Where war goes, we follow. Where conflict starts, we finish. Where threat arises, we trample it. We fulfill the purpose we were designed for; we annihilate those who seek to disrupt the unity of our race.

- Tyraz Breek

The Brood of War is a large, unified nation consisting of many Zazane warbands, nations and space-travelling empires which originates from a far-off Universe thought destroyed which now settle within Segmentum Crepusculum of the Andromeda Galaxy. One of the founding members of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, the Brood of War dedicate their philosophies of war and conflict into protecting their new home without second-thought as well as protecting and training other Andromedan races in their arts. The Brood is more compact rather than widely-spread, although they are advanced and strong nonetheless.

The Brood of War consists of many species, although the main and most trademark race is the Zazane, former warmongers who have taken the role of protectors and are known for their value of honour. The Brood absorbs creatures who they see as worthy warriors and soldiers into their society upon either defeating them or making contact with them, as a way of allowing such warriors to put their skills and philosophies to usage within the Brood. While the Brood does not support slavery, each and every individual citizen within the Brood's territory must work to contribute to the Brood's strength as an empire and military service is mandatory for all civilians at some point. The Brood is notable for possessing one of the largest and most powerful armies within Andromedan society.


Zazane Empire[]

The Brood of War did not exist back during the days of the Zazane Empire, which was the dominant Zazane power at the time. The Zazane Empire was a flawed system, ran by dictators and kratocracists who desired little more than to carry on their reign for as long as possible with the highest death toll under their name as a symbol of pride. They had corrupted the system of honour and wanted the Zazane to abandon their old ways of tradition in favour of more "modernized" and "civilized" thinking, although the laws they set in place worked rather like the opposite; mandatory military service from a young age, female breeding centers and no friendly interaction towards aliens or those who protested the current government.

The Zazane Empire managed to establish a large and successful rule in their own universe, although after several centuries of oppressing alien races they were eventually rebelled against and were severely beaten by the oppressed races, driving the Zazane to a state of near-extinction. The Zazane, using what technology they could recover, managed to construct a machine which would allow for an inter-universal tear in the fabrics of time and space and allow the Zazane to escape through. In an event known as the Great Migration, the Zazane entered through the tear and escaped a cruel fate which would equal their extinction. However, upon their arrival into the new universe, they seeked further conflict and war and eventually gained bad relations with the Loron, forming a heated rivalry over whose race was the strongest and most powerful. From that point, the Zazane became increasingly aggressive and went through two leaders before eventually one of more infamous characters, Moxix Breek, arose to the throne and completely demolished the foundations of honour and respect within the Zazane race.

During the Ramvelkys War, Moxix was killed and shot after demanding territory from the defeated enemies of the United Veatrex Federation. His death resulted in Moxix's next of kin arising to the throne; the young Tyraz, who had been living a life of seclusion and isolation beforehand while his step-brother had been in charge. Upon Tyraz's throning, the days of the Zazane Empire began to wane and were coming to a close, although not before Tyraz had committed such atrocities such as dowsing entire planets within Shidium radiation in acts of war. At the same time, the Zazane Empire were fighting rebel fronts from the Sorority of Swords and the forces of Savas Golge, the 125th Punisher King of Cakathor.

Holy Shadow War & Second War of Black Fog[]

While attempting to quell the Sorotity of Swords and attempting to indoctrinate Savas Golge, the Zazane Empire was left open to attack by a threat that they had not encountered before; the Tabescere. Thousands of Zazane colonies became under attack from the Tabescere infestations that spread across their territory, decimating entire planetary populations. While the Sorority of Swords attempted to make peace with the Zazane Empire in order to fight back against the Tabescere, the Empire initially refused their alliance and continued to fight both the Sorority and the Tabescere in hopes of killing two birds with one stone, although this made them ever more vulnerable against both forces which proved formidable and difficult to tame.

While they were busy fighting against the Sorority and the Tabescere, the Empire found itself placed into a corner by further threats; the Cult of Five had revealed themselves to the Zazane race and vowed to drive the Zazane towards extinction, while Corruptus demons also lashed out against the Zazane. Surrounded on all sides, the Empire gave in and allowed themselves to join forces with the Sorority, as well as sealing an alliance with the Dracogonarious Empire to fight the Corruptus.

The Zazane Empire continued its efforts against the Cult and eventually managed to convince Savas Golge, the 125th Punisher King of Cakathor, to join them in their efforts against the Cult and Tabescere. With help from the Dracogonarious, the Cult and Tabescere were beaten back into the shadows from whence they came and the Empire turned its efforts towards the Corruptus, with their powerful Shidium weaponry assisting the Dracogonarious in their efforts. Tyraz and Savas were present during the final battle against the Corruptus, resulting in the Corruptus' defeat. With many members of the Zazane race left dead or dying and nearing extinction, Tyraz had decided to make a smart option and reform the Empire's resources into an organization more beneficial towards both themselves and others, met with agreements from Keldar Taran, the now-former leader of the Sorority of Swords.

