Anger will bend you to his will.
Fear will keep you in line.
Fragmentation will bring ruin to your mind.
Disintegration will tear down what you have worked so hard on to create.
Hunger will make you betray your allies and family.
Poison will erode your will to resist.
Shadows will bring the Plan to fruition.
---The Brotherhood Mantra.

The Brotherhood of Darklings are a rogue group of warriors that betrayed Zaraturai under the orders of her sociopathic brother, Dark One. Arriving in this universe, but stripped of their former God-like abilities, and now in mortal form, the Darklings resolved to work in the shadows through various servants, including the Imperium of War, The Zarbania Powers, and countless other pawns.

Ultimately, these beings are pure energy in armor, or more precisely, gas in armor. But, their ultimate goal is to attain Godhood among beings they consider lower, and make this universe bow before them. All Darklings, in general, are armed with a massive ego and ambition that knws few equals, held together only by the will and charisma of their Lordship, who binds them to his will to dominate and control the universe.

Individual Darkling Lords maintain control of their own legions and cults, and commonly only come together when their ruler, Sovereign Night-Lord, calls them forth. Often, due to differing personalities, the servants of Darklings will often fight each other over their "gods" whims, or form alliances to further accumulate more power. Darklings, despite their lust for power, are banned from killing one another unless one makes a direct move against Terikalinra, and this keeps all of them on some sort of control.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Brotherhood of Darklings began as a legion under the command of twin sibling-Gods, Zaraturai and Terikalinera. Their role was to protect the 2, against darker forces, while Zarautrai's order of knights was meant to attack invaders, while the Brotherhood took care of internal enemies. However, Zarautrai's servants, where always honored more as the face of Zaraturai's protection, while the Brotherhood was caste aside, and shunned. Zaraturai's Lightlings were seen as protectors and defenders, loyal and courageous to all, and almost incapable of committing any wrong. The Darklings engaged in more brutal forms of warfare, given their nature and the nature of their work, and as such, began to accumulate a much more negative air about themselves. Terikalinra, not destined to be leader of the Brotherhood due to fears of him becoming too power mad, grew increasingly angry at his warriors not receiving their proper respect.

As such, he began to plot against his sister, a seed of utter hatred planted within his mind, and nurtured by his own ambition and petty jealousy. His plans to control the Brotherhood began with him seeking out those ambitious and insane as he, cultivating within them loyalty to his cause, and hatred for the Order established by Zaraturai off of their hard work. As such, this worked well to isolate Miterix and his supporters, and keep them from exercising any control over the Darklings. Once completed, Terikalinra ordered Miterix and his supporters to "vanish", their disappearance explained away as a clash with Demonic/Ultraterrastrial invaders, though in reality, the Darklings who oversaw his disappearance, allowed him to escape into the Prime Universe, with his supporters, where they vanished until the time was right.

With Miterix gone, there was no choice but to make Terikalinra leader. With this done, he began to prepare his forces for conflict with Zaraturai's own forces, marshalling all of the strength and power they could muster, meticulously leading every event and part into play for his grand battle with his sister. The clash between light and shadow utterly devastated their universe, entire worlds burned and shattered into nothing, as the few inhabitants made their escape, including the ancient Togunda. Zaraturai would lay the seeds in place to resist her brother, believing all the Lightlings dead because of his actions, and wanting to protect his new Universe.

Consolidating plans Edit

Terikalinra and his Brotherhood on a new planet, Daxinia, established a secrete military base to grow their empire. Reduced to mortal, organic frames limited their power, and caused many to fear that they would eventually die. To avoid such a fate, the Darklings' servants constructed vast cryogenic storage Catacombs below their Fortress Worlds, their bodies frozen away for many years, as Terikalinra remained conscious, developing his mental abilities to such levels, that no other Darkling came close. The Darklings, over the years, evolved their bodies and minds past the need for actual physical organs, and went to a group of Togunda, referred to as "Ghosts", to modify and adapt their shells to hold their energy-like forms now.

After thousands of years, Terikalinra, began gathering allies in the form of the Shadow Hunters. These criminals and pirates, under the command of an ancient being calling himself "Shadow Hand", proved deadly and dangerous, and Terikalinra sought their help and assistance in stabilizing and gaining technology to use against his future foes. Further, Shadow Hunter agents worked behind the scenes to destabilize and weaken governments and worlds, leaving them open to Darkling Protection. Despite, the two avoided each other, knowing that, sooner or later, the two clandestine organizations would come to blows.

As time went on, the Darklings saw the rise of new powers in the galaxy. They influenced those not touched or protected by Zaraturai and her agents, cultivating in them greed, aggression and bloodlust to use against their enemies, giving them technology they did not deserve or should have, in exchange for worship and respect they did not earn. Terikalinra appeared to the Dragowar leader, Caligustus, and promised him Endless War in exchange for his service in his armies, granting him further powers of Darkness. To bring Zarbania under his command, Terikalinra seeded a creature known as Gridlock among them, and seeded many of Gridlock's brothers across the stars for future use. The Skallin, meanwhile, became his favored servants, occupying a position similar to Zaraturai's Mendel, and grooming them for similar roles in his army.

