May Spode bless you, visitor.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The Brotherhood was formed when a race, called the "Prophets" or "Holy Ones", united the Tugian, Kag'tar, Cogneili and Terniam and some Mizoue under their faith. They met, and allied with UNS and clashed with the Grox followers and the Cult of Attzerry. Later on, they allied the Waptoria Alliance of Species, and most recently, the Waptoria's allies the NOVA Alliance and the UFG.

Enlightenment War Edit

Reformation Edit

After the war, they merged with the UNoS to form the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode. This new nation then became part of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment.

Culture Edit

The members of the Brotherhood are diffrent Races brought together by their worship of Spode. Each one is diffrent, and commit to their faith in diffrent ways. They are notably friendly towards others, and are willing to accept other religions, such as worship of the God that Will Come, as they believe all gods of good are in fact Spode.

Technology Edit

The Brotherhood is a mildly advanced empire with a mixture of diffrent weapons, mostly Laser and Plasma weaponry, and various types of space craft. The Cogneilli and Kag'tar donate their fleets, while Terniam and Mizoue donate their weapons for the Nations. Tugian donate both.

Military Edit

The Military consist of the Fleet of Zeal and the Army of Faith. These are well trained, and have the right balance between essence and speed.

Relations Edit

Green face Worshippers of Spode Edit

Our faith unities us!

  • Mizoue Empire - Some of them have joined us.
  • Divnarium - They have been nearly extinct for a long time, but their faith in Spode brought them a golden age.

Green face Allies Edit

Our path is broad, and we can walk side by side!

Blue face Neutral Edit

May the Light of Spode smile upon us.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Hopefully Spode can show the path to friendship.

Orange face Disliked Edit

Pray that Spode makes out relation better, or else...

Red face Enemies Edit

The Light of Spode shines on you...To burn your heretical bodies!

Quotes from others Edit

We are one.

- Iovera IX

Nice to have you with us, brothers.

- Ajaar'Magnos of the Nations of Spode.

Ugh, zealot filth.....

- Senator Fae'Dreed of the United Conglomeration of Speices.

Trivia Edit

  • Inpired by the Covanant from Halo, and also slightly by the Citadel from Mass Effect
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