Even the safest part of this galaxy is filled with people who can kill you if you do as much as look at them weird.

- Unknown

This is a codex of the Borealis Galaxy's native species, in order of location in the galaxy. Note this is only a very small percentage of how many sentient species exist in the galaxy; all the species with real notability are listed here, but many more exist. The page lists sectors from nearest to farthest to the galactic core, and the species are presented by name, homeworld, affiliation and relation to the Polar Crystal Alliance.

Western Arm[]

Karstul Sector[]

One of the two neighbor sectors of the Outer Core in the Western Arm, the Karstul Sector is a mostly unknown region. Most species in the sector are either too young or too seclusive to be noticed by galactic affairs. By extension, neither the Polar Crystal Alliance or the Wranploer Remnants have any influence in the sector. The sole superpower of the region was the Ganthorea up to the War of the Ancient Three.

Ganthor Drone.png

Ganthoreans MiniGanthorDrone.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Ganthor-2
  • Affiliation: Ganthorea
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Ganthoreans were one of the Ancient Three, a race of sapient plants of one of the moons of the gas giant Ganthor. An unknown and secretive species, the Ganthoreans were hive-minded beings who possessed the ability to control the nervous systems of other living beings, and effectively turn them into their thralls. They did this by infecting other living creatures with their spores, which merged themselves with the victims' brains and other vital organs. The Ganthoreans' spores were airborne, and as such, any creature without protection to set foot in their territory was prone to become their thrall. They were wiped out during the War of the Ancient Three.

Ganthor Brute.png

Garonthkars MiniGaronthkar.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Ganthor-2
  • Affiliation: Ganthorea
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Garonthkar were a race of sapient plants of one of the moons of the gas giant Ganthor. A subspecies of Ganthorean, the Garonthkars were noted for their incredible strength and resilience, serving as elite troopers for the Ganthorea as well as masters of thralled populations. These creatures could create immense quantities of infectious spores, which they could launch out of their bodies at will or in death, often in large bursts. Garonthkars were among the deadliest aliens to encounter in the Karstul Sector, and even veteran Rovegar soldiers were wary of fighting them at close range. They were wiped out during the War of the Ancient Three.


Kerpent MiniKerpent.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Valhar
  • Affiliation: Ganthorea
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Kerpent were a race of bird-like creatures native of Valhar. These two-headed avians developed their civilization rather innocently until they were attacked by the Ganthorea, and the entirely of their population was turned into slaves. The Kerpent had the task of infecting more species and spreading the Ganthoreans' seeds in other worlds, being seemingly mundane creatures who in fact acted as sleeper agents. They were wiped out during the War of the Ancient Three.


Scottera MiniScottera.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Andeegis
  • Affiliation: Ganthorea
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Scottera were a race of bird-like humanoids native of the mountainous planet of Andeegis. They had discovered their first Cold Relay at 2790, only to attract the Ganthorea from it which led to the assimilation of their homeworld. Like the Kerpent, the Scottera were reduced to sleeper agents who pretended being friendly to outsiders only to infect them with the Ganthoreans' vile spores. They were wiped out during the War of the Ancient Three.

Geriamias Sector[]

The other neighbor sector to the Outer Core, the Geriamias Sector is slightly more known than Karstul, but most of it remains unmapped. Large concentrations of supernovae, or stars about to go supernova, makes this sector hostile to spaceships, and as such, very little alien activity exists in there. However, the Empire of the Murgur has a lot of influence in the sector, where they have control over Edulia planets. The main superpower of the region is the Rovegar Matriarchy.


Briettice MiniBriettice.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Ticioru
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: None

The Briettice are a very small empire of primatoid creatures who refuse to make contact with outsiders. This is because at one point of their history, they were attacked and nearly brought to extinction by an enemy empire. After this, the Briettice people gained a phobia for aliens, and now remain in seclusion on their small territory. Briettice are average creatures, being about as strong as a human physically and having difficulty adapting to other environments. However, they are highly crafty and tend to use the environment around them for their advantage whenever possible.


Coruhohun MiniCoruhohun.png

The Coruhohun are an old species of owl-like avians who lives under the Rovegar Matriarchy. Originally a great dynasty who respected valour and wisdom above all else, they willingly allowed themselves to be adsorbed into the Matriarchy about 16,000 years before the Ice Age, making them one if its most solidified alien members. The Coruhohun are wise and possess a strong sense of respect, causing them to look down on younger and more impulsive races as being undisciplined. Truth to their own-like appearance, the Coruhohun can spin their necks 360º and have excellent night vision, and their talons are sharpened enough to shred through the skin of large warrior races such as the Levarcor or Varkorus.


Edulia MiniEdulia.png

The Edulia are one of the "failed" uplifted races of the Elzie Empire. While the Elzie wanted the Edulia to evolve peacefully, their brutish culture made it impossible, and they rebelled against their uplifters. Since then the Edulia have been found in the Murgur Warbands and later the Empire of the Murgur. Edulias are very tall and bulky centaurian creatures, who have the build to bulldoze a Zoles and even some Wranploer. Their extremely resilient skin makes them immune to small bullet firearms, and they can take very large amounts of punishment before dying. However, the Edulia breed very slowly, even in a galactic scale.


Ladio MiniLadio.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Diolurar
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: None

The Ladio are tall and fragile insectoid beings native of the super-Earth Diolurar, notable for being tidal-locked to its home star. The most notable features about their culture is a complete disregard for the concept of an economy and their acceptance toward any situation. The Ladio's society is similar to that of terran ants, but they do not have an equivalent of "queens". Because of this, they share all their resources equally and without wanting anything in return. Their acceptance is described as an "indifference" toward their futures. The Ladio believe all living beings are "fated" to some extent, meaning everything that has happened needed to happen. Because of this, the Ladio are neutral to virtually everything around them. This makes them very hard to socialise with, but at the same time, very hard to exploit. While they don't care for aliens fighting each other, they will defend their own people valiantly, as they believe they are fated to survive.


Rovegar MiniRovegar.png

The Rovegar are one of the Ancient Three, a race of tall, slim, physically frail and all-female creatures of unknown planetary origin that inhabit the Geriamias Sector of the Borealis Galaxy who serve as the mistresses of the Rovegar Matriarchy. They are an artificial species created by a race of ancient and technologically ascended beings known as the Seireniar, a race which spanned the Geriamias Sector five million years before the current age. They eventually became prey of Regnatus and the Borealis Grox Empire, and to save their legacy, they created the Rovegar in their image and placed them at the undeveloped world of Raltian. The Rovegar are a physically attractive yet weak species, although they are renowned for their powerful abilities relating to Elemental energy as well as their seductive, tempting methods of captivation in order to consume the "life force" of sapient creatures. Due to their habit of consuming "souls" and their ways of seduction, they are often compared to "succubi" or "demons".


