Need for Servants Edit

The father, needing a guardian, created Spode, to keep rebels and keep the anguish in check. He was satisfied. The rebels would finally lay off and leave. Spode was his guardian of peace throughout the cosmos. But he also required a less competent son, one who thinks for himself, acts for himself, takes for himself. So he created SpodeThulu, God of torture.

Argument Edit

However, SpodeThulu and Spode began to fight. They feared what they had seen in each other. Spode, being the guardian and keeper of order, feared the chaos he had seen in SpodeThulu. SpodeThulu on the other hand, feared the order that Spode had brought into this world upon his birth. The Father told them that if a single one of his servants were to die to this battle of wills, they would be cast them into the pit of J'krel. The two God's sat down and began to talk this out, but that quickly escalated into them destroying each other. This caused J'krel to get involve in the arguement. J'krel, being good natured, wished for all the quarreling to end, and to do so quickly. He wanted the two to begin to see that they were not to argue, but to try to see it from the other side. The story of J'krel and the arguing has been passed down from generation to generation, retold for many decades, and will continue to be retold many times to come. Spode eventually was convinced that thinking for himself wasn't bad. However, SpodeThulu began to think what the Father willed into existence, the death, the suffering, the loss, was all good in the end. The two had swapped sides on the issue! Spode soon began to see J'krel as a role model, Which the father liked.

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