Formation of the Brood[]

Tyraz Breek had made the decision to reform and rename the Zazane Empire into an organization dedicated to keeping the balance within their territory and ultimately preserve the Zazane as a species, for they had been driven to near-extinction during the Holy Shadow War and the Second War of Black Fog due to how divided as a people they were. The Brood of War ultimately arose from the ashes of the Empire although under a somewhat more benevolent and balanced banner, with Tyraz Breek leading this new organization from the planet Daedalus, a former minor world under the Sorority of Sword's control. Tyraz would not be alone in leading this new organization however; Keldar Taran willingly joined the Council of the Brood for it supported her goals from its conception, as she had in fact assisted Tyraz in deciding which movement the Zazane should take. Savas Golge, however, was forced into the Council under threat that he would continue to be treated like a rebel and would constantly face Zazane forces until he either died or surrendered, to which Savas aggressively chose to become a Council member to avoid constant annoyance from Tyraz.

The Sorority of Swords was ultimately reformed into the WOMB, an army under her order which would both assist the main military of the Brood, the Dragon Battleguard, and civilian populations across Brood territory as well as act as diplomats on certain occasions. Savas Golge would form his own special, elite force of Zazane warriors in order to fight internal threats such as terrorism and unauthorized occultism; Section IV, consisting entirely of the strongest of both male and female Zazane who had been trained to be at their physical peak, far outmatching any soldier in the Battleguard in terms of strength and strategy. Section IV also had access to specialized, anti-Zazane weaponry which, when applied to their strength and skill, would become a devastating force to be reckoned with.

At the same time, research into genetic manipulation and cybernetic enhancements went underway. Disregarding concerns for "honour" and "dignity", Zazane scientists took volunteers and modified them to perform beyond the peak of Zazane limitations, breaking the physical restrictions and enhancing their speed, agility, accuracy and strength. These Zazane volunteers became the first of the Brood's supersoldiers and the foundation of the Shadow Institute, which would serve for special operations outside of the Brood's territory including assassination and espionage. With the formation of the Shadow Institute, which escapes the public knowledge and is only known to the Council of the Brood and the highest-ranking scientists of the Brood, the organization known as the Brood of War finally set itself into action upon the coming of the Andromeda War.

Andromeda War[]

During the Andromeda War, the Brood of War attacked the The Divinarium's capital of Crepusculum. Attacking from space and using many hordes of Cyrodi on the ground, as well as Zazane, the Brood was close to defeating the Divinarium, however the Draconid Imperium decided to step in and help try and fight off the Zazane forces.

When Tyraz went on a personal mission to strike down the leader of the Divinarium, he encountered Iovera IX, the new leader of the Divinarium after the death of Tadjamad during the Holy Shadow War. Tyraz and Iovera engaged in a battle, while High Inquisitor Arsac watched them. The battle eventually ended in a draw, with several of Arsac's colleagues ending up dead from Tyraz's wrath.

From there, the Brood, Imperium and Divinarium were attacked by the Inheritance, and were forced to band together to stay alive from the mechanical threat. The three empires decided that a truce would be necessary to fight off the Inheritance and gather the ancient Artefacts, with the Brood's goal being to gather the ones also held by the Imperium. However, soon the goals changed as Tyraz met with the Paragon Uriel and Iovera various times, and Tyraz became attached to the two leaders in different ways.

The Brood had helped the Imperium launch their assault against the TIAF, driving them out of Andromeda. The Brood's Niddan Ho and Tyraz Breek had lended a hand on the ground to assist the Paragon, while the Fleet of Ruin attacked the TIAF ships in space. The Brood were soon joined by the Divinarium ships, and with Tyraz apparently sacrificing himself to save the Paragon's life, the TIAF were driven away from Andromeda. It soon turns out that Tyraz survived, much to the relief of Uriel and Iovera.

The Brood of War later gets involved in the journey to Nocturnia to try and collect the cure for the Mechovirus, which had been plaguing Brood colonies worse and worse after the betrayal of the Kordallian Connection who were working with the Andromedan Grox simply for more gains of power and resources.

Borealis War[]

The Brood of War has assisted several times, along with the Imperium and Divinarium, in the Borealis War, fighting against a range of malevolent enemies that plague the allies of the Brood, the Indoctrinate Collective. Tyraz, the main leader of the Brood, has fought against the Devourer's Chosen on several occasions, along with the help of Unified Nation of Ottzello, although reluctantly due to the events of the Fourth Ottzello War in which Brood and UNO came into conflict.

The Brood also helped try to defeat the Vague mothership with much success, although before they could end the Vague threat, Grox ships turned up and began to fight. The Brood and the United Lanat Empire were the last to leave the battlefield, as they evacuated the other empires to help get them away from the Grox.

Golden Movement[]



CRE Zazane-0d33f9e4 ful.png

We are the embodiment of military might, our swords are our souls. We are unchallenged and unrivalled here.

