The Blockade Establishment is an alliance of races at the center of the Ramvelkys galaxy. All races in the Establishment have either great psychic abilities or great psionic abilities. They use their minds as weapons, not guns or bombs.

Member EmpiresEdit

Aurant KingdomEdit


The Aurants are the founders of the Establishment, and have the largest empire in the Establishment. They are the main species, having the most powerful psychic and psionic abilities.

Tauraw KingdomEdit

The Tauraw are another psionic and psychic race, which joined the Establishment after an invitation from the Aurants.


Xaurax MonarchyEdit

The Xaurax are an extinct species that were similar to the Tauraw in that they are psychic. They were invited into the BE by the Aurants. They were killed by the Violet Reaper, a plague in the Ramvelkys Galaxy.


The Blockade Establishment is called what it is because it is a blockade that was established around the Galactic Core.

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