Seireniar MiniSeireniar.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: None

The Seireniar were an incredibly ancient race of precursors native of the sector of Geriamias, their exact homeworld lost in time. The original creators of the Rovegar, the Seireniar were one of the greatest civilizations of Borealis after the Kormacvar Empire, evolving beyond the need of physical forms and living as goddesses until they were hunted down by Regnatus. To ensure their legacy would continue, they created the Rovegar in their image and attempted to depart to another universe, though nearly all of their people met their end at the hands of the Borealis Grox Empire. The high goddesses of the Seireniar, known as the Composer, the Instrument and the Dancer, fought one another and in the current day, only the Dancer is known to still exist in Borealis, slumbering at the core of an unknown world across the sector. Not much is known of their behavior, and the Rovegar populace know nothing of them, but they are assumed to have been extremely self-centered and egotistic entities.


Zakoves MiniZakoves.png

The Zakoves are a race of six-limbed saurians natives of Coruba, a temperate world of the Gemiarias Sector. Members of the Rovegar Matriarchy, they pledged themselves to the Rovegar after a joint political and military effort which led to the Zakoves people being saved from being completely consumed by the Ganthorea. A very cultured and peaceful people, the Zakoves are popular across Rovegar territories for their seemingly awesome sense of fashion, with some of the most famed fashionistas in the Matriarchy being members of their race. Considered valued friends of the Rovegar, the Zakoves are quickly to follow wherever they expand to.

Corrupted Sector[]

The Corrupted Sector, previously known as Aasatser Sector, was once an area of very low alien activity, only serving as the home of small empires such as the Iowroi Ast'ut and the Murgur Warbands. However, the sector would be later conquered by the dreaded Devourer's Chosen. After the Chosen were defeated, the sector remains a dangerous place to visit, as dark energies are still active across the stars and planets of the region. The main power of the sector is the Empire of the Murgur.


Blothnos MiniBlothnos.png

The Blothnos are a swarmer race, who exist in enormous numbers in which they mindlessly fight for the Devourer. They were formerly wild predators captured by the indigenous species for use in war and experiments, until their DNA was mutated this way, and they brought their own masters to extinction. Thanks to Kolossus, they mutated well beyond what was thought to be their peak, and they became Dark Chronoscopic masters, with Dark Chronoscopic organisms. The Blothnos' power comes from their Entropic and Dark Chronoscopic energies, as well as their numbers, not to mention their strength. They are feared predators when attacking in large numbers and ruthlessly cutting up everything they see. With the defeat of the Chosen, most Blothnos have fled Borealis, while the remaining are hunted and killed off by other empires. The survivors of the race have been absorbed into the Dominion of the Xhodocto.


Empahreen MiniEmpahreen.png

The Empahreen are winged insectoids from the infamous Carrion Worlds in the Corrupted Sector. Originally having a large empire in these worlds, they have joined the Devourer's Chosen in order to increase their power, but were ultimately tainted by entropic madness and became fanatical cultists as all other Chosen. Still, Empahreen are deceptive, backstabbing and cunning sadists looking for more power and willing to stab their superiors in the back in process, and are not as zealous as other Chosen. Empahreen are known for being fast in all meanings of this word, able to fly with 150 km/h speed, and having extremely quick reflexes. They can also teleport via natural tachyonic drives in their bodies, using all of this for achieving multiple, simultaneous and devastating deep strikes.


Insecloba MiniInsecloba.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Lagos
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Insecloba are a species native of the superearth named Lagos who controls a small empire in the Corruptus Sector. Neighbouring the area where the Devourer's Chosen once lived, the race was badly damaged by the demonic cultists during their existence and many of their people were rendered mad, becoming rogue space pirates who attack ships in the region, while their government was rescued by the Niaka Special Forces which led to them becoming members of the Polar Crystal Alliance. Inseclobas are furry moth-like creatures with a single, usually red eye on their heads, standing at an average two meters tall and being able to fly with the help of three pairs of membranous wings.

Iowroi Ast'ut.png

Iowroi Ast'ut MiniIowroiAstut.png

The Iowroi Ast'ut are cruel, large 6 legged beings known for their strength and tactics in battle. They were in a medieval-like stage of development, constantly warring against their own species before being converted to the Devourer's Chosen's cause. They may be very strong and tactical, but their poor agility and speed compensates for this. There existed 890 million Iowroi Ast'uts the time of the Chosen's peak of power, their population rapidly increasing to fit the Devourer's demands. With the defeat of the Chosen, most Iowroi Ast'ut have fled Borealis, while the remaining are hunted and killed off by other empires. The survivors of the race have been absorbed into the Dominion of the Xhodocto.


Murgur MiniMurgur.png

The Murgur are a species of huge, orcish creatures native of Planet Kaos. Widely famed for their great strength and numbers as well as their aggression, they formerly terrorized the galaxy under the Murgur Warbands until their dissolution during the Ice Age and the rise of the Empire of the Murgur, which currently is a member of the Polar Crystal Alliance. Many races of Borealis are wary of the Murgur or outright fear them, and with good reason. Few species are able to match them in physical might, and they are widely regarded as one of the galaxy's most potent ground forces. Whether they exist as an organized government or as space pirates, the Murgur are one of the most notable races of the Borealis Galaxy and have more than certainly left their mark in its modern history.


Plaidonir MiniPlaidonir.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Donarie
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Plaidonir are a race of synapsid creatures native of the lush planet of Donarie, located at the edges of the Corruptus Sector with the Geriamias Sector. Rivals of the old Murgur Warbands, they spent much of their history combating the Murgur folk, which leads to a heavy distrust now that the two races coexist in the Polar Crystal Alliance. Their biology is curious to other races due to them combining various traits from different species, such as a body covered in fur, a draconic body shape, numerous fins and hardened plates covering their limbs.

Ottzello Sector[]

The Ottzello Sector is an artificial sector created by the Vyro'Narza in 2,782 after the Ottzello Galaxy was destroyed during the Annihilation. The sector serves as the home of the species who compose the Union Republic of Ottzello and Da Rogue Boyz, as well as colonies of other empires. Because the sector was created so recently, no Borealis species are native of it as of now.

Main article: Ottzello Sector

Zoleia Sector[]

A sector almost completely dominated by the Zoles Imperium, the Zoleia Sector is a haven of order of the Borealis Galaxy and the most welcoming area to outsiders and tourists. Aside from extragalactic colonies, the sector is under total Imperium control. The sector's inhabitants, and habitats, are sophisticated, with great solidarity. This sector is named after the Zoles' and Nilito's homeworld of Zoleia, located at the heart of the sector.

Boreale Radeon.png

Borealis Radeon MiniBorealisRadeon.png

The Borealis Radeon are a subspecies of Radeon native of Borealis. During the times of Masaari Crusade and Dei'Ar Theocracy, some Radeons have been travelling to the Borealis Galaxy for various reasons. Eventually, they have colonised some planets in the Western Arm, trading and negotiating with the natives. During the time Dei'Ar Theocracy fell however, the Radeon colonists were left to their own devices. Cut off from other Radeons, they had to survive on their own. Eventually, due to adaptation to the galaxy's planets and the use of Cold Relays, these Radeons have started to change. Their fur turned blue and crystalline growths appeared on their backs.


