The Borealis Consortium Network

Soon, Volim, we'll be more than just rulers of this galaxy...

- Falrik Zaarkhun

The Borealis Consortium Network, sometimes called just as BCN, was a massive organization originated from the merging of the Wranploer Legion and the Zaarkhun Consortium. Acting as both an empire and a corporation, the BCN was run by Falrik Zaarkhun and General Volim, arguably the galaxys' most feared individuals who were not to be messed with. A formdiable empire with inconsistent technology (generally low with some examples of high technology), huge numbers, an incomprehensible business plan (using decoys to monetize non-allies), a legaue of assassins and spies, and an information network that knew everything going on, the BCN were among the most powerful and influential factions in the entire Borealis Galaxy.



The Borealis Consortium was secretly created in the end of the war known as Clash of the Crimelords, after the leaders of the Legion and Consortium, General Volim and Falrik Zaarkhun decided to unite forces rather than keep fighting. The result was possibly the most powerful military force in the universe, with the tactics and cunning performance of Zaarkhun merged with the ruthless strength of Volim.

The Consortium's existence was a fact, but the Wranploer's membership was still a mystery for most empires in Borealis.

First Steps[]

Network forces fighting the Devourer's Chosen

As the Second Borealis Galactic War began, the Network began consolidating its power. The Xi'Arazulha attacked the galaxy, and the Networ did its best to keep the godrace at bay before they could destroy entire sectors of their planets.

The galaxy was left distracted, leaving the Network free to spread its criminal chains across the galactic arms. One specific mission was a massive thieving operation into the Borealis Grox Empire, which got the Network hundreds of credits. However, they would be later attacked back, suffering very heavy losses to the Grox, while also having to deal with the Xi'Arazulha and a newly arrived threat: the Devourer's Chosen.

Eventually, the Network decided to join forces with their (at the time secret) enemies, the Zoles and UNO, to finally put an end into the Xi'Arazulha threat. Aiding in defeating the Chosen in a battle to the death, the Network helped invoke a number of Ultraterrestrials into the galaxy, putting an end in the Xi'Arazulha invasion.

Zekuc, a BCN captain, going to negotiate with the Imalmah

During the Vague invasion on the galaxy, the Consortium remained neutral, resuming its regular activities while recovering from recent damage caused by the Xi'Arazulha and the Grox. When an Andromedan artifact was discovered in Borealis, the Consortium fought and eventually got it, using it to boost its profits. However, they also exposed themselves, and rumours that the Wranploer were involved in the Network started to emerge. It was also during the time that the BCN would start their master plan by kidnapping King Rebaris;

Rise to Power[]

With the introduction of the War Economy, the BCN grew more than ever, effectively taking over the entire galaxy's economy under its nose. Manipulating the galaxy's inhabitants via private military companies and other similar organizations, the BCN caused the entire galaxy to enter a state of anarchy, causing the Zoles and Niaka to lose their influence while Ottzello was quarantined.

This came to an end, however, when King Rebaris revealed the true meaning of the BCN and its master plan: a galactic-wide purging on the Zoles. The BCN's plans were foiled, however, when Ottzello's quarantine was lifted, and the forces of Order hunted the leaders of the Network down.

Borealis Empire and Defeat[]

The BCN meets the Wranploer Legion

The leaders of the BCN, however, obtained 2 of the 7 Gyronic shards soon after, and then reluctantly allied with the Zoles to defeat the Seagon Empire, the Alvino Brood, the Devourer's Chosen and the Borealis Grox Empire. After this, the Shards were turned into the Chronoscopic Orb, which Volim stole from the Polar Crystal Alliance.

Following this, the BCN made contact with a Volim from the past and the old Wranploer Legion of the First War, adding them to their own empire. Volim ordered the domination of all PCA founders, losing his young self in the process, and later used all remaining surviving natives to fight and destroy Zargoth. The galaxy was under the BCN's control once and for all, and it evolved into a superpower called the Borealis Empire. However, due to Kolossus surviving and going back in time himself, the BCN's actions were undone, Vijaha was destroyed, and both Zaarkhun and Volim were killed.

Leaderless for the first time in history, coupled with the PCA and AGC destroying them, the Wranploer fell into disarray. Warlords fought between each other, each one wanting to lead the BCN themselves, causing it to shatter into hundreds of small remnants. It was the end of the Consortium Network once and for all.



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In general, the Consortium's races were incredibly strong creatures, due to their lives of crime, and their severe training on a daily basis. They were also very resourceful creatures, due also to their life of crime, which was necessary not only to the Consortium's strength, but their own survival. At young ages, people from poor families fought for food and shelter, while young people from rich families' wealthfare depended on how well their family treated them. Either way, they would grow up to be menacing criminals and nasty crooks, or just slaves.


The Consortium Network had a strong presence in Borealis, but they secured better deals outside the Borealis Galaxy than inside; due to Falrik Zaarkhun's history, they had often struggled to secure sufficient trades. Zaarkhun, however, had begun to gain trust of others, often as he was turned to when empires become desperate.

