Bob Chioaik is a Chinawkya male, and the newphew of the Chairman of Ivalaë who is an enlisted medical officer in service of Rambo Command. As a doctor, he is a vital to the health and well being of the crew of the USS Enterprise-A. Before becoming a crew member onboard the Enterprise, he studied at the Academy together with James.

After resigning from Rambo Command he joined the Curagae Humanitarian Fleet at the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War to aid those in need. He operates under directions from the venerable ambassador Riyo Apanoida though keeps her into the dark about his secret operations for the Cyrandia Resistance against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Early History[]

Bob Cioaik was born in 45 BQF at the Chinawkya planet Ivalaë in a wealthy family of medical performers. As the newphew of the Chairman of Ivalaë, Bob always viewed his childhood as difficult due to the high expectations by his parents and family. None the less, Bob was quite known at Ivalaë and enjoyed partying in his youth as well as going to school to study all kind of things. After high school Bob decided to study medicines and over the years became a doctor with a degree in medium and high care, as well with a large skill set in first line health care. After graduating as a doctor Bob opened his own small centre in one of the many villages at Ivlaë.

Upon the Treaty of Fornearia, in 03 AQF he decided to join Rambo Command as he wished to serve onboard a space ship to explore the Quadrants. Due to his specilization as a doctor he only needed to study for one year before being assigned to a ship. During that year he befriended his future commanding officer, James Rambo and the two became good friends. After graduating he was assigned to the newly launched USS Enterprise-A and became the ships doctor in 04 AQF.

Service onboard the Enterprise[]

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The Cognatus surround the team.

Onboard he soon became a trusted and well like among the crew, a person who you can trust and very capable in being a doctor. As a senior officer onboard, he often complains about things going on around the ship to the captain, much to his and others annoyance though most can appreciate it. During the adventures of the Enterprise, Bob learned a lot of new things from alien biology and anatomy and often gave lectures at the Acadamy when the Enterprise was docked at the Rambo Capital. During one such lectures at a school at Koerband he managed to convince Janice Ross to join the Academy as well and after her graduation he arranged her transfer as his nurse onboard the Enterprise. While onboard he also learned of the medical condition of Tania Lefler, the night shift command who suffered from incoherent screaming fits now and then, honoring his vows he kept it a secret from the captain though instructed the ship's computer to keep a constant watch on her vital signs.

During the Hunt for the Zevian Skull in 03 NE/06 AQF he joined James on a landing party to explore the mythical planet Aecor to find his missing daughter. During the search they found the chamber holding the Zevian Skull, though were soon surrounded by forces of the Cognatus. During the events at Aecor he managed to stabalize Claire Rambo who was critically injured by Thel'Vicliquam at - earning the eternal grattitude and trust of James and Claire.

When the Enterprise was assigned to explore the NX-Region he was present at the banket held in honor of the return of New Republic officer, Helo Roslia. After the Republic officer left the Enterprise came under attack from a cruiser of the Congregation and Bob and Janice were forced to treat a large number of light injuries. After escaping the dreaded cruiser the Enterprise was transported to another timeframe.

Bob and nurse Ross take care of Zule

Returning later on, surviving the ordeal Bob remained onboard the Enterprise, serving under command of his friend James.

Diplomatic talks with the Chavelli

When the Enterprise resumed its exploration duties during the Voyages of Enterprise, in the first month of 07 AQF he was asked by James to join him on a diplomatic meeting with the Chavelli diplomat Valchi, eager to learn about this mysterious species, he was quite upset that they were turned down due to the Chavelli being occupied at the moment. Surprised to know why he offered the suggestion of a meeting with the senior crew of the Enterprise to find out. During the early days of 08 AQF, the doctor and his nurse took care of the injured crewmembers of the Polarity, including ensign Zule Grunzar. Though he wasn't finished examing her, captain Rambo ordered an interrogation after his findings in the Polarity's database, though in protest of Bob. He, however was overruled by the captain and was forced to comply.

Curagae Humanitarian Fleet & Cyrandia Resistance[]

Curagae Humanitarian Fleet

With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War Bob was approached by Rambo Loyalist personnel to serve onboard the Loyalist One as chief medical oficer though he refused, but promised to provide medical care if they required him. A few weeks later he was approached by ambassador Riyo Apanoida, who wanted a well known and trusted physician as figure head of her newly raised humanitarian fleet. Seeing his chance to do good he accepted and began using the humanitarian fleet as a covert fleet for the Cyrandia Resistance, known to them as the Curagae Squadron. This fact is unknown to the ambassador however, as Bob decided to keep her in the dark about it to protect her and prevent the humanitarian fleet from becoming a political tool of the Rambo Government. Pleding support to Lord Ramannis Le Rambo to face the regime of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, he strongly disagrees to take the fight against the Rambo to remove Rambert Ramveral from power. It would lead to another vacuum in power and it would mean to meet his former collegues in battle.

Personality and Traits[]

Bob Cioaik is a kind and noble person, putting his patients needs above his own. A clever man, he knows when to complain and when not though his apperant critism in not always appreciated. He wears a green uniform, indicating his medical background and function onboard. Bob, due to his age became bald, something you shouldn't mention as it could ruin his otherwise happy personality. He also seems to like singing or writing songs a lot. Sadly he also has a tendacy to like alcohol- and for that reason is often a comic relief for the rest of the crew. His favored drank is Serindia Wine and the illegal Sepherian Whisky. Shortly before 08 AQF, Bob dressed himself in a more formal uniform.

Upon leaving Rambo Command Bob donned himself in a blue covered jacket with white shoulder protectors, dark pants and boots with his commander insigna embedded on his left chest.


Bob's original appearance


Green face.pngMy closest friends!


Blue face.pngI like them as well!

  • Janice Ross - My nurse onboard the Enterprise
  • Tania Lefler - The troubled night shift commander of the Enterprise who suffers from incoherent screaming fits.


Orange face.pngI don't wish to drink a glass with them!


My dear friend and personal doctor, I owe him my daughters life and for that he will have my eternal grattitude!

- James Rambo

Thanks for saving my life! And please take care of my daddy!

- Claire Rambo

I appreciate your confidence and silence about my medical condition......

- Tania Lefler


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