Main article: Zazane

The Zazane are the founding species of the Brood of War and are the most commonly populated species found inside its territory, consisting of many ethnicities and subspecies that originate all across the Gigaquadrant. The Zazane were originally part of the Zazane Empire, although after a series of cataclysmic wars they required reformation in order to preserve the Zazane species as a whole. Zazane are renowned for their code of honour, living lives that consist almost entirely of combat and military contribution. Zazane soldiers will not kill civilians and will only use superweapons as a last resort rather than a fast solution, preferring to decimate military organizations and force populations to surrender. Zazane are thought to enjoy the practice and thrill of war, making them a recognizeable species for no other are so dedicated in their approach to combat. Biologically, they are adapted and evolved for war for they possess amazing regenerative abilities, unrivalled strength, impressive agility and reaction timing and a reinforced skeletal structure, allowing them to take and deal an amazing rate of damage before even thinking of surrendering or dying.

Zazane are a highly respected species throughout the Gigaquadrant for their dedication, strength and military contribution. While once they were conquerors, they now serve as knights who are dedicated entirely to the protection of their allies and home as well as the preservation of their species, hoping to never become so divided ever again in fear of their extinction. The Zazane enjoy solving problems between one another through combat, although death matches have been reduced in order to prevent counter-production to their cause. Most Zazane respect aliens so long as they are independent, loyal and trustworthy, seeing no reason why differences in biology, culture or origin would be a problem so long as all factors account for an ultimately stronger organization.

CRE Cyrodi-0d33f9e5 ful.png
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We have sworn to fight for the Zazane. The Cyrodi stand with them.

The Cyrodi are a bird-like race who are found to be closely associated with the Zazane race. While Zazane are knights and warriors, Cyrodi are hunters and are highly respected by the Zazane for their physical capabilities as well as their strategic thinking, cooperative lifestyles and their general skill in combat. The Cyrodi have always been equal to the Zazane within their society, making up a large part of the Zazane Empire before it was disbanded and reformed. The Cyrodi were uplifted by the Zazane many eons ago during the latter's early years of space voyaging and thus hold a large amount of respect and loyalty towards the Zazane for this act, which has allowed them to hunt prey all across the universe. The Cyrodi live in groups known as Packs, which can range from 10 to over 100 individual Cyrodi under the command of an authorital figure known as an Ancient, with each Pack having at least one Ancient to lead it, Ancients being the oldest members of said Pack.

Cyrodi do not live by the Zazane's code of honour and are cannibalistic and predatory, devouring sapient races in belief that ingesting their heart and blood will give them the strength of the warrior they had killed in order to further enhance their own strength. Cyrodi, while primitive in their technology, are usually equipped with advanced, Zazane-produced technology and can be seen employing ancient-but-effective methods of warfare in battle, such as the usage of warbeasts and darts. Cyrodi are extremely fast and agile, making them dangerous opponents to face directly in melee combat as they known to slash, bite and tear away at their opponents with amazing accuracy and power, ripping foes to shreds within moments as they have been evolved to do. Cyrodi are ultimately the Zazane's most precious allies and most valued member race, for they have been with the Zazane since near the beginning of their space exploration and have been fighting alongside them for many millennia.

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The Swarm overpowers, the Swarm overwhelms.

The Hetii Swarm are bug-like creatures that are known for their isolated and solitary personalities concerning aliens, although are usually seen in groups consisting of other members of their kind. The Hetii Swarm are marksmen, skilled in the usage of ranged weaponry as it has been a practice for them for many eons even before their induction into the Zazane Empire. The Hetii themselves are fast and agile, capable of maneuvering at difficult angles while also retaining their excellent marksmanship, making them valuable assassination units on the battlefield. The Hetii Swarm were saved from self-destruction by the Zazane, with the former having never traversed off their homeworld beforehand and were slowly dying from the immense level of radiation poisoning they had subjected their planet to, forcing them to live in underground colonies until the Zazane had allowed them to expand. Hetii make use of nuclear-powered rifles, something they had grown accustomed to since their days of living underground. The Hetii Swarm is so called due to their society; they live under a single monarch called the Regent which gives birth to the Hetii's militaristic caste, the Knights, as well as the Hetii's working class, the Drones. While they are capable of individual thoughts and opinions, the Hetii castes are ultimately dedicated in alliegance to the Regent rather than the Zazane, meaning they can be, at times, unpredictable.

The Hetii Swarm inhabits artifical worlds constructed by themselves after being uplifted by the Zazane, being taught how to design and construct spaceships. The Hetii prefer to be around their own kind rather than other aliens, claiming that aliens "disrupt their connection" to the Regent. The Hetii Swarm are capable of aerial flight and maneuverability, detection via sight, hearing, smell and vibrations through the environment or air, and camouflage to an extent. The Hetii Swarm does not operate in large groups in combat for there is no need for them to do so, with a small amount of Hetii already being a valuable advantage over the enemy despite lacking in physical melee capability, or at least this is true for the Hetii Drones. Their exoskeletons are thick and capable of absorbing radiation without much harm due to evolving in a radiation-filled environment, making the Hetii extremely adaptable creatures.