Heleanorian MiniHeleanorian.png

A subspecies of the famous Libertus, the Heleanorians originated when an exploration team of Libertus were exploring a wormhole that led to Borealis. They entered the wormhole, but it closed right after, making the team lose all contact with the rest of the species. They mutated into a new species thanks to the Cold Relays, and formed their own empire which lasted for hundreds of years until it was merged into the Zoles Imperium. The Heleanorians are a very diverse species, being known as peaceful and just, but also capable of being manipulative, and cunning.


Nilito MiniNilito.png

The Nilito are a race of draconic reptilians native of Planet Zoleia. A subspecies of the famous Zoles, they are likewise members of the Zoles Imperium, and like their cousins they are self-proclaimed paragons of the galaxy who make efforts to pacify it on its entirely, with the ultimate goal of having it a safe place for all races to inhabit and evolve in without the fear of oppression, be it from space criminals to malevolent empires. Despite their diminutive forms when compared to the Zoles, the Nilito are equally fundamental to the existence of the Zoles Imperium and have equal importance in it as all of its races. While they are generally foul-tempered and easy to provoke, they are nonetheless benevolent, orderly and righteous creatures who defend Borealis from all threats, be them internal or external.


Samilinus MiniSamilinus.png

The Samilinus are a species of mechanics, warriors, engineers and scientists, with aquatic traits, that belongs to the Zoles Imperium, with some being members of the Union Republic of Ottzello. They are mostly friendly, although they will not hesitate to draw their weapons. Samilinus are mostly scientist, mechanics and engineers, but are also very skillful warriors. Their main role above all is working on starships and vehicles, but are creators of many technologies ranging from home to warfare. Samilinus are skillful engineers and technicians, able to evaluate properties of any device, material, and to quickly determine how to develop a new device with any tools given. They are also skillful swimmers, able to breathe on land and underwater.

Zoles Citizen.png

Zoles MiniZoles.png

The Zoles are a race of draconic reptilians native of Planet Zoleia. A people with a culture focused on the mindsets of order and honour, they are the self-proclaimed paragons of the galaxy who make efforts to pacify it on its entirely, with the ultimate goal of having it a safe place for all races to inhabit and evolve in without the fear of oppression, be it from space criminals to malevolent empires. The Zoles are without much doubt the 'face' of Borealis in international affairs, having become the most influential people of its modernity through the actions of their spacefaring nation, the Zoles Imperium. Benevolent, just and righteous, the Zoles are the protectors of their home stars and will use all resources available to them to keep it defended from all threats, be them internal or external.

Mirianis Sector[]

The sector with the highest concentration of extragalactic colonies, Mirianis is widely famed for being the home sector of the Alvino race. The main power of the region is the Indoctrinate Collective.

Original Alvino.png

Alvino MiniAlvino2.png

The Alvino are a race of artificial gardeners evolved from the Naombur who were originally created by the Kormacvar five billion years in the past. Notable for their unique biology which possesses traits of animal, plant and fungus, the Alvino serve as caretakers of nature, ensuring the protection of the galaxy's ecology. They are among the most gentle and friendly natives of Borealis and have a very strong link with their sibling race, the Caretakers of the Cold Relays.


Deldor MiniDeldor.png

The Deldor are a race of bird-like creatures native of Planet Kurithora. Known for their love for thrills which go to a biological level and their great curiosity, they are the main face of the Indoctrinate Collective in Borealis after their young empire decided to join them due to their fascination with the much older power. A welcoming and cheerful people by nature, the Deldor are one of the youngest spacefaring races of Borealis, yet they have made themselves notable as members of the Indoctrinate Collective due to their curious culture and their love for adventures. For a Deldor, standing idle is wasting precious time, for if you are not in constant movement and constantly experiencing new things, there is no point being alive at all.


Elzie MiniElzie.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Ocanius
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Elzie are a species of famous researchers who have notably aided in the evolution of many pre-space faring societies, be it directly or indirectly. The Elzie have great pleasure in seeing those around them prosper, and being thanked for it when they are revealed to be behind it. The Elzie are good allies of the Gooplet Technocracy and were allies of the Deldor Empire before it was merged into the Indoctrinate Collective.


Goldovi GoldoviMini.png

The Goldovi are a race of moderately-sized aliens who emerged on the interstellar scene less than a century ago. Their main interaction had been trading with other small empires around them. With the rise of the War Economy duting the Second Borealis Galactic War their fledgeling empire was attacked by a PMC. Days prior they had agreed to join the Draconid Imperium for the sake of protection and the advanced technology the Draconis offered. Goldovi are generally calm under pressure and follow reasonably cosmopolitan lifestyles. Since becoming a protectorate of the Imperium the range of goods coming through Goldovi starports has increased exponentially at the risk of further pirate raids. Which are primarily dealth with by the Imperial Talon Navy.


Gooplet MiniGooplet.png

  • Creator: Maxis
  • Homeworld: Goob
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Gooplet are a race of small swamp creatures, neighbours of the Zoles Imperium. Despite being very small and physically weak, the Gooplet are highly intelligent, and have managed to build a prosperous empire with the aid of all kinds of mechanisms and robots. Hailing from swamp-filled worlds, the Gooplet now live in vast ecumenopolis planets, with the streets filled with all kinds of alien technology. Space pirates frequently attack the Gooplet, wishing to take away their powerful technology for their own selfish reasons.


Krektal MiniKrektal.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Gotla
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Krektal owned a rather small empire in the Gotla star system, with pretty low technology. They were barely spacefaring. The mostly plains environment of their planet was full of wildlife to chase down and hunt, and the rest of the environment was either a jungle, a barren desert or a cold, mountainous zone. The Kretkal mostly lived in villages and camps out in the desert, although huge, bustling cities and massive armed forces weren't uncommon. The people had begun mining the moons and other worlds in the solar system, and only just discovered the existence of the Cold Relays. However, the Krektal's empire was destroyed in a proxy war caused by the Borealis Consortium Network, attacked by the Soltako Armed Military PMC. Surviving members of the species have been taken by the Polar Crystal Alliance, most of their population now living at Hyperborea.


Lamelota MiniLamelota.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Lonlur
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: None

The Lamelota were a race of centaur-like creatures native of Planet Lonlur. Known for their deceitful and mercenary-like mindset, they were among the most distrusted races of the region until their destruction by the claws of the Alvino Brood during the Second Borealis Galactic War. A calculating people, the Lamelota were not open to the idea of diplomacy and instead treated international affairs as commerce, only pledging allegiance to the one who paid them the most. This distrustful nature ultimately was their downfall, for there was no one to help them when reality struck and they found their worlds devoured by swarms of Alvino slave drones.


