We are a bright beacon against the dark void that has become the Cyrannus Galaxy

- President Rie-Arto

The Capricorn Remnant Alliance (Also known as the CRA or just the Alliance) is a group of rebel Cyrannians against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Their primary goal is to liberate the galaxy from the Empire's grip and free all of the "oppressed" species. They have united all but one of the Capricyránae species, and they are an organization in the unknown regions, away from Imperial grip.



The Basileus world being glassed.

The Alliance roots back all the way to the third year of the Great Cyrannus War when a rebel Basileus fleet led by General Nakatar fled to the unknown regions for safety directly after the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. There, they encountered a group of refugee Fernei-Tuu and Saurornithanta. The two organizations went into hiding for about a month before they sent an encoded transmission with instructions to go to a designated planet to various planets around the galaxy where known rebel factions were located.

Upon the fleet's arrival on that planet, they encountered various ships from a number of different species such as Libertus, Corthrinus, Adelphi, Trucinex and Osteola. The different species elected delegates to represent them, and all of the delegates met. The group of delegates decided on a course of action to take regarding the recent formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Dark Times[]

The CRA attacks two Imperial Star Destroyers.

The Remnant Alliance first came to prominence in the second month of the first year of the Dark Times, when a fleet of Alliance vessels attacked and destroyed a small Imperial patrol made up of two Venator-class Star Destroyers. The fleet then relayed a message to Tyrómairon on Orbispira, warning him against messing against the Alliance. However, Tyrómairon had secretly replaced the leader of the Alliance with his follower Meketanor, thus gaining direct control over the Alliance.

The plot against Senator Guolivian unfolds.

The infamous leader of the Alliance's military, General Nakatar began to plot against his fellow Basileus, Senator Guolivian, who was loyal to the Empire. Nakatar and the Alliance Senator Torva agreed that assassination was the best option to deal with the troublesome Senator. Though the assassination attempt proved to be unsuccessful, the Alliance soon met with the Confederacy of Free Planets and the two allied. However, due to the Empire's arrival at the negotiations, both sides still have a level of distrust toward each other. Nevertheless, the Alliance began to coordinate a possible war against the Empire with the Confederacy.




All Capricyránae must be united under a single flag.

- Common belief in the Alliance.

The Alliance, much like most other powerful Cyrannian powers offers complete religious freedom to it's citizens. However, the Alliance does have a common mantra, that states that it's primary goal is to unite all Capricyránae under a single government. Currently, the Alliance has citizens from all thirteen species except the fiendish Bisistar and the Oikoumene, for obvious reasons. Worship of the Thirteen Lords is the most common from of worship in the Alliance, though this is closely followed by worship of the One God, with monotheism being one of the fastest growing religions in the Alliance.


The Alliance has a relatively large free economy free from government involvement. Despite this, the Alliance views the monetary system as being corrupt, as it apparently gives the government too much power. It is a growing fear within the Alliance that it may be destroyed from within due to the greed that comes along with money. The government of the Alliance are often forced to buy out entire star systems in order to grow their society.


Without democracy there is no order. Without order, there is no sanity. Without sanity, there is nowhere safe.

- President Rie-Arto

The federal government of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance was established during the early months of 0 BNE as a "refugee alliance" to be safe from the Empire. It is currently one of the largest democracies in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The senate is located underground cave system on a planet called the "Hubworld". The Hubworld is "safely hidden" from all influence of the Empire, and the Alliance can secretly hold senate meetings and all other forms of planing. The senate is the centre of all operations, and so far, no term limit has been created.




Green face.png"These forces aid us against the Empire's tyrannical rule!"

  • Confederacy of Free Planets - The odds are against us, but together we will survive.
  • Draconid Imperium (in secret) - No information will be disclosed.
  • Dhyrma Collective - A curious people. They seem quite content with what they have.


Yellow face.png"We aren't sure what to think of them."


Red face.png"Fools! Face the wrath of our fleets!"



All part of the Master's plan...

- Meketanor

I hope that they do not hate us for glassing one of their worlds...

- Mercuris Federation

They certainly are passionate about this rebellion.

- Crown Prince Telvenum


  • President Rie-Arto is, in fact Meketanor.
  • All of these creations are by Um2k9. They were stolen, with permission by Bio21.

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