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Wherever we go, machines follow! Invention is our lifesblood and ingenuity is our strength.

Distant relatives of the Zazane, the Argedris differ greatly from their bigger cousins, both in physiology and psychology. Small, agitated and extremely crafty, they compensate for their lack of physical strength with their excessive inventiveness, intelligence and creativity. Blessed with great affinity for non-linear thinking, they are capable of creating eccentric, advanced machines even when resources are limited, and are thus given the task of maintaining the Brood's technology after the betrayal of the Kordalu Connection. Because of this, the Argedris have a quite important role in the brood, although they are still looked down because of their weak physical strength and lack of honour intristic to most Zazane cultures. Still, few deny the Argedris' ingenuity, both in peacetime when they work to improve the Brood species' life quality or during wartime when they create deadly machines of war right on the battlefield, from scraps.

The Argedris are a technocratic species, ruled by the most ingenious engineers called Fabricators: each fabricator reigned over a star system during the time they were independent and a stellar Argedris community after their absorbtion. Brought into the Brood's fold during the Andromeda War, the Argedris are now spread across the Zazane territory evenly, having created their own diaspora within the bigger Brood society. It is because of this strong desire for independence, even as a part of an empire, that the Argedris were deemed an alien species by the Council despite their Zazane origins and thus alleviated to the lower circles of society. Mutual mistrust exists between the Argedris and the other members of the Brood of War, who often percieve the dwindled relatives of the Zazane as deceitful and arrogant. After a large portion of the Argedris species, led by Grand Fabricator Geltre-na-shaan, left the Brood for Crispy's Insurrection, this mistrust only increased.

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When we met the Zazane, they were savages. But now, one can see they are genuinely improving.

The Horder are a species of formidable bovine creatures who are the most peaceful species in the Brood of War. They are extremely laid-back, friendly, and sometimes even lazy. They are very dexterous beings with exceptional farming skills, and are also known for their love for philosophy. Horder are famous for being extremely hard to annoy or anger. They have no issue allowing children (their own or another person's) to jump, climb and play on their backs.

Despite being gentle and friendly, the Horder are among, if not the physically strongest species of the Brood of War. Their strength and endurance alone makes them natural tanks, and Horder under the military are usually given even more armor and equipment, making them very powerful fighters. A Horder's punch is enough to crush a human's skull with ease and they have been seen throwing Zazane about without difficulty. However, they are very slow moving creatures, being considered "mighty glaciers" when it comes to combat. An enraged Horder is extremely destructive and takes a lot of effort to be put down.



Go ahead and entertain the thought that your augmentations and deformities can save you; the Warhost will snap your toys and burst those hideous poxes you have forced upon yourself. When you have killed monsters and abominations from the darkest corners of the galaxy, then you deserve the slightest respect of the soldiers of the Warhost.

Main article: Warhost

The Warhost is the Brood's primary military force and is responsible for land-based operations alongside the protection and infiltration of vessels and space-based installations. The Warhost's tactics are based upon mass unit-style warfare which incorporates important fundamental values such as teamwork, situational awareness and combat flexibility rather than pure horde strategies that could be considered undeveloped and primitive. Equipped with advanced technology designed purely for the intent of bringing demise and multi-functional sets of armour and equipment, formations of the Warhost are considered incredibly deadly due to their size as well as their adaptation to the many situations and outcomes of battle.

Soldiers of the Warhost consider killing and fighting to be sciences in themselves; one is free to experiment how they wish regarding the many different cultural integrations and applications due to the many aliens that make up the Warhost's great numbers, although all must follow the standard guidelines set in place. Mass units, quick strategic adaptation and maximum efficiency are common traits to identify a formation of the Warhost. The Warhost's view on stealth differs from that of most other military organizations amongst alien civilizations; scouts enjoy harassing and directly involving their own contributions, often harmful, towards the enemy while also maintaining psychological warfare. The Warhost's logic behind such acts is that killing enemies often make it easier for them to determine and estimate the number of hostiles. The Warhost's weapons are designed to be multi-functional and quickly interchangeable, giving rise to the iconic "Morph Rifle" that is the primary weapon of the Warhost's forces, although all serve a single purpose; killing.

Serving within the Warhost is considered a high honour amongst Brood society, with soldiers being rewarded with luxuries such as extra residences and a wider variety of domestic weaponry for when they are on leave rather than the standard small-arms that most civilian families are given. The Warhost does not take prisoners of war nor do they accept the concept of capture and interrogation, with soldiers of the Warhost usually being fitted or equipped with a method of suicide that affects them on the biological weapon. The Warhost is disciplined and soldiers are only accepted after graduation from combat facilities and education centers.

