No enemy has ever been greater than them. No foe has ever been so merciless as them. They come, they destroy, all in the name of their king... But I doubt that's the end of it. They hide something much more vile than a mere king...

- Unknown

The Borealis Grox Empire was a hyperpower located at the center of the Borealis Galaxy, inhabiting its Galactic Core for over five billion years. Descended from a colonial territory of the old Grox Meta-Empire, they are responsible for the extinction of the ancient Kormacvar as well as the destruction of countless civilizations through the ages, coming to attack and harvest species who achieved a certain point of technological advancement. The Empire was ruled behind the scenes by the God-Dreadnought Regnatus, who wished to turn the entirely of the Borealis Galaxy into obedient thralls.

Through the history of Borealis, no native malevolent civilization has ever come close to match the power of the Borealis Grox Empire, and even after their defeat and reformation into the Kormacvar Legacy, they remain one of the most feared civilizations in the galaxy. The Empire had the power of wiping out entire sectors of space of all life and did so multiple times in history, all to fulfill the needs of their power-hungry and deranged master, who would not stop until his ultimate plan was finally fulfilled.


Archaic historyEdit

The Grox Meta-Empire arrived to the Borealis Galaxy five billion years in the past during the Golden Age of the Kormacvar Empire, with the two civilizations quickly starting the bloodiest and longest war in the galaxy's history. Over the course of 500,000 years, the Grox massacred the Kormacvar and established themselves as the rulers of Borealis, colonizing the galactic core and linking themselves to the Grid in order to further enhance their power. However, once Regnatus merged his consciousness with the Grid, the Grox found themselves separated from the rest of the Meta-Empire and enslaved under the Kormacvar Warmaster's rule. They would proceed to seclude themselves in the galactic core, destroying any alien presence who attempted to enter their territory.

The Borealis Grox Empire as its own entity was formed after the Grox were mutated over the course of two billion years of exposure to the galaxy's Cold Relays. The Alvino Brood also fell under their control, giving them a secret way to observe the galaxy's growth, and through the ages, they periodically assaulted and destroyed civilizations who achieved a high level of technological advancement, taking away their population and devices while leaving no trace of their arrival. Zarkhator attempted to fight the Empire at multiple occasions, with each resulting in the slaughter of the Zarkhator people while the Borealis Grox remained unopposed. During the modern era of the galaxy the Zoles Imperium also encountered the Borealis Grox after attempting to cross into their territory, leading to the event known as the Great Purging where the Imperium's colonies in the Outer Core were eradicated in the timespan of five hours.

Second Borealis Galactic WarEdit

A Vague Fear

The Grox coming in contact with the Vague

The Grox became fully active once again during the Second Borealis Galactic War. During the Xi'Arazulha invasion, the Grox were sneakily robbed by the Borealis Consortium Network, who stole several artifacts off a Grox world. In retribution, the Grox destroyed thousands of BCN-aligned planets, while the Xi'Arazulha still caused damage across the galaxy. When the forces of Order pushed into the Core, the Grox were too occupied fighting the ultraterrestrial monsters to notice them.

After the Xi'Arazulha were defeated and the Vague arrived, the Grox came back to their mysterious plans. However, they would be hindered by the defeat and surrender of the Grox Meta-Emperor during the New Grox Wars, which caused the Borealis Grox's devices to temporarily glitch. It was discovered that the Grox were the only thing the Vague feared, but no one knew exactly why. The Borealis Grox would also indoctrinate King Thylaxiz to their side, and give him mysterious powers.

Sacrifices to be Made

The Borealis Grox destroy Falrik Zaarkhun's homeworld

When the War Economy was introduced, the Grox remained completely unaffected by it, as they were a post-scarcity society. During this time, the Borealis Grox came into contact with the Nexus Grox, with deals between the two factions being made centered around the largest threat to the Grox in Borealis: the Junction. During the Hegdar Revolution, the Borealis Grox were also revealed to be the masters of the Hegdar Warband, using them as puppets and servants.

