This page lists the most notable planets of the Borealis Galaxy.

Western Arm[]

Zoleia Sector[]


Zoleia is the homeworld of the Zoles and Nilito and the capital of the Zoles Imperium. A large, lush green world of mostly temperate weather, Zoleia is arguably the most important planet of the Arm of Knowledge, the sector around it being named in its honour.

Since the Zoles' victory over the Wranploer Legion during the First Borealis War, Zoleia has been considered a beacon of hope and order in the galaxy. Surviving attacks ranging from space pirates to demons, Zoleia remains strong and important in galactic affairs.


Hyperborea is a space station built around the original homeworld of the Kormacvar Empire of the same name. Approximately 650,000km of diameter, Hyperborea is a gargantuan construct which, since the Second Borealis War, serves as the capital of the Polar Crystal Alliance and home of the Polar Crystal Council.

Hyperborea is generally treated as the capital of the entire Borealis Galaxy.

Mirianis Sector[]


Kurithora is the homeworld of the Deldor and the capital of the Indoctrinate Collective in Borealis. A rather small planet, it is locked in a constant ice age which has made its native lifeforms adapt to the coldest environments.

Kurithora is very heavily defended by the Indoctrinate Collective's Navy, in Borealis under rule of Commandant and Archeologist Baptarion Light. During the Second War, Kurithora was hit by a massive attack from the Devourer's Chosen, but it as since rebuilt all the damage caused by the demons.


  • Name - Macronormus
  • Notable for - Extremely large creatures
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Status - Under PCA Protection

Macronormus is classified as a "wildlife sanctum" by the Polar Crystal Alliance: a planet dedicated for scientific study and unable to be colonized. The planet is known for it's extreme biosphere, housing beasts which can range from a meter to over 50 meters tall.

Macronormus is the homeworld of the Mikmik, which are speculated to one day achieve a space travelling society. For now, only extremely brief visits to the planet are allowed, and any colony is to be removed, with punishment of destruction.


Viniaris is the homeworld of the Alvino and was, at one point, one of the most important planets of the Kormacvar Empire. The planet is dominated by plants and fungi, which are distributed in every single place in the planet. The planet also houses the Alvino Brood Mother. By extension, all Alvino are born in Viniaris.

Viniaris has been a notable planet in the recent times, being used by the Borealis Grox Empire and Regnatus during the time they controlled the Alvino. The planet also held the final battle against the corrupted Alvino Brood during the Second War, which ended with the destruction of the original, corrupted Brood Mother.

Ottzello Sector[]


Grenzaar is an enormous Vyro'Narza construct. The history of Grenzaar is mostly unknown. The original Grenzaar was smaller, but was also created by the Vyro'Narza. It had had so many changes in alignment, that the planet ultimately belong to multiple factions rather than one. This Grenzaar is the 'successor' to the Ottzello Galaxy, which was destroyed in the Annihilation.

As well as the home of the Unified Nation, Grenzaar is one of the Borealis Galaxy's hub of criminal activity; several large criminal groups reside here, such as the Borealis Consortium Network (formerly the Zaarkhun Consortium). Grenzaar can also serve as a specialist Cold Relay. The space station is Unified Nation's capital. It is at least a million times larger than the planet Earth. It contains several layers, and a population of at least 20 trillion. Grenzaar is home to flora like a normal planet would be in its interior, as well as its own atmosphere produced by the flora and wildlife, which are taken from the best nature reserve planets in Ottzello.


Groodrub is the homeworld of the Loron and Norol. As the Loron evolved and became spacefaring, they eventually forgot about their home planet, leaving it behind until they were added to UNO.

The planet was later colonized by the Unified Nation of Ottzello, and was a planet moved from the old Ottzello Galaxy to the Ottzello Sector. It became a wildlife reserve, a Loron home, and a Ioketa home, in which the Ioketa would visit on their training pilgrimages due to its harsh climate.

Corrupted Sector[]


Kaos is the homeworld of the Murgur and the capital of their Empire. An arid, hot planet, most of Kaos is composed of deserts. Because of this, its native lifeforms had to adapt to live with as little water as possible, as water is scarce in the planet's surface.

