Camron Dar is a Yudimaran male, who took up arms against he sees the ones responsible for the desolate and poor state of his homeworld. Instead of doing it by talking, Dar took up arms and became one of the most notorious terrorists within the Quadrant Galaxies, who also could be bribed or payed by others and would not hesistate to hurt others.

Upon his employment and ascension to Mandator in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Dar became a ruthless individual and the one responsible for the Quadrantia Contingency Plan that led to the extinction of various races within the Quadrant Galaxies.


Early HistoryEdit

Camron Dar was born in a poor family at Yudumarth at an unspecified date. Coming of age Camron became a soldier in service of Geldrim's guard. Loyal to his leader, he was proud to see that his planet joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems in 2802 (04 AQF). Sadly due to it's decision to join the Confederacy and Yudumarth's stratgic location near the Quarant 82-Cyrannus wormhole meant that the planet was drawn into the the devasting Great Cyrannus War. At one point during the war, Camron was at guard when TIAF elite team managed to assasinate Geldrim. Disillusioned by his failure to protect his leader, Camron stopped serving and went into hiding. After the death of Geldrim, he started a rebellion movement against Aayilah as he disliked her way of ruling, find it too soft and to pro-Rambo, though had little supporters. During the third year of the Dark Times he began working together with Syria to overthrow the Yudimaran goverment and take revenge upon Rambo Nation, who he blames for the current state of Yudumarth.

Rebel LeaderEdit


A drunken Camron faces Claire!

Camron became the master mind behind the bombing at the Rambo Capital and personally attacked the admiral when they were in meeting at Rambo Command. The retalliation of the Rambo forces surprised Camron and he was forced into hiding when fleet captain Trabl made short work of the defending Yudimaran forces. Camron felt little love for Syria her plans to unleash a virus she obtained by the dangerous Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel and their following meeting with a humanoid known as D'anna.

At one night, Camron became drunk in one of his hideouts when Claire Rambo managed to locate Camron. The two got into a brawl after Camron thew a bottle to Claire. When Claire managed to steal the virus vails after taking down Camron, Claire placed her hand on her hips and told them they weren't her type before escaping. Furious Camron began plotting to let Rambo Nation pay for this insult! During the 10th month of 07 AQF, Camron Dar aligned himself with the The Syndicate and became an expert in bombing missions.

Imperial MandatorEdit

During one of his missions for the Syndicate, Camron was captured by agents of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and was imprisoned. After a few years he eventually pledged his loyalty to the Empire after re-education and became a powerful asset within the Imperial Intelligence. Due to his efforts the Intelligence managed to get the schematics of the Yurrus-class and with Camron Dar leading the negotiations they managed to convince the Lizardian to sell the design to the Empire and the only reason the Lizardian weren't yet conquered by the Empire. Other projects included the setback of Syndicate smuggling after Camron revealed how they did it. HIs personal believe now is that the Empire should break the Gorge and occupy Nal Amroth to wipe out The Syndicate.

Mandator Camron Dar meets Sia onboard Raptor Nest

Camron Dar's chance of glory came in 2819 (21 AQF) when the Raptor Squadron was raised, gaining a promotion to mandator he commands the squadron to hunt down the Cyrandia Resistance. Amongst this promotion came the unofficial governor of Yudumarth as well though the planet is not (yet) under Imperial rule. After the fall of Rambo Nation in october 2819n, he oversaw the hunt for Rambo dissidents and eventually designed the plan that resulted in the Second Battle of Lianna and the defeat of the Rambo and NCR fleet around it. With control of Lianna-station and the Gorge, the Empire tightened its grisp over the Cyrandia Cluster.

Camron stuns Sia as punishment for the assault on him

By the start of 22AQF (2820), Mandator Dar executed the start of his Quadrantia Contingency Plan, which started with forcing the Q-Ortella population to forcefully migrate to the Cyrannus Galaxy or settle at Jatooine in the Quadrants. It was soon followed by the genocide of the Q-Dagian and Plutanios populations by blowing up their civilian transports. An act he forced the young Cadet Sia to do in hopes that she would soon rise in the ranks of the Empire as his pupil.

Later on in march he took the girl and Raptor Squadron to the planet Aegimi where his troopers exterminated the Whitharia population and left them in the wild so that the native predators, the Carnotarians could feast upon them. Back in the piers, Cadet Sia tried to assault Camron though he broke his shoulder after being hit by her hammer, he stunned her with a phaser and send her to endure the horrors of Pauvenris.

Afterwards Camron would be responsible for more acts of violence and genocide.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Camron Dar Yudimaran male with a great sense of honor and loyalty. He is ruthless against his enemies and a capable tactician. However his lack of mercy for his enemies, doesn't hesistate him to make civilian deaths as well.He carries a selfmade armor, with a phaser blaster on his right arm as well as an eyepatch wich contains a sensor and scanner.

As a Mandator Camron is often described as having an aura of ruthlessness with a his sharp memory, rarely forgetting a slight or event. A determined man with an iron will and tremendous ambition. He can be charming and charismatic one moment, while cold and harsh the other. He has a dominating personal presence, deeply persuasive and a keen tactician and politician.


Camron Dar 01

Camron's original appearance


Green faceI can trust them


Blue faceShow your worth for the Empire

  • Astrosia - Show your worth Legatus Secundus if you wish to earn my respect!
  • D'anna - W-what are you?
  • Verico - A capable battaltion sergeant


Red faceCurse them


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You will never succeed Camron! You drunken fool!

- Claire Rambo

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