The Consortium's fleet ran on technology that was mostly stolen, scavenged, or acquired from the Black Market. Their main weapons were particle cannons and turbolasers, but they had various powerful weapons of their own, many of which were banned in most of Borealis.


The Borealis Consortium Network's society varied. In territory officially known as Wranploer Legion planets, they lived like any Legion citizen would, surrounded by war and battles, with slaves to work for them. They would have compulsory severe training for battle, and would rarely have any time for rest. Only the successful criminals or businessmen survived, as they would be able to afford a much better way of living.

Outside what was known as Wranploer Legion territory, the society was underground and secretive. The planets owned officially by the Consortium, not the Wranploer Legion, appeared very similar to the planets of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, hiding the thugs and gangs of the world as well as the drug trades. Most criminal activity there occurs in bars and casinos, where gambling occurs as well as frequent battles between gangs.


In Wranploer Legion territory, the cities there varied from poor, run down towns, to rich palaces, and huge towers which appear much richer than the rest of Borealis. The cities were made of various materials, and the healthcare varied from very good to very bad, depending on how rich the inhabitants were (which was determined by how successful criminals they were).

Planets officially owned by the Borealis Consortium had cities that looked near identical to that of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, often to avoid suspicion. On these planets, tourism and immigration was permitted, but tourists visited the worlds at their own risks...



Borealis Consortium Network used vehicles that the old Wranploer Legion used, with upgrades mostly from the black market. While there were ship classes, individuals customized their ships with weapons they own, normally which were stolen/bought from the black market. The ships all used the Cold Relay travel network in Borealis, and zero-point energy, as well as other stolen power sources in their vehicles.


The Borealis Consortium Network notably used the Zaarkhun System, which allowed improved performance in battle, co-ordinated attacks and a forged passport into UNO's territory, although did not exert control over the users like UNO's system. This was useful for co-ordinating missions involving ambushes, following targets to places, assassinations, as well as obvious every day combat, fetching intellect on certain items and occasionally for forcing newer slaves to work.


The Consortium Network acquired their weaponry by stealing it, and from the black market.

  • Infantry
    • High powered particle weapons - Illegal for infantry usage across Borealis, due to its immense power and being generally unsafe
    • Subatomic disruptors - Weapons which eat away at the inside cells of organisms, causing a slow, very painful death
  • Starship
    • High powered hypermatter weapons
    • Spacetime weapons - Weapons stolen from the Vyronicia ships, and even banned by UNO, are frequently used
    • Gluonic weapons


General Volim1.png

I am your worst fear. All are pawns under my claws!

  • Name - General Volim Thrava
  • Species - Wranploer
  • Position - Co-leader
  • Status - Imprisoned in Chaos, officialy deemed KIA

General Volim is the founder of the Wranploer Legion and the most feared figure of the entire Borealis Galaxy. An almost prehistoric individual in Wranploer terms, General Volim vows to dominate Borealis under Wranploer rule one day, having fought against his arch-enemies, the Zoles, for almost two millenia. A criminal mastermind and an extremely powerful fighter, Volim is not to be understimated.

Falrik Zaarkhun Pic.png

I am in control. That's the way I like it.

  • Name - Falrik Zaarkhun
  • Species - Heeyorian
  • Position - Co-leader
  • Status - Killed in action

Falrik Zaarkhun is the former leader of the Zaarkhun Consortium, before it evolved into the Borealis Consortium Network. A charismatic, cunning mastermind, Falrik is capable of formulating complex plans in seconds, and has incredibly sharp reflexes.

Zaarkhun was born 2,000 years prior to Annihilation. He was trained from birth by his father to be a criminal. Taught CQC (close quarters combat), how to use a weapon (in which his favourite was a revolver), and how to be cunning and devious in his plans, he was trained essentially to take over. He inherited the Zaarkhun Consortium aged 16 when his father had died. Zaarkhun would later have his body taken over by Zaarkhun, and travel in time 2,000 years for Zaarkhun's plan when he would set up the Zaarkhun Consortium once again. After the Annihilation, in the move to Borealis, Zaarkhun's Consortium clashed with Volim's Legion, but the two eventually became partners.

Falrik Zaarkhun is a criminal mastermind, who is a master of cunning, trickery and can formulate the most complex plans in seconds. Using advanced cybernetics and nanotechnology, greater than UNOS, Zaarkhun has sharp reflexes and can think far faster than the average person. His revolvers' bullets contain a nanogram of antimatter in them, making them almost one-shot kills and very penetrative. Zaarkhun is also not unknown to betray his allies.

Captain Torrent.png

A galaxy's worth of riches awaits!

  • Name - Torrent
  • Species - Kvargo
  • Position - Supreme Commander
  • Status - At large

Captain Torrent is the last living Kvargo and the most influential of General Volim's soldiers. Since his people were killed off by the Imperium, Torrent stayed in seclusion, where he trained into becoming the most fierce mercenary of the galaxy. He wanted revenge against the Imperium, but couldn't do much alone. He was eventually saved by General Volim from certain death in the hands of the Niaka, and joined the Wranploer Legion as a very high ranking commander. During this attack, Torrent lost his right arm, which was later replaced with cybernetics.

