The Biskin Empire, also known as the New Biskin Empire, is considered one of the major powers of Tyris Major, and at one point was the most powerful galactic superpower in the entire Tyris Cluster.

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Around the year 6500 BC, after the fall of the Ancient Biskin Empire at the hands of Nebulorian Pirates, the remaining Biskin fled from their home galaxy of Tyris Minor. They eventually found themselves in the outskirts of the neighboring galaxy of Tyris Major, with a handful of them deciding to settle on modern day Crobe. Initially, the Biskin as a people were without a leader and without much knowledge of the new galaxy they now inhabited. Some groups of Biskin were scattered around the outer rim of the galaxy.

For thousands of years, most Biskin survived as scavengers, while others formed small-scale civilizations in order to protect themselves from the Nebulorian Pirates that were invading from Tyris Minor.

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By the year 4473 BC, a young Biskin chieftain named Mi'Kron managed to rally the clans of Crobe into a after years of conquest and diplomacy. This marked the beginning of the New Biskin Empire (now known simply as the Biskin Empire) and the reign of High-King Mi'Kron

Over the course of a few decades, the Biskin Empire launched and won many military conquests in the outer rim territories of Tyris Major. This was done mainly to bring any stray Biskin civilizations underneath High-King Mi'Kron's empire. After the Biskin were mostly unified by 4432 BC, High-King Mi'Kron began preparing to launch a military campaign into the outskirts of Tyris Major to push any Nebulorian Pirates out of the galaxy and back into Tyris Minor. This campaign also saw the destruction or subjugation of smaller empires that neighbored the Biskin Empire. This led to a series of conflicts known as the Biskin Rim Wars.

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In 4430 BC, the Biskin Empire officially began conquering the outer rim of "northern" Tyris Major. The Zekian Republic was the first of many young civilizations to be subjugated by the growing Biskin Empire. By the year 4400 BC, the Biskin launched a full-scale war against the Nebulorian Pirates. With their armies and armadas, the Biskin managed to push the Nebulorian Pirates out of Tyris Major by 4394 BC, simultaneously becoming one of the few galactic superpowers of the era. The northeastern part of Tyris Major was effectively under Biskin control.

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During the remainder of the 4000's (BC), the Biskin Empire saw a boom in economic, cultural, technological, and scientific advancements. Biskin historians would later dub this period as the Biskin Golden Age. There were a few small skirmishes

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In 1637 BC,

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In 1613 BC,

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In 1123 AD,

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