Retreats are rare within the Warhost and even then they do not do so without setting traps or exchanging fire upon their escape. The Warhost also provides placement and opportunity for those who are unable to serve upon the frontline directly, usually serving behind-the-line and providing support for soldiers. The Warhost shares a close bond to the naval forces for they rely on them for deployment across territories as well as protect them from certain forms of threats such as infiltrations, mutinies and breaches.

The Warhost boasts incredible political significance within the Brood, possessing their own Councillor that serves upon the Conclave; the Brood of War's political body. The Warhost frowns upon the usage of cybernetic enhancements and genetic modifications, taking pride in being a "baseline army", although prosphetic limbs and medicines are considered viable reasons for using such while displaying distrust and irrational concern towards soldiers and personnel who have had extensive modification, both organic and cybernetic, towards their physiology, psychology and abilities. As such, the Warhost is considered one of the most respectable and most powerful military organizations within the Andromeda Galaxy due to their ability to combat heavily modified opposition and still claim victory despite consisting almost entirely of baseline soldiers.


It may appear like rain, but in actuality that is the blood spilled upon your worlds from the ruined vessels and dreadnoughts that you thought would protect your pathetic hides. That is the gore that has ascended into the sky and descends once more from the incinerated bodies of your legions that dared to tangle with us and face the wrath of bombardment. Doesn't look so much like rain now, does it?

Main article: Convocation

The Convocation is the Brood's militaristic naval branch and is responsible for space-based operations such as assaults on enemy fleets and the defense of the Brood's territories. The Convocation is divided into a great number of fleets that possess vast arrays of crew, numbers, weaponry and purpose depending on their location as well as a great number of other factors. The roles of the Convocation include the deployment of land-based forces and platforms, vessel-to-vessel combat, and, in more extreme cases, orbital bombardmnet. Their secondary responsibilities include trading between Brood territories as well as alien allies, patrols, planetary observation and analysis, transport of civilian or important personnel, and diplomatic communication.

The Convocation fields thousands, if not millions, of warships ranging in function, purpose and class although all are designed for military-based application in some shape or form. The Convocation consists of a hybridization of standard ship models and Advocracies; vessels and formations that are part of a Brood race's native fleet can legally serve alongside the standard fleets and ships of the Convocation in roles that can range from mere support to formation direction and command. These ships can either join an operation of their own free will or be requested to fight, although there is no mandatory requirement for their assistance.

There are a great many number of individual capital vessels and flagships within the Convocation, each directed, overseen and commanded by characteristic pilots and captains who have evolved separate strategies concerning warfare and naval operations. The Convocation ships are designed with an iconic "junk"-type style to their appearance, making them appear crude when compared to other, more refined and attractive ships of other alien civilizations although their strength and endurance cannot be measured merely by appearance. Weapons of the Convocation include energized Shidium cannons, railguns, a vast array of torpedoes designed for multiple purposes and internal defenses to quell breaching and mutiny if such threats arise. Convocation ships are fitted with "ghost" technology and systems; ships are capable of appearing invisible to most, if not all, forms of detection at the cost of being incapable of using their weaponry, with such technology being more suited for stealth operations and tactical retreats rather than offensive maneuvers.

The size of the Convocation is unknown at an exact level for vessels are constantly being manufactured, registered, decomissioned or destroyed in combat, although their fleet is thought to be expansive and large although not the largest within the main Andromedan empires. Ship sizes are intended to be large to provide intimidation and space for military deployments, although starfighters are usually manufactured at a size relative to those used by other civilizations.

The Convocation possesses a great deal of political importance within the Brood's society due to its function, purpose and size as an organization alongside its strength and capabilities. The Convocation has its own Councillor as part of the Conclave to represent its personnel, technology, achievements and the organization itself. Enhancements are for the most part prohibited although artificial limbs and organs that are designed to be replacements rather than enhancements are allowed with very little restriction. The Convocation also makes use of varying types of artificial intelligence to assist in navigation and offensive maneuvers, making operation of Convocation fleets and ships a balanced mixture of AI effort and physical labour.


There comes a time when those who disregard rule and regulation will find themselves within a position that is too much to handle through standard means of conversing and compromise. There is no mercy to be found within our wrath, your punishment.

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The Inquest Agency is the Brood of War's paramilitary enforcement branch and is responsible for both land-based and naval-based operations concerning major, potentially threatening, breaches of Brood law as well as security and societal maintenance. Their duties involve executing and assassinating potentially and confirmed individuals who pose a threat to the Brood's prosperity, intelligence and evidence gathering, homeworld protection, and interrogation. The Inquest Agency is divided into Sections, each with their own strategies, functions, purposes and culture although ultimately contributing greatly towards the Inquest Agency as well as the Brood itself.

