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The Ottzello Sector is a major sector of the Borealis Galaxy, located on the very end of the Western Arm of the galaxy. Created shortly after the destruction of the Ottzello Galaxy and the migration of Ottzelloan races, the sector was constructed by the Vyro'Narza to be inhabited following the Annihilation. It has since served as the home for many important civilisations in Borealis' post-Annihilation events, such as the Union Republic of Ottzello, Da Rogue Boyz, and more importantly, was responsible for the Borealis Consortium Network and its influence on the galaxy.

The Vyro'Narza created sector is largely created by Chronoscopic energy. As such, it is extremely rich with andasium metal, a very valuable and rare resource, as well as Chronoscopic organisms, and rare spices. Though many areas of the sector are some of the richest and most beautiful in Borealis, particularly those within URO, areas outside are typically rife with poverty and crime.



The Xhodocto destroyed the Ottzello Galaxy as a result of the Annihilation. Preparing for this event, several of the Vyro'Narza began moving worlds to Borealis. Though it was unknown at the time why they chose to move Ottzello worlds to Borealis instead of the Milky Way Galaxy, where UNO had migrated to at first, it was later discovered that this was due to Vyro'Narza co-operation with Vyro'Ralzora in creating the Vyro'Ralza. Zargoth presumably chose the galaxy due to it being a safe environment, thanks to the Kormacvar influence.

Due to the influence of the Salsetthe Republic, UNO's homes in the Milky Way were forced to be abandoned. After being forced to vacate, they later learned that several Ottzelloan worlds had moved to the then-seclusive Borealis Galaxy. UNO moved to make this their home, and settled in with using the Grid as a power source. It was created on top of the Highly Classified Zone F13 to hide it further.

Pre-Borealis War[]

During the times leading up to the Second Borealis War, the Unified Nation discovered a Vida'Rranlora database world was discovered in the Ottzello Sector. Essentially a living planet, it was added to UNO's System and made as UNO's official database of information. Meanwhile, the Zaarkhun Consortium had, in secret, merged with the Wranploer Legion to create the Borealis Consortium Network.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

The Second Borealis Galactic War hit Ottzello particularly hard, when the Xi'Arazulha and The Vague ravaged many of UNO's worlds. However, they did not destroy the outer worlds for the most part, as only UNO's were important to their goals. Due to a galactic mistrust of UNO, the galaxy was quarantined, as UNO were suspected of kidnapping King Rebaris, blamed heavily for the invasion of Da Rogue Boyz, and their culture was widely disliked by then-xenophobic Borealis natives. The sector was locked away, and excluded from the galaxy.

Later on, Falrik Zaarkhun began the War Economy movement, which led to the rejection of government and the rise of private military corporations. This did not immediately impact Ottzello, due to quarantine, but affected them once their quarantine was lifted, when it was revealed King Rebaris was in fact kidnapped by Zaarkhun. After UNO helped defeat Regnatus and Zaarkhun, the galaxy's opinion on the Ottzello Sector changed completely, and it became quickly accepted into Borealis, becoming one of the most popular sectors.

Ice Age and following events[]

Ottzello began to quickly recover from the war during the Ice Age. However, Zaarkhun's influence in the galaxy had affected Ottzello harder than many other sectors, and PMCs had been on the rise.

The Settlin Da Score incident led by Da Rogue Boyz was responsible for the biggest political shift in the sector. The Unified Nation of Ottzello was mostly destroyed, with the Refuge of Ottzello fleeing and Da Rogue Boyz taking over. Da Reckoning which followed led to an unsuccessful attempt to conquer the universe, and the Rogue Boyz were severely damaged at the end of the war before it ended.

Following this, the Refuge of Ottzello mostly rejected the Unified Nation. This led to the Ottzello Revolution, in which the conclusion led to the creation of the Union Republic of Ottzello.




The abundance in andasium, as well as some rarer spices, makes the Ottzello Sector extremely wealthy. It trades with much of the rest of the universe, as it is far more efficient economically to trade with URO than it is to create andasium with quantum replicators. URO's worlds are some of the richest outside of several cities in the Eastern Arm, and worlds occupied by the Zoles Imperium.

Due to the unconditional basic income that the Union Republic enjoys, most Ottzelloans are relatively wealthy. There is a great disparity in income, though none within Republic territory live in poverty. The reverse is true outside of URO territory. Many inhabitants are forced to occupy the slums of the outer galaxy, or work for crimelords, or are at the mercy of the Rogue Boyz.