The Grox's final stand would happen during the Wrath of Gods, where their plan was revealed: they would destroy the Cold Relays, leaving the natives stranded. They would then harvest the natives and turn all of them, including the Grox themselves, into Ascended-class dreadnoughts servants of Regnatus. The galaxy, however, united itself into a new Polar Crystal Alliance and pushed into the galactic core with the intention of hitting the Grox homeworld itself. After a very close battle, King Mirras III was finally killed by the Alliance, but at he same time, Regnatus himself emerged from inside of the Grox homeworld, where he then attacked the fleet. However, Regnatus' plans were foiled when the commanders of the Alliance managed to invade his body by using the galactic core's Cold Relay. Inside him, Arkarixus had the idea of uploading his mind into Regnatus the same way Regnatus had uploading his mind into the Grid. By doing this, Arkarixus managed to stun Regnatus, destroying his shields and barriers, and allowed the galactic fleet to finally destroy him.

The Mechanic took Regnatus' place as the leader of the Grox, giving them free will and personality by using the Grid. The Borealis Grox Empire was no more, being replaced by the Kormacvar Legacy.




The Borealis Grox Empire was a hivemind in control of Regnatus, who was referred to as the Master. While King Mirras III was widely thought to be the leader of the Empire, being its equivalent of a Grox King, he was in fact nothing more than an extension used by Regnatus to publicly interact with the Borealis Galaxy. Positions of power granted to drones served for no reason but to confuse the enemies of the Empire, for all of its administration was done by Regnatus in a galaxy-wide ratio at all times.



The Borealis Grox Empire, as a hivemind under the control of a wrathful god, showed few traces of society. The drones which composed it dedicated their lives to fulfill their master's plan and when not actively doing so, they would instead work on maintaining the empire so that when the time to work came, all would be at optimal capacity. Despite being the namesake race of the empire, the Borealis Grox did not exist in a higher hierarchy than the rest of the races enslaved by Regnatus, who were all treated the same: as tools to be used in his design. More 'important' individuals (such as King Mirras III) were given traces of free will in order to work more effectively, but their hierarchic positions were ultimately only for display.


With a combination of the technologies of the Grox Meta-Empire and the Kormacvar, the Borealis Grox Empire was the most advanced Borealan empire during its existence, and has only been surpassed by its successor, the Kormacvar Legacy. Capable of unrivaled feats of technology and might, their equipment was widely feared across the galaxy for its unique properties. The Borealis Grox were able to harness the power of the Grid and the Cold Relays to use them as they pleased, even being able to reprogram whole Relays so that only Grox vessels could travel through them without being destroyed. The military of the Empire was also absolutely unmatched in the galaxy, being composed primarily of Conqrix forces with their Commanders being almost invincible war machines on par with the Kormacvar Warmasters of old.

All pieces of equipment, including Conqrix clones, made by the Borealis Grox Empire shared one trait: an invisible field which warped the minds of those who were exposed for prolonged periods of time to them. This process was known as indoctrination and ultimately led to the victim to be turned into an obedient thrall of the Borealis Grox, coming to share their ideals and also to learn how to fully use their technology no matter how contrasting it was to their original equipment. The effects of indoctrination are said to be irreversible and are confirmed to still exist despite the formation of the Kormacvar Legacy and Regnatus' destruction.

We come.

Borealis Grox Ascended
  • Name - Ascended-class
  • Size - 5-20 kilometers large
  • Weaponry - Spatial compression waves, transphasic antimatter missile launchers, planet-glasser superlasers, ion autoblasters, ion repeater blasters

The apex of Regnatus' plan, the Ascended-class Dreadnoughts are sapient spaceships of incredible size and power created following the processing of whole worlds of indoctrinated sentients into a thick white goo-like substance which serves as the brain of the spaceship. The most powerful spaceship ever created by Borealans, the Ascended-Class Dreadnoughts are equipped with lasers which can cut through whole fleets like butter and their sheer resilience makes them incredibly hard to destroy. The goo mass inside them is made of billions of individuals, who are individually conscious of their current state and in a state of permanent despair and agony. The Ascended-class Dreadnoughts possess numbers of claw-like legs which allow them to walk on land, and also serve as melee weapons in the event other spaceships attempt to approach them.