Expansion Edit

Later, years of preparation had lead to Enlightenment War, where his main servants launched a massive campaign, with the Brotherhood leading them. The Brotherhood, while it's leader was imprisoned by the Ultra Commandos, the Ugandalorians whose essence and elemental power had finally come to a fore, still gained many new assets and servants.

Later, during the Return of THEM, Terikalinra would be reawakened, and establish an alliance with Xizothano Ada, one of his apparent siblings, to conquer the Alliance. While the 2 caused much damage to the Alliance, including damaging their capital, Matrukoris, Xizothano was almost defeated within his void realm. However, Terikalinra would appear, and, before the alliance could kill him, absorbed him and his powers, and cast the alliance out of the Abyssal Realm.

Terikalinra's absorbtion of Xizothano would lead to the creation of the Infused, enemies or failed servants of the Brotherhood who would be sucked into the Abyssal Realm, hollowed out with Void Energy, and completely filled up with Dark Energy, returning on the side of the Brotherhood, with new, dark powers. These beings would be used to deep-strike Brotherhood Assaults into the territory they came from, and to keep the other Darklings in check, as only Terikalinra had the power to create them.

Later, during the Great Dominatus War, the Darklings moved in to devour many a Dominatus, further gaining their powers and eliminating a potential rival to the Great Plan. They gloried in the suffering of a race as wicked as they, feeling that, if they had wished to stay alive, they should've won, and not let the weakling usurpers catch up with them. Terikalinra gave them some respect, and the Darklings as a whole viewed the Dominatus as "Worthy", a title given to few beings that were not Darklings.

These two events led to the Darklings receiving a huge boost in power, as their power was almost an extension of Terikalinra's own. This however, also lead to the rebel Darklings and Miterix, their leader, also receiving this power boost. Moreover, the Order of Zaraturai and their Darklings began a secret war with the Brotherhood, as it's powers where significant enough to cause them to besiege the alliance. Zaraturai, with the help of the Alliance's Multus Esse, entered a special device to increase her telepathic power to keep Terikalinra and the Brotherhood at bay with her telepathic power.

However, as The Brotherhood laid siege, they encountered a particularly annoying problem. Olympians. Almost none of the Olympians could be corrupted, and those that did where small in number. Instead of trying to corrupt the legions, the Darklings dedicated themselves to capturing a few. Tasking their best Koatria, the Dark Ultra Commandos managed to capture many of the Olympians during hectic fire fights, and return them to the terrible labs used by such beings Bloran and Zorax.

It is unknown what happened to these poor Olympians, but after the Gene-seed was extracted from their bodies, the Darklings began working on their own mutated seed, to create their own corrupted Olympians. Working under each Darkling Warband, the Darklings would have their own Dark Olympian Legions to work alongside their cultists. What these new Olympians lacked in discipline, they made up for in dark technology and powerful blood-lust.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The Brotherhood is not an empire per se. It is more of a vast military, single minded in it's plan to gain more powerful and spread darkness and death across the universe. However, even it's legions are somewhat small in size, and they mostly interact with other empires via their servants.

While the Brotherhood has 4 main servants empires, they control thousands of minor nations and empires through their shape-shifting and Changeling agents. These minor empires are used for resource harvesting, new servants, and fighting other empires, either for the plan or self-amusement.

The Brotherhood is totally dedicated to their leader, Sovereign Night-Lord, with some loyal to Terikalinra, and some to Miterix. Sovereign Night-Lord controls the Brotherhood's financial, military, and political matters.

All Darklings carry their species name as a title, for example, Darkling Miterix. This has wiped off on their speech, and Darklings refer to beings as though their species is a title, like Ugandalorian Barda Clett. Traditional Dark commonly speak louder, and use terms such as "We" and "us" when speaking for themselves.

Due to their vast abilities in manipulation, beings often find themselves called into their web of shadows without even knowing it, often becoming entangled in a situation they originally thought was a "just this once" situation. Many do not even realize they are play things in Teriaklinra's twisted plans.

Star God identity Edit

The Darklings are, while creatures of the night, strangely tied to light more then they'd wish to admit. Darklings feed on stars and the radiation from it to empower themselves and keep themselves going. While they hide this fact, many of their enemies call them "Light leeches", "Star Vampires" and "Gamma-suckers" behind their backs, though doing so in front of them will demand a hefty price.

All Darklings, when they feed regularly, become stronger, and grow larger, and, once they absorb enough light, or even the bodies of their victims and the energy of their souls, will be able to withstand more punishment and use more essence attacks of their own.

