Dati is the currency of the Brood of War. Introduced as a way to convince Zazane to help assist with the Holy Scion without fighting on the frontlines, such as helping the Kordalu Zazane to construct structures and weapons.

Dati is earned daily, and is paid out in the same amount to everybody, no matter the job. This is because the Zazane believe that poor and rich should not exist within the Brood and that everybody should be equal in terms of money. Dati takes the form of small circular objects with symbols on its faces, showing the amount it represents.

Dati is useless to the Kordalu Zazane, though to the other Zazane and some of the member races of the Brood, it is quite important. Considering Zazane can spend a month without food, they may have a large amount of Dati by the time they feel the need to feed, so they can buy a large amount of food. However, Cyrodi would generally have a small amount of Dati, seeing as they need to eat every four hours.

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