Captain's Log is a sub story part of the Galaxies at War chapter, the Tertius Bellum. It will focus on various officers and personnel who serve within Rambo Nation and beyond. The logs will feature short stories with various characters, though will be chronicled on date.

Characters InvolvedEdit

  • Name: Aur'Luthiaen
  • Rank: Captain
  • Chapters involved
    • 20 AQF: Borealis Contact

Malegras (3) with CapeLarge
  • Name: Malegras
  • Rank: Commodore
  • Chapters invovled
    • 21 AQF: Lianna Blockade

  • Name: Garan Andarch
  • Rank: Fleet-Captain
  • Chapters involved:
    • 20 AQF: Dissapointing First Contact

S'aur (captainV2)Large
  • Name:S'aur
  • Rank: Captain
  • Chapters involved:
    • 20 AQF: Ancient Ship

20 AQFEdit

Part 1: Dissapointing ContactEdit

Captains LogGaran01

USS Royal Oak is joined by an unknown vessel

May 20 AQF, recently promoted fleet captain Garan Andarch sat in his command chair, overlooking various data pads after they surveyed an uninhabited system south of Pauvenris and just a little beyond the Metruia Nebula. Garan was surprised by the order of Rambo Command, it seemed that ever since 450 BQF the Rambo never ventured to that area of space before. Since the Royal Oak was the nearest vessel in range due to the recent situation in the Quadrant Galaxies, Garan eagerly accepted a mission of exploration as it was somehow on the route to Lianna-station, a small detour.

  • Garan: "Well it seems nothing of true interest it seems, rich of minerals though no sign of sentient life""
Captains LogGaran02

Garan and his communication officer recieve a Sectoras transmission

The captain said with a little dissapointment. Suddenly a ship appeared out of nowhere and came aside. Ordering his crew for yellow alert he asked his science officer what kind of vessel it was. When he replied that it is of unknown design, Garan wondered how that was possible. Unknown vessels so close to the Capital Sector? Perhaps the rumors were true, after defeating the Trogg in 430 BQF, the Rambo never ventured south unless going to the Republica Elen'Nanethia, a colonial sector of the New Cyrannian Republic.

  • Garan: "Open a channel, I wish to talk to them!"

The fleet-captain barked. To his surprise, his communication officer, a blonde female Qumanoid responded they recieved static and a message back. He rose from his chair and joined her at her console, listening to the message. It appeared the Royal Oak had ventured into Sectoras Space and the alien vessel demanded the Rambo starship to leave or be fire upon. Garan was confused, he was making a first contact with a race called the Sectoras and the only thing he could tell Rambo Command was that they chased him out of their space. When Garan send a transmission again with the good intentions and that he was an officer from Rambo Nation with good intentions, the Sectoras vessel fired a phaser beam in front of the Excelsior-Class. Sighting, Garan ordered a withdrawal and the alien vessel escorted the Royal Oak back to the outer borders of Sectoras Space. Garan sat heavy in his chair, a new race who responded with refusal. None the less he had more important matters to think about as a Rambo fleet was gathering at Lianna-station and he was to take command of the fleet and go with them into battle.

  • Garan: "Helm, set course for starbase 08 and let leave this unwelcome space behind. Maximum Warp!"

Part 2: Ancient ShipEdit


USS Grissom encounters an ancient Cyrannian vessel

Stardate 08 June 20 AQF, captain S'aur, commanding officer of the Rambo Nation starship, the USS Grissom- an Oberth-Class short range exploration vessel was surprised by the current readings his science officer provided. According to the report, a temporal anomaly just appeared in the H'trae System. A system north of Koerband, located at the outskirts of the Capital Colonial Sector and long abandoned after the Algernon raided the system during the Algernon War. S'aur ordered his crew to change course and investigate the anomaly.

The captain was pleased, he enjoyed investigating the unknown within Rambo borders, though not in the nature of a HarbronrSaurien tp avoid danger. He still preferred to remain safe after all he had witnessed, including the unpleasant encounter with the Jenassian Regency in 07 AQF. Dropping out of warp, the USS Grissom entered the system and approached the anomaly site. To the surprise of the crew the anomaly had revealed an ancient Tantalus-class, a vessel once in service of the First Republic and not known to ventured into the Quadrant Galaxies.

  • S'aur: "Yellow alert! Scan the vessel and prepare a boarding party. I want to know how an ancient Cyrannian vessel wounds up in the Quadrants after an anomaly."

S'aur and his crew witness the dissapearance of the vessel again

After studying the vessel for over an hour, S'aur's science officer, a female Feolhviaeria went through it with him. Scans indicated the vessel’s system were down, no life signs and significant damage on the outer hull. Placing his hand on the science officer's chair, he looked at the Tantalus-class confused, still pondering about its origins.

  • Science officer: "Sir, the vessel! The damage is gone!"

Surprised the bridge crew looked at the sight in front of them, the vessel seemed to be shifting and warping within the space time continuum. Suddenly the vessel was gone and space returned to normal.