The Ascended-class Dreadnoughts were for the most part eradicated by the great allied fleet who defeated Regnatus, but a great number of them is noted to have survived the war. These rogue Dreadnoughts, still indoctrinated by Regnatus' ideals and unaffected by the Mechanic's actions, are currently scattered across the galaxy, seemingly searching for like-minded individuals.




Regnatus was a member of the Kormacvar race, belonging to the order of the Warmasters who was created to combat the Grox Empire five billion years in the past under the Kormacvar Empire. However, the stress of war and the loss of his people caused him to descent into madness and make use of the Borealis Grid to achieve technological ascension, becoming a vengeful and malevolent entity of god-like might and presence who sought to impose his rule in the entire galaxy, enslaving his former enemies and turning those who opposed him into obedient thralls.

Taking the form of a planet-sized dreadnought of unrivaled power, Regnatus was the most powerful native entity the Borealis Galaxy has ever experienced and is widely seen as the epitome of evil in the galaxy's history. Deranged yet hyperintelligent, possessing an unnatural paranoia and a desire to take control of the entire of Borealis, Regnatus' influence still lingers on through the cosmos and is widely believed to be a permanent presence in Borealis, for even after his death, the scars left by actions still haunt the galaxy's inhabitants.

King Mirras III

The legacy of the Ancient Ones is mine.

King Mirras the Third, often stylized as Mirras III was the final king of the Borealis Grox Empire and one of the most important individuals in the Borealis Galaxy's modern history. Not a true Grox at all, Mirras III was a supernatural manifestation of Regnatus' superego given a physical form through the latter's immense Essence powers, and Mirras III served as the Kormacvar god's eyes and fist in the galaxy during his hibernation.

One of the most malevolent and cruel minds of all Borealis history, Mirras III was a cold, manipulative and extremely intelligent entity who always planned to be one step ahead of his enemies, and most of the time his plans ended in flawless success in his eyes, even in occasions where his enemies would otherwise consider them their own victories. Mirras III's manipulations caused the genocide of trillions of sapients and threatened to destroy the very galaxy itself, at to this day, there are few places in Borealis where mention of his name has not become a taboo.

Khensu True Form

The Borealis Grox cannot be defied.

Commandant Khensu was Mirras III's highest ranking warrior and the leader of the Marinox inside the Borealis Grox Empire. He notably differed from other Marinox for sharing his skin with a Borealis Grox's, having a sadistic personality and an apparent group mind with Mirras III.

Khensu possessed strange abilities that allowed him to take control of Conqrix and Marinox drones, and could turn himself into a monstrous cybernetic beast by surrendering his mind to Regnatus.

GroxOttz King

Freedom for the Ottzelloan drones.

GroxOttz King was an AI who served as the original ruler of the Ottzelloan Grox back when the Meta-Emperor colonised the Ottzello Galaxy. GroxOttz King acted much like a regular Grox King, but without a physical body. It's speculated that GroxOttz King's creation was a test by the Meta-Empire to potentially replace all Grox Kings with AIs in the future. The AI, however, became defunct and was replaced with King Thylaxiz. Leaving Ottzello, GroxOttz King would then be assimilated into Regnatus' troops.

GroxOttz King's most notable ability was of disabling UNOS on UNO's Ottzelloan Grox/Marinox/Conqrix drones. His spaceship body had similar properties to an Ascended-class dreadnought, except he lacked a living part.



Yellow faceYour use to us remains.


Orange faceIdentify yourself.


Red faceSuccumb and ascend.


I'm sure they can be just as useful as they can be incredibly difficult...that is, given careful planning, of course.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

These Grox are incredibly dangerous. I'd advise anyone to avoid them.

- Kralgon Emperor

woah man deyz da tuffest grox eva

- Zr'Ahgloth

ngh deyz da tuffest grox eva.

- Fre'kloar

If only we weren't fleeing from the Empire... We could have done the honourable thing and stand against these monstrosities.

- Willelmus Cretacea

Usually I don't tend to remember or actually give a two-credits on whatever we come across...but hell. I'll definitely remember Regnatus.

- Agent Nu


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