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There is but one lord of all that is the abyss in the thirteen worlds. One that rules over two. A god that has both created and destroyed gods. He cares not for what beyond his own dominion possesses, for within His mind, all is to be destroyed and devoured until only the blackness and formlessness that all had come from would be all that remains. For He has attendants to every one of His abhorrent words and wishes, servants who without second thought would open up hells upon hells on their own world. An indomitable malevolence of whose gaze fells even the greatest of gods in this world. His mind is unknowable, His law; unquestionable. His name and his hatred made manifest; unutterable. There is nothing both above and below Him; for He is the bleak infinity. The void.

- Unknown, c. 590 BNA

Caligaduro Provectus is the Simulacrum of Destruction, and in most or all beliefs the primordial deity and the malevolent personification of the void. A being that goes by many names since the beginning of the Aethereal Firmament and beforehand, Caligaduro Provectus is accepted by most on Koldenwelt as a deity of unimaginable malevolence and power; so much so that any name given to him is often unutterable. Having threatened the existence of the Aethereal Firmament and the other realms of the Simulacra, Caligaduro Provectus is an eternal and forever constant force that relentlessly desires nothing less but the destruction of all existence. He is one of two supreme governing forces, the other being Isiris.

The Festival of Caligaduro Provectus is 29 Tempest's Apex, the final day in the Koldenweltian year.

History Edit

Caligaduro Provectus, alongside Isiris, is one of the two fundamental forces in existence. As Isiris represents all that exists and the order and disorder that comes along with it, Caligaduro Provectus in turn represents the non-existence and formlessness that is which is not Isiris. Though considered a Simulacrum, Caligaduro Provectus is an entity of an unparalleled order; he in himself speaks through countless voices and entities across the world, and those who follow him and his spawn are driven to destroy or convert the Aethereal Firmament into a realm ruled by the void. As Caligaduro Provectus is a comparatively recent name, the entity himself has been named Evicān-arās for a considerable amount of time in history, and all most every single culture of Koldenwelt has a name for the Simulacrum of Destruction in their native tongue. In truth, Caligaduro Provectus has no true name. Many believe that such a being is nameless, and will remain so until the end of time.

As the primordial deity of the void, Caligaduro Provectus has in turn spawned other deities alien to that of Isiris - Ramainaualmari and Kaicaiusarin, the Simulacra of Insanity and Nightmares respectively are the foremost 'children' of Caligaduro Provectus and refer to him as their master and/or creator. Under Caligaduro Provectus and his Simulacra-spawn exists an entirely separate domain from Isiris known as the Chaosphere, which consists of Nothing, Crystallis and Pavor - all realms with their own axioms and analogies that mirror Isiris in a malevolent fashion. Caligaduro Provectus is the creator and ultimately the master of the Chaosphere, and while each realm owes its allegiance to their respective god, they are all aware of the shadow that Caligaduro Provectus casts over them. He in himself is also responsible for the existence of the celestial deity Maharaksas; a deity who once governed the Void that sought his own powers and created his own realm. The Crux, the Simualcrum of Violence also owes its current existence to both Isiris and Caligaduro Provectus; Caligaduro Provectus inadvertently spawning the Crux' first thoughts out of his own recessive thought. Some believe that, due to the alien nature of Soldalatel and Aethereus, that Caligaduro Provectus had also inadvertently spawned them - this in turn also means that Nalashtannylor is an indirect creation of the Simulacrum of Destruction himself. This coincides with the belief of the Orichalcum Elves, who believed that Caligaduro Provectus had torn the void into infinite realms, giving birth to their deities by accident. This may also imply that Samayapalaka is an inadvertent creation of Caligaduro Provectus, though it throws the origins of the Colossi into inexplicable question.

As the Simualcrum of Destruction, Caligaduro Provectus is known mythologically for the extinction of the Echdrarothrayu, Sun Drakes and Storm Drakes and many other Colossi over the course of twenty five thousand years of Koldenwelt's ancient history. He was, arguably, the deity that ruled over Koldenwelt for eight tenths of written history - fighting a seemingly endless war of his own against the other Simulacra. Though omnipresent, Caligaduro Provectus could not muster the entirety of his being into one realm, spawning a fragment of his soulless self into the Aethereal Firmament. Far detached from the Chaosphere, Caligaduro Provectus could not become the omnipotent force he wished to be unless all realms beneath him were destroyed first; by destroying each realm, a part of him could rise towards the Aethereal Firmament and overpower Isiris effortlessly; the reason for the war. As his power was fragmented into something tangible for the Simulacra to fight against, Caligaduro Provectus entered that power struggle. He influenced the minds of mortals many times over the course of history, though found himself unable to stretch across the universe in the way he wanted to. The most significant entity he subjugated was Nalúnt, who served him until their eventual defeat.