The same hold true for their Kraatos and Rakar offspring, who need to devour light to grow. Many Darklings often order their Rakar to devour more light than they need, and send the suplus of light to themselves, so they do not need to go out themselves to feed. However, only the highest-ranking Darklings have enough Rakar offspring for this to work at it's fullest, and thus, many lower Darklings still regularly need to go out to feed themselves.

Darklings, naturally, hate Light Energy produced by their rivals, as they cannot eat "weaponised" light energy. What they hate above all else, however, is Chaos Energy. For whatever reason, Darklings, are, naturally, extremely weak towards it. Being around it, if projected in small amounts, weakens and sickens them, and even small amounts can damage a Darkling.

Those who are transformed into a Darkling Prince have a stronger immunity to Chaos, but still hate and revile the vile energy. For this reason, the warriors of the Brotherhood do everything in their power to avoid Chaos and it's users and try and gather their own power.

Species Edit

The Darklings follow a strict hierarchy, with themselves on top, and the Skallin, Sarkrugatians and Hrunthogar below them, commanding the entire Brotherhood army in the Darklings' names. These three warrior races have near complete command of all other races, and the strict hierarchy, means that every race has someone above them, ultimately linking them all to the Gods themselves. Everything, from Dark Olympians, to Shadow Cultists, make up their ranks, and, while these forces may fight one another, when the Darklings call for them, they will all march under the banner of the Warmaster of Shadow that has had the strength to get on top and earn the Gods' favor. Everything, from Olympians, to Skallin and Rakar, are now his to command.

Individuals Edit

Darklings Edit

Darkling identify themselves in a loose hierarchy with Sovereign Night-Lord in command, a Primous below him, and followed by Warriors, Hunters, Scientists, Infiltrators and others in no particular order. Which ever one has the best skill and experience, is placed in charge.

To control their servant empires behind the scenes, Darklings are given the title of Supreme, with Tibrix being the Imperium of War Supreme. Terikalinra, while he looks after his son, does not get directly involved with the Zarbania Powers, and has a Darkling named Charist to look after him.

Terikalinra-loyal Edit

Dark One


End? Oh, no the Plan doesn't end. How boring it would be if it did.

  • Name - Terikalinra
  • Tile - Sovereign Night-Lord, the Great Manipulator.
  • Position - Sovereign Night-Lord.
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Terikalinra is current Sovereign Night-Lord of the main Brotherhood, and it's most powerful member. A being of unparellel power and intelligence, Terikalinra is respected, feared, and admired by the rest of the Brotherhood, and for god reason. His words carry the force to end races and bring planets down to slag. He is the master behind the Brotherhood's Plan for godhood, and is the strongest stratigist of the Brotherhood.

Terikalinra was created to be the Brother of Zaraturai, but betrayed her, feeling service to her was limiting his potnetial, and he felt he was a better ruler.

Terikalinra is strong, powerful, and one of the most intelligent beings within the Brotherhood. Terikalinra is determined to succesed, and to destroy any who get in his path. He is almost completely merciless, but does show care for his servants' empires, speically his son's empire, The Zarbania Powers.

Dark, is also known for his analytical nature. While at first driven by the childish desire to out-do his sister, has now refocused and reformed his Plan to be more "mature" for his standards.

Let my blades shine with blood. Let my foes scream for mercy. Let the Brotherhood achieve godhood!

  • Name - Tibrix
  • Title - The Blood-Gorger
  • Position - Primous, warrior
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Tibrix is the Primous, or second-in-command, of the Brotherhood, and Terikalinra's lieuntant. A powerful general, warrior, and swordsmen, Tibrix has the most fight experience of the Brotherhood loyal to Terikalinra, and sees himself as the perfect warrior. He once attempted to rebel against Terikalinra, but after help from Tibrix's rival, Gieran, he was stopped and pacified.

Terikalinra allowed him to continue his service in exchange for survival.

Tibrix is an ingenious military commander, though suffers from disloyalty to his superior. However, now he is loyal to Dark One's plan, but only so he has something to kill. He is extremely sarcastic and arrogant, and, like many Darklings, is highly treacherous and arrogant.

These shadows...are a prison.

  • Name - Krianus
  • Titles - The Dark Ghost
  • Position - Infiltrator/Scientist
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Krianus is one of the leading Darkling Commanders, and a expert infiltrator and scientist. Joining Dark's rebellion out of a need to feel more appreciated, Krianus soon became sucked into a void of sadness, depression, and hatred for everything, until he met his future mate, who showed him that it was still possible to be a fair ruler. However, after the rebellion, and the Darklings' immigration to the First Gigaquadrant, she was lost, and Krianus still searches the universe for her.

Krianus depends mostly on his powerful molecular control abilities, making him like a ghost, able to phase-out, and when he solidifies, can suck the energy from objects and beings around him for extra power, if he so chooses.

Krianus is disillusioned with his position, and makes every attempt to fight the Brotherhood from within. He is not as arrogant or narcissistic as his brothers and sisters, and feels the Brotherhood needs a change in direction. He is tired of being treated like a monster, and simply wants repsect and care given to him.

