Blazing Squadron is a battle hardened and seasoned resistance squadron within the Cyrandia Resistance and one of earliest to joint it. With its blockade runners and its single Venator-class star destroyer accompanied by X15-class starfighters they are infamous amongst the Imperial Navy. Their thoroughly methods of leaving no witnesses behind often raises eyebrows amongst the other resistance squadrons.

During the opening stages of Operation Liberty, Blazing Squadron was decimated after an Imperial ambush.


05 AQF, the battle of Orbispira concludes the Great Cyrannus War and saw the fall of the United Republic of Cyrannus. In its place rose the tyrannical Galactic Empire of Cyrannus whom sought dominance over the Cyrannus Galaxy. Delusional with the new regime, commander Raymus Oquoné and most of the crew of the Venator-class CRS Defender wanted to refuse the call to return to Orbispira and pledge fealty to emperor Tyrómairon.Others, including the captain saw it as the right course of action and Raymus killed his commanding officer, assumed command of the Defender and headed into the Outer Regions with his loyal crew that remained loyal to the URC. Instead of seeking out the Republic Remnant or the Republic in Exile they began raiding Imperial convoys and outposts.


Blazing squadron during the battle of Capricaerón

Raymus and his crew were eventually contacted by General Sesoka and supported his idea to form the Cyrandia Resistance. Within the Outer Regions of Cyrannus, Raymus and his crew continued their exploits and expanded their ranks with new X-15-class starfighters and various CS12 blockade runners stolen from the Rambo colonial sector, or perhaps even provided and officially formed the Blazing Squadron.

In 08 AQF, during the New Cyrandia Wars the Blazing squadron joined the main resistance forces and participated in the battle of Capricaerón. During the battle the Blazing forces stood their ground and the brunt of various Imperial fighter strike runs. The battle turned into a victory and they scattered again into the depths of Cyrannus space and continued their exploits once more much to the annoyance of the Empire.

Years later, in 20 AQF (2819) the squadron participated in the battle of Ambar that saw the liberation of the Miluiel from darkness. Afterwards the squadron wanted to find a suitable planet to set up a more suitable base now that wit hthe outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War supplies and fuel were more difficult to find. The squadron eventually rendezvoused with the rest of Resistance Command at Andustar to set up a new base of operations. Later on, Blazing Squadron led a failed rescue attempt during the Escalation stage, intercepting the Arquitens-class light cruiser of captain Vertac Uiana who transported a captive Janice Ross.

SGCW Ambush near Cyraband

The Basilisk ambushed Blazing Squadron

During Operation Liberty, an attempt to liberate the Twelve Worlds the squadron was tasked to reconnaissance the Mou'Lhhei System. On their way back to the recently liberated Coruaan, the Defender and its escort were ambushed by the Basilisk under command of captain Marquar Cuinn. Unable to raise the shields in time, the Defender buckled under the fire barrage of the Imperial star destroyer and exploded in a violent flash, destroying the flagship of Blazing Squadron.

Due to heavy casualties inflicted during Operation Liberty, Blazing Squadron had ceased to exist as a military unit.


Blazing Squadron is a well equipped and battle tested squadron under command of commander Raymus Oquoné who leads the fleet onboard either the Venator-class Defender or from the CS12-class blockade runner Confident. The commander leads his squadron by using strict military navy protocols and customs.

Raymus OquonéLarge Name:Commander Raymus Oquoné

Birthdate: Unknown

Raymus Oquoné is a former United of Republic of Cyrannus navy officer onboard the Venator-class Defender before assuming command after setting aside its commander who wanted to support the Empire. A stern, proud and sometimes arrogant Libertus Raymus leads his squadron with military protocols and is utterly without mercy for his Imperial opponents and considers his friends that turned into Imperial supporters or sympathizers traitors of democracy.

Bold and a keen tactician, he exploits the weaknesses of the Imperial convoys in the Outer Regions and is well feared by the Imperials stationed there. Raymus lost most of his family due to the Empire because of his actions, something that continues to torment him.

