Marko is a land of mystery and adventure, but it also holds a bloody history of war and conflict between the many that call this Sector home. Nothing has changed since then, only the faces that claim victory are different and all the more terrifying. - Bunsen public archives of history


Lying at the end of the Merna arm, Marko is the third smallest sector in the Bunsen and one of the least populated.


Marko is separated into four sub-sectors with each one having it's own unique resources and major focus. Marko's four sectors are separated based on the Bunsen-wide direction system and have been changed twice, once by the Marko Alliance and later by the Eldarisian Empire.

1: The Northlands - The most mysterious and once hardly inhabited by any factions, this sector was soon given new life when the native Eldarisian's emerged from the heart of this sector and soon established a sector-wide Empire. Currently a large shift in planet temperatures has effected this sector and any lands owned by the Eldarisian's greatly, but scientists have come to the assumption that it originated in this sector. The Northlands is known for having many unique resources, the oddest animals and plants in Marko and also rich farmland.

2: The East - Once the capital of economics and culture in Marko, this sector has been reformed to be production-based and has become one of the largest producers of Eldarisian military vehicles and weaponry. Despite it's focus, the East has hardly any resources of major use and so it has become a place of farming along with it's production focus.

3: The Southlands - At one point, these lands were unstable and rampant with pirates and ecological disasters that wiped worlds barren of any life. Since then, this sector has been restored to it's former glory and has rich farmlands and unique planets for tourism.

4: The West - Currently the most politically active place in all of Marko and the most diverse, the west is a breeding ground for new artists and merchants wanting to start a career. Like the former East, the West is slowly forming into a booming area of economic and cultural progression. The remaining natives that have decided to stay in Marko have formed several political entities that first spawned from a series of alliances and agreements to defend themselves from the growing Eldarisian's or to simply dominate the west. With a new age upon them, the remaining natives refuse to bow to the Eldarisian's and have began forming new factions and organizations to bring Marko to a age of peace and prosperity.


Marko's history has been always bloody and usually with no peace in sight, currently it's history is separated into three different ages.

The age of expansionEdit

The longest age that dates back to beginning of Marko, the age of expansion was the most peaceful of times for Marko and it lead to many advancements that the future ages would use to their advantage. This age began when the first civilizations adventured out into space and found others. Marko started off peacefully as hundreds of small factions began colonizing systems and found one another, eventually factions came to power and formed the first council of Marko, made up of only seventy factions. The council assisted smaller factions and shared it's technology and knowledge with all, cultures and religions were also tolerated and spread all over the sector. Soon a rival council was formed and was made up of Warlords, Emperors and Autocracies that wanted to progress their own influence within Marko through war and fear. The first major war started in Marko and lasted seven years as the two councils fought each other and competed for new members. It ended in a stalemate and the War council decided to move itself to the North while the other council stayed. Peace once more was upon Marko and the rest of the age was rather calm as the two councils spread themselves and formed the Marko Union and the Marko Imperial Confederacy. This age ended when the MIC declared war on the Marko Union and eventually destroyed it along with any supporters. With no major power to threaten their control, the MIC began a large war against their neighbors and any who questioned them. Ending the age of expansion and beginning the age of Imperialism.

The age of ImperialismEdit

With the fall of the Marko union, a large wave of Nationalism, Imperialism and Xenophobia fell upon the factions of Marko. With a whole new generation of factions, the traditions and peace of the old was quickly forgotten and replaced with hate.

This age began in 2589 and ended in 2804, it is the most bloody age of them all. The MIC began conquering more while defeated factions slowly formed a coalition to combat them. In 2609, the Marko Alliance was formed and declared independence from the Imperium, a civil war up roared all over the Imperium and eventually disbanded the Marko Imperial Confederacy. The newly formed Alliance based itself off the Marko Union and upheld peace and freedom, attracting many new members and willful individuals that would become the face of the Alliance. With the Alliances success, a new faction formed: The Marko trade coalition. Unlike past factions, this one worked alongside the Alliance and brought wealth to it and themselves. The Alliances technology quickly advanced and lead to the Station 11 incident which ended up banning all technological advancement dealing with Robotics, Cloning and major weapons of war. The incident involved a group of brilliant scientists who had created self aware A.I and Cloning technology that kept the genetics intact even when cloning with clones. The scientists showed their findings off to the public and this lead to one of the largest terrorist acts in Marko history. A shooting occurred at the show and all scientists were executed while their technology was stolen by a terrorist group known as the Markoian order of Zacilia. The group then overloaded the stations reactor, killing all aboard and showing that the order will return. After the incident, the order attacked several stations in the north with robotics and clones, the Alliance eventually destroyed them and the technology when it was acquired.

