For this is our goal, our noble quest. To find beauty within ugliness, to find honesty within crime, to find order within chaos. We shall set out, and we shall NOT be stopped! Not matter what the universe throws at us, we WILL endure! Resistance to all errors!

- Coriax Sialis

CAAON, or the Communal Arcane Alliance Of Nations, is an empire in the Arcane Sector. After the dissolution of the previous empire the Arcane Empire the arcane sector is now a lawless, chaotic place. CAAON seeks to change all that, and become an empire to reckoned with.


Arcane EmpireEdit

CAAON started off as the Arcane empire, so it is necessary to cover their history first. The Arcane empire started off as a series of disconnected tribes on the planet Cypsy. Then, the great military strategist, Emperor Makalzie, came and united the tribes, founding the first Civilization on Cypsy. Makalzie's successors then turned it into a trading civilization, that used money and connections to discretely unite the world under their banner. After that,the money that was previously used to fund the conquest efforts, was used to fund the space program. After they developed FTL travel, they quickly used diplomacy, trade, and warfare to carve out a place for themselves in the Cyrannus Galaxy, which they named the Arcane sector. However, they soon attracted the attention of the Grox empire. The Grox attacked the Arcane empire, and an event known as the 50 decade war ensued. Though the Arcane empire was able to defend themselves, they took heavy damage, leading them into the equivalent of the great depression. This increased crime and terrorism, and on top of that, smaller empires where taking advantage of it to raid them. The once great Arcane empire fell.


After the Arcane Empire fell, Enklima took over with the Enklima force a criminal empire that exploited the chaos to loot, plunder, and enslave the inhabitants. The former admiral Coriax Sialis decided to put an end to this. He called all of his former allies together and they went around the sector, banding together people who wanted to live in peace and order. Thus CAAON was born.


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It is estimated by a recent survey that about 76.5% of CAAON's population are religious.


PolySpodeism is the largest CAAON religion, used by around 30% of religious citizens. This religion teaches the worship of not only Spode, but flip sides of his personality known as aspects. All aspects are, like Spode himself, considered without gender.


Scribe is said to watch over all beings. It records all thoughts and intentions, so that beings may be judged for the afterlife. It is depicted as a golden orb, covered in eyes with four hook tipped limbs.


The Workmaster watches over the afterlife. It organizes the Shamed, and makes sure that they are doing there work. It is depicted as a tall dark figure, with two whips for arms and a voice like cracking ice.


The Shamed are those who have done many misdeeds in life. They are sentenced to work in the afterlife, for an amount of time decided by the Workmaster.


Green face Allies-Resistance to all errors, comrades!

Bastnliues Republic-We shall usher Cyrannus into a golden age

Yellow face Neutral-We're not quite sure what to make of you yet

New Cyrannian Republic-An ally of our ally

Orange face Angered-We're fairly sure we don't like you

Galactic Empire of Cyrannus-You do realize that we'll have to stop you, right?

Neraida Gigamatrix-Go ahead. Just try and assimilate us.

Red faceHostile-Any of your ships sighted will be shot!

Enklima force -You seek to bring chaos where order should stand


  • CAAON is inspired by Athens
  • The Arcane Empire is inspired by Ancient Rome, and the Aztec empire



- Zarveltyr

I will serve and protect you.

- Tyton Sialis

A great ally, They will be of great help

- Applon Antaous
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