Meeting of Prelude

The CRA senate meeting on their senate world.

CRA Formation

The CRA's founding.

Without democracy there is no order. Without order, there is no sanity. Without sanity, there is nowhere safe.
- President Rie-Arto

The federal government of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance was established during the early months of 0 BNE as a "refugee alliance" to be safe from the empire. It is currently, the largest democracy in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

The senate is located underground cave system on a planet called the "Hubworld". The Hubworld is "safely hidden" from all influence of the Empire, and the Alliance can secretly hold senate meetings and all other forms of planing. The senate is the center of all operations, and so far, no term limit has been created. The senate is still in its first year of service.

Executive BranchEdit


President Rie-Arto


Vice President Gorios

The executive branch, consisting of the President, Vice President, and whatever advisers or secretaries they should choose. They hold the absolute power over the senate and have the final say on what to do over senate matters. These two government officials preside over the government, diplomacy, military, and all lawmaking. But, if the president or vice president tries to make a movement that the general public disapproves of, the senate can overrule it.

The current president, Sorvo Rie-Arto, is very popular, although he is a little bit secretive most of the time. The vice president, Amoda Gorios, I extremely popular and well known for leading the Saurornithanta to being in the Alliance. Neither of the two administrators have selected advisers or secretaries of any kind, and they rule alone in the Alliance's senate among the rest of the senators.

The executives of the Alliance are also the founders of the original corporations. They led the group of rebel senators to unity during the Meeting of Prolude, and now lead the rebellion against the Empire. They are extremely devoted and often work tirelessly to ensure the ongoing security of the Alliance.

Legislative Branch - Senate Edit

The senate is the group of elected leaders that decide on things like, what actions to take and what laws to create.

Senator Tarma
  • Name - Senylla Tarma
  • Original Position - Not in CRA records
  • Organization - Unknown

Senator Tarma is an experienced, Adelphi leader who's past is largely unknown, hovever, it has been theorized that she governed the small sector of space near the outer rim that fell under Basileus captivity during the third year of the Great Cyrannus War.

She is a charismatic leader who cares for her people and tries to represent them in the senate as best as possible. She has little quarrel with the Empire, and so, she remains neutral in the dispute over the course of action to take regarding them.

Senator Torva
  • Name - Agoros Torva
  • Original Position - Basileus Justicar
  • Organization - Basileus Freedom Movement

Senator Torva is the ruler of the Basileus in the Alliance, and he rules rather zealously, but he usually puts his people ahead of his own personal gain. Regardless, he is know to lose his temper sometimes, and he is not one to argue with.

He has a great deal of hatred for the Empire just like his most trusted soldier and friend, General Nakatar. The two of them are both tactical geniuses who commanded fleets for a while during the age of the Confederacy, and later the New Basileus Empire. He began secretly conspiring against the Basileus government during the Great Cyrannus War, and put his plan into action later. He is presumed dead by the Empire because he faked dying just before his treason, and now secretly commands the Basileus forces.

Senator Jara
  • Name - Izzo Jara
  • Original Position - URC Cyrandia Ambassador
  • Organization - Her fleet

Senator Jara is a former URC ambassador to the Cyrandia Alliance who now resides in the senate as one of the most popular senators, and she is liked by most of the other senators, including some of the former Confederates. She is concerned for the future of all Libertus, whether they are formerly Republic or Confederacy, and has gained the trust of most of the Alliance's population.

However, she is known to have a particular hatred for the Empire, because her right eye was permanently blinded in an explosion during an Imperial attack on one of the Alliance's planets. But, she tries to keep that hatred at a minimum and doesn't let it interfere with her decision making.

Senator Chau
  • Name - Chau (Surname Unknown)
  • Original Position - Confederate Osteola Tactician
  • Organization - Independent

Senator Chau was a notable tactician in the Confederacy in direct service to the Hyperorean senate.

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