Captain of Space

Captain of Space and War is a story written by The Valader, based on Dinoman82's fiction. It is the first short story to be ever written based on the Sporewiki Universe. It details the adventures of Captain Rambam and his crew as he endeavors through one of his most perilous struggles in his career.


The War between the Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance continued

The Emperor was furious seeing his former defeats at the Rambo capitol

In a desperate move, he orders a Lizardian destroyer, known as the 'Laberynth', to bring the war into more Rambo space

With the 1st, 5th and 12th fleets stationed at the capitol, holding position, Empress Ramasche ordered the USS Luna, at command of captain Rambam

To intercept and destroy, if possible capture, the heavy Star destroyer before more conflicts are drawn

Will the legendary USS Luna accomplish its goal? Enter the story and see it for yourself...

For Collaborators

Collaborators are welcome, see this page for the meta (goal) of this story.

For Readers

Here is the index of the Chapters

Captain of Space and War
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Collaborators of the series
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  • Captain of Space and War is the first short story written in the wiki.
  • The story was heavily edited by all collaborators apart from The Valader, which according to him was 90% of the work.
  • Captain of Space and War is unfinished, as the story arc was not completed by Val nor Dino.
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