The Caeruleo System, also known as RS-5649-1846-4-2322-5780, is a star system 2.14 light-years from the Nivenia System, and is currently part of the Nivenian Empire. The Caeruleo System is quite energy-rich, and as such is a good target for starlifting. However, the high luminosity of the system primary makes ringworlds impractical. Currently, colony ships from the Nivenian Empire have colonized the system, leaving it under the control of the Caeruleo Governmental Holding Corporation, a vassal[1] of the Nivenian Empire.

The Caeruleo System is 1.09 light-years from the Paulo Fluctus Beta System.


The system itself contains only one star, Caeruleo, which is a B8.5V-type star of 3.876 solar masses. It has a luminosity of 75.264 solar luminosities, and has a total of nine planets. There is an asteroid belt in the vicinity of the first planet, at 1.60 astronomical units, which is rich in iron and aluminum, and two binary planet systems, one of which contains two habitable planets. One of the gas giants in the system also has three habitable moons.

Currently, the first and fourth planets in the Caeruleo System are colonized, and the moon of the fourth planet, all three moons of the fifth planet, and the ninth moon of the sixth planet are colonized. The ninth moon of the sixth planet was found to have eukaryotic life on it which produces purple spice in small quantities, making these lifeforms a valuable asset.

Planets and Moons[]

Gas Giants (r > 30000 km)[]

Large Terrestrial Planets (30000 km > r > 4000 km)[]

Smaller Terrestrial Planets (4000 km > r > 750 km)[]


The Caeruleo System is potentially the most valuable system within dozens of light-years of Nivenia. Establishing a firm hold on it is paramount to the success of our corporation, and the Nivenian Empire as a whole.

- Megastructural Construction Corporation Production Analysis Team

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