  • Science officer: "Sorry sir, the vessel is gone!"

S'aur's sat down in his chair and ordered his science officer to open a channel to Rambo Command, they had to inquire with the New Cyrannian Republic if they had a missing Tantalus-class vessel in their database. As well as quarantine the system, it might be unsafe at the moment to travel to the H'trae system for the moment.

Part 3: Borealis ContactEdit


Aur'Luthiaen approaches Hyperborea

July 20 AQF, captain Aur'Luthiaen, commanding officer of the USS Intrepid, an Excelsior-Class was anxious. For the first time in her carreer, Rambo Command gave her an exploration mission outside the Quadrant Galaxies. Their heading, the mysterious Borealis Galaxy, a galaxy located outside the Cyrandia Cluster. After entering the wormhole near Rambo Prime, the Intrepid arrived in Borealis and took a heading to the nearest civilization, the Polar Crystal Alliance!

The white/blue colored USS Intrepid smoothly flew through space, fastly approaching the outer borders of the Alliance. They found themselves at the Victory Nebula, where the space station Hyperborea was situated, and were soon hailed by vessels of the patrolling Aegis Guard. Aur'Luthiaen received a transmission and was met to the sight of a Zoles officer.

  • Zoles: "Unidentified vessel, you are not in any of our databanks. Please identify yourself."
  • Aur'Luthiaen: "This is captain Aur'Luthiaen of the Rambo Nation starship, Intrepid. I am tasked by Rambo Command to establish first contact with the Alliance. For us an historic moment as it is the first time we venture into Borealis!"
  • Zoles: "Rambo Nation? You mean the one from the Quadrants? Oh dear, excuse me for not recognizing you. The Alliance knows of you from the Accords. We were not expecting a visit."

Aur'Luthiaen gave a shy smile. She admitted she knew of the Alliance by the Accords but was not familair with the Alliance. She expressed her hopes to meet with the various species of the Alliance in hopes it could lead to improved diplomatic relations between their two nations. The Zoles officer replied kindly and instructed her to dock the Intrepid on dock 5. He also transmitted an internal map of the station where all the shops and bars could be found so the crew of the Rambo vessel could enjoy some Borealis hospitality and cultere. Nodding Aur'Luthiaen cut off the transmission and began docking procedures.

21 AQFEdit

Chapter 01:Lianna BlockadeEdit

Commodore Malegras walked down the walkway to the lower sections of the bridge. Behind him, many of his crew were fanatically working behind their consoles. Their current mission was one of great importance and were received by a Royal Order of High King Rambert Ramveral himself. Their objective, blockade the wormhole near Lianna-station until further notice.


Malegras faces the New Republic fleet near the Lianna wormhole

Malegras was happy, it meant a possibility to test himself against the might of the New Cyrannian Republic and test their resolve after the recent cataclysm and outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Lt. Windsor approached the commodore.

  • Malegras: "Yes lieutenant?"
  • Windsor: "Sir, a New Republic fleet is approaching the blockade."

Malagras nodded and issued to alert the Rambo fleet to await his orders, by no means was the New Republic allowed to pass. As the Rambo fleet raised shields and charged weapons Malegras opened a channel to the lead vessel, the Phoenix-class supercarrier, Eye of Horus under command of fleet-admiral Anuatolian.

  • Malagras: "This is Commodore Malagras of the Galathynia Battlegroup. By order of his royal majesty, High King Rambert Ramveral access to the wormhole is temporarily suspended. Failure to comply will result in hostilities."

That being said, Malegras cut the transmission and remained in position, observing the battle positions the New Republic fleet took. He noticed the fleet excisted out of various designs, including Aether-class corvettes, Venator-class and Praesator-class star destroyers, Fortitude-class Star Battlecruiser and Arquintens-class star frigates. An impressive sight and a decent challenge for the Galathynia Battlegroup.

  • Windsor: "Sir, we receive a transmission from the lead ship, the Eye of Horus."

Malegras coughed and did not move his attention away from his view outside.

  • Malegras: "Lieutenant, let them meet static!"

Windsor complied and Malegras ignored any hails from the New Republic vessels. As the tensions rose and the New Republic fleet launched its fighters as well, Malegras gave the order to stand fast and prepare for battle. At that very same moment an emergency transmission was received from the Rambo Capital. Malegras read the encrypted message and growled in anger and disappointment.

  • Malegras: "Those blasted politicians and their political games."

Windsor and his crew looked surprised and a bit feared, the anger moods of Malegras were quite infamous. Waving his hand in disgust at the New Republic fleet he growled.

  • Malegras: "Signal the fleet to stand down. Let the New Republic scum pass."

With anger in his eyes he saw the New Republic fleet heading into the wormhole leading into the Cyrannus Galaxy, unchecked and unopposed. A glorious day was taken from him and someone was going to feel the brunt of his anger for it.


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