They come. Like a never-ending storm of shadow, they come. They mutate your loved ones, impersonate your friends and family, and then conquer the Planet in the name of their ruler.

- Unknown



The Mutran Spiders were created specifically to serve as the Brotherhood's main army, while they gathered their cults and leaders to grow their numbers. The Mutran Spiders would fall upon world after world, mutate and take over the native life forms, and leave it for their masters to come to later. Hundreds of worlds would become their hives and breeding areas, growing their numbers, and developing numerous breed to conquer every area they could. Over time, it became difficult to keep them under control, so a "Queen/King of the Horde" was coroneted. The first king was a rather foolish being, and put into power to test the strength of Terikalinra's favored servant, Trodaka. Once he was out of the way, she took over as "Queen of the Horde", and gained a relic called the "Heart of the Spiders", allowing her to command them.

Later, with the development of the Changelings and their Broods, several under Queen Auriela came to serve the Brotherhood, and acted with the Spider Hordes, fighting alongside them, and using their infiltration and shapeshifting to get inside government, and weaken them from within. No matter what, the hordes would grow in size, becoming some of the most powerful servants of the Brotherhood, and their most common warriors outside of Rakar Beasts and their cult-empires.


The Spiders come in seven breeds, not counting their Changeling allies or auxiliaries, such as the Venom Flyers or Gate Guardians. All the breeds share equally in their power, though the largest ones act as leaders and field commanders. Despite their beastial appearance and lack of most advanced technology not provided by the Brotherhood, they are incredibly intelligent and cunning, having their own language and often a desire for a strong, good hunt of their own. Though loyal to the Queen and Viceroy figures, the Spiders are notably hostile and aggressive towards others, many trying to stage revolts against her rule, or even try and kill Terikalinra himself if given the chance.

Their Changeling operatives, while less savage, are still just as cunning and brutal in a fight, and will use their shape-shifting abilities to help plan out strategies and traps for their Spider allies. Though more loyal, thanks to the presence of their Queen, most of the Changelings operate in solitary packs, away from the rest of the horde for long stretches of time.



A Mutran Spider


A Mutran Dragon Minion

Grash! Graaah!

A Changeling

Ahh, interesting. Take them as prisoners.

Scouting for the hordes...


We live to serve.


I'll enjoy working with these morons.

Queen Trodaka


The 8 Mutran Dragons

This will be just perfect.


The Darkness...has...arrived...

The Dark-Morphling Emperor was the first Dark-Mophling ever created. He is the "father" of all Dark-Morphlings in the Mutran Hordes, with a Bio-Morphling Queen captured by Dark being the "mother". He is incorporeal, and extremely loyal to Dark.


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Notes and trivia[]

  • These spiders are one of the very few races that go from Sentience to Animalism.
  • Some Mutran Spiders have tried to kill Dark One on numerous occacations.
  • The Mutran Spiders where inspired by the Visorak from Bionicle.