyer contacts the Empire.

After suffering heavy losses to the extra-universal threat, The Catharsis, the Saghyer of the Warrior's Alignment, traced anti-Catharsis transmissions to the Empirical of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and sent a transmission to the Grand-Admiral Carandial. The admiral, at first was unsure of how to react to this mysterious transmission. He was first angry, wondering how the mysterious entity had access to that particular Imperial communications channel, but when the Saghyer identified himself, Carandial, began to listen.

The Saghyer explained that in the past few days, fifteen civilian transports, thirty Warships, and three megascale space stations. If they did not get help, the Warrior's Alignment could be destroyed. He proposed a joint-help plan, in which the Warrior's Alignment would be under the temporary joint-control of the Warrior's Council and a selected Imperial adviser, in exchange for protection and military aid from the Empire. Although not wanting to share his power, the Saghyer agreed that it would be the best course of action in order to protect his people. After closing the transmission, he began to ponder what would happen to his empire, when the adviser arrived...

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