Colonization of Borealis is currently CLOSED.

The Borealis Galaxy

Because it houses virtually all of OluapPlayer's fiction as of the current date, colonization of the Borealis Galaxy is considerably restricted for the purpose of maintaining the quality of the area and to ensure canonical consistency. As he is extremely protective for Borealis, he needs to be assured the settling fiction meets a certain number of standards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of 2017, the Borealis Galaxy is no longer an active part of the Fiction Universe. Consider another galaxy entirely to place your fiction in, as you will find no more interaction in this one.

Rules for Colonizing Borealis[]

  • First and foremost, in order to colonize Borealis, the fiction must adhere to the Fiction Guidelines. Otherwise, the user will not be allowed in the galaxy, and as a matter of fact, they will not be accepted anywhere else either.
  • The galaxy has canonical superpowers already, those being the Polar Crystal Alliance and a number of other factions found on the Borealis Codex. Settlers are not allowed to make species more powerful than pre-established ones.
    • New native empires are not allowed to be more powerful than Tier 3 in their introduction. Growth to more powerful levels is allowed as long as it makes sense in context, as Tier 3 can't just jump to Tier 2 or 1 with a flick of a finger. These things take a long time.
  • Colonization is to be restricted at first to a maximum of 500 colonies. Growth to larger numbers is allowed as long as it makes sense in context. Like Tier level, it takes a while to colonize other star systems.
  • Not all sectors of Borealis are available for colonization. The sectors where users are allowed to settle at are: Karstul, Geriamias, Corrupted, Ottzello (see Exceptions), Zoleia, Mirianis, Sovaikai (exclusive to natives), Limeis, Carvious, Demolidus, Friura, Vijaha, Tristezas and the Outer Core.
  • There are no restrictions for fiction stories or wars featuring outsiders interacting with natives. Note, however, that said outsiders are not allowed to colonize the galaxy if its current colonization stats disallows it, unless the native user allows occupation of their own empire's territory.
  • Users noted as trustworthy are allowed to create as many sapient races as they want for the galaxy, as long as:
    • OluapPlayer is warned of each.
    • The species is included to the Species page at the very least, for the purpose of organization.


The Ottzello Sector, while part of Borealis, is under the administration of Technobliterator, who manages settling of the galaxy. However, the sector is inactive along with the rest of the galaxy, and closed from colonization.

Note that for canonical reasons, native races cannot be created there regardless, meaning one cannot exploit this exception to create new Borealis natives without permission from the galaxy's creator.

Borealis's Users[]

The following users have been recognized as trustworthy and are allowed to settle and colonize Borealis as much as they want, as long as OluapPlayer is always left informed:

Colonization is currently CLOSED

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