The Black Sun Holding Corporation is an enormous public corporation operating across the Gigaquadrant, intent on the acquisition of every asset and all the wealth they can get their hands on. Though constricted by the wide spread of post-scarcity economics, Black Sun has taken control of numerous capitalist governments, and enjoys several subtle monopolies on key industries. The Black Sun Corporation was formed by the corporations driven out from the Defensive Systems Bloc after the socialist revolution. These corporations maintained their power in the Iron Bloc, and continued their capitalist unsustainable growth on that economy. After the Iron Bloc fell, the corporations slowly merged into the Black Sun Holding Corporation, which was seen as a way for the Iron Bloc to extend its influence beyond its borders without violating the restrictive treaties placed upon it.


Holdings and other Bodies[]


The Black Sun Corporation is led by its board of directors, a council of fifty businessmen that are the highest authority in management of the company. The directors each have equal power decentralised amongst all fifty of them, thus ensuring that any individual that becomes a director and opposes Black Sun's policies can be easily outvoted and purged by the rest of the board. The authority of the board is enforced by Human Resources and their military holdings.

The board of directors is elected by the company's numerous shareholders. The shareholders typically select directors from a preselected list of trained and indoctrinated businessmen. Like the board itself, any attempt to deviate from the norm is outvoted. The shareholders are numerous, and typically composed of politicians and officials from Black Sun's influenced governments. No shareholder controls more than five percent of the company.


  • The Black Sun Holding Corporation is based upon typical megacorporation tropes, but its original conception was a direct reference to the Blue Sun Corporation of the Firefly universe.