After the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Capricorn Remnant Alliance was formed, and they use ship designs from most of the member races, and even a few of the same models that the Empire uses. The entire navy surpasses most fleets due to the massive incorporation of hundreds of types of hybridizsd technology.


CRA First Contanct

The CRA fleet crushes Imperial patrols in the early Dark Times.

The Alliance's fleet originally consisted of a large amount of Capricyránae refugee ships that left the outer rim during the rise of the New Basileus Empire. The ships sought refuge in Surornihantan space, where they stayed for a short time. Soon afterwards, they met General Nakatar's rebel Basileus fleet during the formation of the Empire.

After an attempted Imperial attack on a CRA colony, they became officially anti-Empire, and began searching for other stray rebel factions. They now have thousands of warships defending their space.


The fleet largely consists of defensive vessels to protect their hidden locations in the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Cyranai Galaxy, as well as their unknown "Hub-world". They must, however aslo patrol their borders of Imperial Patrols, in order to ensure that they remain anonymous in their location. The CRA is generally merciful when they control wheather another civilization lives or dies, but they have little to no mercy for the Empire, and will not hesitate to perform an Orbital Bombardment in order to strike fear into the heart of the Empire.

Most officers of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance's fleet are Basileus or Saurornithanta, who generally perform the best. But, any species is allowed to join the navy, regardless of gender or age as long as they swear to uphold the anti-Empire principals.

Starships Edit

Capital Ships Edit

Trucinex Basestar
  • Class - Nova-Class Mobile Battle Platform
  • Year Introduced - 0 BNE
  • Length - 4,000 meters
  • Armarment:
    • Heavy turbolaser cannons
    • Heavy ion cannons
    • Orbital destroyer cannons
    • Heavy repulsion phasers
    • Heavy proton torpedo tubes
    • Medium and light turbolasers
    • Tractor beam projectors
    • Point-defense duel laser cannons

The Basestar is by far, the largest ship in the Alliance's navy. It was first put into the Alliance's service by the Trucinex who joined just after the formation of the Empire. After being first proposed, the Basestar has been upgraded using Corthrinus weapons technology to improve upon its overall firepower.

Despite the success rate of these formidable vessels, they are relatively few in number, and they are dispersed rather thinly throuought Cyrannus. However, many more are expected to be placed under construction and used for military purposes.

Basileus Star Destroyer

Basileus Star Destroyer

  • Class - Basileus-Class Star Destroyer
  • Year Introduced - 1 BNE
  • Length - 1,650 meters
  • Armament:
    • Heavy dual turbolaser turrets
    • Medium dual turbolaser cannons
    • Point-defense dual laser cannons
    • Heavy proton torpedo tubes

The Basileus Star Destroyers are the rarest ships in the Alliance's fleet. The whole Alliance has only a handful of them, which were under the command of General Nakatar during the third year of the Great Cyrannus War.

Basileus Supercarrier


  • Class - Majestic-Class Basileus Supercarrier
  • Year Introduced - 1 NE (under construction)
  • Length - 6,000 meters
  • Armarment:
    • Point-defense dual laser cannons
    • Heavy proton torpedo tubes

The Majestic-Class Supercarrier is currently not in service, but many of them are under construction, and are expected to be finished at the beginning of 1 NE. They will most commonly be used as capital ships to lead fleets of smaller ships into battle, and for performing orbital bombardments.

These ships are being constructed in secret, and only a handful of military commanders and government officials know of their existence, so as to keep this information out of the hands of the Empire.

Cruisers Edit

Suorornithanta Destroyer
Basileus Destoyer


  • Class - Empirical-Class Basileus Destroyer
  • Year Introduced - 0 NE
  • Length - 1,500 meters long
  • Armarment:
Corthrinus Destroyer
Osteola Destroyer
Osteola Frigate
Munificus-Class Attack Frigate


  • Class - Munificus-Class Assault Frigate
  • Year Introduced - 0 NE
  • Length - 750 meters
  • Armarment:

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