Ottzello is often visited by many entrepreneurs and traders around Borealis due to its andasium and spice trade, as it is a very strong trade point. Typically, its outer areas, due to a lack of real control, are often inhabited by many richer businessmen, often to avoid tax and exploit the third-world conditions of other planets to gain cheap work force.


Ottzello has a very unique culture, due to its unique cuisine and music. Many Ottzelloan musicians are some of the more popular in Borealis, while Loron pizza has widely caught on around the galaxy, and plantations for ingredients around Ottzello are typically rich. Traditions of Blyronism have also caught on drastically, due to the galaxy's worship of the Vyro'Narza being more widespread.


Chronoscopic planets[]

Ottzello is a very alien sector, created by the Vyro'Narza, which explains the presence of Taldar Artifacts. Everything in Ottzello, stars, planets and comets are made of Chronoscopic and the Chronoscopic spawn energies. Planets and stars also contain Dark Chronoscopic. Since both are in unlimited supplies, Ottzelloans who can utilize these energies are more powerful.


6 subsectors of the Ottzello Sector exist; the Ottzylon subsector, the Yoryza Subsector, the Norosykriic Subsector, the Ralkisino Subsector, the Phorynolla Subsector and the Inagritoshica Subsector. The subsectors are based on the old sectors of the Ottzello Galaxy, and are essentially shrinked versions of their former selves.

  • Ottzylon is a utopian subsector located at Ottzello's sector. Home of the Ottzelloan Grox and Galotian in particular, it is central to the government and the richest sector.
  • Yorza is the third-richest subsector in the southeast, inhabited by both UNO and several criminals. It is home of races such as the Heeyorian, and is rich due to its exports of rare spices and cuisine.
  • Inagritoshica is a militaristic center, filled with war-torn worlds, but also the poorest. It is the main home of the Inalton and Ioketa, but does not have a strong UNO presence outside of Inalton worlds. Most worlds are third-world, and owned by rich businesses who exploit poor population Notably, the Blyro'Tralzica world of Tralzica is home here.
  • Ralksino is the second-richest subsector, and the hub of science and technology. It is home to the Tralkikianoe and Kralgon in particular.
  • Phorynolla has earned a reputation as a "colonial sector", as prior to the arrival of the Delpha Coalition of Planets during the Ottzello Galaxy days, it was mostly barren until settled in. Along with many third-world planets owned by crimelords, planets here typically consist of colonies owned by the Niaka Special Forces, Zoles Imperium or simply poorer worlds stuck in poverty. With the exception of its colonies, it is the poorest subsector by far.
  • Noroskyriic is the most dangerous and by far the poorest sector in the galaxy. Home to the Loron, Da Rogue Boyz typically call it their home. Any world not infested by Loron is instead a world with very poor civilisation that is doomed to a fate of being taken up by a criminal or killed by Loron.

Points of interest[]

The sectors points of interest include:

  • Vida'Rranlora database world, where the Voda'Rranlora reside and collect information of the Ottzello Galaxy. It is now one of the core AIs of URO's System AI Network, making it of huge importance. Tourism to this location is permitted, but expensive.
  • Taldar artifacts exist all throughout the centre, and some are particular points of interest to outsiders. Most Taldar artifacts discovered are being examined by UNO, or have been at some point.
  • Highly Classified Zone F13 is known to contain many Time Secrets, though it is sealed off and highly protected and classified, and as such its co-ordinates are no longer known.

Political division[]

The Union Republic of Ottzello are the strongest political force of the galaxy, so much so that the rest of the sector is often ignored by most in Borealis, due to its lack of worth, poverty and notoriety as an infestation of crime. Since joining the Polar Crystal Alliance, its influence has heavily impacted the sector, and it is the most integrated part of the galaxy.

Outside of UNO's area, the sector is drastically disjointed from the rest of the Western Arm, though much influence of the Eastern Arm impacts the outer areas, mostly due to the Borealis Consortium Network's influence of the past. The outer areas of Borealis are said to be the closest resemblance to the Eastern Arm than anywhere else in the Western Arm.



  • The Ottzello Sector was originally planned to exist in the Milky Way, until events led the creator to move the galaxy to Borealis.


An equal bastion of order and chaos. Probably the one place in Borealis where our galactic utopia will never reach... I suppose we can use the excuse of it being artificial.

- Asraels


- Grak'tona
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