Poor little foes. So ignorant. So dead.

  • Name - Gieran
  • Title - The Arisen
  • Position - Warrior
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Gieran is a powerful Brotherhood soldier and one of it's top soldiers. A long time servant of Terikalinra, Gieran is an expert commander, and, in certian operations, out-ranks even Tibirix in missions. However, generally, Tibirix yeilds more power then him, something Gieran despises, as he feels Tibirix has stolen what belongs to Gieran; The Position of Primous. Gieran constantly works towards this position, and hopes his rival will die one day so he can have the position.

Gieran is ambitious, murderous, and a cruel soldier, using traps and other tactics to destroy his foes. He does not under-estimate his foes, and prefers to use brute force and sheer power to destroy his enemies. However, make no mistake, he is a skilled tactian and soldier within the Brotherhood, and one of Terikalinra's primary lieutenants.

Be silent as I hunt in the moonlight.

  • Name - Vaprax
  • Title - The Haunter
  • Position - Hunter
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Vaprax is a Darkling Hunter-Commander, and one of it's deadliest assasines. Vaprax, unlike many of his brothers, specilaised in stealth and clean kills, rahter then brutal shows of power. Still, he hated being shunned as a spectre of shadows, and came to see Terikalinra's ways was correct. Despite his silent exterior, Vaprax enjoys a hunt, espically with others of his kind, but only if their silent.

Vaprax is silent, shy, and prefers to be left alone. He is a very patient member of the Brotherhood, and can wait for months on end for prey. He is very self-consience of his voice, and, as such, prefers communicate telepathically. He is a close friend of Krianus.

I will prove my place in the brotherhood!

  • Name - Trotodrake
  • Title - The Flayer
  • Position - Warrior
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Trotodrake is another famous warrior of the Brotherhood, as well as a great scientist and essence user. Known for his extreme ambitioun, Trotodrake was none the less regulated to less important positions, something he believed was because his comrades saw his abilities, and wanted to keep him from out-doing them. Trotodrake, in this universe, now works to prove his worth to the master.

Trotodrake is a sadistic and insane Darkling, and enjoys destroying his foes in various ways. While he attempted to rebel against Terikalinra and steal his body, Trotodrake is forced to obey his master, something he finds hilarous. He has a great interest in manipulating time and creating anomalies.

Hmmm. My spider hordes prove most effective. Now how do I improve such killing power?

  • Name - Zorax
  • Title - The Endless horde
  • Position - Warrior/Scientist
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Let the dance of battle continue. Let me be victorious over these fools!

  • Name - Torackix
  • Title - The Outsider
  • Position - Warrior
  • Gender - Female
  • Status - Active

I could morph you into any form I so choose. So watch your step, before your a slithering mess.

  • Name - Bloran
  • Title - The Corroder of Worlds
  • Position - Scientist
  • Gender - Male
  • Status - Active

Miterix-loyal Edit

Sons of the Dark One Edit

Among the most ambitious, as well as twisted projects undertaken by the Dark One, Terikalirna was inspired to create these draconic, sadistic creatures from observing a Zarban Drac named Gridlock in ancient times. Thinking of the similarities between himself and the creature, the Dark One began experimenting with producing a similar creature to act as his offspring, as well as his most powerful servants. However, the creation of such beasts required the implantation of modified Kraatos worms into the bodies of different races, acting as parasites that acted as a "pregnancy", before the Son develops enough to claw his or her way out of the womb. The creature will be driven by extreme hunger, devouring any flesh regardless of who it is, before going silent to mulch it's body. A Son of Shadow will do this repeatedly as it consumes it's foes, growing larger, stronger and smarter as it does so, and, sooner or later, developing sentience from it's meals.

The Sons of Darkness bear a superficial resemblance to a Darkling. They have the same skeletal, thinly muscled appearance, but are more organic and less metallic in appearance. Their bodies are carried by large, demonic wings, and they also carry a long, snaking tail that ends in a terrible spike which can slice through armor and flesh. They are biologically immortal, and can appear to be 15, like Ozarius, or in their early 30's, like Ridanax, though their ultimate age and strength will be effected by the amount of flesh they eat, most slowing down when they reach sentience due to the stigma surrounding cannibalism. Ozarius, for example, stopped his consumption of flesh earlier, and as such, appears younger then his brothers.

It is currently unknown how many of these foul beasts where created by Terikalinra during his experiments, though, even thousands of years later, they still exist, sometimes merely as legends, sometimes even as god-rulers of their own worlds. Their existence was hidden from the other Darklings, least they try and build armies of their own to oppose his. As such, most of these creatures are loathed by the other Darklings as half-breed and abominations due to their birth and creation. However, due to their connection to Terikalinra, they dare not try and kill them.

