No longer shall we be mere citizens of the Brood of War! We shall be known as the Borealia Kingdom! Sons and daughters of Borealis, now is our time!

- Kryptkor Talsar

The Borealia Kingdom was a short-lived faction of Borealis Zazane who existed in the Andromeda Galaxy, serving as their political body in the Brood of War.


The Borealia Kingdom was formed when the Borealis Zazane under Kryptkor Talsar rebelled against the Borealis Consortium Network in the final year of the Second Borealis Galactic War, thanks to support from the Brood of War. Removing the Wranploer occupants of their worlds, the Zazane under Kryptkor made a mass migration to Andromeda, settling into the western borders of the Brood of War and declaring the birth of the Borealia Kingdom, now freed from the influence of space pirates and slavers.

However, as the Golden Movement begun, Kryptkor Talsar was influenced by Crispy to turn on the Brood of War, leading the Kingdom to eventually break ties with them and pledge their allegiance to Crispy's Insurrection. Following a number of skirmishes with the Brood, Kryptkor Talsar was eventually slain by Emperor Tyraz Breek, leading the weakened Kingdom to fall in disarray. The nation eventually went defunct as the Brood claimed their worlds, with the Borealis Zazane who refused to surrender fleeing to other parts of Andromeda or back to the Borealis Galaxy.




The Borealia Kingdom was, overall, a neutral nation. Despite striving for order, the Kingdom still had much of the old Boealis Zazane culture of thieving, causing many worlds to have decreased quality of life. All of the Kingdom's inhabitants were trained for battle and were ready for war in case it was necessary, though the Kingdom was not a warmonger empire nor it wished wars against its neighbors. Despite being hostile toward the Brood of War, the Kingdom was indifferent toward the Brood's allies. The Kingdom also welcomed aliens among their ranks, though they obviously shared less influence than the Borealis Zazane.


The Borealia Kingdom was run through democratic methods, with the people being allowed to give suggestions to their ruler and being capable of expressing their views in public, which were often considered and paid attention to by the Kingdom's government, who were required to compromise with protesters and consider minorities within their society. Unlike the Brood, the Borealia Kingdom did not follow mandatory military service to strengthen individuals, instead being left up to choice for those who wished to join although many Zazane families would train their children in some forms of defense.

The Borealis Zazane worshipped the Zazane deity known as Vaxal Myraad and it was common practice for them to worship him at least once a day within shrines or churches. They refered to him as their creator and considered Zazane that did not pay respect towards him are heretical in nature, with a particular dislike towards the Brood of War as they refered to the deity as the Old God. The Borealis Zazane did not enforce these beliefs on alien members of their empire, although Zazane that did not worship Vaxal were often shunned or disliked, and other religions were not allowed to form between Zazane or aliens that did not support Vaxal.


The Borealia Kingdom displayed a tendency to colonize near-inhospitable planets, most often those of the arctic variety. This was due to the environmental preferences of the Kingdom's main species, the Borealis Zazane, who had grown used to such cold temperatures, in fact even preferring them over warmer habitats. Soldiers of the Kingdom would often make use of cold environments in battle, preferring to fight in times of blizzards and torrential snowfall although they were very adaptable as Zazane usually are.

The Kingdom made extensive use of Shidium-based technology, much like the Brood of War. However, as the Kingdom shared relations with Crispy's Insurrection, they also made use of more advanced technologies which were traded between them. As such, Kingdom ships tended to be advanced hybrids of various ship designs, equipped with exotic weaponry and enhanced Shidium technology to increase the quality of their power. The weaponry that the Kingdom made use of was enough to rival, even defeat and outperform, Brood ships. This made the Kingdom a small, yet very powerful, threat to the Brood as well as other enemies of the Borealis Zazane.

One form of offensive technology that the Borealia Kingdom had developed were ice bombs - large shells filled with a gas that, when exposed to foreign materials, froze them within instants. These bombs were often launched from ships to try and decimate a planet's population, or try and strike at military forces on the ground. The gas stored within these shells were capable of freezing and shattering mortal creatures completely if exposed.


Kryptkor Talsar.png

No more oppression.

Kryptkor Talsar was the founder and pnly leader of the Borealia Kingdom. Being convinced by Crispy's Insurrection that the Brood of War was an oppressor empire, he created the Kingdom to house his people and free them from the likes of Tyraz Breek and General Volim.

A former space pirate, Kryptkor reformed into a far more lawful individual, leading his men into battle with great bravery and power. While initially not actively hostile toward the Brood, Kryptkor was merely waiting for an excuse to open war on them, which eventually led to his death by Tyraz Breek's hands.



Green face.pngThe Kingdom welcomes you.


Yellow face.pngHalt.

  • N/A


Red face.pngOur success demands your destruction!


Like any rebellion, they must regretfully be contained.

- Tyraz

Valuable allies, I shall make good use of them.

- Crispy

You made the incorrect choice, Zazane. Pledge allegiance to the darkness, and watch it consume.

- Skhánaróton -01

Traitors! There is only one way you can be absolved of treachery: death.

- Venoriel


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