Laws are like Human food. It's best not to see how they're made.

- Bisarko

Bisarko vun Milaros (Bisarcko of the Milaros Family/House), is the Lord Iron Chancellor of the Zarbania Powers, put him in near complete control of Zarbania and it's political matters, as well as it's economic, military and political interests. Under his Emperor, he is chief diplomat, representative and Lord of the Elector Council.

Still, despite this, he can be abrasive, complain-y, and all together unpleasant to work with. However, he is wise, intelligent, and a genius, not just among his people, but among the galactic community. Everything he does is to project the image of a spoiled aristocrat, so as to let his enemies underestimate him, and ultimately allow him to use them better.

As a side effect, the wider galaxy views Bisarko as petulant and nasty, and a spoiled arm breaker and enforcer of his supposed Holy Emperor. In reality, Bisarko wishes to see stability and peace be brought to the galaxy, even if said peace must be bought through war.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Bisarko was born to one of the many Royal Zarbanian Families, and grew up with some of the best education available to Zarbanian Pirates at the time. However, while he loved to learn, he did not enjoy it. His mother pushed him too far a great many times, where's his father was a relaxed, proud man, who was a sort of "life of the party" type, and usually, he felt closer with his father. His mother was cold, and very callous, something that rubbed off on him. He intentionally failed classes many times to get back at her.

Finally, his father, begged him not to fail, or he's ruin the family. At first, Bisarko was unsympathetic toward the idea of doing something to please his mother, but after his father died in active duty, Bisarko hit his studies with gusto.

He was sent to the finest University in all the Zarbania Powers, Elkrich, and, at first, joined a group calling for reform in government. Always the radical fellow, he joined, though soon left, after finding out it would've meant the loss of his Royal family title. However, he learned the troubles lower class citizens, especially those on Colonial worlds went through, and decided to try and work with both sides.

Joining military Edit

Bisarko, despite all his family had accomplished in military, surprisingly was lack-luster in military affairs. While a great officer, he was never deployed, and suffered from boredom. With this, he began looking into politics, though he never did anything note-worthy, other then saving an officer from an unstable energy pod, by throwing it in the airlock.

One of his dramatic experiences came when a friend from Elkrich, Cromnist, and a former lover, where on the field, searching for Federation troops, when a sniper fatally shot her. Bisarko found the man and beat him to death with his bare hands, but arrived to late to help Cromnist. As he watched her eyes one last time, an experience that would haunt him forever, he decided to leave the military.

Marriages Edit

However, he did not offer an official resignation to his staff officer before leaving, and simply disappeared, re-appearing with a young new lover, Ninhima. The 2 spent some months together, dodging Court Marshalls, and finally, almost getting married. However, things fell out, and the 2 left, though still with friendship in tact. Too proud to ask his staff officer for forgiveness, he left for a career in journalism.

There he meet his current wife, the complete opposite. A reserved, quiet, but stubborn women, the two hit it off in a political argument, and married months later. Their first son, Makatus was born some months later, and after writing a scything report on corrupt politicians, ending with the infamous line "I dislike the Corrupt, but I despise the incompetent.", a certain Zarbanian High Lord would visits him for military matters.

High Command Edit

Now a Headmaster of the Zarbanian Fleets, Bisarko had much power at his disposal. This increased when he was named a member of High Command, and gained the Rank of Political Manager of The Home Systems, effectively making him the fourth highest ranking member in the Powers.

Bisarko tried to commissioned the expansion into the Phradox Galaxy, but was overturned for more important matters.

Aterro Dominatus Edit

The Coalition Edit

It doesn't need to last forever, my lord, it just needs to survive long enough to see the war through.

- Bisarko, on his brain child, the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition

With the growing distrust and rivalries threatening to break, and flood the galaxy in a tide of total war, many Mirusian natives felt such distrust with the Xonexi Allies for arriving in force stealing many Dominatus factory worlds without permission. Taking advantage of this, Bisarko meet with his Emperor, Gridlock, and brought his plan to him. It had served the Zarbanians and their kin ill to constantly be at war with the UAE. Both sides and bleed enough, and, with the Xonexi, it would give them a common enemy, so Zarbania could focus on things other then fighting "The Eternal War" against the Mendel.