A century went by as the Alliance tried to keep peace in Marko and were widely successful, until 2784. The Eldarisian Empire finally formed and spread itself quickly across Marko in the North. Since the north is widely ignored, their actions were not observed and disciplining them when they stepped out of line was to much work. So the Eldarisian's quickly expanded, spread their influence, converted factions to their religion, made contact with the universal community and finally revealed itself to the Alliance. The Alliance was displeased by the Empires ideals and militaristic values, calling them: Zealous warlords who are in it for only themselves. The Eldarisian's were angered by this and quickly severed all relations with the Alliance, instead they decided to focus on relations with other major powers in the universe. The Eldarisian's finally colonized other galaxies, advanced their technologies and won several wars. The first Eldarisian-Cultists War started and ended in Empire victory, with no regard for any minor factions involved or the lush planets of the south that they turned barren through total destruction of the cults colonies, the Empire was denounced by the Alliance. Refusing to pay for any damage that they had caused, the Alliance became even more cold towards the Eldarisian's.

The Empire soon entered the Great Xonexian Schism, the Eldarisian-Waptorian Conflict and The Second Eldarisian-Cultist war and showed it's power and military might to the universe. This scared the Alliance greatly and to pacify the Eldarisian's anger of them, they decided to offer them a seat in the Alliance. The Empire accepted and actually grew influential in the short time they were in it. However, a large difference in ideals and the events of The spark to Marko eventually lead to the Eldarisian withdrawal from the Alliance, along with three allies who helped the Empire form the Eldarisian Crusade Coalition. Relations began worsen and the coalition declared war on the Alliance. This started The Marko crusades which eventually ended with Eldarisian domination and the creation of the territories, factions and alliances of the current Marko. This ended the age of Imperialism and began the fall of Marko.

Fall of MarkoEdit

With the Eldarisian's as the new keepers of peace in Marko, the sector became rather quiet fast and remained so for a short time. The Marko Alliance became a Remanent and still held some influence in Marko, but had lost most of it. The Eldarisian's allies in the Crusades formed the United Crusaders of Marko: A rival to the Remanent Alliance and an Eldarisianized version of it. Other then them, the Fordlian Empire remained mostly quiet, until they were attacked by the newly formed Marko Imperial State of Vixiliana. This resulted in the Fordlian's falling and being annexed by Vixilian's. This aggressive action made the MISV enemies with the Crusaders and Alliance rather quickly and a war with both of them began. Along with the war, a large rebellion started in the east of the Imperium and eventually lead to the founding of the Republic of New Vixiliana.

As war continued between the Crusaders-Alliance forces and Vixiliana, the tide soon began turning as the fortress world of Golia-five was captured by the C-A forces. This sent a shock wave throughout Vixiliana since Golia-five was a major military planet and held many powerful weapons of the Imperium. So in a desperate attempt to return the war in their favor, Vixiliana decided to attack the Grand Spodist Church in the south for it's supplies and technology. So on April 3th 2808, Vixiliana attacked the GSC's Marko colonies and quickly overwhelmed the defense forces. Within the month, Vixiliana began extracting the supplies and technology to their own worlds and the GSC citizens became slave labor for the Imperial forces. However, on April 15th, the GSC military finally broke through to the colonies and quickly defeated the less advanced Imperial forces. While successful in taking their colonies back, Vixiliana had already scarred the land. They stole enough technology and supplies to change the tide to a draw and left behind many dead worlds that once held GSC citizens. Feeling neglected and betrayed, the GSC citizens of Marko began a successful secession movement and eventually broke from the Church. The new state then called upon Eldarisia's assistance, they simply asked for protection and in return, they would be absorbed into Eldarisia. The Eldarisian's quickly agreed and moved forces into the new state. The GSC quickly saw this and demanded the Eldarisian's to return their colonies. Eldarisia quickly rejected this demand and so began the Eldarisian-GSC war.


Marko was once a thriving land for new factions and ideals, but now it has been reduced to only seven factions and one of those is currently being occupied.

The Eldarisian EmpireEdit

Eldarisian Flag

In our time in this universe, we have created great works of art and religious worlds that would never falter to the outsiders, we have brought purpose to the lost and order to wicked and we have no intentions of stopping. - Elka Cloden

A Religious Empire founded in 2784, they have shown extreme progression and religious zealotry in their time and no signs of decreasing their expansion has been detected. With large goals in their minds, the Eldarisian's remain mysterious and cut-off from the rest of the universe culturally and religiously. Distrusting of all other religions and cultures, the Eldarisian's refuse any outsider influence within their territory and find it as a act of war to force it within their borders. They are loyal to those they see as friends and hold a undying hatred for those that become their enemies.

