These Bisistar... They are among those who seek to destroy the very foundations we have all built. They must be stopped.

- Warlord Tricarrion of the Delpha Coalition of Planets

The Bisistar Domain is an enigmatic and powerful civilisation native to the Cyranai Galaxy in the Cyrandia Cluster. Ruled with absolute power by the Bisistar, a highly intelligent, manipulative, deadly and misleading Capricyránae species, the Domain is firmly established as the dominant power in their home galaxy. Though the military of the Domain is strong enough to compete with those of the Neraida Gigamatrix, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, the Bisistar much prefer to infiltrate alien civilisations and destroy them from the inside, often perpetrating wars between rival species before stepping in when both races are sufficiently weakened, thus ensuring that any resistance would be futile.

Though native to the Cyranai Galaxy, the Bisistar have been attempting to invade the Cyrannus Galaxy for centuries, with varying degrees of success, while they have also begun to explore and infiltrate nations native to the Quadrant Galaxies. Their most recent campaign of terror sparked off the Great Battle of Venetia, fighting tooth and nail to conquer the Ermitant homeworld of Venetia against the united forces of the Mou'Cyran Accords. Though defeated, the nefarious eyes of the Bisistar continue to watch the forces of the Gigaquadrant, keen to ensure their future dominance in a universe churning with conflict.


Early History[]

Orbispira burns under the Bisistar invasion.

The Bisistar Domain was born from the shadows, but it is generally accepted to have begun over 450,000 years prior to the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Because the Bisistar originated in unknown space, when an unknown Cyrannian vessel entered Cyranai, the Bisistar saw it as an act of aggression and invaded the galaxy. The initial invasion was nothing short of devastating, with the Bisistar invasion fleet breaking into the Core Worlds and laying complete siege to Orbispira, capital of the Pyrínan Republic, killing two trillion citizens in a single day. However, with time, the Republic was able to recover and forced the extragalactic menace to escape to their homegalaxy, swearing revenge. While maintaining their borders in Cyranai, the Bisistar were the first civilisation to encounter a remnant of the Neraida Gigamatrix. The two powers were equally matched, with no side having an advantage over the other. This struggle continues to this day.

Great Cyrannus War[]

Though their name became lost to Cyrannus over the course of thousands of years, they appeared once again when contact was made between the Domain and the United Republic of Cyrannus. Upon hearing from the captain of the URC ship, Helo Roslia that they were from Cyrannus, the Bisistar quickly opened fire, nearly destroying the ship. However, the Avenger was able to escape, only to lead the Bisistar into Cyrannus, where their second invasion began.

A battle between the Grox and the Bisistar

However, for many months, the invasion remained quiet while the Bisistar prepared their attack force for the destruction of the Cyrannian Neraida. After decades of research, the Bisistar have found out the Neraida found out that they were in possession of a megastructure of Oikoumene origin somewhere in their territory. The Bisistar's plan was to capture this megastructure for themselves and use its seemingly divine technology for their own selfish, deadly gain. The Bisistar made their first move into Neraida territory by sending a large fleet into the Unknown Regions. They were soon detected by a Cube fleet, and a large battle ensued.

Both sides were surprised with each other, the Bisistar didn't expect the Neraida to be so powerful, and the Neraida were not prepared for the technological might of the Bisistar. The battle raged for many days, but it ended with the Bisistar being victorious. They soon returned to their space, with the knowledge of how to effectively combat their ancient foe.

Actions in Cyranai[]

Natives of Cyranai

After the establishment of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus at the closing of the Great Cyrannus War, the Bisistar were the only Capricyránae species not united under Tyrómairon. The Bisistar were struck by the news of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus' formation and discussed their next actions. This Empire could prove to be a real threat to them, even more than anything they would had ever faced. The Bisistar Queen ordered the retreating of all forces on Cyrannus, which left back to the Cyranai Galaxy.

