That book is the greatest treasure in the entire Federation, not to mention the most secure. And it better remain so, or next time the head rolling will be yours, do you understand?

Queen Alestra of Centrus, berating a guard at the Book's resting-place after unknown assailants tried to rob it and were beheaded.

The Ravenrii's sacred tomes, the counterparts to the Xhodocto's, written by their oldest philosophers when they were influenced by Kkia'Sihm himself.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Book of the Eons are the 3 most sacred books of the Ravenrii, containing most of their species's Ancient History in 13 summarized chapters in 3 tomes, which include the beginnings of their civilization, the creation of the Darkness and the rise and fall of their Empire before the Great War of Light and subsequent End of Life, which took place billions of years ago. The only copy of the book was kept solely in the Ravenrii's homeworld of Centrus before the Ravenrii's fall. Rumors have been spread about the Purity claiming it from the ruins of Centrus as one of the last descendants of the Ravenrii.

History[edit | edit source]

The book is believed to have been created as a record of the Ravenrii's Empire before the Great War of Light, a time that is known for having been universally peaceful and where Essence united all living beings in Harmony.It is also thought that it contains the very Essence of the Ravenrii themselves,which makes it an invaluable trasure. The book was originally writen by the Ravenrii's three most famous ancient philosophers, Sigmas, Estr'iia, and Clo'ros. After the first chapters, the book talks about the unleashing of the Darkness, an infinitely malevolent and omnipotent entity to counteract Kkia'Sihm created at the begining of time. The subsquesent chapters narrate the end of the world at the hands of the Darkness's servants, the Xhodocto, at which time the entire species lost consciousness but was saved, supposedly by Kkia'Sihm, and placed in an entirely untouched world. This narration fits with other species' accounts of that time period, prominently the Xhodocto's.Mush of the Book is also devoted to explaining how the Ravenrii are the essence of Light, and the Xhodocto the one of Shadow, and how, every time that the Xhodocto destroy reality, the Ravenrii will construct a new one.

The book was held in the Ravenrii's homeworld, Alva-Es'riia's capital palace, in the 'highest golden tower', according to the book. It remained so before the Great War of Light, but was moved to planet Centrus when the Ravenrii suddenly recovered consciousness there. It is currently kept in centrus's capital city, Concentrus Prime, in the royal residence of the Federation's monarch.

The Necroveast[edit | edit source]

Just before the outbreak of the Great War of Light, the existence of 3 dark tomes, with enough force to challenge that of the Book of the Eons, was revealed. The tomes, called the Necroveast collectively by the Ravenrii, are believed to be the dark work of the Darkness itself, and knwon to others as the Kanshuuri, the Krashikua and the Krasuva. it supposedly contains the Darkness's Essence as its light counterpart contains that of the Ravenrii's, also called the Light.

Speculation[edit | edit source]

The book is usually associated with the Ravenrii's continued prosperity and the fact that they only live in T3 planets,as there is the idea that it is what creates concentrated peace and wealth in Federation worlds.This might have been because of Kkia's influence on its writers,who are, coincidentally, the Ravenrii's greatest philosophers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Book is also called the Tome of Revelation, as it is believed that it concerns the beginnings and workings of Creation.
  • Its contents are virtually unknown to any species but the Ravenrii.
  • On the cover of the book, wrought in golden threads, is a multi-armed creature, presumably Kkia'Sihm
  • According to the Xhodocto Religion, the Xhodocto's Kkia'Sihm had written the Kal'Sarik'Him, which is presumably the Xhodocto's side to the Book of the Eons.
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