Size: 598,698 Systems

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Tier: 3.1

Leader: Sylo Ethland

Military: Large

Public opinion: Infamous

The Remanent Marko AllianceEdit

Eldarisian Crusades-Alliance

The remains of the once grand Alliance, the remaining minor factions that stayed are within this alliance. With hopes of freeing the west from the United Crusaders and the Vixiliana Imperium, the Alliance stands and fights for what it is left of Marko. Since their original defeat, the Alliance have become more militaristic and is slowly rebuilding it's economic and cultural power. Lead by the Anti-Eldarisian President Huppert, relations have remained abysmal with the Empire and looks to remain so in the future. With only themselves as support, the Alliance has proven itself to be strong even in hardships and motivated to restore the once great Marko Alliance.

Size: 74,372 Systems

Government: Presidential Confederacy

Tier: 4.5

Leader: President Huppert

Military: Small

Public opinion: Liked

United Crusaders of MarkoEdit


Formed after The Marko crusades, the UCM is made up of the Froofa Kingdoms, Galorokian Imperium survivors and all of their allies. UCM is a close ally to the Eldarisian Empire since they supported them in the crusades and work alongside them to unify the other natives into one faction. With a economy that could rival the original Alliance, the UCM mainly uses peace to accomplish their goals, but do not shy away from war. The extra support from Eldarisa has concreted the UCM's existence and has made many to come to the assumption that they are puppets of the Empire that do their bidding.

Size: 53,987 Systems

Government: Federal republic

Tier: 3.9

Leader: Lady Sonja

Military: Medium

Public opinion: Mixed

Marko Imperial state of VixilianaEdit

Vixiliana Imperium-Marko

Formed out of the hate of Marko and the fear of Eldarisian Imperialism, the MISV is a militaristic nation bent on the unification of Marko through brute force and fear. Notorious for the use of slavery and a anti-religious personality that insults almost all of their neighbors, these things along with their hostile nature has ostracized the MISV from the rest of the Marko community. Despite being ostracized and banned from trading with the others, the MISV has shown itself capable of holding a powerful military with the only sacrifice being it's scientific advancements. The MISV was eventually declared a rogue state when it declared war on the Fordlian Empire and conquered them in the span of a month, this Empire was their ally and their were no signs of relations breaking down. Now at war with the United crusaders of Marko, the MISV must prove itself capable of survival or die.

Size: 123,086 Systems

Government: Autocratic Monarchy

Tier: 3.7

Leader: Emperor RU-001

Military: Medium

Public opinion: Disliked

Republic of New VixilianaEdit

New Vixiliana Republic-Marko

Formed from a rebellion in the MSIV, the republic wishes to create peace in Marko and form a Marko council for the remaining factions. Focusing on peace and being the opposite of the Imperium has made the Republic rather liberal and free, something uncommon in Marko. These odd ideals have become rather alluring for citizens in other factions and so many cultural artists come to the republic for inspiration and freedoms that cannot be found elsewhere. This influence has also grabbed the attention of the Eldarisian's and missions have been created to eventually mold the Republic into a more Conservative nation.

Size: 20,235 Systems

Government: Presidential Federation

Tier: 4.8

Leader: President Milkaliah

Military: Small

Public opinion: Liked

Fordlian EmpireEdit


Once a spanning Empire that ruled over a majority of the west, the Fordlian's were pushed back by the fleeing natives of the rest of Marko and it eventually lead to a reform within. Militarized and ruled by a single nationalist party, the Fordlian's became a force to be reckoned with and claimed back land they found to be rightfully theirs. This victory was soon short lived as the Empire was then attacked by the MISV and conquered in one month. With most of their people enslaved and only the few with strength, the Fordlian's moved to the western edge of Marko and colonized two systems in a attempt to revive their Empire. Since their great fall in power, the Fordlian's are no longer represented on any maps or respected as a major nation in Marko.

Size: 2 Systems

Government: Autocratic Dictatorship

Tier: 3.5

Leader: Lord Galikar

Military: Small

Public opinion: Mixed

The Grand Spodist ChurchEdit

GSC Flag

A religious faction that is known throughout the Bunsen, the GSC began colonizing the southern part of Marko in 2756 and have since then become a large power in the south and Marko as a whole. Almost all of the Natives distrust the GSC and believe their goal is to convert their citizens and eventually absorb them through religious pressure, this lack of trust has increased propaganda for native religions and the Religion of Cuth (A competitor to the GSC's Spode). Seeing these actions has made the GSC become peaceful and less expansive in Marko to try and gain the trust of the natives. So far they failing and the natives are becoming more and more afraid of what the GSC might do if their religion is not accepted, but still they persistently deny Spode to their citizens.

Size: 162,812 Marko Systems

Government: Theocratic constitutional monarchy

Tier: 3

Leader: Divine Regent Kasmir IV

Military: Medium

Public opinion: Distrustful

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