Seemingly headed by Nalashtannylor, the Simulacra and Colossi that fought against Caligaduro Provectus and his spawn always met at a crossroad; neither was particularly more powerful than the other, though Caligaduro Provectus even in his split conscience still proved to be a menacing and overwhelming foe to face directly. It was only nearing the turn of the fifth millennium BNA that the Eye was devised; pouring all of the free energies of Isiris into one, contiguous and material artifact, it was used to ensnare Caligaduro Provectus and Nalúnt underneath the Archipelago - a nexus of magic - that Caliagduro's form could not escape from. As he was imprisoned, all influence of the Simulacrum of Destruction immediately fell silent - though the Adversary's influence still seeped out of the prison regardless, and through many schemes over the course of five millennia, was slowly rising back to power.

Caligaduro Provectus was very nearly released from his prison during the War for the Eye - it was only by mere chance that he remained underneath the earth, though the magical power unleashed by physical contact with the Eye during the war had reawakened the shards of the Avkhavrastaryan - much of Caligaduro's power driven into a blade hewn from his flesh and shattered after his defeat. Many entities began to seek the call of the shards, so much so that Janos Omegon, a reincarnated Simulacrum on Koldenwelt's surface began to walk, endlessly searching for the shards that would make him whole again. Janos eventually acquired a Void Matrix in the Golden Necropolis, which with the combined efforts of the Legion of Shiarchon had rematerialised a substantial form for Caligaduro Provectus within Abyssus. Almost in a bout of reckless vengeance, Caligaduro took to destroying the realm of Midnight and killing Kinmorunddraver - though this had simultaneously caused Nalashtannylor to be resurrected, something that the Adversary did not intend to happen.

Characteristics Edit

Nomenclature Edit

Below is a table of all names from foreign languages given to the entity that is Caligaduro.

Name Description
Caligaduro Provectus The most commonly attested name to the personification of the void. The name came about in the late Castus dynasty nearing 8,000 BNA in the Orichalcum Elf Imperium . It is a portmanteau of Old Tongue words which translate to The Burning Darkness of Old, which relates to Caligaduro's infernal corporeal state which was seen by those who directly came to confront him. Most of those who died were either killed by the sight of him or driven insane. The name is considered unutterable in the modern times due to the horrific nature of the entity of whose name it is, and speaking it is almost always considered a bad omen.
Exstinctor Sphaerarum An Old Tongue term meaning Destroyer of the Heavens.
Deus Deorum An Old Tongue term meaning God of Gods.
Divinitas Interitus An Old Tongue term meaning God of Destruction.
Káligadôro Provǽktôs The Dark Elvish corruption of the name Caligaduro Provectus. Like its original form, the word is not uttered in Shiarchon culture, though more out of fear and respect of their god rather than fear and hatred.
Avkhámalasǣkhṓlôsovaṃdarín The Low Chaospheric name for Caligaduro, which translates roughly to The Colossal God. The name was spoken by the Void Denizens who once roamed on Koldenwelt's surface and survives to the modern day in written text on ruined Void Fortresses. The name is perhaps of even more hated nature than Caligaduro Provectus, though its almost impossible to pronounce to most modern men.
Ateronash Mordrakis The most commonly accepted name of Caligaduro Provectus that is still spoken, Ateronash Mordrakis is a name of northeastern origin, possibly Dalmiric.. The name is often heard in the region of Talmyr in liturgical context, as the deity Ateronash Mordrakis is the chief deity of the Triangle of Change and Power, though he represents law and order rather than destruction.
Laknaggr Laknaggr is an ancient name derived from the Klaxxa that translates to One Who Gnaws Upon The World.
Kala Kala is another Undertongue name for Caligaduro Provectus, though its meaning is 'Colossus'. This is often used in the word Kalarah, which means 'Scion of the Colossus' (which is the name given to Imperator Kalarah).
Qχʼalmalīǂinandhakʟ̝̊āra Qχʼalmalīǂinandhakʟ̝̊āra (usually put in to the common tongues as Kalmalikinandakshara) is a Névari term meaning Flaming Darkness. The term originates from the Néva's aversion to infernal heat, and was attributed to Caligaduro after what is implied to be a visitation of one of Caligaduro's avatars.
Bhl∂gsmādhwosos An ancient term in Koldenwelt, Bhl∂gsmādhwosos roughly translates to Flame Demon. It was believed to have been a term in early tribal Deiwos cultures, and was later adopted by the Colossi.
Idewheqerahakhepeyet A Sohet term, the name Idewheqerahakhepeyet has a lost translation, though it may refer to the apocalypse or simply translate to eschaton. The name survives in the cultures of the Sea of Sand.
Evicānmadarsanevkarašdarmuarel The name Evicānmadarsanevkarašdarmuarel is the Protodynastic Orichalcum equivalent to Caligaduro's name in Low Chaospheric, and translates to The Colossal Entity of the Void.
Ahkavandárstenevkarash Perhaps the oldest name given to Caligaduro Provectus, the name Ahkavandárstenevkarash is a Phoenix equivalent to Caligaduro's name in Low Chaospheric, and has the same translation.
Evicānarās Another Protodyanstic Orichalcum term that refers to Caligaduro as 'that of the void'. The term Evicānarās is one of the oldest surviving terms in the world, but is seldom used even in Orichalcum Elf historic texts.
Ersirsham Asadanu The Adamren name for Caligaduro that literally translates to Destroyer that wields magic. The age of the name is perhaps older than that of the name Caligaduro Provectus by thousands of years, though was only recently rediscovered in ancient accounts.
Drathanilgaron A Skaurovirni word meaning Great Tyrant.
Tushbacatl A Tenhuan word, often followed by the moniker 'Terrible'.