Genrai Nal Pos Pic.png

Battle is all that will suffice.

  • Name - Genrai Nal
  • Species - Kalyik Inalton clone
  • Position - Guild of Shadows Leader
  • Status - Under arrest

Genrai Nal is a Kalyik breed Inalton warrior, capable of using advanced cybernetics and spacetime technology to make him faster, stronger and more sneaky in battle than others. He is the clone of the former Genrai Nal (who became Murangon Nal), Falrik's most trusted ally and friend.

The original Genrai Nal was a long-time supporter and ally of the Zaarkhun Consortium, and he grew up with Falrik. However, he became the puppet of Shu'wokerama, and eventually became Murangon Nal and left the Consortium. Falrik had a plan B however, using spacetime technology and implants to replicate Murangon Nal's abilities, created his own 100% identical Genrai Nal. Genrai Nal is just as loyal, and just as great a warrior.

Genrai Nal is an incredibly strong, fast and sneaky warrior. Using his stealth skills a lot, Genrai Nal fights his battles slowly and methodically, enjoying combat and prepared to fight for anything. He craves battle, and believes in killing first rather than making compromises. By reading his opponent's muscles, he can predict their moves, and even where they will aim a gun.


Shut your mouth before I do it myself.

  • Name - Skhánaróton -01
  • Species - Zí-Jittorám
  • Position - Supreme Commander
  • Status - At large

Skhánaróton -01 is the Supreme Commander of the Zí-Jittorám and a notable commander of the Legion. He was born on Aí-khanór 6 around 300 years ago, a desolate planet with a ruling anarchy, notable for having many "do or die" laws. It is said that the entirety of his family was killed by the anarchist rule and therefore he was inducted into the government as a trained war machine at the age of 9 when that happend. This anarchy, however, entered a state of disarray for about 600 years, and a group numbered around 1000 at the time began to restructure itself. He was then promoted to be the Supreme Commander of the Zí-Jittorám Empire Armies by age 56, catching the attention of General Volim, who made him one of his highest ranking commanders.


Hahahaha...you mortals want to dance...

  • Name - Sollow
  • Species - Heeyorian
  • Position - Zaarkhun's personal agent
  • Status - Destroyed

Sollow is a technologically undead warrior, kept alive by cybernetics and nanomachines (supsected by some to be picomachines - a millionth of a nanomachine in size) far more advanced than most. He is incredibly skilled at combat, being so acrobatic, agile and fast his speed alone wins battles.

Sollow is Falrik Zaarkhun's descendant, discovered when Falrik travelled forward in time. To take his position, Falrik killed Sollow, and kept the body. Falrik then thought of what he could do with it, and using new technologies that were made illegal, he teamed up with some scientists to turn Sollow into the ultimate undead warrior that he could use for future plans.

Sollow's nanotechnology causes his body to heal almost instantly, as soon as he suffers even the slightest wound. It is what keeps his dead body constantly in check and functioning as if he were alive, but not growing. His cybernetics are so powerful that some have believed his muscles can reach 50 times the strength of biological muscles the same size; he is incredibly strong and his strength seems to have no boundaries. Sollow uses thrown energy knives and blades most often in combat, and is incredibly fast. Like Genrai, he can read his opponent's muscle movement, and many believe this is why he can dodge many bullets.

Lemmo BCN.png

Skip to the point where I get paid already.

  • Name - Lemmo Meronis
  • Species - Tertanai
  • Position - Admiral
  • Status - Defected

A famous Andromedan treasure hunter, Lemmo Meronis has been hunting for Tertmamian relics for years. Both skilled with laspistols and well-versed in the ancient lore, since NTA's formation he had been working with other alien treasure hunters and gathered a small but strong crew. In his ventures, he found himself in Borealis Galaxy and was eventually hired by Falrik Zaarkhun to work for him; however, eventually, growing tired of the Consortium's savagery, Lemmo abandoned his allegiance to him and turned to the PCA.

Greedy and lazy overall, Lemmo is still good at his heart (the main reason he left the Consortium), but rarely shows this: he only helps someone when he is benefited somehow or if he was impressed somehow. He, however, holds a deep reverence for science and studies Tertamian lost technology thoroughly and with great interest. He also is extremely loyal to his crew, and will go on extreme measures to save them if required.



Blue face.pngCooperation is possible.

  • N/A


Yellow face.pngWe may need to study you more.


Red face.pngFoolish! You have written your death sentence!


What are their intentions? And why do we know little to nothing about them?


wats da point of bein sekretive? dats dum man. cept if yor a loron sneeka. which yoo eint

- Jol'kiar

I care not if the Wranploer have allies. All will eventually die by the Imperium's blade!

- Commandant Vekaron

Heretics! All of you! You'll all burn in the Devourer's holy name!

- Dark Apostle Geltastra


- Junction Mind

You're still the same to me. Lab rats for my weapons.

- King Mirras III

Heh. Nice to see there are other folks out there, gaining their pay through illegitimate means

- Zarveltyr
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