The Inquest Agency possesses an undefined number of operatives and personnel, although considering that they are to oversee and maintain Brood territories, it is thought that they are perhaps the second-largest organization that serves the Brood's cause, just behind the Warhost itself. Those that offer their services to the Inquest Agency recieve luxuries and benefits as soldiers do, although higher-ranking members of the Inquest Agency possess the power to accuse treachery or corruption within the other organizations so long as they can provide viable evidence, otherwise they face the threat of execution themselves.

The Inquest Agency uses modified military-grade weaponry in order to accomplish their combat-based assignments and tasks, supplied directly by the Warhost's manufacturers. As with the Warhost, the Inquest Agency frowns greatly upon unnecessary cybernetic and organic modifications and enhancements, as well as the usage of any form of Essence upon assignments due to their policies regarding uncontrolled Essence users in modern society and the civilian populace. Operatives of the Inquest Agency are strictly completely baseline unless they require prosphetic or artificial components to their physiology and biology.

The Inquest Agency provide security and protection alongside the upkeeping of the law, overwatching the civilian populace to prevent any form of harm to them such as terrorists or infiltrators. The Agency possesses a fleet exclusive to its own usage rather than share those of the Convocation, although they are able to possess authority over such vessels if they directly breach the law or border on the line of disregarding policy. The Inquest Agency does not operate outside of the Brood's territory and is designed exclusively to combat interior threats.

For most cases, the Inquest Agency is a volunteer-ran organization; there is no mandatory requirement to join unless requested by the Agency's authority. As such, one is capable of finding a variety of trained specialists from varying cultures and species within the Brood while they are on duty. Upon recruitment, one is given basic knowledge of their duties and training to carry them out while being taught both officially by assigned trainers and unofficially by allies and friends within the job. Retirement from the Inquest Agency has proven to be far more likely than retirement from the Warhost. Civilians are allowed to assist the Inquest Agency at certain times, although are usually supervised and warned of the dangers of such.

Due to the Inquest Agency's significance, they possess an impressive political influence within the Brood's main political body; the Conclave, with their own representative and Councillor that operates within this circle of politicians and diplomats. While not the most renowned organization of enforcement within Andromeda's borders, they are fierce and ruthless towards those that disregard and disrespect the laws and regulations of the Brood's set policies for civilians and military personnel to follow. They follow the best interests of the Brood's continued existence by nature and most are willing to outright speak against a situation or decision that they do not appear to support, although direct betrayal and abandonment of duties and responsibility is considered a highly illegal act and is punishable by execution by the Inquest Agency's soldiers and operatives.


We operate out of sight yet in plain view, we are not bound by restrictions such as honour or pride for such cultural values only stray us from our path. Besides, to commit one's self to such traits would be useless and unnecessary for we are invisibe.

Main article: Shadow Institute

The Shadow Institute is the Brood of War's intelligence-gathering branch and is responsible for traits outside of standard military operation and function such as reconnaissance, infiltration, sabotage and assassination alongside many other aspects and traits relating towards th function of their organization. Their responsibilities and duties surround assisting the other branches of the Brood rather than focussing on their own independent assignments, which are rather uncommon although they do exist. The Shadow Institute, unlike other organizations registered under the Brood, are exempt from most breaches of culture such as genetic modification and cybernetic enhancements.

Much of the Shadow Institute's operations and assignments are kept from public knowledge, although what is known of their strength and capabilities is known to inflict unsettled feelings amongst both civilians and soldiers. The Institute provides intelligence for the military organizations under the Brood's registration and can be seen during assaults on alien territories, providing input to high-authority individuals and commanders.

The Shadow Institution's operatives are flexible and accustomed to both stealth and direct tactics, although their main priorities usually include overseeing long-running operations over civilizations and factions that the Brood has made contact with while avoiding attracting attention and going through tasks to achieve as much intelligence as possible. Their ability to "blend" into societies allows them to handle marks and accomplish objectives without gaining much attention.

The Shadow Institute is considered remorseless and swift concerning their assassinations, making use of an array of weaponry and equipment in order to take out "troublesome individuals" that pose a threat to the Brood or their allies. While personnel of the Institute tend to be close in terms of relations such as friendship amongst one another, but most operatives are willing and trained to dispatch even their closest friends and families if necessary without hesitation. As such, agents of the Institute are viewed with much disdain from soldiers due to their ignorance of traits such as honour and mercy. They are not above civilian injury and casuality so long as it assists in their objectives and prevents obstacles.

The Shadow Institute is not often deployed so much as they are stationed; they possess residences close to or within areas of assignment, commiting themselves to their scientific research and combat career. These places of residence are often small and out of the way from most of the societies they are investigating, although nonetheless contributes towards their efforts. Groups are designed to be flexible and operate independentely without backup or outside assistance.