Caligaduro, in most accounts is referred to the name The Adversary over most names, and utterance of any name under any ancient language is considered ominous and a taboo in virtually every social custom on Koldenwelt. Sometimes, to even deter from the somewhat controversial method of even mentioning Caligaduro under any title, he is often referred to just 'Him' or 'He', usually capitalised. This nomenclature across Koldenwelt most commonly refers to Caligaduro, though many monotheistic religions may and can refer to their gods under the same name. Uttering the name 'Caligaduro Provectus' is generally responded with scorn and fear of the name, and seemingly no language barrier differs such response.

Appearance Edit

Caligaduro has undertaken various forms during his reign over Koldenwelt, though Caligaduro is often considered to be an invisible entity in the vast majority of Koldenwelt's history. The true form of Caligaduro Provectus is described in Void Fortress murals to be a colossal entity standing in the deepest of Nothing's seas, and holding the skies of the Chaosphere with his hands. Such texts indicate Caligaduro Provectus to be of infinite size. Thus the true form of Caligaduro Provectus is said to be too unfathomable to gaze upon even for godly entities, and is often represented in the rawer, lesser forms of Caligaduro that have been seen on Koldenwelt. Caligaduro Provectus' forms often incur permanent physical and mental damage on those who look upon them due to his maddening nature, and usually result in death within seconds for beings of weaker will. Even the Shiarchon appear to suffer from gazing upon Caligaduro, though can survive and heal from such encounters. Forms that are shown in art often depict Caligaduro Provectus as a hulking, demonic being with two legs and arms, with wings and a tail and usually bears great spikes across his body.

Personality Edit

Caligaduro Provectus is commonly regarded by the Simulacra and Colossi alike to be the ultimate malevolence of the universe; his hatred for all existence is unparalleled and has an unending desire to reduce all of the thirteen planes into a collapsed oblivion, returning it all to the great nothingness of the void. It is said that Caligaduro's hatred extends even to that of his creations; including Vargash and Kaicaiusarin. To one extent, Caligaduro despised the Colossus of Darkness Siivhahzin to the degree where the contemplation of destroying everything out of spite for Siivhahzin's goal would have brought Caligaduro some amusement. Much of Caligaduro's intentions and thoughts are not understandable even to the likes of omniscient entities, and it is one of the greatest desires of Zran Karto unravel the mind of Caligaduro. Despite the unnatural hatred of Caligaduro's being, he has manipulated countless beings under his service with his words regardless of their will.

Abilities Edit

Within most or all studies of magic and beliefs, Caligaduro Provectus is often described as the only entity in existence to be able to create and destroy other gods, and is such regarded as the only being closest to omnipotence in the vast pantheons of the Thirteen Planes. Caligaduro in the Orichalcum Elf myths was to have (unwillingly) created Soldalatel, Aethereus, and Maharaksas from ripping the void apart into the Thirteen Planes, and was known to have created the Chaosphere, Ramainaualmari and Kaicaiusarin as well as an almost endless array of other vicious immortal creatures. Some claim that Caligaduro's will is indomitable, and those that listen to Caligaduro and drawn to his power will fall to it without hesitation.