Mikmik MiniMikmik.png

The Mikmik are an evolving race of short-sized plant-animal hybrids native of the wildlife sanctum of Macronormus, a world known for its extremely large lifeforms, which some that can reach over fifty meters tall in height. The Mikmik themselves are the most intelligent lifeforms on the planet, but their intelligence is tribal-like at most. The Mikmik have the curious trait of obeying outsiders as if they were their leaders, possibly as a way of learning self-defense against the predators of Macronormus. Polar Crystal Alliance scientists believe the Mikmik develop "father-son" relationships with outsiders they trust, with them being the kids of the relationship. Overall, they are extremely docile, with a considerable array of subspecies, and the Alliance believes they will eventually achieve space travel one day.


Minga MiniMinga.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Baraila
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Heavy distrust

The Minga are a zealous race, who worship the Kormacvar as gods. They have little understanding of the Kormacvar's technology, and for a long time, have believed it to be the work of gods. They evolved on a world filled with ancient Kormacvar cities, and learned to speak their language. They have been so attached to the Kormacvar that they, themselves, have become cold in many manners. While usually welcoming, the Minga will go against anyone who dares "blaspheme" about their gods. The Minga do not believe the Kormacvar were regular aliens, seeing them as something above that.

Sovaikai Sector[]

The Sovaikai Sector is an area deemed as an "young species hub" by the Alliance's officials. The region is inhabited by newly spacefaring species and the Alliance has decided to let them live on with little interference from their part, unless these species make the first contact themselves.


Raydoni MiniRaydoni.png

The Raydoni are a race of bipedal omnivores native to The Templar Imperium (Later founded and merged with the Imperial Confederacy of Raydoni Systems). They are an adaptable and versatile race known for their several past civil wars, though they seem to regret that fact. They worship an ascended being named "Raydon", though his official title is "The Watcher". Raydon himself is, in truth, an ascended Raydoni who frequents the core of Planet Rasoni; the core of said planet being completely hollow. The Raydoni themselves are generally calm and analytical, and have a peculiar belief that fighting is the easiest and purest way to understand someone. While they are normally very reasonable, thoroughly angering them could provoke them into a very violent and irrational state.


Xilic XilicMiniPortrait.png

The Xilics are a race of cricket-like sentient insects from the planet Xiliaan. The Xilics are one of the most advanced race in the Sovaikai Sector. With advances in bio-engineering, chemistry, and physics, the species holds many advanced technologies such as genetically-engineered war machines, fusion reactors, faster-than-light travel, and surgical bots. Despite being xenophobic, the Xilics are very gentle and respectful creatures with a passion for science and an urge to learn. A visitor would find Xiliaan to be a beautiful planet...if they aren't blasted out of the sky before reaching the ground.

Limeis Sector[]

The Limeis Sector is the most distant sector to the Core Region in the Western Arm and one of the least inhabited. Formerly an area of low activity, the discovery of the Paladians and their Civitas empire allowed the Alliance to spread their influence to it.


Garukut MiniGarukut.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Garuga-3
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Varies

The Garukut are a species of beaked, winged reptilians native of the low-gravity world of Garuga-3, at the edges between the Limeis and Sovaikai Sectors. These wyverns are known across their space for their foul temperament and little patience for the incompetence of aliens, and those who do not pledge themselves to their empire are fierce and feared crimelords who are rivalled only by the likes of the Wranploer. Some time after the Alliance's arrival to the sector, the Garukut decided to align themselves to them in hopes to increase their influence and power in the galaxy. Garukuts are fearsome creatures who can easily reach over nine meters from head to tail, and they are able to fly with their immense wings at planets with low gravity such as their homeworld. Their technology is obsolete when compared to most of the galaxy, one of the biggest reasons being the race's lack of thumbs which has restricted their development to some extents.


Kienterah MiniKienterah.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Frantha
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Kienterah are a race of avian creatures natives of the temperate world of Frantha. Achieving space only two hundred years before the beginning of the Ice Age, they were preyed on by the Garukut who sought to turn them into servants, until they were ultimately given protection by the Paladians, leading them to become close allies of their State. With the rise of the Polar Crystal Alliance, most Kienterah followed the Paladians and joined it, though that has led them to once again be at odds with the Garukut, who also obtained membership.


Paladian PaladianMini.png

  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Homeworld: Pax-Paladi
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Paladian are a race of reptilian beings native to the Borealis Galaxy. The Paladian are known across the galaxy as being strong warriors who constantly strive to preserve order within their space and are considered to possess one of the finest and most experienced military forces in their region of Borealis, though they are also highly regarded for their respect for the rule of law and their commitment to order. Native to the planet Pax-Paladi in the very fringes of the Western Arm, the Paladian's strong empire, the Civitas, was damaged severely during the various conflicts that ravaged the galaxy, thus forcing them to join the Polar Crystal Alliance when it was re-created. The Paladian enjoy their newfound place in the Alliance and are common sights in the military and navy of the Alliance.


Wortgon MiniWortgon.png

  • Creator: Maxis
  • Homeworld: Wort-Wort
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Neutral

The Wortgon are a race of swine creatures who own allegiance to no government, and instead wander the galaxy as traders and merchants. They used to have a republic of their own until it was devastated in a war against invading Alvino ships, and since then, they have become a widespread race who lives where they are able to fit in. The Wortgon are a varied people, ranging from honest traders to illegal smugglers who work for, or as, space pirates. Some races tend to look down on them due to their mixed allegiances and the fact their people have the tendency to snort the word "wort" randomly in their sentences, which is something of a verbal tic in the whole race. This has led the more hostile races of the galaxy, such as the Wranploer, to refer to the Wortgon in pejorative names as "honkers" or "pig-bellies".

Eastern Arm[]

Carvious Sector[]

The Carvious Sector is one of the four neighbor sectors to the Core Region in the Eastern Arm.

Single Hseraelna.png

Hseraelna MiniHseraelna.png

  • Creator: TheHachi
  • Homeworld: Helviate
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: None

The Hseraelna are a race of serpentine reptilian sapients native to the Carvious Sector and are the founders of the Sable Host, a Regional Power that resides primarily within the southern region of Carvious which consists of various courts and provincial kingdoms unified beneath a single monarch known as the High Count. Largely distrusted by other galactic societies and cultures due to their otherwise selfish and vampiric nature, alongside a history of raiding committed by non-aligned groups and an affiliation for more controversial religious practices and traditions, the Hseraelna are dictated by archaic laws and pacts and, while seemingly emotionally and politically introverted, strive to uphold ethics of loyalty, honesty, and order.