Sons and Daughters of the Dark One are naturally drawn to one another, and their father's greatest servants. This was seen when Trodaka used her own power and that of Ridanax to bring three of his sons; Fokairi, Dortello and Ryshel, together, and began planning to draw the rest to her location, to somehow assist in her plan to come. Trodaka, in her drive to help Terikalinra achieve Transcendance, began drawing his other children to her, preparing to use their power to assist her.

Ridanax is the first of the Sons created, and the one that guaranteed the existence of all the others. His early life was one as a slave, spent toiling in the gladiator pits, and forced to fight and devour others to survive. Through determination, study of his foes, and coordination with his fellow slaves, Ridanax organized a revolt that saw the Kingdom that ruled them toppled, before the other nations tried to conquer them, not wishing to see a slave rule, especially one as revolting as Ridanax. Still, his skill with military strategy, and the loyalty of his troops allowed him to unite the nations of Zarbania, and his ability to gather the needed technology, allowed his people to begin their march to space.

His empire's advancement into space, as well as their old connections to the Zarbanian Imperium, which almost destroyed the Multus Esse, caused the Ugandalorians to look upon them with distrust, before relations broke down and the Ugandalorians bombed the Zarbanians and their worlds. Since that day, the two sides had been at near constant war, fighting over several territories, before it had turned into a slight cold war, each side happy to fight meer brush fire conflicts, but mostly stay out of one another's way if it could be helped.

Ridanax, after many years, would succeed in making peace with his old enemies, and attempted to bring the galaxy together again. Despite all of this seemingly running counter to what his father would want, everything proceeds as planned, giving Ridanax much to worry about, despite his attempts to do things on his own.

Ridanax is regarded as a near perfect copy of his father. He is ruthless, strong and powerful, and charismatic all at once. A powerful ruler who leads with respect and admiration from his subjects, Ridanax suffers from the past abuse he suffered as a slave to this day, as well as the struggles of leading such an empire for so long, and with so many wars that had to be fought, the losses of each weighing down on him. Although he appears cold, Ridanax within is regarded as storm of emotion, not sure at times of what to feel, due to his long memories and past.

  • Notes - Each Son shares traits with their father. Ridanax inherited his leadership skills and command abilities.

  • Name - Kaidanax
  • Gender - Male
  • Affiliation - Brotherhood

Kaidanax is the twin brother of Ridanax, and considered the more ruthless. Kaidanax, unlike his brother, lived life as a King on his world, taking advantage of the highly dramatic appearance of his father on the world to spread the rumor he was a god sent to unite them, of course after he consumed the village that he was "born" into, before covering his "mother" in liquid metal, turning her remains into a statue in remembrance of her. Kaidanax would use his position, and his father's appearance, to make himself a demigod on his world, though tried to make himself a benevolent ruler, so as to keep his people happy. He quickly found, however, many did not wish to be ruled, and rebelled frequently. His attempts at being merciful where ignored or lead to more rebellion, leading to him disregarding his benevolence for more heavy-handed measures.

Regarding his use of peace and respect as weak, he began scaring his flesh and body whenever he showed such emotions, as negative reinforcement. As he scared his body, he became more and more sociopathic, and violent, his people learning to live in fear rather then risk rebelling against their ruler again. His rule, however, was interrupted, by the arrival of Ridanax. Although identical to himself, Kaidanax thought him a threat to his rule, and sought to kill his brother. While stronger and more powerful in the use of Dark energy, Ridanax commanded greater self-control, and bested him, before bringing him to their father.

Kaidanax has long shed any positive emotions, instead being a hate-filled, warmongering conqueror, with little regard for others' lives, even his own. His way of combat is less controlled then his brother's, as he will let loose and tear into his foe with no holding back, and use everything to overwhelm and destroy them. The only being he shows any respect to is Terikalinra, mostly because he is more powerful and deadly, and, despite still hating him, Kaidanax can do nothing against his father.

  • Notes - Kaidanax inherited his father's ruthless sociopathy and penchant for brutality.

  • Name - Dortello
  • Gender - Male
  • Affiliation - Brotherhood

Dortello is the third oldest by age, but oldest biologically of Terikalinra's sons, and the strongest physically. Dortello was born on a distant Mendel colony, and came under the care of a Clan soon after his birth, becoming one of it's members. The Clan fell into bad times, and Dortello, despite his uncanny resemblance to Ridanax, the current Ruler of Zarbania and enemy of the Mendel, sought work for his family. After searching for work, however, he was arrested and prosecuted for the murder of two women and the theft of their family valuables and materials. Stubbornly denying he was guilty, Dortello was sent to a penal colony deep in the icy world of Jika, though, even after the real murderer confessed, Dortello was still not allowed home, and his own Clan disowned him. Dortello became angry, demanded to be released and let home, but still was denied, left to live in the dregs of society by his clan. Deciding that if he could not live legitimately, he would do so by darker means.