While skeptical such an alliance could last long, Bisarko counselled his Emperor. It didn't need to last forever, simply last long enough to carry out a war against the Xonexi, and to at least normalize relations between Zarbania and the other natives. Gridlock, intrigued, approved the operation, telling Bisarko to go ahead with the idea, but not contact High Command. They would debate it up and down and get no where. Such a move had to be made quickly.

Getting his flagship readied, Bisarko went in a flurry, contacting the major leaders of the Mendel, Waptoria, GMSC, and other allied UAE races, and asked them to meet at a neutral location to discuss the latest issues with the Xonexi and the how the natives should react. While hesitant, the other members agreed to meet with Bisarko and his advisers to plan out their course of action.

The War effort would continue, with Bisarko directing supplies and force deployments. Though his troops would fight hard, the War with France went south quickly, and despite fighting alongside the Mendel admirably, the two and their warrior/soldiers' strengths could not halt the progress of the war. It was with a heavy heart, that Bisarko, since the Emperor could never issue a stand down order, told his men to back down before they died any further. Many commanders tearfully almost refused, believing they had failed their Emperor and father, but Bisarko insisted. Despite the best attempts of his diplomatic students, the French could not be stopped from claiming their territory, making the loses Zarbania and the Mendel endured null and void.

Bisarko denounced the war entirely, calling the French and Eldarisian, stubborn fools who couldn't accept their loses, and child-killing rapists, respectively. He denounced the war ethics and how the war had been concluded, saying the Tybunsen's "Rogue fleet" was entirely planned, and the Tybunsen where manipulating events to compensate for their inability to fight openly. Bisarko, could, however, do nothing but rave. He seethed with anger at this, feeling his people had died for nothing.

Bisarko had no illusions about the Covenant of Mirus. He knew from the start the Xonexi would use the Covenant from hence forth to control, or at least "Guide" the galaxy along the path "they" wanted. Mirus could never hope to stand on it's own so long as the Covenant remained.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

You can't change the galaxy without making a few enemies.

Bisarko is abrasive, belligerent, and generally disagreeable. He rarely, if ever, listens to his superiors or those below him, unless he trusts their judgment. He is also extremely careful, never rushing into battle like his comrades in the Military. He is very pragmatic, but can get very impatient at times, and is known to complain bitterly when he has either work, or no work to do.

While he expects his words to be followed to the letter, he will let subordinates who prove capable enough to do things their way. He can, however, be done right sarcastic and insulting, and never forgets a sin against him. Friends have said he could hold a grudge for years.

However, he is also extremely intelligent, and considered one of the greatest minds of his race. However, this goes beyond his own species, and he is widely considered one of the most intelligent beings in the First Gigaquadrant, even begrudgingly by his rivals and enemies. Unlike most members of his species, he is very hesitant about going to war, seeing it as a social, political, and moral wrong, and should only be done for important matters, not out of pride and subjugation of foes.

Despite all his ingenious, and other great attributes, Bisarko's sharp tongue and scything wit can be down-right unbearable for most of his "Little Co-workers", and many, despite what he has done, actively hate him. It does not help that he will resort to rather "immature means" of getting what he wants. Threats of resignation, suicide, black mail, and various forms of subjection on the political level are extremely common when working with him.

Despite all his flaws, and his seeming disrespect for the immortal emperor of Zarbania, the two actually deeply respect each other and trust one another, as Bisarko is the only Deutzalanian aware of his Heritage.

Equipment and abilities Edit

Bisarko wears the armor and uniform of a officer and hierarch in Zarbanian High Command, and, as such, allows him to take great psychical damage before falling. However, like many Duetzalanian, he places more interest in agility over strength, though he is a powerful giant compared to most of his comrades.

Bisarko uses a standard Energy scythe, though prefers his Long Saber, as he is a top fencer among his class at school.

Like most of the rich families of his species, he excels at Sniper Rifle and Hunting Rifle weapons, and as such, will often go ahead of his forces, and pick off any enemies he find.