Shrakanal MiniShrakanal.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Xian Tiau
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Improving

The Shrakanal are a species of very intelligent creatures who control one of the largest territories in the Carvious Sector. They are keen scientists and researches of the cosmos and catalog all species they find in the sector. However, they are skeptical about aliens, especially those hailing from other regions of the galaxy, entering the sector. The Shrakanal's influence discourages outsiders from entering the sector, this including pirates and PMCs. Due to them, the Carvious Sector is mostly quiet and orderly, though there are still other empires who go unnoticed by them. Overall, the Shrakanal are neutral and prefer to keep to themselves.

Demolidus Sectior[]

A sector almost completely dominated by pirates, the area is a typically primitive sector with little technology. This reputation is due to the fact that the now-gone Consortium's presence here focused less on their economy and more on military, with the Zazane and Zí-Jittorám's presence signifying that; the presence of the Adrahira also adds to this reputation.


Adrahira MiniAdrahira.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Elictar
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Adrahira are a space faring tribal civilizations, who uphold their prehistoric like ways, yet use modern, powerful technology. Being tribal, they are often very peaceful, and very well organized. They can communicate outside the tribe, but not often. Using their Dyson trees, they can live in trees anywhere. The Adrahira are neutral to most things in Borealis, but have a large interest in Kormacvar artifacts, seeing them as divine, though not as extremely as the Minga. This often causes conflicts between the two species.

Borealis Horder.png

Borealis Horder MiniBorealisHorder.png

The Borealis Horder are a subspecies of the Horder, a race of transuniversal bovines who were brought to this universe by the Zazane 70,000 years in the past. Like their masters, the Horder were affected by the galaxy's Cold Relays and went through many mutations which turned them into their own subspecies. Like the Zazane, they were absorbed into the Wranploer Legion, the Borealan Adjudication Corps and the Borealia Kingdom as time passed. The Borealis Horder differ from their standard cousins by possessing a thick, brown layer of fur over their skin, used to protect them from the cold. They are stouter and shorter than other Horder, which allows them to accumulate more heat, and are comparably stronger than their regular counterparts by a very small margin. The Borealis Horder chose to adapt to the Borealis Zazane's thieving culture, meaning many Horder criminals and mercenaries exist through the galaxy.

Borealis Zazane.png

Borealis Zazane MiniBorealisZazzie.png

The Borealis Zazane are one of the galaxy's physically strongest races. In the past, they were considered major and respected members of the Wranploer Legion due to their and their criminal abilities, but now the species follows more a more lawful path under the Brood of War and the Borealia Kingdom. The Borealis Zazane have evolved a culture centered around piracy, meaning they take joy in theft and breaking laws. Often rogues, bounty hunters or assassins, they are aggressive creatures who, unlike their Drik kin, have no code of honour. They are divided between those who wish for order and those who only want chaos, but overall, the species is still stereotyped as being uncontrolled, brutish criminals in Borealis. Despite this, the Borealis Zazane are actually a deeply spiritual people with a religion centered around Vaxal Myraad, who according to them, is responsible for their evolution into what they are now.


Borealis Zí-Jittorám MiniZiJittoram.png

The Borealis Zí-Jittorám are a subspecies of Zí-Jittorám from the Tuuros Galaxy who have found themselves in Borealis, hailing from the world of Afiloxenos. They are notoriously aggressive, being a species accustomed to disarray and independence. The Zí-Jittorám evolved as a species bred for the most dangerous situations imaginable. As they are almost 4 metres tall and weigh over a tonne, the Zí-Jittorám are composed of dense compounds which results in incredibly tough flesh and heavy bones. Although the Zí-Jittorám seem to be immensely heavy, they are surprisingly agile as their homeplanet has a considerably higher level of gravity, therefore lower gravity planets mean that they can travel faster and easier. Their claws can extend to 25 inches long, and have been seen to tear through flesh in a similar fashion to tissue paper. Their teeth also has the ability to inject a unique poison - which can break down matter once travelling through the bloodstream which means a quick but excruciating death. Zí-Jittorám spikes are used to gore enemies and is considered by the species to be more attractive if the spikes are longer. Other defences are the Zí-Jittorám's 25 feet long (7.8 m) tongue which can be used to strangle, hurl or tear their enemies apart.


Levarcor MiniLevarcor.png

The Levarcor are a race of brutish fighters. Uplifted by the Wranploer to be their main ground force, the Levarcor live to serve their "masters" with little knowledge that what they are doing is wrong. Levarcor are adept at using both their bare claws and weaponry at their enemies. Their brains are genetically engineered from birth, so they always know how to use the weapons provided by the Wranploer. Their massive numbers, their strenght and endurace make them one of the most dangerous races of Borealis. They are, however, surprisingly gentle when not in combat, and since the defeat of the BCN, many of them were rescued by the Niaka to serve the PCA.


Sankáryn MiniSankaryn.png

  • Creator: Xho
  • Homeworld: Afiloxenos
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Sankáryn are a subspecies of the famous Zí-Jittorám. Much less powerful physically than their vicious cousins, the Sankáryn rely on their almost unnatural agility and level of perception through sound to survive. They are also connected in a similar sense to a hivemind, making them extremely hard to break mentally. Despite the fact the Sankáryn absolutely despise the Zí-Jittorám, the Sankáryn have been absorbed into the now-gone Borealis Consortium Network, where they were often employed as scouts and lookouts due to their agility. They still serve under various Wranploer Remnants.

Sskaa AkviiPic.png

Sskaa Akvii MiniSskaa.png

  • Creator: Irskaad
  • Homeworld: Iiptaa Basii
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Sskaa Akvii are an aquatic-land slave species known for being the lowest in the criminal underground's hierarchy. It is known Sskaa Akvii actually communicate with telepathy when they Eeeek, which only other Sskaa Akvii can hear. When a species can't understand the telepathy, they only hear the Eeeek.Sskaa Akvii society is somewhat busy, and since economy is very slow people often make their own things, such as housing or food. Making a house in Sskaa Akvii society is equivalent to a manhood ritual, except it isn't a ritual at all, just a sign of clear independence. Sskaa Akvii take 3-5 years to finish, and start at their puberty years.


Strickendale MiniStrick.png

The Strickendale are, to be put simply, a species of survivors. Small batlike creatures known for their cunning and strength, they trace their origins to a mountainous world of Strygos, scarce with resources but rich with all forms of deadly, hostile lifeforms. Always having to fight for resources, fight for food, fight for survival, always on a brink of death, the Strickendale as a species became determined, ruthless, resourceful. When the Borealis Consortium Network invaded Strygos, these traits did ultimately save the young species, and the Strickendale quickly adapted to the new situation and earned themselves a place in the galaxy's greatest criminal empire as traders, smugglers and bounty hunters. After the Network fell as a result of the Second Borealis Galactic War, the Strickendale have found themselves in a rather tricky situation, with the future of their species left uncertain. As such, while many Strickendale have remained true to their old criminal ways, others have decided to integrate themselves in the galactic community and, still mistrusted by the natives of Borealis, have joined the extragalactic New Tertamian Alliance.