Dortello became a petty thief and, later, murderer, killing the man who landed him in his position, and stealing his possessions, and making his living do so, traveling form world to world, killing various people, and stealing their positions to sell and use for himself, hiding their bodies by consuming the flesh. Dortello, however, would find his purpose, when called to a world he had never seen before, by a mysterious voice that would not leave his mind. There, he meet Trodaka, and two other beings like him, as one of them explained that he and the other, Ryshel, where sons of a great being of power, and had much to learn. With that, Dortello excepted the offer to join the Brotherhood.

Dortello is a rather cynical and arrogant, sharing his father's strong sense of self-centeredness. He has grown to believe he is the only being worth helping, and does not like being forced to work with those he sees below him. He is rather sadistic to his foes, using his innate abilities to tape into their minds and find weaknesses from memories and the like to use against them. He does, however, show some care for his half-brothers, though does not respect Ridanax, seeing him as too soft, and views only himself as a worthy heir to Terikalinra. Of all his brothers, he has the softest spot for Ryshel.

  • Notes - Dortello inherited his father's self centered nature, and drive to master the world.

  • Name - Leroholt
  • Gender - Female
  • Affiliation - Brotherhood

Leroholt is another of Terikalinra's offspring, and the only female. Unlike the others, her task was specialized, and her destiny chosen from birth. She would be the one to eliminate the Clett bloodline. Taken by Trodaka, the Kortixx Queen became something of a mother figure, training Leroholt day after day for years to become the perfect killing machine, teaching her how to overwhelm and defeat Takanius, Kirta, or any of the other descendants of Cadus Clett, Terikalinra's oldest foe. She herself lived among the Brotherhood for years, guarded constantly by a compliment of Champions made up of the Skallin, Sarkurgatian and Hrunothar, and learned many habits from them, behaving in an honorable fashion, even if she could be brutal in battle, while taking after Trodaka in terms of planning, tactics and foresight in battle, and how to use the weaknesses in personality and ideals to also attack the Clett Bloodline. She formed an especially close relationship with a Sarkurgatian Champion, named Krovar, who taught her the concepts of honor, respect and pride, before, as a test, she had to face Krovar in battle and slay him. Although he knew from the start she would need to kill him, Krovar regretted nothing, taking his memories of her to the beyond.

Leroholt has only recently become public knowledge to her Brothers, and even then, keeps mostly a respectful air towards them, not attacking or insulting unless provoked. She secretly looks up to Ridanax, for being the most stable of them, and leading a proper nation that does not suffer from blood cults and the like, but worries his rebellious nature will get him killed by Terikalinra, or his more ruthless sons. She hates Kaidanax the most, for his ruthless nature, and inability to emotionally connect with others. Ultimately, she respects Ozarius as well, though not to the extent of Ridanax, and is neutral towards her other siblings.

Leroholt appears mostly neutral to everything around her, cold and rather passive towards everyone who approaches her. Indeed, many say she is, like Kaidanax, incapable of emotion. However, Leroholt merely hides it all, having learned from Trodaka to hide everything from others, so no one can find weakness. She cares for many of her siblings, but years of training, and learning that any who show weakness must be left behind, has taught her to show apathy towards them for their own safety, and her own. Despite, she still holds to her "Family" closely, and holds onto the memories she has of Krovar above all others, holdings his ideals of honor highly. She absolutely hates the Clett Bloodline, and has worked tirelessly to wipe all traces of them out.

  • Notes - Leroholt inherited her Father's discipline and warrior skill, though hers are more focused then his, as well as his loyalty to those in his "family".

  • Name - Ryshel
  • Gender - Male
  • Affiliation - Brotherhood

Ryshel is another of Terikalinra's children, and created shortly after many of the others. His role on a distant planet was decided when he was found by a younger royal named Kalvik, the son of the King in fact. While his servants Ryshel as a wild beast needing to be killed, Kalvik instead took him in and had him raised as a brother. However, Ryshel suffered increasingly bad luck, not helped by the Royal Family's abuse of him, despite Kalvik's respect and admiration for his adopted brother. Ryshel's success was hampered by mysterious phenomenon that occurred around him, and caused him to be labeled a demon and a mistake of nature. He developed an extremely negative view of the world and became a nervous wreck at times, prone to panic attacks and other issues.

When his powers caused the death of his brother and several other members of the royal courts, it was the tipping point that caused Ryshel to go into exile, and flew into other kingdoms, but always remaining alone so that no one else would be harmed by his power. Many attempted to use him, though he left these beings behind, knowing what they had planned for him.

Ryshel, however, was called to a mysterious world one day, and came to a cave that had a being like him, and Trodaka, and, after the arrival of his brother, Dortello, they revealed he was descended from a great god, and had great powers of shadow. Trodaka, awakening them in full, finally allowed Ryshel to finally control his powers, and after training with Ridanax, his older brother, learned to command his abilities, stopping much of the misfortune around him.