The Shadow Institute possesses a Councillor at the seat of the Conclave and retains significant political standing within the Brood's society, despite their somewhat unpopular and disliked reputation regarding their purpose, function and tactics. The Shadow Institute pursues genetic and technological modification and enhancement openly, supporting some type of "supersoldier" programme alongside their standard assignments which would be observed as illegal and outright immoral in the Brood's society, with these supersoldiers increasing in number and capability as time goes on. These soldiers are above most of the laws of the Brood when on assignment, gaining open disdain from civilians and police, although they could be seen as incredibly valuable and essential assets to the Brood's continuation and existence.


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Brood society is devised into many systems of hierarchy in order to encourage and preserve progression and continuance of the Brood of War as an organization as well as all the races that serve under the Brood's registration. Hierarchies extend outside of military service and take effect within political positions and social standing, seperating those with less experience from the veterans of their particular service. These hierarchies are monitored by the highest figures of the Conclave, the Councilors, as well as official police operatives in order to maintain the balance and prevent social and military chaos, placing certain terms and rules upon these hierarchies in order to ascend and descend upon them, such as through kratocratical or meritocratical traditions depending on culture and organization.

Self-reliance and independence are important aspects to the Brood of War, especially within the primary race; the Zazane, who founded the Brood to preserve order amongst themselves alongside assisting other member races. This ensures that not only can one work and co-operate within a team or system, but also by themselves if necessary in order to uphold the Brood's values. It also displays strength, a trait of high respect within the Brood since it is an organization dedicated to a warlike way of life.

Races are allowed to keep a majority of their individual cultures within the Brood so long as it does not impede the Brood's progress in any way. Such cultural aspects that are allowed to be kept include certain celebrations and festivals, although religious sacrifice is prohibited. The Brood works to rid its society of the weak and helpless, for they are considered a blight amongst the organization and are usually dealt with via death, although it is uncommon to find those who take pleasure or pride in such actions as most of the civilian and military populace of the Brood consider it a necessary action so as to remain strong.

The Brood, despite its focus on hierarchies, also focuses on certain, somewhat communist aspects; individuals who do not serve military service are forced to work in order to gain their necessities, luxuries and currency, private property is rare and most share large structures with individual living quarters for places of residence, and decisions are made to benefit the collective populace rather than the greed and selfish desires of certain individuals or groups. New races that join the Brood are also subjected to conformity; they must shift their way of life in order to benefit or not impede the Brood's existence and progress, either forcefully or willingly.

There are two types of law within the Brood; Idiosyncratic Law and Communal Law. Idiosyncratic Law is the individualistic laws of certain species that is not standard between the member races, often a result of alien philosophies and tradition. This type of law is allowed to be set in place so long as it ultimately either serves the Brood beneficially or does not stop its continuation. Communal Law is the standard rules, regulations and restrictions set in place over all member species and that all must follow, with Communal Law overpowering Idiosyncratic Law in influence and significance. Communal Law is overseen and monitored by the Inquest Agency, while Idiosyncratic Law is dealt with by communities of races that follow these exclusive rules.

Military service is considered the best and most popular career one can hope to pursue, as for most of the races within the Brood fighting is an integral part of their society or culture. Those that dedicate themselves to the military are allowed certain luxuries inaccessible by most civilian populations out of respect, as well as recieving a higher rate of pay than those that pursue careers in the farming or manufacturing industries. Those that refuse to work at all or are incapable of working are at risk of facing execution as the Brood's society does not tolerate those who feed off the efforts of others without contributing themselves, making sure that all races and individuals focus at least some of their efforts towards the Brood's prosperity.

The hierarchies that dominate Brood society usually follow similar patterns of merit; strength, intelligence and skill. Thus a majority of the hierarchies set in place, especially concerning the military, are kratocratic or meritocratic in nature although social hierarchies can be determined by wealth alongside the other aspects of ascension, although it is not as popular. Kratocratic and meritocratic systems are the common standard that members of the Conclave are exposed to in order to reach the positions they maintain.

Augmentation, whether organic, cybernetic or Essence-based, is strictly looked down upon by most members of the Brood, as it is described as an "unfair advantage" above others. Thus, aside from prosphetic modifications for medical purposes, enhancement of the body through artificial or supernatural means is considered highly illegal as well as incredibly dangerous towards the Brood's society and is punishable by death unless authorized by the highest-standing members of Brood politics with restriction and regulation. This governance over artificial improvement is set in place in order to prevent chaos from arising through excessive usage.


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The Brood of War's governmental body, known as the Conclave, is comprised of a vast number of members which are selected through the standard systems of deciding leaders and politicians that are relative to their ethnicity and culture of origin. The Conclave rules over and oversees the military and societal aspects of the Brood, with each Councillor (the highest-ranking member of the Conclave) possessing a duty relating towards the organization that they maintain absolute authority over. There is no set number of Councillors within the Conclave, although for the most part the number is kept below 10. Beneath the Councillors are Governors, who oversee individual territories such as systems, planets and installations.