Varkorus MiniVarkorus.png

The Varkorus are a race of savage, bloodthirsty creatures who have swarmed across the galaxy after being taken away from the homeworld by the Wranploer hundreds of years ago. While the Wranploer Legion managed to hold some as slaves, they could not contain all individuals, which easily scattered across the Eastern Arm. The Varkorus are violent, warmonger creatures. They are highly adaptable to most climates and have an unique immunity to most, if not all, known diseases and viruses. They are also highly resistant to fire and very strong, being agile and persistent predators. The Varkorus are often employed by the Murgur as soldiers, the two species being in surprisingly good terms. The Zoles Imperium sees the Varkorus as a plague that should have never been taken off their homeworld and will not hesitate in destroying them.

Friura Sector[]

A sector dominated mostly by the Niaka Special Forces, pirate activity is still rather common due to the fact that there are several species, such as the Egelielano, who do not belong to any larger civilization for whatever reason.


Eaglartin MiniEaglartin.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Fanaticus
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Eaglartin are a race of piscine humanoid creatures natives of Planet Fanaticus. Formerly an openly hostile civilization who sought to submit other races to their religion, they were eventually defeated by the Niaka Special Forces and afterwards absorbed into the Cognatus Empire, which resulted in the enslaving of their people, who were forced to abandon their previous beliefs in order to not face extinction at the claws of the Cogsangui. Before their enslavement, the Eaglartin were zealous followers of the god called Lud'nev, though they were forced to worship the Oikoumene or face destruction by their Cognatus masters. Following the events of the War of Cleansing, they live under the protection of the Polar Crystal Alliance.


Egelielano MiniEgelielano.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Ailhon
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Egelielano are a scattered people, whose original empire was destroyed by the Wranploer Legion. The survivors have created their own, separated nations, which work independly from each other. The Egelielano are sometimes called by others as Borealis' "gypsies". The Egelielano are a timid species who fear other empires, generally staying away from them. Some are more courageous and accept alliances, while others are xenophobic and attacks intruders at sight.


Imalmah MiniImalmah.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Xtronznarter
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Imalmah are a species of humanoids known for being deceitful, backstabbing and untrustworthy who once ruled the empire known as the Imalmah Hegemony. They are known for their highly elaborated traps and schemes, and also possess the ability of reading through the body language of another being, allowing them to guess what they want or what they may do next. A notable trait of their biology which made them characteristics is that their brains are located on a stalk-like organ outside of their skull rather than protected under any layer of bone.


Lanatharch MiniLanatharch.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Lanatharch a race of synthetic beings and the outcome of the Lanatiz's discovery of the Vida'Rranlora. Achieving technological enlightenment through them, the Lanatiz converted themselves into a race of machines, but were unknowingly indoctrinated by Regnatus in the process, fleeing their old worlds and hiding themselves at the unexplored sectors of the Eastern Arm. The Polar Crystal Alliance fought the Lanatharch during the Second Great War, where they proved among the more dangerous of the Borealis Grox's forces and ever since the defeat of their master, the Lanatharch continue to skirmish with the Alliance, who are still unsuccessful in uncovering their true location in the galaxy.


Lanatiz MiniLanatiz.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Minzevo
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: None

The Lanatiz were a secretive empire of scientists and one of the older sapients of the modern era. Members of the original Polar Crystal Alliance, the Lanatiz possessed fantastic knowledge on the Cold Relays which gave them an edge in technology, and their seclusive nature made them poorly known as they outfitted their Relays with powerful defenses, capable of keeping both Zoles and Wranploer at bay. They eventually discovered the Vida'Rranlora and achieve technological enlightenment through them, evolving into a race of synthetic creatures known as Lanatharchs at the cost of most of them being indoctrinated by Regnatus.


Liopela MiniLiopela.png

  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Distrustful

The Liopela are a race of wise, cunning and quiet saurians. They have a have a great interest in the culture and happenings of alien civilization, even outside their own galaxy and can often be seen travelling the Gigaquadrant in the search for more information about other cultures. However, they are also quite xenophobic, believing that their culture is more advanced then that of other species, as such they often showdc great disdain for the other members of the Borealis Consortium Network. Following the Consortium's defeat, the Liopela left the Wranploer to die alone and became an independent empire once more.


Niaka MiniNiaka.png

The Niaka are a species of insectoid creatures native of Planet Ikkiz. Formerly a people made near entirely of space pirates, they have since reformed themselves into Borealis's self-proclaimed space police force in the stratocracy known as the Niaka Special Forces, dedicating their efforts to violently destroy all crime in the galaxy and leaving a trail of blood behind them to serve as an example of their point. Despite their shaky origins, the Niaka have since become one of the most known races of the Borealis Galaxy's modernity due to their devotion to the idea of exterminating all criminals, space pirates and tyrants from their stars. While good-intentioned, they are nonetheless extreme in their methods, and most Niaka ignore the ideas of mercy or alien ethics for the sake of making their galaxy a safer place to live in. Once all criminals are too afraid to commit further infractions, the Niaka's goal will be complete.


Seagon MiniSeagon.png

The Seagon are a mysterious species of fish creatures natives of Planet Clexis. They are widely famed for having evolved in a former colony of the Kormacvar, and evolved around their ruins while basing their technology out of theirs. This has led the Seagon to, despite their young age and small size, become one of the most technologically advanced civilizations of the galaxy's history. Formerly an openly hostile race under the rule of a bloodthirsty emperor, the Seagon are currently led by an unknown figure who has taught them to be pacified, and today they are one of the most important races of the Polar Crystal Alliance. Their secrecy and generally cold behaviour makes them distrusted and sometimes feared by outsiders, but the Seagon are ultimately benevolent and strive for the rise of an orderly Borealis much like the rest of the Alliance.


Vida'Rranlora MiniVida'Rranlora.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Database BX001
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Vida'Rranlora are an ancient race of AIs created by the legendary Vida'Rra many billenia ago. Manifesting themselves in the form of holograms, the Vida'Rranlora's main role is to archive every piece of information of the galaxy they are located in. The Vida'Rranlora Database of the Borealis Galaxy was found by the Lanatiz thousands of years ago, where they built a gigantic teleporter leading into it. The Database was properly shown to the galaxy during the Second Borealis War, where it was discovered that the Borealis Vida'Rranlora were under the control of Regnatus. However, the Polar Crystal Alliance freed them, and now the Vida'Rranlora pledge their support to the Alliance.

Vijaha Sector[]

A sector dominated entirely by the Wranploer, it is known for its utopia-looking worlds that contrast with its also poorer-looking worlds with crude technology; the inhabitants, and their habitats, range from sophisticated to broken and run-down. The sector is named after the Wranploer homeworld, located at its heart.