Ryshel is rather pessimistic and cynical of the world, viewing the cosmic order as out to get him, and does not like being around others. Like his brother, Ozarius, he was raised in a royal court and treated with little respect, but, unlike Ozarius, who has confidence in himself and a sense of direction, Ryshel is still a rather pessimistic fellow, though intensely loyal to Trodaka and Ridanax for giving him a chance to make something of himself, and wishes to desperately to live up to his father, who he sees as a charismatic and strong leader. Ryshel is close to his brother, Dortello.

  • Notes - Ryshel inherited his father's determination to keep going forward, as well as his ability to recognize others of worth and friendship, though in a less twisted manner. Despite his own despair and cynicism, Ryshel has never contemplated suicide.

  • Name - Calix
  • Gender - Male
  • Affiliation - Brotherhood (loosely)

Calix is another son of Terikalinra, formed some years ago, after Ridanax, and considered one of his most successful. Calix has long studied the ways of "magic" and essence, hoping to master it to help his father achieve his Transcendence. His skills with essence are second to none, and his scientific mind makes him dangerous to confront in combat. While he is not the strongest of warriors among his brothers (though still far above most mortals), his main strength comes from his mind. He is constantly weaving no traps and tricks to keep his opponents off his tracks and keep them off balance. One of his most notable successes is the construction of a device, integrated into his body, that allows him to toy with space time, stopping, speeding up and even reversing time, all of which can occur for 5 seconds. However, he desires the blood of a Koatria of Time to fully master the effects of time and his ability to manipulate it.

Calix is largely neutral towards his siblings, and prefers not to be an enemy of any of them, believing all of them family, and even those he dislikes, such as Kaidanax, or is technically an enemy of, like Ozarius, are not to be killed, due to the importance of family and sticking together. While he says nothing of his past, his attitude shows some consideration towards the idea of not being alone and wishing to have others like him and not be lonely.

His major concern is running his experiments, and learning to control the natural forces of nature and the universe around him, ultimately to help his father, though has private ambitions that few know about. While many are irritated with his quest for control over time, believing it a useless endeavor, only for chosen Koatria, Trodaka has approved of the ideal, giving him whatever resources he needs to complete his tasks, and ultimately seeking out more and more control over the matters of space time.

  • Notes - Calix inherited his father's scientific mind, and his ability to plan out new attacks and misdirections.

Ozarius is possibly the youngest of Terikalinra's children, born after the others, and being a rather twisted being at birth, as he resmebled great black beast with a humanoid frame, the tail and horns of a devil, the wings of a raven, the spines and claws of dragon, the head of wolf, the ears of a rabbit, and the face of a spider. A women named Laceria, however, stripped away this form, to reveal a golden dragon like child, who she raised as her own. Laceria was sister-in-law to the Emperor of the world, who did not at all like Ozarius, though Laceria and his adopted uncle Caster treated him well and helped raise him, but the Emperor's distrust for him planted the dark seeds in his personality that would rise years later.

His life, while stable, came crashing down on his fifteenth birthday, when the Dark One appeared to him, and demanded he surrender to his father's power. He refused, and after his mother intervened, Dark killed the witch for daring to strike and injure him, causing Ozarius to regain his form and attack his father, their battle destroying much of the palace, before Ozarius was defeated and left in the ruins. After his defeat, the emperor drove him off the planet, claiming he should've never been born. Going into the wider galaxy as a mercenary, Ozarius has sworn to kill Dark One, no matter what, and has ultimately come under the care of a women named Rose.

Ozarius has a bright and cheerful persona if more then a little mischievous at times. He actively seems to enjoy helping others just as much as he enjoys playing harmless pranks. In fact he is quiet the manipulator, putting on the face a sweet and polite young man to get what he wants. However many have often noticed that Ozarius doesn't always seem quite there making him come across as distant and even creepy to those that are very perceptive. The treatment he received at the hands of the Emperor of Sabrial, humiliating defeat at the hands of the Dark One, death of his adoptive mother, and years spent in isolation have left with deep need for affection and left him with deep mental scars. Still he rarely appears distressed or depressed to others having bottled all those emotions away and focusing on being content no matter the situation. That being said triggering bad memories of his past or offending his sense of justice is a sure way to unleash his brutal and sadistic side. Telling someone they should never have been born or are an abomination has been known to drive Ozarius to remorselessly kill.

  • Notes - Ozarius inherited his father's obsessiveness, cunning, and inner self-doubt. However, unlike his father's, Ozarius' inner self-doubt not of the repressed sort he and Rose keep it safe, sane, and consensual.

  • Name - Fokairi
  • Gender - Male
  • Affiliation - Brotherhood

Fokairi is the youngest of Dark's children, having only recently come into existence, but one of his most dangerous children. Fokariri, by some twist of fate, had his development slowed down while within his mother, not fully developing for years, causing Dark to return to the world and accelerate his growth, and, in a rare case of sentiment, had him born within a meat-processing plant so he could have plenty of food to develop his power. He would continue his life, ignored and disregarded on Matrukoris, despite his resemblance to Gridlock. It was a big city, after all, and there was no time to heed his appearance, especially when he crossed over into Sector Ra.