Queen's Command

The Bisistar would later "welcome" a new face into their galaxy, the New Ermitant Republic. Not revelaing themselves, the Bisistar apparently showed interested in aiding the Republic into growing and becoming a solid member of the galaxy. However, this was nothing but folly, as the Bisistar only wanted to manipulate the Ermitant into working for them later. The Ermitant are not aware of this, and may not be for a long time. During the second year of the Dark Times, the Bisistar Queen ordered General Natico to her in order to coordinate a new Bisistar invasion of Cyrannus, this time using subterfuge instead of direct force. However, she ordered a Bisistar fleet to put an end to one of their old enemies, the mysterious Neraida.

The battle of the Core begins.

However, with the knowledge possessed by the newly assimilated Apollo, the Bisistar began to be pushed back. During their battles, the Neraida even managed to assimilate several Bisistar, though their attempts to create these super-drones were halted by the Indoctrinate Collective, whose operatives caused their destruction.

New Pawns[]

In their travels in their home of the Cyranai Galaxy, the Bisistar came into contact with a new civilisation known as the Regellis Star Empire, native to the nearby Quadrant Galaxies. Sensing that the two civilisations were rather similar in their motives, the Bisistar agreed to an alliance with the Star Empire, in exchange for knowledge about their home galaxy of Quadrant 89. In need of strong allies, the Regellis agreed. The two vessels then departed into the Quadrant 89 - Cyranai Wormhole.

Battle of the Core

In their ongoing war against the evil Neraida Gigamatrix, the Bisistar drove deeper and deeper into the Gigamatrix, killing and burning as they went until they eventually found themselves on the very doorstep of the centre of the Neraida, the Core. Under the command of the fiendish Natico, the Bisistar were surprised to see that the Cognatus Empire also arrived to locate an ancient Oikoumene artifact. The two factions formed an alliance against their mutual robotic adversaries and began their attack, which resulted in a three day battle. The conflict came to an abrupt end however, when the Core mysteriously exploded, causing the Neraida to retreat. Unbeknownst to the Bisistar, this was due to the Cognatus retrieving the ancient AI known as the Licent. With the battle over, the Bisistar returned to their invasion zone.

Conflict with the Gigaquadrant[]

The titanic battle over Venetia!

Great Battle of Venetia

Deep within the Bisistar's territory in the Cyranai Galaxy, the Xeranbha manipulated the Domain into attacking the New Cyrannian Republic by attacking with ships emulating those used by the peaceful Ermitant. Filled with rage, the Ri'nanov, ordered a massive invasion of the Ermitant homeworld of Venetia, sparking a massive conflict that would include the members of the Mou'Cyran Accords and many other civilisations from across the cosmos. Though the Bisistar inflicted out-of-proportion casualties on the allies, they were eventually driven from Venetia when their fleet of World Eaters was destroyed. Retreating back to Cyranai, the Bisistar began to increase the amount of manipulators sent into Cyrannus, ignorant of the hidden Xeranbha influence behind their actions.

Society and Culture[]

You are weak. We are strong. We are superior.

The society of the Domain is homologous. As opposed to the cosmopolitan cultures in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Bisistar are the sole cultural force in the entire civilisation and ruthlessly crush all evidence of outside influence. This xenophobia is a major factor in how the Bisistar conduct external relations, with the alliances they "do" form rarely being strong. Despite this, to an outside observer of a species which had initially made contact with the Domain, they will appear helpful and kind, using a growing sense of trust to manipulate their neighbours.

The Ri'nanov is the undisputed ruler of the Domain.


The finer points of how the Domain functions is unknown, but it is known that it is ruled absolutely by the Ri'nanov, a female figure similar in function to a Queen. The Domain has been ruled by the Ri'nanov for the past 450,000 years and all military operations and sinister manipulations in those countless years have been her doing. Well versed in her people's ancient legends about the Neraida, she harbours a deep resentment to them, willing to lay down her life to end the Gigamatrix and indeed any possible threat to her rule. She is beloved by her people and is an expert in manipulation, bringing thousands of races under the command of the Domain, whether they know it or not.