Kaiolger MiniKaiolger.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Wince
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

A formidable race, the Kaiolger are massive reptiles natives of the volcanic world of Wince, at the fringes of the Vijaha Sector. Valued across the galaxy as mercenaries, they have served under the Wranploer Legion and still can be found working under the Borealis Consortium Network's remnants. The Kaiolger are impressively strong, nearly matching the Borealis Zazane in muscle power and often making use of heavy ordnance weaponry to defeat their foes with extreme prejudice, but as one of the largest sapient races of Borealis at over four meters, they are easy targets and typically cannot operate in high gravity worlds.

Borealis Keelaw.png

Keelaw MiniKeelaw.png

  • Creator: Bio21
  • Homeworld: Tardans
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Neutral

The Keelaw are an ancient species of hexapeds that joined the Wranploer Legion early in their history to prevent hostile invasion by any of the other species in the Borealis Galaxy. They often work willingly, even if they're not being compensated. This trait led the Wranploer using them for a variety of tasks. They display a variety of physical capabilities due to their amazing dexterity and six limbs with thumbs. They are highly intelligent, however their mental abilities are often suppressed by their Wranploer overlords to prevent them from gaining large amounts of power or influence in the criminal underground's society.


Kvargo MiniKvargo.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Ailhon
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: None

The Kvargo were a race of powerful space pirates, among the most feared of the entire galaxy. During their golden age, they could be considered more powerful than the Wranpoloer Legion in both firepower and technology. However, their reign of looting came to an end when the Zoles Imperium killed them off some years after the Great Purging. Since their early days, the Kvargo were always aggressive and uncaring creatures. They were known to be selfish and strict, with the Wranploer being the only known race to ever gain their trust. There are no records of battles against Kvargo Empire armies which include the Kvargo army retreating to any extent.


Minchar MiniMinchar.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Minch
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Minchar are a friendly, but highly oppressed slave race of the Borealis Consortium Network. Being the first ever species to be conquered by the Wranploer almost two millenia ago, the Minchar are currently composed of the descendants of a bloody war which extincted their former empire. The Minchar are present in most, if not all, Network planets across Borealis. Due to how they are treated by the Wranploer, the Minchar have little will to fight back, and end up becoming oppressed by almost all other members. With the BCN defeated, many Minchar were rescued by the Alliance and now live under their protection.

Wranploer Citizen.png

Wranploer MiniWranploer1.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Vijaha
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Varies

The Wranploer are a species of fearsome and bizarre-looking creatures native of Planet Vijaha. One of the dominant races of the galaxy in during the Age of Conflict, rivalled only by the Zoles Imperium, they are famed for being the leader race of the powerful criminal empires known as the Wranploer Legion, the Borealis Consortium Network and its successors, the New Wranploer Legion and the Children of Synthesis. Notable for their extreme superiority complex compared to other races, they believed themselves to be the master race of Borealis, promoting the extinction or enslavement of those who opposed them and the will of their leader. However, the defeat of their governments by the beginning of the Ice Age drastically reduced their numbers and divided them across the galaxy, and today the Wranploer are considered to be under the threat of extinction.

Muvogura Sector[]

The Muvogura Sector is an unknown region of the galaxy with very little Zoles or Wranploer activity due to its lack of inhabitable planets and its proximity to the Junction's territory. Formerly ruled by the Kondrakar Dominion, the region is currently abandoned.


Kondrakar MiniKondrakar.png

The Kondrakar were one of the Ancient Three, a species of immense limbed snakes natives of Planet Kondrak. A malign and cruel race, they had since ancient times thrived under the gaze of Diafthora, one of the seven Xhodocto Eyes. The Kondrakar were at one point rulers of most of the Eastern Arm, though they were eventually weakened by their old enemies and forced into seclusion. They attempted to wage war against the galaxy again during the Third Great War, though it led to their extinction.

Zarkor Sector[]

The region of space known as Zarkhar Sector was the seat of power of Zarkhator during its existence. No other sapient races are known to exist in the region, possibly due to being wiped out by Zarkhator.

Zark Revised.png

Zarkhator MiniZarkhator.png

  • Creator: TheHachi
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Affiliation: Zarkhator
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Zarkhator were an artificial race of large, reptilian bipeds that were native to and resided within the Borealis Galaxy, with their species being an apparently ancient one as they possessed more technological and cultural knowledge of the Kormacvar than any other sapient civilization within the galactic community. The Zarkhator were a race derived entirely from the genetic material of the ancient entity Zarkhator Prime, effectively meaning that all members of the race were clones and shared similar, if not completely identical, genetic sequences and structures with one another; in turn, the Zarkhator were incapable of reproduction between themselves and relied on complex machinery to produce more of their number.

Northern Arm[]

Tristezas Sector[]

The only sector of the Northern Arm still partially intact, there are almost no inhabitants of the sector, besides the Cold Loron - of Da Rogue Boyz - and the Caretakers. As the location can only be reached by those with certain access, the sector serves as the Rogue Boyz' haven, as well as the Caretakers. The Caretakers have their current main base of operations set up in this sector, while the Rogue Boyz use their area as a fortress. The entire sector is, in fact, only as small as 3 sub-sectors of its original state, which were shielded in time from the rest of the Galaxy, only accessible through one relay.

Cold Loron Troopa.png

Cold Loron MiniColdLoron.png

The Cold Loron are a subspecies of Loron originated from a group of Loron who went back in time via a wormhole. Up until the Xi'Arazulha invasion, the Cold Loron were trapped inside an alternate dimension made by the Kormacvar. Like the regular Loron, the Cold Loron are extremely strong creatures. Their evolution gave them biological liquid hydrogen weapons and heavy resistant to cold temperatures, making them quite formidable.


Cold Norol MiniColdNorol.png

The Cold Norol are a subspecies of Norol originated from the same group of Loron who went back in time via a wormhole and would later become the Cold Loron. Up until the Xi'Arazulha invasion, the Cold Norol were trapped inside an alternate dimension made by the Kormacvar. Like the regular Norol, the Cold Norol are extremely intelligent creatures capable of breeding more Cold Loron. They do not possess the same ice-spittas as the Cold Loron, but retain a considerable resistance to cold temperatures.

Hyperborea Sector[]

The Hyperborea Sector was the region of the galaxy surrounding the Kormacvar homeworld of Hyperborea. Once the most technologically advanced sector of the galaxy, it was destroyed along with the rest of the Northern Arm by the Junction. All that remains in this sector are debris and Hyperborea's star system.


Caretaker MiniCaretaker.png

The creature|Caretakers are a mysterious race who look after the Kormacvar' technology, fixing it if broken, making new Cold Relays to add to the network, and upholding Kormacvar cities. Their association with the Relays has led to speculation that the Caretakers were created by the Kormacvar, thos beng later proved correct. Caretakers are very alien and neutral creatures who only care about their jobs, having no concept of alliances or rivalties. However, they won't exitate in defending themselves with their Kormacvar tech, which can easily defeat any native empire in Borealis.