Raymus Oquoné

Military and DefenseEdit

Libertus Blazing PilotLarge Name: Blazing Libertus Pilots

The Libertus Blazing Pilots all wear the similair dark red colored flight overalls with white and decorated helmets, white straps and white colored chest and shoulder protectors. Their outfit is similair to those worn by both the humanoid Curagae, Loyalist and Lusitania fighter squadrons but with slight differences to their helmets and obviously the color of their overall. Their flight overall fits tight except around the legs and isolates them when piloting their starfighters. They can withstand the vacuum of space for a limited time as well. The Blazing Pilots are notorious pilots piloting the blue painted X-15 Nychus-class starfighters.

Libertus Blazing Pilot
Starship classes
Class: CS12-class
Length: 122 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Single Laser Turrets, Heavy Dual Turbolaser cannons, torpedoes

The CS12-class corvette blockade runner shares a very similair design with the CC-10 corvette though with various noticable design differences. It has four single laser turrets located on its mid section, two heavy dual turbolaser cannons and reinforced hull plating. Formerly designed for armored diplomatic transports the Cyrandia Resistance utilized them for combat. The CS12-classes of the Blazing Squadron are recognised by their blue paintings.

Though originally not build as carriers, modifications allow it to carry up to three X-15 class starfighters that could be attached to the docking rings. The fighters as such function as a small escort for the rather agile and fast CS12-classes.

CS12-class color 01
CS12 (II)
CS12-class color 02
Star Destroyer
Class: Venator-class
Length: 1500 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Single Laser Turrets, Heavy Dual Turbolaser cannons, torpedoes

The Venator-class star destroyer is a trusted design deployed during the Great Cyrannus War by the United Republic of Cyrannus. The Blazing Squadron's Venator-class is heavily modified on the inside and its weapon systems were adjusted to current standards. Equipped with eight outer heavy dual turbolaser cannons and two front single laser turrets this multi-purpose vessel acts as the command and carrier ship for the Blazing Squadron. Capable of carrying at least 200 X-15-class starfighters it houses the Blazing Squadrons, maintains and repairs them in case of need.

Blazing Squadron prefers to keep the vessel out of battles, as the loss of the vessel might be the end of the squadron's current fighting capabilities.

Venator-class (Blazing)
Starfighter classes
X-15 Nychus-class starfighters
Class: X15 Nychus class
Length: 12.5 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Heavy laser cannons, Hyperspatial torpedoes, Conventional torpedoes

Powerful, maneuverable and deadly, the X-15 Starfighter are the pride of the Cyrandia Resistance. The most notable physical characteristic of the starfighter is its unique capability to extend its wings mounted on opposite sides of the craft. These wings extend only during combat, thus increasing the range and speed of the laser cannons installed on prongs on the tip of the wings. This feature can be retracted for greater maneuevering speed during non-combat siutations. Its equipped with powerful laser cannons and both conventional and hyperspatial torpedoes.

The X15's of Blazing Squadron are slightly modified from the original versions with a different kind of cannons, blue painting and slightly altered exterior.

X-15 Nychus-class (folded)
X15 Wings Folder
X-15 Nychus-class (attack))
X15 Wings Unfolded
Assault Bomber
Class: Y-Wing class
Length: 23 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: photon torpedoes, dual laser cannon, two forward turbo cannons

The Blazing Y-Wing assault bombers, also referred to simply as the Y-Wing bomber was a two-seat assault bomber in use by the Cyrandia Resistance and is a heavily modified version of similair designs that once served in the proud United Republic of Cyrannus.

The modified versions see improved engines, additional laser cannons though in comparison with the X-Wing the Y-Wing is rather slow though has better shieldings.

Y-wing Blazing Sq
Ships Deployed


  • 1 Venator-class Star Destroyer
    • Defender


  • 6 CS12-class corvettes
    • Confident
    • Protector of Democracy

Starfighters and Support Vehicles

  • 200 X-15 Nychu-class starfighters
    • Blue Squadron (12) †
    • Hammering Squadron (15) †
  • 50 Y-Wing-class assault bombers
    • Torpedo Squadron (12) †

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