A Governor can be of any Brood species so long as such is competent enough to fulfill the position, while the rank of Councillor is strictly Zazane-exclusive. However, fulfilling the role of Governor is considered a great honour by most aliens within the Brood for most live lives dedicated towards military service as soldiers or generals. This balance within the Conclave ensures that aliens possess a democratic equal standing while the Zazane are still in control but not absolute over the rest of the Brood's inhabitants. The Councillors possess a "hands-off" policy regarding the organizations they maintain; those beneath their rank, including Governors which operate outside of organizations, are expected to do their job competently without fault, with those that do not fulfill their roles properly being exposed to somewhat harsh sanctions concerning their way of life, payment and, in some cases, their physical body.

Members of the Brood enjoy freedoms that depend upon their role and position within society and military service, with recent subjects that were once prohibited being uplifted. So long as one commits to their job and does not prevent others from doing so deliberately, they are allowed recreational luxuries such as some forms of alcohol and drug use, although such is monitored directly by the enforcement organizations in order to prevent excessive usage and potential inability to commit towards their job. If a subject reaches such a level, his superiors or the police step in and temporarily increase their limitations regarding recreational freedoms. If the subject carries on after being warned, they face the threat of execution. This rule extends to all members of the Brood, both alien and Zazane.

Some luxuries can only be accessed by military personnel, such as larger and more impressive private living spaces, higher-quality food and substances and access to wealthier districts within the Brood and what they have to offer. All activities are monitored by agents, police or AI in order to ensure that progress is not disrupted and that the Brood is still moving forward, as well as to foil potential incursions or terrorist activities.

A Governor can choose the individual laws over a territory that he oversees, such as prohibiting or encouraging certain products such as alcohol, cosmetics and contraception although must abide by the standard Brood law. If they breach Brood law, they could suffer investigation and interrogation from the Inquest Agency regarding their activities and can be exposed to punishments ranging from demotion to death.


There is no standard form of religion set within the Brood's society; all races are free to follow whatever religious practice they take a fancy to or are brought up with so long as it either benefits or not interrupts the Brood of War's advancement in societal and technological aspect. Religious festivals and celebrations are allowed amongst communities with authorization of a Governor or Councillor, although acts such as fervant preaching and otherwise zealous activities are punishable by death or exile. Religious and cultural extremism is not tolerated within Brood society, so priests and other religion-based teachers require permission from either political or enforcement figures of authority in order to preach outside of their own racial community.

The state often prevails over faith concerning the ascension or construction of a hierarchy, although there are certain exceptions to the rule that are not considered rather popular by the rest of the Brood. Individual religions are bended and twisted in order to fit with the Brood's society, prohibiting religious sacrifice of sapient beings alien or not. Politics are usually monitored so as to benefit the Brood as a whole rather than a certain religion, with the Inquest Agency capable of demoting or killing politicians due to following the interests of themselves or a certain ethnic group rather than an entire community.


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The Brood's technological scale is intimidating, if not absolutely frightening, to most other civilizations that enjoy lesser or equal influential status to the Brood. The Brood possesses a vast number of facilities dedicated to the harvesting of energy from astronomical phenomena such as singularities and quantum fields as well as more standard sources such as stellar bodies from non-life-supporting stars and other celestial objects. Another particular source, one that has remained iconic within the Brood, is Shidium; a divergent form of Sin mass that primarily exists within a crystallized, solid state that allows it to be used as a form of construction material, although it can be converted into an energized form that powers the ships, weaponry and other aspects of the Brood.

The Brood is not known for reverse-engineering particular types of alien technology; instead, they mimick technology using what research they can gather from their sources and what resources are available to them rather than resort to using pure alien technology in order to empower themselves. When new races are absorbed, their technology is either recycled into resource and/or repurposed and upgraded in the Brood's favour in order to increase efficiency as well as to conform the race's culture further. The Brood traverse across their and others' territories through the usage of quantum slipstream engines that are installed within their larger ships although smaller vessels are equipped with the hardware and software necessary for interstellar traversal.

The Brood makes use of extensive advanced terraformation methods to allow for habitability upon otherwise inhospitable worlds and also use such for the existence of amalgamated alien ecosystems and environments which allow for the major and lesser races of the Brood to exist within relative harmony between one another, as well as for varied farming and entertainment capability. Replication technology allows for mass-production of materials and weaponry while quantum-processing allows for the self-organization of structures to suit the needs of mass populations.


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Green face.pngMay the foundations of honour uplift you further in your future.

  • The Divinarium - “The cosmic wanderers uphold the pillars of faith.
  • Kicathian Republic - “They walk upon the pathway of benevolence.


Yellow face.pngIt seems as if you are in need of a lesson in respect.

  • New Tertamian Alliance - “Preserves of the democractic movement of Andromeda, we shall test if you are up to the task.
  • The Coalition - “We would recommend watching your step, for you feet tread in unsafe areas.


Red face.pngWe shall drown you in Shidium fire until you are settled dust!

  • Kicath Empire - “There are some who break the foundations of honour.
  • Cult of Five - “Wherever they go, disaster follows.





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