Councilor Ca'Lippe is a brilliant strategist and diplomat, believing that militaries should be strong and powerful to ensure peace and security to his species, the Ca'leon. He was the conspirator of the meeting to acts against the Hutters and the Quashowan, ensuring a new kind of cooperation and coalition within the Quadrants.


Ca'Lippe was born in 67 BQF at the Ca'Leon home planet, located in Quadrant 89, one of the Quadrant Galaxies. During his youth he grew out to be a fine warrior and space captain, a brilliant mind in setting up the border defenses against the Hutter, a species he and all of his kin mistrust ever since their first contact.

Delegates in discussion how to act!

When in 0 BQF the Second Galactic War raged upon the Quadrants, Ca'Lippe urged his superior officers to join the battle against the suppressive Imperial Alliance, though none wanted to hear about it. After the war, Ca'Lippe stepped down from the navy and sought a political career. He soon gained a popular vote and became a Councilor, specialized in extra-galactic relations. During the Hutter incursions of Quadrant 82, Ca'Lippe sought out the Xiaan and the Rambo and met with them at Lianna-station during the first month of 07 AQF and set up a new initiate and agreed to engage the Infernal under command of the dreaded Mortikran to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Hutter Kingdom, it could instead become the first flag ship of a new initiate he was planning together with Lord Creckathor of the Creckel. While most of the dignitarires joined the fleet to engage Mortikran and the Hutters, Ca'Lippe remained behind to work on the Lianna Initiative document.

Personality and Traits[]

Ca'Lippe is a clever and smart person, using his keen experience in military tactics and border defense he is often described and gentle and kind person, though passionate in his beliefs. One of the fore standers for inter-Quadrantia cooperation he became a key person for the Quadrantia Treaty Alliance.

For his age as a Ca'Leon he is still physical strong and in top condition, though he sometimes has a problem with his skin, a disease medical specialists are unsure how to heal or treat.



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