The Cold Ones.png

Kormacvar MiniColdOne.png

The Kormacvar are an extinct species of incredibly advanced reptilians native of Planet Hyperborea. The first sapient species in Borealis' history, they were its most advanced natives in history as well as grandest empire during their Golden Age, which happened five billion years before the beginning of the Ice Age. The Kormacvar are widely known for being the original creators of the Borealis Grid and the Cold Relays used by the galaxy's inhabitants for intersteller travel, as well for being the original masters of the Caretakers and Alvino. A species who once spanned the entire galaxy, the Kormacvar ultimately met their end at the hands of the Grox Empire in a 500,000 year long war which led to their extinction. Though while they are long gone, their legacy still exists in the galaxy in the form of the Grid, its related equipment and numerous artifacts scattered around old worlds which modern species have used to boost their own technology, with races such as the Seagon and Rovegar being noted for having evolved around Kormacvar artifacts since their early existence.


Naombur MiniNaombur.png

The Naombur, also known as Proto-Caretakers and Proto-Alvino are the original servant race of the Kormacvar, created to do mundane tasks and maintenance for the precursors until they were eventually succeeded by a pair of new species, the Caretakers and the Alvino, each possessing a half of their original genetic code and structure. Long forgotten by the rest of the Borealis Galaxy, the Naombur were rediscovered following the uncovering of the space station Hyperborea. Created for the sole reason of maintaining Hyperborea's systems, the Naombur are incapable of anything else, but at the same time better at doing so than either of their children races. As of the current era, they are considered citizens of the Kormacvar Legacy alongside the Caretakers and Alvino, though they appear to pay little intention to other races despite living among them. With the extinction of the Kormacvar, the Naombur are currently the oldest extant natives of Borealis.

Core Region[]

Inner Core[]

The inner regions of Borealis' Galactic Core were once prosperous and full of life, until the Borealis Grox Empire launched the Great Purging on it, causing the extinction of all empires of the region. The current main superpower of the region is the Kormacvar Legacy.

Borealis Grox.png

Borealis Grox MiniBorealisGrox.png

The Borealis Grox are a subspecies of the common Grox of Andromeda, who first arrived in Borealis five billion years in the past to wage war against the Kormacvar. The war resulted in the Grox territory of Borealis being enslaved by the Ultraterrestrial named Regnatus, and over time he would engineer their bodies to suit his preferences. The Borealis Grox are noted for their blue and white fur, more numerous synthethic body parts and pronounced whiskers across their faces, which make them appear superficially feline compared to common Grox. In the modern era, they serve the interests of the Kormacvar Legacy after being freed from Regnatus' mind control.

Outer Core[]

The Outer Core is the area around the core not inhabited by the Borealis Grox. Formerly known as "Center of Death" due to empires considering living on the region as suicide, the Outer Core's influence grew immensely following the formation of the Kormacvar Legacy. The Alliance has a lot of influence in the region and hopes to use it as a gateway on their mission to "pacify" the Eastern Arm. The main power of the region is the Ransio Empire.


Caxildiz MiniBorealisCaxildiz.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Weltokat
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Caxildiz are a very abundant species in the galaxy, being found in multiple bounty hunter guilds, pirate fleets, assassin guilds and even in some Wranploer Remnants. The Caxildiz are often seen with disdain by the rest of the galaxy for these reasons, though not all Caxildiz are criminals, creating a feeling of discrimination against the species. The Caxildiz are notable for their bone-like limbs and their amazing agility, as well for their legendary jumping skills. An adult Caxildiz can jump almost 10 times his height with very little effort required.


Herame MiniHerame.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Alcalvae
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Herame are a friendly species of tall, mammalian creatures who live in the Outer Core. Their territory is one of the nearest to Grox territory, which allows them to spy on them and alert the galaxy in case they act somehow. Because of this, they are seen as a great friend of most of the Outer Core's empires, and also as valuable allies of the Zoles Imperium. Herame themselves are hulking creatures, large in size and very heavy in weight. Despite their large size, they are friendly creatures who only want to help. Even space pirates know it's counter-productive to anger the Herame, as precious information about the Inner Core will be lost.


Kalda MiniKalda.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Mallus
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Kalda are a species of serious businessmen who have connections with multiple bounty hunter groups across the Outer Core and the Corrupted Sector of the Western Arm. However, these bounty hunters are usually sent to deal with threats such as space pirates, the Wranploer or the Murgur, menaing the Kalda are actually a force of good. They are good friends of the Herame, who are their biggest trade partner. Because of how the Kalda's operations work, the Wranploer have a hard time detecting they are responsible for their losses, and when discovered, the fact the Kalda live next to Grox territory refrains them of attacking back.


Krinkarut MiniKrinkut.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Daeocah
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Krinkarut are a species of sapient jellyfish who can move on land through the use of their large tentacles. With a body composed ninety percent of water, they require technological equipment to survive in dry land or die of dehydration, but they have shown themselves to be capable of much underwater, including having a very influential and stable empire made entirely of underwater cities. It is said that the Krinkarut evolved around a Kormacvar artifact located in the depths of their homeworld, which allowed them to be the spacefaring nation they are today.


Ransio MiniRansio.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Kajusa
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Members

The Ransio are an old species of bear-like creatures who have a considerably large empire in the Outer Core. They are known to be welcoming and friendly to aliens, but when provoked, they can be extremely ferocious. The Ransion are among the most physically adept races in the galaxy, beating most races in hand to hand combat with their enormous claws.


Rafows MiniRafows.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Elence
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Neutral

The Rafows are a species who controlled a stable merchant network across the Outer Core. However, they were eventually attacked by the Imalmah, who destroyed their original empire. The surviving Rafows are now mainly empire-less traders who travel across the galaxy in a wanderer-like way. While similar to the Egelielano Guilds in attitude, the Rafows are much more neutral, and have several star systems of their possession.


Vaedoruk MiniVaedoruk.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Vae
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Enemies

The Vaedoruk were a mysterious race of creatures only found at their homeworld of Vae, at the eastern fringes of the Outer Core. According to themselves, they were old enough to have seen the Rovegar and the Ganthorea in their prime, but secluded themselves in their homeworld and abandoned their technologies in order to escape the gaze of the Borealis Grox; in truth, they had been indoctrinated by the Grox thousands of years in the past. The Vaedoruk were devoid of emotions, focused only on their hidden goal of spreading Regnatus' taint across the stars until they wiped out by the Polar Crystal Alliance. Each member of the race possessed psychic powers, which they used for levitating and general locomotion.


Voino MiniVoino.png

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Homeworld: Jaquond
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Polar Crystal Alliance relation: Neutral

The Voino are an unwelcoming race of pirates who live in a divided and scattered territory across the Outer Core and some parts of the Eastern Arm. Their attitudes make them feared and disrespected across the galaxy, while at the same time many pirate groups tend to employ them as cheap and good labour force. Despite appearing clumsy, the Voino are known for being extremely fast. A regular Voino can easily run as far as a human racecar.


  • Credit to Cyrannian for allowing the use of his layout.
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