The Blyro'Tralzica are an ancient order of Ottzelloan Vyro'Narza cultists, and the oldest organisation to exist in the Ottzello Galaxy. A militant cultist organisation, the Blyro'Tralzica are warlike defenders of Blyronism, and believe they are acting in pursuit of the Perfect Fate. Throughout their history, the Tralzica have been composed of zealous, well-trained warriors who have also been fierce rivals with the Blyro'Tralzorca.

Currently living in a world in the Borealis Galaxy's Ottzello Sector, the Tralzica are an isolated empire. They are close allies with the Unified Nation of Ottzello, with talks of merging.



The origins of the Blyro'Tralzica are believed to date back to the same origins of Blyronism. Many theories suggest the Tralzica begun simply as monks trained to use weapons, enforcing their religion over other faiths. These monks would eventually evolve into an organisation reminiscent of a Blyronist Church, for those committed towards the Perfect Fate. The church evolved further into what became more-or-less a nation itself.

Great Blyro WarEdit

Around the time of the Federal Government of Ottzello's rule, the Blyro'Tralzica offered itself as the Federal Government's primary military fighting againt both the Tralzorca and the Empire of the Kralgon. They were seen as heretics which would wrench Ottzello off its course for further development. The Federal Government began to rely more and more on the strength of the Blyro'Tralzica as the war went on.

The end of the war put the Blyro'Tralzica at risk of extinction. Several members, most notably the Ioketa, went into hiding and abolished all their technology, returning homeworlds into tribal worlds, so as not to be discovered and to isolate themselves. Other members were outright destroyed with only a few survivors. The Blyro'Tralzica's capital world of Tralzica became completely hidden, and would be undiscovered for years.

Second Borealis Galactic WarEdit

The Blyro'Tralzica were discovered once again during the Second Borealis Galactic War, by the Unified Nation of Ottzello. Initially identifying them as heretics, the Blyro'Tralzica were persuaded by the presence of Tuolog that they were, in fact, friends. With the help of UNO, and of Genrai Nal, the Blyro'Tralzorca were driven away from their planet, but the Blyro'Tralzica still felt it unwise to leave the planet. They would, however, help construct the Vyronicia Fleet for UNO.

Later on, the Blyro'Tralzica were encountered once again, and their Great Chief, Kaltogo, agreed to help. Kaltogo's death later on in the war left the Blyro'Tralzica leaderless for a while.



Primarily, the Blyro'Tralzica have been dominated by three main Ottzelloan species. The Ioketa in particular are the most important race, as the scientists, high priests and the Chronoscopic healers and gurus. The Galotian and Inalton gain higher importance due to their prominence, being the two most populous races, and featuring the most among the ranks of the military. The Blyro'Tralzica do not usually employ robotic warriors, preferring cyborgs.

The modern Blyro'Tralzica continued to be dominated by these three, though there was much more representation of other races among them. They also begun to embrace robots as alternatives to warrior monks and workers.


The Blyro'Tralzica government is similar to that of a religious church. The Great Chief serves as the ultimate leader of the group, with several Priests, High Priests and Bishops below them acting as chief of lower areas. Only those who have been deemed to have done great service have earned Priesthood, which may be converting several people to followers, or slaying many in the name of the Perfect Fate. The Blyro'Tralzica has been known to exile, or execute, any among them who did not answer to their superior. Anyone who is Priest and above will collect taxes.

The modern Blyro'Tralzica government places much less importance on its leadership, as all are united by the common goal. Questioning orders has been made permissable, but it is generally accepted that the Priests have the final say.


The Blyro'Tralzica technology is known to rely heavily on the use of Chronoscopics. It was treated more as a magic by the Blyro'Tralzica than as a phenomena used in spacetime manipulation, and the Tralzica would often declare that technology that did not comprise of Taldar artifacts was useless. As such, the Blyro'Tralzica never understood how things such as the Vyronicia Fleet worked, or how nanoengineering worked, only the specific devices that powered them. Nanotechnology was considered a Taldar magic for a long time.

The Blyro'Tralzica, at their best, were just behind the Empire of the Kralgon in technological advancement, although many pieces of their technology were more representative of a much more advanced empire such as the Unified Nation of Ottzello. Due to their limited understanding of it, however, and religiously sticking to what existed and refusing to update or modify Taldar technology at all, this never expanded.


As the knights of Blyronism, the Blyro'Tralzica have focused heavily on war. Every member of the Blyro'Tralzica is required to be trained in combat, with energised knives and blades being mandatory to be owned by any member. As Blyro'Tralzican are required to swear an oath upon joining to defend the Perfect Fate, all of them are prepared for war at any point, meaning every member is a militia. It is debated that the Empire of the Kralgon took inspiration from this when developing The System.

War is taken very seriously, as the Blyro'Tralzica will slay anyone who is declared as a heretic that is detrimental to the Perfect Fate. Historically, the Blyro'Tralzica have been the strongest military in Ottzello in sheer strength of its soldiers, rivalled only by the Loron who would come into power centuries after the Tralzica had already fallen. Historians have often suggested that, had the Blyro'Tralzica existed, the Loron would never have reached power, or would have been tamed.

Blyro'Tralzican weaponry consists of that used in the Vyronicia Fleet, and among their ground military, consists of several energised blades and spacetime weapons. The Blyro'Tralzica rarely employed the use of vehicles, though many of them wore cybernetic suits dressed in green and gold armor, similar to Taldar armor. Cybernetic suits of this sort were seen as the closest they could be to true Taldar warriors, and while expensive, they were highly resistant to damage, self-repairing and still mobile. This was due to the Taldar's nanoengineering behind the suits and Gyronidium metal. As they were produced by Taldar artifact factories, the Blyro'Tralzica had no problem developing them when they could find the metal.

The Blyro'Tralzica fleet employs the use of the Vyronicia Fleet as its main force.


Blyro'Tralzica society has been described by many as highly strict. With every member having sworn an oath, the Blyro'Tralzica allow for little in the way of entertainment. Every member is sent to school, where they are taught only war and the ways of the religion. The law system is strict, where any member is permitted to slay another if he can be proven to be a criminal who acts against the Priests.

Due to the high importance of the very rich Priests, Blyro'Tralzican society has historically had a corrupt hierarchy. As it is very strict and tolerates none who oppose its views, the Blyro'Tralzica have historically stagnated in progression, with the rich elites able to control others. It is believed to have moderated significantly, though historically it has been a subject of much criticism.


Blyro'Tralzican buildings are believed to resemble those of the Taldar Empire of old, with buildings such as Taldar Housing. As Blyro'Tralzican settlements are typically away from those of higher governments, they are not required to adhere to the laws of any local government. Several Blyro'Tralzica settlements exist on worlds that are claimed to be owned by them, such as planet Tralzica.



Green faceMay Time be kind to you.


Yellow faceHard to tell what Time will make of you.

  • None


Red faceYou stand in the way of justice and of the Perfect Fate. For that, you will perish for us to reach the perfect outcome.



  • Based on real-world religious extremists, and on the Protoss.
  • The fiction went unfinished for a while until its use in the Great Blyro War; it first was used in the Second Borealis War.
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