Bolgrash Bloodhammer is a Brown Quadrantia Orc native to Ramalivua, risen to rank of Warchief he leads his Blood Warclan into battle, fierce, large and physical strong this particulair nasty orc has a great hatred against human kind and loves to torment them or keep them for sport. In battle he wields the Bloodhammer, giving the orc enchanced abilities!

Bolgrash is known to keep slaves, but many consider death a better option instead of being a slave in the Blood Warclan.

Since the second month of 07 AQF, Bolgrash became a member on the war council of the Hutter Kingdom, after pledging his tribes support to the Sinleri prince, Kael'Thalas Bloodwing.


Rise to Orc Leader[]

Bolgrash is born in 122 BQF at Ramalivua, as an orc in the Blood Warclan, his youth was filled with training and lessons to hunt, kill and survive in the cold northern regions of Ramalivua, where the winters are cold and summers soft. As his tribe always lives in the shadow of Ramalivua Tirith, he was thaught to live with them in peace, as their knights were stronger and better organised.

As such Bolgrash did what he was told and often ventured near Ramalivua Tirith to study his enemies, learning from a far how they were organised, Bolgrash wanted to learn his clan as well, though the younger ones supported his motives the older ones did not and warned him not to risk the wrath of the "Unspoken Terror".

A clash to begin at the footsteps of Skull Temple?

Around 0 BQF, while the Quadrant Galaxies were engulfed in the Second Galactic War, Bolgrash stumbled upon the Skull Temple and found the Bloodhammer, an ancient hammer of past times. Wielded by his ancestors Bolgrash took the hammer and with it took control over his clan, becoming the new Warchief of his clan he began plotting against the Tirithians, often allowing raids upon their caravans wielding his hammer. The Tirithians began referring to him as Bloodhammer, a title Bolgrash took for himself in pride.

The Kingdom is formed under Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, witnessed and supported by Lady Liandra of Ramalivua; the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel warlord Anjulius Gaitonius; Hutter general Hut'Pmec and the demonic entity Liloth and the or cwarlord Bolgrash Bloodhammer

During the second month of 07 AQF, he prevented explorer and adventurer Riordan Rambertan from taking an Atlantican artifact from within Skull Temple, their holy grounds of the orcs. Disabling a female huntress by the name of Lana Yrel, he faced Riordan again outside the temple though almost came to blows with the Tirithians led by lieutenant Valeeria Stormcarver. Bolgrash eventually relented, not willing to wage war yet against the powerful Tirithians though did managed to retake the Atlantican artifact. To his surprise, the female he disabled inside the temple was gone, roaring in fury Bolgrash returned to his village.

When the second month of 07 AQF drew near, Bolgrash found his way to Huttlangia, capital of the Hutter Kingdom. Once there, he pledged his support to the Sinleri prince, Kael'Thalas Bloodwing who became the overall leader of the Kingdom and since that day known as the Quadrantia Prince. Afterwards he returned to Ramalivua to await the time to strike. Though he wasn't fond of the elven prince, he promised to play along until the time was right to claim the position for his own.

Tertius Bellum[]

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Anjulius and Bolgrash find and corner their mark!

During the first month of 08 AQF, Bolgrash teamed up with fellow warlord, Anjulius Gaitonius during the Battle of Ramalivua in search of princess Finduliaë Bloodwing and the Atlantican Artifact. After securing the princess within the orc bastion of Orcgrubad at the 17th, Bolgrash returned to the northern Skull Temple to claim the Atlantican artifact. Unknown to him, Rambo Nation reinforcements had arrived in orbit and deployed landing forces that started to engange his orc forces who laid siege to Ramalivua Tirith earlier on.

Bolgrash faces Tyrius in personal combat

While his forces faced the wrath of Rambo Nation, Bolgrash took princess Finduliaë within the temple at the 19th. Using a mind control stone, he forced the princess to cooperate, using a single drop of blood activitated the Atlantican Artifact! Using the powers of the artifact against the Rambo Nation forces, Bolgrash forced them to retreat. During the retreat, Bolgrash faced general Tyrius Varian in personal combat, while in blood fever the battle was fierce and bloody, Tyrius managed to wound the massive orc, forcing him to his knees. The honorable knight offered the orc to surrend, what turned out to be his downfall. An upcoming fist send the general flying in the air, breaking his lower jaw. As the general was down in the mud, Bolgrash raised his hammer in the air!

The Hutter Warlords face the Inquisitor

At the 20th, Bolgrash and Anjulius tried to escape Ramalivua but their vessel was intercepted by the Intrepid and the Hathaway that disabled their own vessel with their fire power. As the Imperial Inquisitor, Chi Chodecra boarded their vessel, Bolgrash faced him though the evil inquisitor managed to block his first hammer strike, impaling the orc’s right lung, spitting up blood and coughing the large orc fell to his knees. Luckily the timely arrival of another Hutter vessel that beamed them out prevented their capture. Afterwards, Bolgrash needed intensive treatment for his wounds, substained by both Tyrius and Chodecra, though was furious to learn that the siege of Ramalivua failed and remained in Rambo hands.

After the fall of Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing in 08 AQF during the Torments, Bolgrash took a more serieus role in the politics of the Kingdom and became one of the major military strategists. More than a decade later, in 19 AQF Boglrash watched in amausement as the Gorge-crisis unfolded between Rambo Nation and France, a situation that isolated all involved while they made themselves vulnrable for the hostile forces of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Personality and Traits[]

Bolgrash is a cunning, cruel and dangerous orc. Larger and physical stronger than most of his kin, Bolgrash is calculating and learns the tactics of his enemies before striking. Dissapointed by failures, he often kills his subjects when they fail his task, making his subjects fear and respect him at the same time.

His reputation is well known on Ramalivua, and many who suffered his wrath wish him dead or hanging from a tree. Though known to raid and murder entire villages, Bolgrash is also known to take slaves, tormenting and torturing them for the pleasure of the orcs. He also likes to set up slaves against himself in games, for the amusement of himself and his clan. He is also known to drink the blood of his enemies from the skulls of earlier killed victims, those whom he deemed honorable enought to keep their skull intact that is. Often seen as insane, he does show reason as he for the moment seems to respect House Ramelzen as rulers of Ramalivua, though hates humans in general.

Bogrash wields his hammer in battle, enchancing his physical abilities he wields it with deadly percision.



Orange face.pngFor know you live!


Red face.pngBlergh!


A vile and dangerous orc, though he seems to respect my rule

- Ramjon Martin Ramelzen


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