According to recent Imperial intelligence, the Domain stretches across 6,400,000 planets in the Cyranai Galaxy. This massive conglomeration spreads from the capital of the Domain, Daehhrex, which is located at the heart of the galaxy. It is believed that Daehhrex is an ancient Oikoumene space station, but these rumours have yet to be proven. In recent years, the Bisistar have also managed to extend themselves in both the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies, though at present, this presence remains small, as the Ri'nanov prefers to infiltrate other species, rather than to set up independent colonies in a "dirty" region of space.


The Bisistaran Fleet is the primary military force used by the Domain in both the destruction of enemy civilisations and the defense of friendly territories. The starships used in the fleet are among the most advanced in the Cyrandia Cluster and are feared and envied by the races of the Cyranai Galaxy, which lies directly in front of the all-consuming eyes of the dreaded Ri'nanov. The fleet is considered by those who serve within it as being an extension of the hand of the Ri'nanov herself, who directs it with utter ruthlessness.

Notable Individuals


  • Name: Serecarcataes
  • Birth Year: 2800 BNE
  • Affiliation: Domain

Serecaracataes is the former Right Hand of the Ri'nanov and the current high general (tabornok) of the Bisistar Domain, having usurped the position from his old rival Naticodoga upon the latter's death at the Battle of Usmilia in 06 NE. A ruthless and intensely loyal extension of the Ri'nanov's supreme will over the Gigaquadrant, Serecaracataes is significantly more subtle than his predecessor, utilising a great deal of patience and intellect in his sinister machinations against the New Cyrannian Republic, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the various other powers capable of damaging the designs of the Domain in the Cyrannus Galaxy and beyond.


  • Name: Catulus
  • Birth Year: 8,500 BNE
  • Affiliation: Domain

Khathulusin, most known by the moniker of Catulus is a Filtroo of the Bisistar Domain who is a veteran of thousands of successful missions. His great skill is legendary across the Cyranai Galaxy, with him being credited as having subjugated entire civilizations single-handely with nothing but strategic thinking and elaborated planning. A cruel and malevolent Bisistar, Catulus is an infiltrator who hunts more vulnerable civilizations for sport, and takes great amusement in their futile struggle to oppose the Domain.


  • Name: Naticodoga
  • Birth Year: 20,050 BNE
  • Death Year: 06 NE
  • Affiliation: Domain

Naticodoga was the highest ranking Tabornok (General) in the Domain and personally served his beloved Queen for the better part of twenty millenia prior to his death at the hands of the Bastnliues Republic and the New Cyrannian Republic in 06 NE. Naticodoga was believed to know more about the sinister Neraida Gigamatrix than any other individual in existence and personally led dozens of campaigns against them during his long career, with varying degrees of success. Naticodoga also led fleets against the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War and has joined assaults against the Gigamatrix with his new Cognatus allies.



Yellow face.pngServe us.

Being Watched/Infiltrated[]

Orange face.pngYou won't even know it's happening...


Red face.pngYou will perish. As the weak should.


Do not trust them!

- Helo Roslia

You will be exterminated.

- Neraida Gigamatrix

I don't know who...or what...you are, but I will not allow you to ruin what hope we have left!

- Nondarrrt

Wesa no submit to you!

- Mur Dozona

I'm embarrassed to call them my kin. I mean, seriously! They don't have any eye for true business! They infiltrate civilizations and all for what? Some mad conquest scheme? Running an empire USES money! They could use their disguise abilities to pin crimes on someone else and get away Scott free with money in tow, but they decide they have some weird obligation to rule the galaxy? Or the universe? What kind of insane logic could lead someone to THAT conclusion?

- Zarveltyr

See, this is one of the reasons not to be too trusting.

- Tyton Sialis



  • The Bisistar were introduced as the "Realm of the Bisistaran", which changed to the "Bisistar Dominion", before finally being changed to the "Bisistar Domain".

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