A Bisistar Fleet.

The Bisistaran Fleet is the primary military force used by the Bisistar Domain in both the destruction of enemy civilisations and the defense of friendly territories. The starships used in the fleet are among the most advanced in the Cyrandia Cluster and are feared and envied by the races of the Cyranai Galaxy, which lies directly in front of the all-consuming eyes of the dreaded Bisistar Queen. The fleet is considered by those who serve within it as being an extension of the hand of the Queen herself, who directs it with ruthlessness.

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  • Name - Dahut-class
  • Length - 500 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device, holographic disguise console
  • Weapons - Anti-proton beams, transphasic torpedoes
  • Created by - Cyrannian

The Dahut-class is the smallest vessel in the service of the Bisistar Domain. Measuring 500 metres long, it is a rather small starship, but its size often means that it is underestimated by less advanced adversaries. It is equipped with both a highly advanced cloaking device and a holographic disguise console, which allows it to take the form of any similarly sized vessel that it encounters.

Armed with anti-proton beam arrays and transphasic torpedoes, the Dahut-class is often captained by newly initiated officers, as opposed to experienced admirals. It is small, maneuverable and often serves in fleet escort roles.


Vila Cruiser
  • Name - Vila-class
  • Length - 1000 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device, holographic disguise console, hull regeneration device
  • Weapons - Anti-proton beams, transphasic torpedoes, plasma torpedoes
  • Created by - Dinoman82

The most mysterious Bisistar starship, the Vila-class is smaller than the Tethys or Nicor-class, but still packs a mighty punch, equipped with antiproton beam arrays, transphasic torpedoes, antiproton cannons and plasma torpedoes, making it a deadly adversary to the enemies of the Bisistar.

The design of the Vila-class is also quite mysterious, being organic, giving it the informal designation of the "Bisistar Bioship". Though small, the Vila-class is capable of unleashing massive damage and in conflict with the Neraida, they fight against the much larger Cubes on an equal level.

The Vila-class is also equipped with a cloaking device, holographic disguise consoles and a hull regeneration device, allowing it to repair battle damage.


  • Name - Nicor-class
  • Length - 2300 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device, holographic disguise console, hull regeneration device
  • Weapons - Anti-proton beams, transphasic torpedoes, plasma torpedoes
  • Created by - Cyrannian

The Nicor-class is a large Bisistar cruiser often found backing up the larger Tethys-class in battle. Like most Bisistar vessels, they are equipped with a cloaking device, a holographic disguise console, a hull regeneration device, antiproton weaponry and transphasic torpedoes, making the class a key part of the Bisistar fleet.

The Nicor-class also uses the most powerful engine units found on a Bisistar ship, which allows it to function equally as a warship, a commandship and even a scout ship. The current Tabornok, Naticodoga, commands a Nicor-class vessel.

Bisistar City Ship
  • Name - Tethys-class
  • Length - Varies; (2,000 metres -> 20,000 metres)
  • Equipment - Cloaking device, holographic disguise console, hull regeneration device
  • Weapons - Antiproton beams, transphasic torpedoes, plasma torpedoes
  • Created by - Cyrannian

One of the largest Bisistar vessels, the Tethys-class can range from being twenty kilometres long, to two kilometres long. Often referred to as the Bisistar city ship, the Tethys-class is one of the most powerful vessels in the Cyrandia Cluster, able to go toe to toe with the Imperator-class Star Destroyer and the Neraida Cube, the latter of which often goes to battle with the Tethys-class, with varied outcomes.

The Tethys-class is the pride of the Bisistar fleet and it is the ambition of many aspiring Bisistar captains to eventually command one.


  • Some Bisistar ships, such as the Vila-class, are based on those used by Species 8472 (Undine) on Star Trek. The rest however, are original designs.

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