Fokairi held delusions that he could make something of himself if he could gain a position within Sector Ra's management, but instead, became a petty drug addict, one of many in the lowest levels of Matrukoris. During the invasion of Matrukoris by the Brotherhood during the Return of THEM, Fokairi was found after unintentionally summoning several Rakar to him for protection against order enforcement squads, and was taken away by Trodaka, so she could teach him to harness his powers, which soon showed greater power potential then those of his brothers.

Fokairi has long loathed others more fortunate then himself, blaming them for his issues, and wishing to tear away the galaxy to get what he wants; complete anarchy, just so those he dislikes would suffer. He has the less developed powers then his brothers, due to his troubled development and birth, but has the most power potential, though his bad-temper does him little favors. This temper has caused him no end of trouble, and despite Trodaka's patience, she is growing annoyed with his bitterness.

  • Notes - Fokairi inherited his father's self-centered nature, as well as his tendency of blaming his short comings on the fault of others. Fokairi's name is based on the Japanese word, Fukai (不快), translating to unpleasant.

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The Dark Lord's life is all that matters to me.

  • Name - Trodaka
  • Species - Kortixx (AKA LAmbda Grox)
  • Role - Advisor to The Dark One, Leader of the Mutran Spider Hordes.

Queen Trodaka of the Lambda Grox, was originally an ally of both the Alpha Cyber Collective and the Shadow Hunters. She was named Underseer of Collective forces, and was in charge of signing a non-aggression pact between the Brotherhood and the Collective. However, during the Enlightenment War, she attempted to betray Collective plans, putting her Darkling master's goals ahead of the Collective, and, after almost dying to Overseer Terrox, she was exiled from the Collective.

Trodaka would later assist in the Return of THEM, and managed to gather the resources to free her master, now lover, and would then become a half-Darkling as a reward.

Trodaka is generally an intelligent, but very manipulative commander, one who takes pride in her name being another word for treachery. She is merciless and values her own life and position ahead of all others, with the exception of her master.

While many Darklings question their master's involvement with Trodaka, the 2 respect each other, and actually do love each other, a mighty achievement, considering how manipulative both are.

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The Brotherhood's Darklings, since they are so rare, are used as commanders and elite soldiers. Often, they can be seen acting behind enemy lines to cause chaos. The Brotherhood, due to it's small size rarely acts alone or directly, preferring to let their servants act through them, or to work with their servants.

The Biggest parts of their army are made up of The Mutran Spider Hordes.

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The Brotherhood has numerous worlds enshrined into their fold as either tomb worlds to bury their dead champions, or worlds that simply are a nexus point for dark energies, due to the actions of one or more inhabitants. Naturally, the homeworlds of their worshippers, such as the Skallin's, are natural locus points for Darkling energy, but the Brotherhood prefers to keep few worlds with a strong presence, simply letting their servants run and defend their worlds as they wish to independently.

Known as the "Planet of the Dead", Morritis is a Darkling Tomb world, and one of their first Locus points. After Dastren was turned into their center of power and darkness, the world became their central military base and sacred ground, but their worshippers wwished to establish a base of their own, and choose the harsh desert world of Morritis as their place, where their strongest warlords and champions could gather, scry into the powers of the Darklings, and seek to further their power.

The planet is made up of temples and palaces to the Shadowy Overlords and Sorcerers that rule and command the planet, and battle for dominance against one another. In other parts, various tombs are erected to the Dark Lords, which are said to pulse with their still-living energies, even after the Lord's own body has rotted away, as the Darkling watch and will manifest to issue their decrees.

Morritis is a quiet world, eerily silent. Despite a massive city complex dominating most of the world, and it's people numbering in the billions, the only thing one will often hear are the sounds of the wind, and what sounds like distant whispers and laughter and other shadowy languages being slipped into your ears.

The dry, desert lands are difficult to tame and command, and few could naturally develop here. For this reason, and the use of it by the Darklings, the world is often called one of many "Tomb Worlds".

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You serve the Plan well.

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You will assist us whether you like it or not.

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The more you resist, the stronger we become.

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The shadows beacon for your souls.

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I will help you for now, Darklings, if only to defeat my brother. But if you get in the way of my own plans, I will destroy you.

- Frostbite

How much more corrupt could you possibly get!?

- Vertigo of the Pseudopath Empire

You will come in handy for purging this galaxy. Pray you do not take a wrong step and end up eradicated as well.

- Hastur the Unspeakable

Wasterlings serve the Darkness. For the moment.

- The Wasterlings

You're just as guilty as the Cyber Collective for screwing with me! I'll show you what it's like to live in perpetual hell for a hundred thousand years!

- Scavenger

The Darklings sound familiar.

- Crys'Irith Kazirras

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