Kaos is a holy planet for the Murgur, and one of the few planets where the 3 clans, plus all clanless individuals, live in a neutral stance to each other. Kaos was major during the Hegdar Revolution, which marked the first appearance of the Ascended-class Dreadnought to the rest of the galaxy. When the Empire of the Murgur was founded, the planet was immediately made its capital.

Eastern Arm[]

Vijaha Sector[]

Vijaha, prior to orbital glassing

Vijaha was the homeworld of the Wranploer and the capital of the Borealis Consortium Network. Despite its importance, Vijaha was unknown to most of the galaxy. Many believed the planet was nothing but a myth, as the Wranploer did not allow any other species beside themselves to set foot there, not even other members of the Consortium.

Despite its secrecy, the planet's location was known by the Zoles, who attacked it during the First War. Vijaha was also attacked during the Second War by the Devourer's Chosen, by the Polar Crystal Alliance and the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth.

Currently, Vijaha is a destroyed, glassed molten rock.

Demolidus Sector[]


  • Name - Afiloxenos
  • Notable for - Homeworld of the Borealis Zí-Jittorám and Sankáryn
  • Affiliation - None
  • Status - Inhabited

Afiloxenos is the homeworld of the Borealis Zí-Jittorám and their subspecies, the Sankáryn. It is a very cold planet, averaging 8 Celsius all year and having the lowest temperature around -87 C (-125 F), the hottest being close to 17 C (63 F). The vast majority of the planet is earth, with all the water on Afiloxenos being great lakes. The waters of Afiloxenos seems similar to the same colour of the ground (being a sickly pale green), but close up it is a jet black.

Due to the harsh conditions, the earth has become cracked, some valleys reaching nearly 1000 miles (1610 km) wide. Apart from this, Afiloxenos is very flat save for mountain ranges. The tallest mountain on Afiloxenos reaches a height of 78,880 ft (24,042 m) but is very flat and curves with the planet. Afiloxenos' atmosphere is very thin.


  • Name - Kryptka
  • Notable for - Homeworld of the Borealis Zazane
  • Affiliation - None
  • Status - Abandoned

Kryptka is the homeworld of the Borealis Zazane. A cold, harsh planet mostly composed by plains, Kryptka has housed the Zazane since their arrived in the galaxy thousands of years ago.

As of the end of the Borealis War, the planet is largely abandoned, following the Borealis Zazane's exodus to the Andromeda Galaxy. Small pirate bands still use the planet as a meeting place.

Friura Sector[]


Ikkiz is the homeworld of the Niaka and the capital of the Niaka Special Forces. Formerly owned by the Old Niaka Order, Ikkiz was taken by Chief Major Xerkea when she rebelled against the Old Order government, making Ikkiz the beginning of the Special Forces as a whole.

Ikkiz is unusual for its almost luminescent green water. It has been attacked multiple times during the Second War, being targetted by pirate raids, the Devourer's Chosen and the Seagon Empire.

Database ATMZBOR18917

Database B001X is the Vida'Rranlora database created to study the Borealis Galaxy. While the galaxy is several times younger than the Vida'Rra, it's speculated they had foreseen the galaxy's creation and left the database near its vicinity for when it was formed. The database is a planet-sized computer hidden away from the Borealis Grid, and its only accessible to natives via a portal located in the old Lanatiz Empire homeworld.

The database remained under Regnatus' control for over 5 billion years until it was saved by the Polar Crystal Alliance. Now, hundreds of Alliance scientists currently reside at the database for studying.


Exile Station

Exile is a space station designed by the Polar Crystal Alliance and created with the aid of multiple allies to be the most efficient and secure prison in the First Gigaquadrant. It was first conceived at 2796 by Councillor Xeron of the Polar Crystal Alliance, being officially inaugurated at 2797. Exile's location is top secret and is only known by the leaders of the empires involved in its construction.

Notable prisoners include:


  • Hyperborea's model is an edited version of this creation by Sporepedia user Pezzalis. Credits to him.
  • Exile's model was made by Cyrannian.
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