Our galaxy always had an affinity with time... for what reason? That we do not know, and probably never will.

- Ancient Kormacvar Logs

This is a timeline of the most notable events in the Borealis Galaxy's history.


Age of the Cold Ones (7,000,000,000 BC - 4,999,500,000 BC)[]

  • 7,000,000,000 BC - The Borealis Galaxy is formed.
    • A Vida'Rranlora Database moves itself to the newly-formed galaxy to ensue its usual operations.
    • The Xhodocto Eye Diafthora is lost in the area around the newly-formed Borealis.

The Kormacvar Empire was Borealis's first and greatest civilization

  • c. 6,900,000,000 BC - Birth of the Kormacvar
    • The Kormacvar are believed to have become spacefaring around this age, emerging from the frozen world of Hyperborea.

  • c. 6,500,000,000 BC - Borealis Grid
    • The Borealis Grid is built by the Kormacvar to keep unwanted outsiders and Ultraterrestrials away from their galaxy.
    • The Tertamian Alliance arrives to the galaxy and becomes one of the few intergalactic allies of the Kormacvar.
    • The Naombur are created to maintain the Grid.

  • 5,000,000,000 BC - The Great Grox War

  • 4,999,500,000 BC - Extinction of the Kormacvar
    • The Kormacvar Empire is completely destroyed by the Grox.
    • Regnatus takes over the Grox through the Grid, achieving a singularity in the process.
    • The Grox are sent to a state of seclusion.
    • The Samilinus seclude themselves to hide from the Grox.

Dark Age (4,999,499,999 BC - 25,000 BC)[]

  • c. 5,000,000 BC - Age of Nothingness
    • The Northern Arm disappears for unknown reasons.
    • A race of tremendous beings named Seireniar evolve in the Geriamias Sector, becoming its rulers. Such is their power that they come close to reaching the ranks of Ultraterrestrials.
    • The Seireniar's power attracts the attention of Regnatus, who hunts them down and drives them to extinction, with the exception of a handful of individuals who manage to hide themselves within great space stations.
    • Before their demise, the Seireniar create the Rovegar in their image to be their successors.

  • c. 1,200,000 BC - The Ancient Three
    • Control over Borealis becomes divided between the Kondrakar, the Rovegar and the Ganthorea.
    • War between these three factions cause them to lose influence and hide away. The Rovegar and Ganthoreans remain hostile, while the Kondrakar completely seclude themselves.

  • c 70,000 BC - Zazane
    • Ancient Zazane arrive to Borealis to study and colonize it.
    • Zazane colonists become comfortable with the Cold Relays and decide to stay on the galaxy.
    • Adaptation to frozen worlds cause them to mutate into the Borealis Zazane.

  • c 40,000 BC - Cyrannian Colonists
    • The First Republic arrives to Borealis through a wormhole and colonizes it.
    • First Republic colonists are trapped in the galaxy as the wormhole closes.
    • Adaptation to froze worlds cause the Libertus of the Republic to mutate into the Heleanorians, the territory of the First Republic is reformed into the Republic of Heleanor.

  • c. 25,000 BC - The Zoles
    • The Zoles and Nilito become spacefaring, forming the Zoleia Empire.

Age of Conflict (24,999 BC - 2,791 AD)[]

  • c. 20,000 BC - Zí-Jittorám
    • Zí-Jittorám are believed to arrive to the galaxy through unknown means at this time.

  • c. 12,000 BC - Rise of Pirates

  • c. 5,000 BC - The Season
    • The Seagon become spacefaring.

  • c. 2,500 BC - Imalmah

  • 410 BC - Vocrillon Mine
    • Vocrillon Mine, the space station which would later become Hyposirius, is constructed.

  • 225 AD - The Zoles Imperium
    • King Telarian Zulouar reforms the Zoleia Empire into the Zoles Imperium.

  • 954 AD - First Borealis Galactic War
    • The Wranploer Legion launch an assault into the Western Arm by manipulating other natives into attacking each other.
    • The Republic of Heleanor and the Samilinus Empire are weakened and absorbed into the Zoles Imperium. The Borealis Zazane and sapient Zí-Jittorám are absorbed into the Wranploer Legion.
    • The original Polar Crystal Alliance is formed to combat the Legion, who is eventually defeated.

The Great Purging marked the Grox's return to galactic affairs

  • 2,265 AD - The Great Purging
    • The Borealis Grox leave seclusion and destroy the Zoles Imperium's colonies in the Inner Core.

  • 2,766 AD - Niaka Civil War

  • 2,782 AD - Ottzelloan Arrival

  • 2,784 AD - Second Borealis Galactic War
    • Borealis is attacked by the Xi'Arazulha, marking the beginning of the Second Great War.
    • The Azure Theocracy, the Seagon Empire, the Alvino Brood, the Devourer's Chosen, the Borealis Grox Empire and the Borealis Consortium Network do not survive the conflict.
    • The Polar Crystal Alliance is re-founded.

Ice Age (2,791 AD - Present)[]

Vorius's march caused the deaths of innumerable innocents

  • 5 IA
    • The Oltauris Consortium is formed.
    • The Zarkhator Incident takes place.
    • The Old Niaka Order is defeated and its remnants are absorbed into the Niaka Special Forces.
    • The Borealis Campaign of Attero Dominatus ends. The Drakodominatus Tyranny's territory in Borealis is completely consumed by the Junction.

  • 6 IA
    • The Imalmah Hegemony is destroyed.
    • The Children of Synthesis are destroyed.

  • 10 IA
    • Project Exodus takes place. One million stars belonging to the Indoctrinate Collective are moved from the Milky Way to Borealis in one of the largest astroengineering projects in history. The Collective becomes recognized as a Borealis superpower.

  • 20 IA
    • Da Reckoning takes place. Da Rogue Boyz are defeated and the Unified Nation of Otzello is freed from their control.

The Battle of Fanaticus, between the Cognatus Empire and the united force of the Polar Crystal Alliance and the Unified Order of Cognalorilos

The Second Battle of Tilranni's Vigil, during the Second Great Cyrannus War's Borealis Front


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