The Sacred Inquistion of Devourer of Dreams (colloquially known as the Black Inquisition) is a military order of zealots devoted to Shu'rimrodir and commanded by the former High Inquisitor of the Grand Inquisition, Arsac Irianos. Characterised as a splinter group primarily consisting of inquisitors either coerced or forced to serve as well as numerous indoctrinated sapients, the Black Inquisition serves as the primary mortal military organisation of The Corruptus forces after the dissolution of the Devourer's Chosen.

Along with the Corruptus' shared goal of drowning the universe in nightmares and madness, the Black Inquisition has a personal goal (due to Arsac's former alleigences) to completely eradicate the Grand Inquisition by any means. Like the Devourer's Chosen before it, and like many supernatural organisations, the Inquisition contains a power-based heirachy with immortals such as Arsac and her lieutenant Thotus at the top, and maddened cultists at the bottom.


The Black Inquisition bears an organisational structure similar to the Grand Inquisition that it had separated from with a few key changes.

While the Grand Inquisition's forces consist of highly-trained operatives who may or may not work alongside mercenaries hired by the Order or specific inquisitors, the Black Inquisition relies on these same Inquisitors while backed up by legions of deranged cultists who have been indoctrinated to serve the Black Queen unquestioningly.

The order is stratified into two distinct groups: The Repentia; individuals from all backgrounds often hypnotised by Ocularivs or Arsac herself and later corrupted into tortured and maddened warriors wh oexist only to bulk up the order's armies and act as servants for more elitely-trained soldiers, and the Templari; former members of the Grand Inquisition or soldiers of supreme skill who are indoctrinated to serve Arsac and her masters. Templari have considerably mroe freedom within the order with elite members such as the Black Queen's Champions having access to the order's central fortress in Inferno.

As well as their supreme headquarters located underneath the surface of Inferno, the Inquisition holds numerous observation posts thoughout the Gigaquadrant which were either independantly set up or taken from the Grand Inquisition in raids. Unlike the order they splintered from, the Black Inquisition has no qualms with performing overt operations as well as acts of terror to incite fear and intimidation within local populations, using the chaos to absorb hapless individuals into the armies of cultists or search for potentially new recruits into the Inquisitor ranks.


The Black Inquisition holds no territory outside of Dominion Space. While it is a member of the DOminion and thus has claim for territory within Segmentum Adniliho, The Black Inquisition itself operates from within the Ebony Redoubt, a maze-like network of tunnels within the rock beneath the surface of Inferno. The vast expanses of these tunnels mean the Ebony Redoubt branches out for miles, containing training grounds, meeting halls, dormatories, armouries and numerous security measures. Because of the Black Inquisition's origins as a Draconis-derived order, the halls of the redoubt are strangely ornamental, a dark reflection of the world the order's millions of Inquisitors were supposedly liberated from.

Only Templari with sufficient essence potential or ranking members of the Dominion are permitted within its halls due to its dual significance of both ebing within Inferno - a place largely uninhabitable for mortals - and being considered holy ground by the order. The only demon race so far with free acces in and out of it's catacomb-lkie halls are the Ocularivs demon.



They are the weak, the impure, the lost. They either prove themselves to the Devourer. Or they die in the attempt.

Considered the order's bottom rung, Repentii exist with little more purpose than to spread the word of The Corruptus or fight using massed tactics using what they are given. Many of the original Repentii were former inamtes of the Realm of Absolution, hypnotised by Ocularivsto serve the Devourer of Dreams without question, with some already insane from the time they had spent within the super-prison's confines.

In terms of social status, they exist on the same level as the Devourer's Chosen, with orders relayed to them through low- or mid-ranking Templari. Because many were considered lost souls at the time they were converted, the Black Inquisition's heirachy cares little for their survival on the battlefield, existing merely to support the more important Templari. Despite this disregard, many are still given weapons and equipment that they either posessed upon conversion or were provided by either the Dominion of the Xhodocto or higher-ranking Inquisition quartermasters.

Repentii also serve more civillian roles to provide for the higher ranks; manufacturing equipment, tending to farms and providing the comforts that higher-level sapients desire. They are thus considered a labour force as well as serving as a bulk militia force for the Templari to call on during military action.