The wrathful nature and power of Caligaduro Provectus caused both the Simulacra and Colossi, and perhaps numerous other fundamental entities of other planes to unite against him and those who served him, perhaps out of desperation of their own existence. Soldalatel, Aethereus, Maharaksas and the Simulacrum Asv-Aldz are known to fear Caligaduro above all others. Despite Caligaduro's defeat and imprisonment under the Archipelago, he remains one of the most powerful entities across the Thirteen Planes as his influence remains absolute in the Chaosphere, and even without his total form on Koldenwelt, has manifested a new body and increasing rapidly in power.

Belief Edit

In the belief of Caligaduro either as a Simulacrum or another deity, he is often portrayed as the ultimate nemesis to all of existence (especially in contrast to the Colossi and the Elvish Pantheons). However, the belief in Caligaduro Provectus is still practised widely across Koldenwelt albeit with criticism. Whilst the Legion of Shiarchon are the most notable practitioners of a religion in Caligaduro Provectus, places such as the Sovereignty of Dryada allow for the worship of Caligaduro in a different manner, as well as many independent believers across the world of where many secret, hidden shrines to him can be found.

Beliefs such as those in the wilderness of Koldenwelt often believe that Caligaduro is the creator of the Simulacrum Nalashtannylor, Aethereus, Maharaksas and controversially Soldalatel. Because of it, beliefs in Caligaduro often shift from the perception of him as a god of destruction to a personification of infinite darkness, coinciding with the purported belief that Maharaksas was once an Exalted Sovereign.

The Legion of Shiarchon's belief in Caligaduro Provectus is oddly more detached than that of those who worship him outside of the walls of Abyssus. The Shiarchon do not believe that Caligaduro was their creator, much rather a sun deity (usually Soldalatel), of whom the Orichalcum Elves had then turned away from. Whilst viewing him as a god of destruction, the Shiarchon began to view Caligaduro as a god of resurrection during the waning days of their empire; and that Imperator Kalarah was the herald of such resurrection. Because of it, the Shiarchon treat Kalarah as semi-divine. Within the Legion of Shiarchon, the monotheistic belief in Caligaduro is very strict, though shrines to Vargash and Kaicaiusarin are not unheard of in the outer territories.

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Relationships Edit

Servants Edit

Red face "Bow to me. The infinite ruler. King of dimensions unseen."

Neutral Edit

Red face "My command is absolute."

  • Crux - Obey.
  • Asv-Aldz - Prolong the inevitable. You will not last.
  • Lilith - Your soul belongs to me.
  • Armilus - You will destroy in my name.

Enemies Edit

Red face "Hell is my pleasure taken from your agony."

Quotes from others Edit

Still we remember the First War. This time, we shall not imprison you, no... we shall ANNIHILATE you.

- King Goldemar

The Void -- In decline -- I prevail -- Eternally

- Alar'xashan

If you had told me all those years ago, that my life would be owned by the God of Destruction, would I have believed you? No. I only wish to what is right by my people, and He would have me spend their lives for the very destruction of the land I intend to feed my people on. The powers He has given me are indeed great...but the costs are perhaps too much. What life I gave for my people, He took away almost too quickly.

- Imperator Kalarah

The epoch of when the Adversary walked this earth has long passed, but for me, it is still a fresh memory. Should those days pass again, Aúr have mercy upon our souls.

- Longinus

A creator, yes, but a ruler? A leader? When it became clear that there was no victory at stake for Him, it seemed only wise to defy His broken will. I do not serve a broken leader. I am the Queen of Nightmares, and queens do not serve.

- Kaicaiusarin

Even in his sleeping state, the Adversary is still all-powerful. Therefore, it is wise to make yourself useful to Him. Cowering before an omnipotent being is not cowardice; it's common sense.

- Asv-Aldz

I have considered myself fortunate. There is no argument; the Adversary knows no equal in malice nor power. For each time I have faced him, I have only faced a fragment of his greater whole. All that is material will be rendered to nothing should he be allowed to awaken.

- Kinmorunddraver

Fallen from grace. I serve no one. My Firmament to exploit.

- Ramainaualmari

Destruction is part of the cycle. It is merely one way the end of all things takes form. He fights the Firmament, yet he will forever be bound to it.

- Mortium

I know you now.

- Zran Kar

The only deserving treatment a wicked monster such as this deserves is utter contempt; his worship wiped off the face of the earth. Let he be forgotten forever. No greater punishment for a god.

- Alhazred

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