Ioi was born in 1,793 on Cyloia in a family of pastors and pioneers. His family was of royalty on Cyloia and most of them packed up and moved for wealth in the great colonization. He was born on Cyloia in his families royal home. His parents were both in the Eldarisian military and well liked by their comrades. Ioi was raised very rustic and independent since he lived in the forests of Cyloia. He lived a very humble life, he was raised very Religious by his mother and father and was taught the knowledge he needed in a nearby school in the small town of Karvan.

When he turned 80, Ioi decided to become a missionary of the church of Cuth, he was given the role and began to study Cuth. His mother and father were in the Eldarisian military so they also taught Ioi how to shoot a weapon. They eventually were sent out to attack the many pirate syndicates, leaving Ioi alone for sometime. Inspired by his parents, Ioi joined Cyloia's military academy. He was trained in the basics of being a foot soldier, but he mostly was trained in space combat. He eventually completed his training and joined a rookie Cyloian defense squad. His parents returned to a soldier and were very pleased with his success. He eventually left his parents when the first war started, after he returned, he was promoted to lieutenant. He met Golk after the war and the two were assigned to the same Cyloian defense squad for sometime, he created a great bond with Golk and they soon became great friends. After his defense service, Ioi followed in his parents footsteps and was assigned to a anti-pirate platoon that's only goal was to destroy any pirates and their bases in sight. After many successful attacks on pirate syndicates and promotions, Ioi was promoted to captain. He was then introduced to the many leaders of the Eldarisian Empire and loved some, while despising others. He bought a home on Cyloia and continues to keep in contact with his parents.

In 2802, Ioi began training in the ability to wield Elemental energy. He was given this opportunity by High king Sylo Ethland to test how Eldarisian's deal with Essence energies. It was a successful test and Ioi began furthering his training in Elemental energy, specifically, healing. Now Ioi has the ability to harness basic Elemental powers and he can heal wounded soldiers and himself, but he can easily fall unconscious when overusing his powers, since it drains him quickly. He also can now teach others what he knows since the true reason behind his stress has been found and relieved. Ioi is much more of a healer compared to others in the Empire, his abilities are more in the field of healing and restoring. His most basic spell is healing others or himself by making contact with the wound with his hand and using his energy on it. He also can close his hand violently for around ten seconds and they open it swiftly, his hand will release around ten, small, golden orbs and when it makes contact with someone, it heals their wounds. He has one spell he can use for combat, it is called the swift blizzard. Ioi can only use this on worlds with cold emanating from something, he also can only use this on close targets. Ioi will collect several objects that have a emanation of the cold and will blast it at one enemy. When he releases it, a blast of snow and ice will start to go towards the attacker in front of him and it will begin to batter their face, as the feeling of the cold and ice cuts at them. Usually this distracts enemies with helmets, but is capable of killing those without one.


Ioi is a friendly introvert who is excellent at adapting to certain situations and remaining calm for the most part. Religious and valuing the ideals of his people and Empire, Ioi is a patriotic figure that is loyal to his Empire, friends and hateful to his enemies. His intelligence and sharp tongue is what turned him into a diplomat during peace and a captain during war, this along with respect for his people is what turned Ioi into a Empire-wide figure. He became a head diplomat when he showed his charisma off in multiple factions and convinced them to form relations with the Empire, despite some being isolationists.

Even though he has many positive traits, Ioi has shown himself to be easily angered by enemies of the Empire and has become unprofessional several times when dealing with them.


Green faceAllies: How are you doing my good old friend.

  • Sylo Ethland: He came to my birth and has been there for me ever since.
  • Golk: He is my best friend and we will stand by each other until our deaths.
  • Rv-709: She seems very interested by me.
  • Sir Bugencower: My old Cowbug friend.

Blue faceFriends: Good to see you.

Yellow faceNeutral: Hello , shall we talk?

Orange faceDisliked: You have got to be Joking.

  • Elka Cloden: He is a dark creature in this universe, he may be a High Prophet but he himself is a truly unforgiving monster.
  • Sikolia Heli-9: I have been in front of more people that have wanted to kill me then you will ever meet in your life.

Red faceEnemies: So be it.


  • Ioi is the first named and detailed diplomat sent to all of diplomatic missions by the Eldarisian Empire.


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