They are the sword, through them the Devourer's name is spread. All shall fear them, none shall stand against them.

Considered the signature social and military class of the Inquisition, the bulk of the Templari ranks being made up of former operatives of the Grand Inquisition as well as soldiers who have proven themselves exemplary and thus gained notice among Black Inquisition officials both of which are indoctrinated into service by either Arsac or an Ocularivs.

Most Templari are corrupted with Entropic Energy which appears to correlate to the degree of power they had over essence within the Grand Inquisition; with more senior members such as Arsac and Thotus (both of whom were high-inquisitors prior to conversion) becoming effectively immortal. Templari - particularly higher-status individuals - are also the only mortal demizens permitted within the halls of the Ebony Redoubt; the Black Inquisition's supreme headquarters.

The bulk of Tempalri forces. Raiders primarily perform hit-and-run as well as ambush tactics, utilising their elite training, high endurnce and essence potential to overcome their opponents - all of which comes from Grand iNquisition training. Performing in groups, raiders are the most numerous soldiers aside from the Repentii and fill a variety of roles depending on their pre-corruption (and sometimes post-corruption) talents. Like many twisted by Entropic Energy, raiders are often at risk of beocming insane, most of them persist on the brink of it, having little concern for mercy and sometimes survivability in order t ocomplete their objectives.

Due ot prior curcumstances, even these rank-and-file Templari are capable of rivalling a loyalist Inquisitor in a one-on-one fight. Thus even a lone raider is not to be underestimated due to posessing advanced tactical ability as well as an increased level of durability, stamina and pain threshold.

A step up from raiders, Crusaders are the Black Inquisition's "heavy-hitters". Larger and more fearsome than their raider counterparts, Crusaders are frontline warriors who channel their insanity into a form of psychotic fury. With a higher level of endurance and pain tolerance than raiders from years of frontline exposure, experienced Crusaders become a force to be reckoned with, driven by nothing than the maddened thirst for the destruction of any who oppose the Devourer of Dreams.

The elite corps of the Black Inquisition, Champions are the most experienced and dangerous of the Templari ranks. Commanded personallt by High Champion Thotus, they serve as the Black Queen's hand and a threat to all who oppose the Black Inquisition's goals. Due to their characteristic ov being in the vicinity of either the Black Queen or Champion Thotus as well as having the posession of their favour, many are undergoing the process of losing what they once were, becoming intimidating warriors driven by the entropic energies that many end up posessing either though self-discovery or as a gift from the Black Queen herself. Instead of undergoing a loss of self though rash behaviour liek the Crusaders, Champions often take on a cold and sadistic demeanor combined with unwavering loyalty to the point where there is question as to whether or not the bings they were still exists within their minds, taken over by a cold warrior who exists only to follow the Devourer.


Our eyes, our influence, they are our most valuable asset; entire worlds shall fall with them, no mortal shall stand up to them. They are a symbol of inevitability. All will submit.

More of an allied demonic host than servants under Arsac, the Ocularivs serve as both corruptors and support entities for the Black Inquisition. Their considerable power they posess over the mortal mind is the primary the source of billions of recruits within both the Repentius and Templarus ranks. The Black Inquisition's affinity with these demons has quickly led to the growing assumption assumption that Ocularivs presence within an area means that the Black Inquisiion itself is not far behind.

As a byproduct of this infernal alliance of practicality, Ocularivs freely wander the tunnels surrounding the Ebony Redoubt, protecting it from threats be they invaders from realspace or wandering non-aligned or hostile demons. Because only the higher-ranked Templari have been given access to the fortress itself, it is unknown if Ocularivs patrol the halls of the inner sactums, however given the improtance of these chambers, it is a likelihood.



Blue faceWe honour the alliegence we share


Yellow faceYou either support us, or you stand against us

  • Devourer's Chosen - They had their chance to prove themselves. And now we take up their mantle.


Red faceNo mercy, no chance for calm. Only death awaits those who do not surrender to the Black Queen.


This stain on the Order's reputation must be removed. At any cost.

- Inquisitor Kelsos

Excellent work, darling.

- Geltastra

Do. Not. Fail. Us.

- Shu'wokerama


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