The Carina Foundation was an organization founded by the Yphreli Glaciation and Eovinjai Sovereignty for the purpose of developing highly advanced and unorthodox technology, with a focus on possible military applications. All testing, development, and administrative sites and stations were located within the Carina Nebula astropolitical region of the Milky Way Galaxy, with the command station Apex Vow-2 being located within Yphreli territory.

The Foundation was dissolved alongside the Yphreli Glaciation during the Teyan Blitz, with Apex Vow-2 having been contained within the now-occupied Carina Nebula extension of the Glaciation. All former personnel have been declared missing, deceased, or alive as refugees in the Sovereignty colonial province of Eo-Carina, though one former researcher currently serves as Chief Scientist of the Muaran Resistance. The inventions and innovations produced by the Foundation continue to be used by both the Sovereignty and the Resistance, though their common integration is progressing slowly for both due to their expense and unconventionality.

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Binary-class Symbiotic Harness

  • Type: Base Body Armor
  • Inspiration: Military brotherhood, multipotent cells
  • Usage: Any personnel
  • Relative Expense: Medium

The Binary-class Symbiotic Harness is an advanced pseudobiological bodysuit intended for widespread use by all military and warzone personnel. Based on a rather strange application of the concept of military brotherhood, each harness is "grown" around its intended user, and develops a personality over the course of training designed to "mesh" well with that of the individual wearing it via separately produced cybernetic implants. The inner layer is made up of multipotent cells grown from a gel developed from in-depth study of Atriants, and communicates information to the user in a manner akin to an extra set of senses, while also serving as a quick-repairing second skin that can regenerate rapidly and temporarily fill wounds not requiring immediate attention. The outer layer of the suit is made up of flexible plates of liquid armor, consisting of a separable helmet piece and a body piece which can open along dorsal and ventral lines to allow entry and exit. The harness functions as a base bodysuit over which most other armor or uniforms may be fitted.

Of course, the ability of the bodysuit to heal requires regular sustenance, which is stored in specialized tanks on the front and back of the suit.

Fidelity-class Combat Armour

  • Type: Standard Warzone Armor
  • Inspiration: Various
  • Usage: Any battlefield personnel
  • Relative Expense: Medium

The Fidelity-class Combat Armor is a combination of physical armor and additional bioprograms for the Symbiotic Harness it is intended to be fitted to, intended to become the standard armor of any individual operating on the modern battlefield. Implants in the torso armor instruct the bodysuit to increase in physical bulk, with the armor compensating for this with an expanded sustenance tank built into the torso segment. Made up of the same Adamant personal plating as other forms of personal combat armor, the Fidelity-class's most distinguishing feature is its built-in sonic pulse gauntlet, which can project a strong sonic blast strong enough to push back objects of significant mass.

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