Most see me as a warrior. Some, a hero. I see myself as simply a leader who my people depend on.

- Casio

Casio Lwerian'ca, Sovereign Lord of the Walgolorian Dominion, High Lord of the Mendel Pact, and Master of Warriors, is the leader of the Walgolorian, 26th ruler of the Clans, and commander of all Walgolorian warrior castes. It is through his direction, and the direction of Supreme Empyreal, Ord Acaya, that the Walgolorian Dominion has prospered for so long, and has expanded so well. It was he who lead forces personally against the Hermicee VineClaw Clan alongside the Orgaat webs and the Waptoria Alliance of Species, and it was he who personally meet the Kamaside Queen to discuss their integration into the Walgolorain dominion.

Years earlier, Casio would be a young commander under his father, serving alongside another future ruler, Barda Clett, fighting alongside him in many wars to protect each other, and their own, people.

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Casio was born to the Chosen Clan, Lwerian'ca, who, years earlier, had been chosen for the role of leading the other clans by the Empyreal Caste of the Walgolorians, who had invested their ruling power within the Lwerian'ca Clan. Casio's father, Rymar, was ruling Sovereign Lord of the Dominion, which had just recently achieved space flight. Born in the imperial palace of W'alor, Lwerian'ca was tutored in all things that where important to the Walgolorian Clans. Music, dance, art, and, most importantly, War. Before he would become a feared general, commanding the entire Laoch Caste, however, Casio was a student under the elderly Empyreal, Pyros Kyuan'ti.

While Pyros was regarded by his fellow caste as deceitful and arrogant, he was also very keen to establish good moral fibber in young Casio, and, with the help of Rymar, instil intelligence and good nature into the young prince. While Rymar taught young Casio logistics, science, and military, Pyros taught him philosophy, language, and the ideals of the Abiding Truth. Using these tenants he had learned, Casio was an a impressive young, though was more liked by the older members of his kind then the youths, who felt him stiff at times.

When young Casio finally became and adult, he was inducted into the Laoch Caste. It was time for him to put what he had learned from his father to work.

Induction into the Military caste Edit

Upon induction into the military caste, Casio was given 3 elite squadrons to command in battle against his foes. All drawn from the richer military councilors and famous generals' sons and daughters. With this specially trained team, Casio often found himself on less important tasks and not able to prove himself in battle. However, this was done on purpose, as commanders wanted to see how Casio acted with his squad, and his general personality and temperament. Finding him ready to finally accept field work, they deployed after his fourth year in service, The Right of Fire among young Walgolorain warriors.

For his Right of Fire, Casio was tasked with helping take down the VineClaw Clan of Hermicee Clan, that had assailed the Dominion, it's colonies and had plundered the whole Waptoria Sectors. for years He had long dreamt of taking the fight to them, and ultimately proving himself worthy of fighting alongside the other cadres. For the next battle, it would be Casio's proving ground.

Deployed with his teams against the Hermicce, Casio would be tasked with wiping out an elite division of Hermicce warriors so as to secure the flank of the Walgolorians, with the main army lead by his father. While Casio and his troops performed perfectly, he found their shying away from melee combat, a side-effect of the Hermicce wars scaring Walgolorian warriors from it, detrimental. As such, he took to teaching his comrades to "shorten their reach". While the Walgolorain where not the most powerful in hand-to-hand combat, they could still strike hard if taught correctly, something Casio sought to infuse in his comrades.

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While the war had been going well, with the Walgolorian driving the Hermicce off ahead of schedule, a new problem hit the Dominion when their King died. Hit hard by the terrible loss, Casio took the thrown, determined to continue his father's legacy. Not waiting a moment, Casio ordered his forces to drive forward, the young ruler leading the charge against the Vineclaw. Content to have finally driven them off after another year of fighting, Casio quickly took to rebuilding the Dominion, and helping colonize new worlds. However, he was soon distracted by the arrival of the Orgaat, lead by an emissary named K'ora. The reptilian creature spoke of how the Hermicce where driving into her people's territory everyday, and had no occupied their scared homeworld. Feeling some responsibility for damming K'ora's people to such a fate, Casio ordered the Warriors of the Dominion to deploy in full force.

Arriving on the planet, with K'ora and her supporters, the Walgolorian got to work, fighting off the Hermicce through the arid jungles and desert plateaus. However, not all Orgaat welcomed the invaders, and felt their arrival was an insult to the ancestors of Tohoch. Quickly dealing with the rebellion before it could grow out of control, the Orgaat and Walgolorians where finally joined by 2 other Mendel races; the Ugandalorians and Kodalorians. With the timely arrival of the Waptoria Alliance of Species, the Orgaat where saved, and agreed to join the Walgolorian as a member state, now under the banner of K'ora.

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