Appearance Edit

Bisarko, while a gigantic, muscular member of his species, interestingly has small, petite hands, and deep, almost sympathetic eyes. He, however, is not considered the most attractive member of his race, and is considered bordering the ugly side of Zarbanian looks.

He has few scars, saying that they wouldn't help his looks and actively gets rid of them after campaigns, unlike others who keep them as signs of experience and to show off.

Bisarko is notably one of the first Duetzalanian to grow a moustache, something his kinsmen find odd.

Relationships Edit

Green face family and close friends Edit

You are number one in all affairs

  • Mekaria - I am blessed to find one who is patient enough to deal with my rants, and able to handle my grotesque appearance.
  • His children
    • Makatus - You must learn restraint.
    • Krilok - Despite all that's happened, I'm still proud of you son.

Blue face Political Figures Edit

These types should consider themselves lucky. If I respect you, you know your doing something close to right.

  • Gridlock - Whatever you need Emperor.
  • Wolframicht Stahl - I like you somewhat, Dominatus. You remind me of a way.
  • Barbus Marinus - It seems we share the same goals. The Xonexi will pay.

Yellow face Colleagues Edit

We work together. That is all.

  • Supreme Headmaster Czarinrak - A fine little ship captain.
    • Other Headmasters - Do not fail.
    • Captains below him - It goes double for you.
  • Viceroy Ztac - A warrior does not belong in politics.
  • Galorian - I respect this one here.
  • For'In'Kos - Respectable.
  • Doka - Capable.
  • Zevrak - Powerful.
  • Barda Clett - Sometimes, the fast must be left behind, if only for the greater benefit of Zarbania.

Orange face Disliked Edit

I expect better next time I lay eyes upon you.

  • Captain Hitzar - An extremist, a fool, and a little boat officer with no formal education. You do not belong in high command, little Austrilete.
  • Medusa Heimdall - Ahhahaaha! Oh, that hurts. Heheheh. You should see the look on your face, so determined, and so foolish! HAHAHA!
  • Meshuggah Metallicus - Bwahaha! Look at him! Totally crazy!

Red face Enemies Edit

Whether it be war or politics, I shall crush you all the same.

  • W'tze - Socialists, no matter how they act, are all the same: Scum and nothing more.

Quotes from others Edit

  • add Your own!

Bah. You think you're great, but all you are is a whiny spoiled aristocratic brat. You and son Makatus are in need of a serious dose of psychiatry, you megalomaniac.

- W'tze

You are not so bad, honestly. If we were not at war, perhaps we could work together. However, we are at war. So, please excuse me if I try to kill you, instead of talking to you.

- Vanara Legion Commander Kirji

Quotes from himself Edit

He who has the black mail controls the empire.

Respect from me is like snow in a desert. It's hard to come by.

If I ever followed the orders of my superiors, then nothing would get done.

War and politics are one and the same.

People accuse me of being nothing less then an unscrupulous tyrant and fiend. But that is not so. For in politics, I prefer to do everything by doubles. When dealing with a man, I prefer to be twice the man he is. When dealing with a scallywag, I prefer to be twice the scallywag he is.

I am a master manipulator. My wife, however, was born into the art. I have yet to surpass the master.

If you want something done right, throw out all rules.

I cut open the enemies' arguments, and some enemies themselves when they get out of line.

When you want to fool a galaxy, tell the truth.

Fools learn from experience, I learn from their experience.

It is the destiny of the weak to be consumed by the strong.

I am the mastermind behind this empire.

It amuses me that you think you can out-smart a master of manipulation.

Hmmph. Two peas in an idiotic pod of stupidity laced with close-mindedness and blended with arrogance. In a nutshell, they are stupid.

I'd shut your mouth. Just because I do not like violence, does not mean I won't smash your head open. Slowly.

Trivia Edit

  • Was inspired by Otto von Bismarck, one of ZF's favorite historical figures, and Grand Admiral Zsinji of Star Wars.
    • Most of his quotes are plays on those from Bismarck himself.
  • Not only was this character fun to create, but remains ZF's absolute favorite character to write. No others come even close.
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